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Lilac house by Sweetington
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I do like a bit of chintz every now and then! Number one of four made for Deema in Qatar. The brief for this one was “lilac (see exterior), vintage cottage, floral”. Interior scale about 1:18. Floor to ceiling height about 20cm.

emerging-writer  asked:

I'm planning a pirate fantasy story, and I one of the characters is coded as Arabic. I've been reading about Arabic naming conventions and I was wondering, since this world doesn't have the same countries as our world or the same religions, how you would recommend naming her. I already have Imana picked out for her first name but I'm not entirely sure if I should use "bint [insert dad's name][family name]" or not? I would really just like some advice for this and I hope this isn't offensive.

Non-Islamic Arabic Naming


There are tons of Arabic names that are not Islam-related. Names like Deema, Sabrina, Yasmin, Nardeen, Rana, etc. Basically look up Arabic names, and check the ones you like to see if they have an Islamic meaning. 

For example, Imana means believer, which is generally a name given to Muslim girls. Regarding the bint thing, in a lot of Arab countries our middle names are our father’s names, which is where the bint/bin comes in. It’s pretty much just saying “Yasmin daughter of [my dad’s name] of [family name]”. It’s not offensive, and I can’t imagine it being seen as such with the information you’ve given me. It’s an Arab convention, not an Islamic one. 

Picking a middle name is the same process as picking the first name, just male instead of female. As for a last name, a lot of Arab last names are names of places, the name of an ancestor, or a trait of the first person with the name. My last name roughly translates to “traveller” because my ancestors moved around a lot. There are also lots of families with last names like Al-Othman, which means family of Othman, their ancestor. 

I think you’re on the right track, and if you feel doubtful about the final name you’ve chosen for some reason, you can follow up with us!

-Mod Yasmin

Do you know what kind of beautiful you are? You’re the kind of beautiful that when a flower has blossomed up and has embraced every detail of its beautiful colour, texture and architectural patterns of pedals around itself before losing its enhancement and smell and fades away.
—  deema