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relationships status: single

favourite colour: purple

lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

last song: “PIL (Can be Late) ” by Skip The Use

last movie: Cat Skin

top three shows: Blindspot, American horror Story, How to Get Away With Murder.

three ships: Marshall lee x prince gumball, Willow/Tara, Naomily. 

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“ As Rachel said, I could start a fire when i want but I don’t care anymore.

 I fall asleep with my hella cigarette in this brave new world." 


Cosplay by : aoiandemsy


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aaaaa these are so cute!!!! thank u emsie

honestly i’d want that myself. i know how relaxing hair brushing is AND gosh, all the hair thorin has… u bet it’d be so soft after being brushed and he would just be a pile of mush

and bilbo leaning into thorin while the dwarf is trying to get him to laugh and then thorin can feel it when he does aaaaa

To recap:

I’ve made some pages on my blog that you can explore!

  • The self care playground is a place where you can find distractions, interactive widgets, games, and a chatbox where you can give/receive encouragement.
  • The leisure library is a place you can go to relax and ease symptoms of anxiety. It has calming gifs, anxiety-reducing tips, and links to other soothing sources.
  • The posi park is a place where you can find loads of positive pictures and cute gifs, as well as fun facts that are sure to make you at least a little happier.
  • Last but not least for now is the Forest of Fortitude, a video featuring trees that give you reassurance and encouragement and, well, a little flattery. 

I hope these make at least a few of you happier, and inspire you to take better care of yourselves. 

Get to know me : My feelings about Life Is Strange ?

Rules: answer these questions and tag people you’d like to get to know better.

Favorite character and why ? : Chloe bc we have a lot of in commons. 

Your favorite voice actor/ actress ? : Ashly Burch, Kylie Brown. 

Amberprice or Pricefield ? :  Too hard to answer seriously. 

Favorite song  : “Don’t care” by Daughter

Three words to describe this game : emotional, amazing, human. 

Last scene when you was crying ? : Rachel’s death (original), Junkyard (BTS)

Top quote in the game : “ Ready for the moshpit Shaka Brah” “It’s a Cali thing”

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Is it even a question at this point if I yELL RINREI AT YOU. with 😝 pleeease~? <333 love you, my ducksie emsie

[Tickle fic ask meme!] 😝 - Belly laughter. Jooo-buuuns good choice, good choice~ I missed writing for these cuties hdfkjsls thank you for the prompt!

Word Count: 469

Rin draped himself dramatically over Rei’s lap with a small huff, burying his face into the couch. “Hey,” he greeted, slightly muffled by the cloth.

“Hello,” Rei said. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Just wanted your attention.”

Rei hummed quietly in response. He set the book that he’d previously been reading onto his back, turning back to his last page.

“…I tell you I want your attention and you use me to r- I see how it is. Thanks, Rei. Love you t-”

He interrupted Rin by placing a hand over his mouth. “Rin-san, you’re here with me, and I’m acknowledging you by using your back. It’s better than nothing, yes?”

“Not the point here,” he said, rolling over to look up at Rei, causing him to move his book again. “Just give it a break for a while!”

Rei slid his bookmark back into the book again, setting it to the side. He looked down at him, brushing his bangs out of his face. “There. Now, do you need something in particular?”

“Uh, yeah? Your attention? We’ve established this?”

“You have my every ounce of attention now.”

“Good,” Rin said. He turned over again, now onto his side, wrapped his arms around Rei’s waist.

Rei sighed a little, a small grin growing on his face. He rested his hand on Rin’s hip for a second before running his fingertips lightly up his side.

Rin tensed slightly upon feeling his fingers roam up his side. It wasn’t necessarily a secret between them that he was ticklish, but Rei just seemed to… forget, at times. Either that or he just acted like he wasn’t aware.

Thinking about it, it’s probably the latter.

“Uh- Rei?” Rin said.

“Yes?” Rei replied, tracing his fingertips back down his side.

“I don’t-… could you kindly not do that?”

“Do… what, exactly?” He squeezed his hip once.

Rin yelped quietly, biting his lip. “Don’t even try to act innocent here, buddy. You know what you’re doing.”

“Maybe I do,” Rei nodded, deciding to just begin to knead at his sides. “Maybe I don’t.”

He only had time to gasp for a second before breaking into loud laughter, trying to squirm away from his hands only for them to follow him.

“Y-You- you definitely knohow what you are doiiing!”

“Like I said, ‘maybe I do, maybe I don’t’,” Rei repeated with a shrug.

Rin groaned through his laughs and buried his face back into the couch to quiet himself.

Rei made a small sound of amusement, slowing his hands as quickly as he’d started. “There, there; I’ll stop.”

Rin immediately moved away from him, taking a moment to regain his composure so that he could glare at him without a silly grin.

“Don’t give me that look.”

He rolled his eyes, grinning a little again. “Right.”

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