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Anyway. Unfollow me if you support the exclusion of aces in LGBTQIA spaces. You’ve aligned yourself with the radfem, gold star lesbian, biphobe, racist white gay boy side of the community and I want you the fuck off my dash. Oh and feel free to message me so I can unfollow you too. Thanks.

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if you don't mind me asking, what denomination church do you go to?? it sounds so nice! i'm Catholic, but lately i haven't really been feeling those churches in my area, so i've been looking for a potential change

we used to belong to the UCC but we kinda had a falling out with them so i guess we’re non-denominational??? what u gotta do is find a church that openly supports the LGBT community. idk how i got so lucky but i’d say definitely start by finding LGBT-friendly churches. 

Pride Month Day 24 - Acceptance

This is angstier than I normally write. Sorry about that. This is set in the same story as Days 10, 17 and 19. Basically, the bi!Ladynoir friendship story. Gabe is not a great dad. 

Adrien took a deep breath and went in to face his father.

“Adrien.” Gabriel said without looking at him. “What did you want to talk about?”

“I-” Adrien could feel his courage slipping away and he tried to focus on Ladybug. She believed in him. He could do this. “I’m bi.”

There. He said it.

Gabriel looked up slowly and looked at him. Adrien knew that he probably looked like a mess. His face was red and his shoulders were hunched in a way he knew would get him scolded.

Finally, after several painfully long moments, Gabriel spoke. “Bi as in bisexual?” he asked, his face unreadable.

Adrien let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. “Yeah.” He straightened his back, trying to look more confident than he felt.

Gabriel sighed. “So you’re gay. We can work with that.” He looked down at his paperwork. “Are you dating that horrid boy?”

“No, I’m not dating Nino. Or anyone.” He remembered Ladybug and the way she had so much faith in his strength. He was going to stand up to his father and make sure he understood. “And I’m not gay. I’m bi.”

Gabriel waved his hand dismissively. “Same difference.”

“No.” Adrien insisted. “Not the same. I am interested in guys and girls.”

Gabriel looked at him, skeptically. “Okay.” He made a note on a pad. “We could work with that. It’ll give us some good press among people who care about that sort of thing and distract from that whole ‘sexism’ debacle. I’ll schedule an interview with one of those progressive magazines.”

“Uh, I don’t know if I want to do that yet?” Adrien could feel himself deflating.

“Then why did you tell me?” He furrowed his eyebrows in confused frustration.

Adrien sighed. He should have know that this was the best he could have hoped for. “Never mind. Just schedule the interview. I don’t care.” He already came out publicly as Chat Noir. He could come out as Adrien too. He just wished he could come out to his father without it being about marketing. Still, at least it was some form of acceptance.

He turned to leave, unable to deal with talking to his father any more.

“Adrien.” Gabriel said seriously, causing him to turn back. Was he going to tell him he was proud of him? Or that he was glad he could be honest with him? Or something, anything, positive? “Don’t slouch like that. And make sure to close the door.”


A collection of my totally harmless posts flagged as NSFW by @staff when there’s literal hetero porn that isn’t flagged 🙃🙃🙃.

probably one of the best ways i can explain asexuality to someone is with an art museum metaphor

You look at any painting at a museum, and you can say that they all look good or that some aren’t to your tastes- because some are more aesthetically pleasing than others- and you might wish that they were real so that you could talk to them and see what secrets they know- but most don’t walk into an art museum thinking that they want to go and screw the art. 

 for me, looking at girls is like looking at a bunch of paintings at a museum. pretty much every girl ive ever seen is aesthetically pleasing, and since theyre people i can actually get to know them and develop romantic feelings. but much like a painting in a museum, no matter how gorgeous she is, i dont feel any sexual attraction, and thats all there is to it.

Fun reminder that Pride isn’t for straight people! It’s not LGBTQ+ folx job to make you feel accommodated to in our community and at our events because. They. Are. Not. For. You.

honestly i dont even give a shit that blupjeans is straight, can you give me 5 other canon straight ships you know in which one or both of them is trans? trans people in love need more representation, period, and if youre a cis gay and youre all “ew yall are shipping a het ship?” like…just keep this in mind lmao