this is for emsies

The Fourteenth Share - For Emsiecat

Thorin insists that Bilbo chooses his fourteenth share of Erebor’s treasure. And as so often, his hobbit will surprise him … or: Thorin loves to see Bilbo wearing jewellery.

For Emsie with a big BIG hug! If I remember correctly, you have a soft spot for Bilbo wearing Thorin’s tunic - but how about Bilbo wearing a bit more dwarvish …? :)


Boss enemy from Cryamore
Follow the dev team @cryamore​ . Pixel art by Alan Wansom, design by Robert Porter.

This answer from the FAQ page is what got my attention:

What will Cryamore’s gameplay be like?

In short, a mix of Zelda (exploration/puzzles), Secret of Mana (combat), and Megaman (strategy). For a more detailed description, read this!

I’ll be doing the protagonist Emsy next week


Emmy Hennings, Letter to Reinhold Rudolf Junghanns, 1916

Concerning the opening of the Cabaret Voltaire, the Dadaists appealed “to Zurich’s young artists to attend and make suggestions and contributions regardless of a special art movement” (Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Züricher Post). Emmy Hennings’s letter to her artist colleague Reinhold Rudolf Junghanns in Munich from late January, early February 1916 was also written with the intention of interesting artists for the Cabaret and obtaining contributions from them. Hennings had met Junghanns in Munich in 1911 and modelled for him until 1914. The portfolio mentioned in the letter was probably not exhibited. The portfolio Variationen über ein weibliches Thema (Variations on a Female Theme, 1913) published by Kurt Wolff comprised partly shocking portrait drawings of the artist’s “emsi model.” Art critics described the works as studies of a hysterical woman which pitilessly render the subject’s fits and perversity. Junghanns, for his part, saw Hennings as a “‘fantastic model’ in the purest sense of the word, anything but well-behaved, yet extraordinarily stimulating.” He also made drawings depicting the dancers Mary Wigman and Clotilde von Derp, both of whom were in touch with the Dadaists. Henning’s request for a doll from Lotte Pritzel expressed in the letter stands to reason: she had met Pritzel in Munich’s circle of bohemians, and also made puppets (depicted in Cabaret Voltaire), which she presented at Dada events.

Sleepover with Daddy
  • Daddy: Okay babygirl, it's your bedtime now, let's get you to bed.
  • Me: But Daddy, I'm not sleepy yet!
  • Daddy: Yes you are sweetie, you can barely keep your eyes open.
  • Me: But I wanna stay up with you instead Daddy.
  • Me: *Gives daddy my best 'little look'*
  • Daddy: *Sighs* Well how about Daddy comes to bed and snuggles you to sleep?
  • Me: Yay! Thank you Daddy!
  • Daddy: No problem babygirl, Daddy loves cuddles with you.
  • Me: *In bed cuddling Daddy* Daddy?
  • Daddy: What is it Princess?
  • Me: Can you tell me a bedtime story? Pweaseee?
  • Daddy: *Smiles* Anything for you Princess.
  • Daddy: *Launches into another adventure story about Princess Emsy and King Daddy*
  • Me: *Closes my eyes, snuggles into Daddy's chest and falls fast asleep*
  • Daddy: *Looks over to see Princess fast asleep and kisses my head* Daddy loves you lots, babygirl.
  • Sleepovers with Daddy are my favourite thing ever; he always tucks me into bed and tells the bestest stories about King Daddy and me and my pet unicorn. 💕🦄🌙💤

I was gonna do something more serious but then this happened…

I headcanon Hux only drinks coffee so he can deal with Kylo’s shit, but then he goes and breaks the coffee machine during one of his tantrums. Hux practically has a heart attack and is unapproachable for the rest of the day unless someone wants to be strangled.