this is for emsies

time to shill myself because why the fuck not.

i have a discord now!! i think the number is #4833 and the tag is Emsy?? you can add me and junk i’m still new to it and i have nobody to talk to.

i also have a twitter which i barely use other than following artists… it’s @sphealsy. maybe i’ll start using it maybe not.

my ao3 is @spheals if that wasn’t obvious by now too.

please talk to me i’m looking for more preciousmetal pals or pokespe fans in general!! i also love jojo and hxh and yoi.

The Fourteenth Share - For Emsiecat

Thorin insists that Bilbo chooses his fourteenth share of Erebor’s treasure. And as so often, his hobbit will surprise him … or: Thorin loves to see Bilbo wearing jewellery.

For Emsie with a big BIG hug! If I remember correctly, you have a soft spot for Bilbo wearing Thorin’s tunic - but how about Bilbo wearing a bit more dwarvish …? :)

Sleepover with Daddy
  • Daddy: Okay babygirl, it's your bedtime now, let's get you to bed.
  • Me: But Daddy, I'm not sleepy yet!
  • Daddy: Yes you are sweetie, you can barely keep your eyes open.
  • Me: But I wanna stay up with you instead Daddy.
  • Me: *Gives daddy my best 'little look'*
  • Daddy: *Sighs* Well how about Daddy comes to bed and snuggles you to sleep?
  • Me: Yay! Thank you Daddy!
  • Daddy: No problem babygirl, Daddy loves cuddles with you.
  • Me: *In bed cuddling Daddy* Daddy?
  • Daddy: What is it Princess?
  • Me: Can you tell me a bedtime story? Pweaseee?
  • Daddy: *Smiles* Anything for you Princess.
  • Daddy: *Launches into another adventure story about Princess Emsy and King Daddy*
  • Me: *Closes my eyes, snuggles into Daddy's chest and falls fast asleep*
  • Daddy: *Looks over to see Princess fast asleep and kisses my head* Daddy loves you lots, babygirl.
  • Sleepovers with Daddy are my favourite thing ever; he always tucks me into bed and tells the bestest stories about King Daddy and me and my pet unicorn. 💕🦄🌙💤

Boss enemy from Cryamore
Follow the dev team @cryamore​ . Pixel art by Alan Wansom, design by Robert Porter.

This answer from the FAQ page is what got my attention:

What will Cryamore’s gameplay be like?

In short, a mix of Zelda (exploration/puzzles), Secret of Mana (combat), and Megaman (strategy). For a more detailed description, read this!

I’ll be doing the protagonist Emsy next week



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