this is for christina btw

Ok, I know that they are all sisters but….

how the fuck every single one of Maria Theresa’s daughter have the exact same face????


the picture is missing the other 5 daughters because they died at a young age and I got lazy 


In case ya’ll never saw this, Christina fucking SLAYED Halloween. BTW, that’s her real hair. 🦄👑

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This is for Mikey. Poor buggy.

There are some people who are laughing and making jokes about this. I, along with many other people, don’t find it funny. Michael could have burnt his entire body, thank the lucky stars he didn’t though. I’m glad he’s ok because he’s a wonderful, precious boy and the world needs his wonderful personality.

I know there’s spelling and grammar errors, those were intended.

BTW it’s Christina. :)

I will forever miss Christina Grimmie btw. Why would anyone kill someone so precious as she was.

“You shoot me down, but I won’t fall”

Yes I’m posting this more than a week after her death, because I don’t want her death to be a viral thing that dies out within a month. She was a fucking human. Not a video.

Rip Angel.

You are my cinema; I could watch you forever.
Action, thriller. I could watch you forever.
You are my cinema. A Hollywood treasure.
Love you just the way you are.

Cinema © Benny Benassi

Sea of Lovers - Christina Perri

So, since the first time I listened this song I realized that it’s PERFECT for Captain Swan!

AND, btw, Christina Perri is a oncer and CS ship AND she agrees with me! :D

“In the sea of lovers without ships
A lover’s without size, you’re the only way out of it
A sea of lovers losing time
A lover’s losing hope, will you let me follow you?
Wherever you go, bring me home”


I was tagged by laddylads to pick my 10 favorite Niall pics. This was entirely too difficult and I’m still agonizing over some that aren’t on here. *sigh* The life of a Niall girl. anyway….All of these make my heart go pitterpat. They have all my favorite things: the cockslide, chest hair, his stupid smile…him looking cocky af. jfc. I need to go lie down.

I’m going to tag niallthegun, 1dalwaysbenice and zel-horn! Have fun ladies! Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you pick!