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All Souls Day

October 31st 1981

James can’t bring himself to finish voicing the thought, his gorge rising.

He wants to laugh at the absurdity, but it keeps catching in his throat.

He feels feverish -

- yet his skin is cold to the touch.

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when you also realize you have no parents bc you’re spiderman


Mr. and Mrs. Park

Hubby J and I have been in the studio working on our song “My First Love” together. Yes Mr. and Mrs. Park dropping a single together again. Working with my husband on this song was a new experience. I feel even closer to him because we have different styles and we are both are happy with the song. Johnathan pushed himself out his comfort zone musically and so did I. Baby I love you and I’m proud of the music we make together. Who knows we might make an album together 👀. Get the song now on iTunes.

Artist: Mr. and Mrs. Park
Writer: Mr. and Mrs. Park
Producer: Mr. and Mrs. Park
Company: Park Entertainment

My First Love

Alright —— new but not so new to the Naruto community. I’ve revamped this blog and I’d love more people to follow // interact with~! The dash is stale right now so if you’re interested in mingling with a damaged | awesome | witty | smol bean | Naruto oc then smash the heart and I’ll check out your blog~!

                                                                                quiet nights
                                                                              by quiet stars

                                                      independent, private, selective multimuse.
                                           feat. muses from riverdale, twin peaks, disney and more…
                                                                            penned by steph.

A Special Transmission

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Some quick Tabletop Roleplayng tips for newbies

With the popularity podcasts like TAZ or Critical Role have gained I’ve been seeing many people start getting into tabletop roleplaying which is so nice and fills me with hope since I’ve gotten used to be the youngest in groups at 23. 

So here’s some tips for people who are interested in getting into tabletop roleplaying: 

  • Your first session is not going to be what you expect. Unless you and your peers have a theatre kids background, you’re probably going to be shy and it’s going to be awkward. It’s normal. You’re not an actor or a professional entertainer. You’re having fun sharing a story with your friends, not recording a podcast for a living. 
  • Long campaigns are good but it’s usually difficult for adults to commit to one and it’s sad when they get abandoned. Give one-shots and short campaigns a chance! They are honestly really fun for a night with friends and don’t usually require hours of building a character.
  • Speaking of characters, my recommendation is to start with a character whose personality and beliefs resemble yours. Choosing to play a charming and outspoken character who loves public speeches can put a lot of pressure on you if you’re shy. 
  • If you go to a LARP do a bit of research on who is organizing and who is attending, if you don’t know them make sure it’s in a public place. If there’s softcombat let the GMs know if you’re allergic to latex and if you have any lesion they should be aware of. 
  • D&D and high fantasy are not the end-al be-all of tabletop roleplaying (in all honesty I find it kinda boring?), give other universes/systems/lore a chance, you might find something that suits your interests more than D&D. 
  • Don’t stress over rules. Also, a good GM should not make you stress over rules. 
  • Villain campaigns might sound cool, but I wouldn’t recommend them if this is your first campaign. ESPECIALLY if you don’t know the people you are playing with. 
  • A good GM should not make fun of your triggers and will work around them . 
  • Trust your gut. You are here to have fun, if you are feeling uncomfortable it’s time to get up and leave. 

It was raining and dark that evening that changed his whole life. Stiles was on his way back home and in a fool mood, his dog at his side.
Maybe it was because he hasn’t slept more than few hours the last days, maybe it was just the hatred against his boss, he couldn’t actually say afterwards, which craziness has afflicted him, as he decided to go into the boxing gym, he normaly just walks by every day. But he knew that particular evening, that he needed to change something and the warm light of the gym was just kind of… luring. 

Uff, after I spend - rather unintended - the whole sunday with these guys, the artwork is already finished. (Inspired through a small story idea and with the help of @hd-hale ;D)

MORE Horrific M!A’s

All M!A’s last as long as the sender specifies, or can be broken by an act of the sender’s choice.

