this is for elena

300+ followers, and it’ll be a year next month :O since I arrived on tumblr. I probably don’t say this enough, but thank you guys for being so wonderful. When I first came here, I never thought I would have met the beautiful people that i’ve met today. Having had such a bad experience in Roleplay before I came to tumblr it was hard for me to open up, but you guys were so welcoming and so bloody fantastic at writing that each and every one of you talented writers are so inspirational. So thank you for making this experience wonderful for both on here and on my Damon blog.

I love you guys:

@scartissueex​ : For dragging my ass on here, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. I love you so much! You have no idea! You mean the world to me, words couldn’t even describe.

@omniacerebrus : I wouldn’t know what I would do if you weren’t here, you’re one of my closest friends on here and I truly think you’re wonderful and amazing and uh…Kolena RP is epic!

@eldestsalvatore : You! what do I even say about You?? You’re amazing! the way you write Damon, our rps, spot on, I love you! You’re so talented and amazing… No matter how many RP’s we have, I just can’t wait to write with you! Delena <3

@seesgood : Been here since day 1 I’m sure! I love you girl, our RPS are epic!!! I always get excited when I write with you, so much talent and beauty! Makes me want MORE MORE MORE!

@davoidxx : I really hope you start coming on more, experiencing the wonderful world of tumblr and the people in it. I Promise it’s worth it! You’re such a talented writer and I love you so much, to pieces. Stiles to My Elena <3 always.

@bittersalvatore : I miss you so much!! Such a talented and lovely person, I love our character rps equally on both Damon and Elena. OTP!

Shout Outs (there’s so many of you :p) but I want you guys to know how talented you are and I cannot wait to write MORE with you!:

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