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Okay but Bellamy refused to accept the possibility that Clarke was actually going to die. He would not hear it, and he listened to her ‘if something happens to me’ speech because she said she needed him to, but he pushed away the idea that Abby’s premonition had any merit right up until it was too late and they had to leave without Clarke.

He is going to feel so guilty for that. He’ll think that if only he had listened, he could have done something - maybe he could have climbed the tower instead, and the whole chain of events would have turned out differently. Maybe Murphy could have rescued Monty by himself, and he could have stayed to help Clarke somehow. None of these options really make any sense, but he’ll torture himself with the idea that if he’d just taken Abby’s premonition and Clarke’s dread seriously, he might have been able to do… something. 

Not only that, but Clarke told him what she needed to because she had accepted that she might not come out of this alive. Bellamy was shutting that whole realm of possibility down in his brain, so he didn’t take that opportunity. He never finished his sentence from 4x06 - ‘If I don’t see you again’. 

He just wasn’t finished. 

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Então gente, nessas últimas semanas fomos hackeadas e perdemos a antiga conta, quando estávamos voltando nessa sexta-feira​ aconteceu tudo de novo e não conseguíamos descobrir quem era, até então desconfiamos de uma integrante que tinha entrado recentemente na família, mas estávamos enganadas pq a pessoa que estava sacaneando a gente ainda estava na família, então conseguimos descobrir a verdadeira falsaria, (DELUXUOSA). Então é isso queremos pedir desculpas ao nossos seguidores que participaram da atividade de reinauguração, pois as asks foram apagadas, gostaríamos que quem mandou antes nos mandasse novamente.
Atenciosamente, Família Sephora. ♥

The Ring: Relationships Post 1

So one possibility I’m really excited about when it comes to relationships changing/developing on the Ring is Raven/Emori.

They have so much in common, and yet where they are different there is room for some really interesting points of discussion and insight.


Both of them have disabilities, but their circumstances are fairly unique. Emori has dealt with her deformed hand from birth; it literally determined the path of her life, making her an outcast from a society that dismissed and despised anyone with a disability. We don’t have much information about how Emori’s hand works in terms of fine motor control/dexterity/blood circulation/pain etc – I think the implication is that it works basically like a differently shaped normal hand – but we can guess that she has had to learn to accommodate for certain limitations; her cunning borne of necessity. 

And without the full use of both hands allowing her to learn a trade or become a warrior, she became a thief and a trickster whose best weapon was her ability to deceive (I would say also ‘to charm’, but I honestly don’t get the impression that she is particularly charming to anyone except Murphy and that his immediate heart eyes were kind of a surprise to her). She moved from place to place as soon as she outstayed her welcome or her cons collapsed around her, taking full advantage of the parts of her body that did work like they were ‘supposed’ to; her legs.


Raven’s injury occurred later in life; she has a nostalgia for being able-bodied and a point of reference for ‘normalcy’ that Emori doesn’t. She was poor and neglected as a kid, but she also managed to become highly educated and despite her heart murmur, eventually progressed to Zero G mechanic. So she started from a very different place than Emori did, and her disability never led to her being perceived as useless or worthless because she had a skillset that wasn’t impeded by it (a bullshit barometer of worth that those who love her wouldn’t agree with, but I think from a cultural point of view, Skaikru is fairly ableist even if their definition of ‘able’ is different to the Grounders’). 

There’s something really heartbreaking about the fact that Raven is so obsessed with spacewalking – she has an inherently curious, investigative mind and for a long time I think she loved the idea of exploring as more than just an intellectual exercise (her rapturous, open-armed spinning when she hits the ground in Season 1?). She wants to move around. Having the use of her hands (and her brain) is well and good but she has lost a lot along with her ability to walk unencumbered; her independence and her resourcefulness are both impacted and for a girl who was motivated for so long by escapism (from her circumstances, from the Ark, from her body), that is devastating.

So maybe on the Ring, Raven can be Emori’s hands, and Emori can be her legs.

Remori? Emaven?

We know Emori used to trade in tech, which was the first hint that she is interested in science (in a way that no other Grounders are, perhaps because she is uniquely motivated to break boundaries in pursuit of tools and opportunities – because rejecting science out of hand is absolutely a privilege). But seeing her delighted face in the rocket when Raven started floating is what made me think that she might have a real interest and enjoyment in this stuff (like, imagine what it means to Emori specifically to see Raven off the ground and floating, bum leg and all). I want her to help Raven with maintenance and improvement on the Ark, and I want Raven to teach her about mechanics and science. And Raven isn’t going to be able to run around all over the Ring, sourcing scrap or carrying things or flitting from different bits of machinery. That’s where Emori’s legs come in. And then separate from both of their physical capabilities and limitations, I want to see what their combined innovative brainpower can do to improve life on the Ring. We all know Raven is a genius, but I would love to see what Emori’s ‘survival at all costs’, fake-Baylis-killing mind can come up with if she is given tools and education to work with.