Pitch Black: Who turned out the lights? The muse is stuck in complete darkness no matter where they are, making them more vulnerable than ever.
Hunter: The muse now has a thirst for violence, but only toward one person. The person may be decided upon by the sender, but please do get the second character’s mun’s permission.
Horrible Thing: The muse is transformed into a monster of the sender’s choosing. Any monster is fair game (werewolf, wendigo, minotaur, siren, etc).
Bad Luck with a twist: This time, the muse doesn’t have bad luck. Anyone they touch, or anyone who touches them, has terrible luck.
Walking Dead: The muse is no longer among the living, and must adapt to existence as a ghost or undead being for the duration of the M!A. Symptoms are up to the mun or sender.
Loved One Lost: The muse sees visions of a loved one or friend in a bad state (dead, mutilated, in pain, etc) consistently throughout the time period, even if they close their eyes.
Sleepless: The muse is constantly tired and dozing off, but every time they sleep, they’re plagued by terrible nightmares that shock them awake.
Dead With a Touch: Everything they touch dies. That’s it. That’s the curse. (however, their ’victims’ may come back to life when the M!A is over or broken)
Perceived but Unreal: The muse has terrifying hallucinations almost constantly of anything and everything that could scare them.
Midnight: Every night at midnight until the end of the M!A, something terrifying creeps into the muse’s home, and they must avoid it for three hours.
Mirror Mirror on the Wall: The muse is deathly afraid of and obsessed with mirrors, and for good reason. If one is uncovered, their reflection may escape.
llaW eht no rorriM rorriM: The muse is stuck on the other side of a mirror. They must find a way to break the curse or get someone on the other side to help them, so long as the reflection doesn’t find their friends first.
Fido Gone Wrong: The muse has been given a peculiar pet, one with claws and teeth. Can they tame it, or will they become monster chow?
Under the Bed: The muse now has a visitor: their childhood fears. Whatever they feared as a child is now coming to life.
Goop: The muse has been transformed into a slime creature. Whether they look like themselves or become a hungry muck monster is up to the sender.
Demons of Hell: The muse hears constant screams and torment from mistakes they’ve made or ghosts from their past.
Cyborg Uprising: The muse has undergone an operation to give them cybernetic enhancements. Whether these enhancements are used for good or evil is up to the mun.
Crippling Phobia: Something the muse once enjoyed is now the source of intense terror. Can be an object, a person/animal, a place, etc.
Who Could Ever Love a Beast: The muse grows more and more monstrous in appearance (or behavior) until the end of the M!A.
Yearning: The muse has a bloodlust on them. A very intense one.
Tulpa: The muse has an imaginary friend identical to them, but it wants more. For the duration of the M!A, the muse’s doppelganger has separated from them and is causing havoc.
Neverending Nightmare: Even when awake, the muse sees everyone around them as a monster.

anonymous asked:

Harry fingering you and pressing you up against a wall. He tells you not to come but you can't hold it anymore so you come

Fuck. Am sitting with family and typing this. I hoped for a normal this night, but oh well.

It’s not like you haven’t taken his attitude all evening already. He was an ass all evening knowing he won the bet. He was rubbing it in your face, smirking all throughout while giving you the side looks, always staying in the line of your vision even when you shifted. It was getting to you. It was annoying. 

“What’s my treat tonight?” He asked. 

“A punch, if you don’t shut up!” you said, taking more than required pasta on your plate. 

“But, I haven’t said anything as yet!” He laughed, taking some pasta from your plate. 

“If you weren’t my best friend, I would’ve thrown you off the balcony,” You stared into his eyes, and he just smirked. He never won, and this time he did. 

“Yeah sure, but you wouldn’t have kept the bet if I wasn’t your best friend so, umm treat. I want a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies when we reach home,” He said, getting you a glass of wine. 

“Home?” you frowned. 

“I’m taking you home, baby,” He teased, and you let out a groan. It was going to be a long night. You followed him to the group he was talking to this evening. 

So, Y/N still a virgin?” You coughed, trying to swallow the wine in your mouth. You almost forgot the existence of Kylie. This woman had been on your case since you could remember. You gave her a wide smile, squishing your eyes, trying to brush it off. People and their obsession with some strangers sex life! Harry noticed the entire exchange, not saying anything. “C’mon, you have at least got someone to go down on you!” 

Why was she having this conversation with you? You gave her the fuck off look. Thankfully, others in the group had a better life. “Not even some finger action? You are way sadder than I thought.” 

“Oh really, you think about me? I don’t think about you at all,”  You said not waiting for her to respond something smarter as you walked off, gulping your entire wine. It wasn’t a big deal. It just never happened. You never have a boyfriend, and you’d prefer that the first someone who does touch you will be someone you at least love and not a stranger. Studies and work were one of the few reasons you were successful at 22. Getting a love life could wait, and Kylie was the only one who made you feel desperate. 

“You cool?” Harry asked as you got yourself another glass. “Kylie’s a bitch.” 

“No doubt there,” you said, taking a big gulp. 

“Are you going with Jack on that dinner he asked?” He asked. 

“No, I have a feeling he is racist.” you told him. 

“No, how?” Harry rolled his eyes, “You always do this! Push prospects away!” 

“Prospects?” You laughed, “He said, he found me exotic. And, have you noticed he cracks his neck a lot. Like a lot a lot, that’s not normal.” 

“Oh yeah, that means he is a sex hound,” Harry said, now being sarcastic. 

“You go out with him!” You pushed him, “I want someone normal. Which I feel will never happen cause no one finds me hot. Like look at this dress,” four glasses of wine weren’t leading to a good Y’N. “I have a low cut back and everything,” You said pushing your hair to the side. “And not one guy in here has even flirted with me.” 

Harry gulped, “No like look at the number of single guys around! Not even one. I’m going to die a virgin and alone!” Harry knew it was his fault. People thought Y/N was with him. When asked he didn’t deny either, and he knew more people he than her so, no one wanted to cross him. He knew all that and said nothing. 

“You’re hot,” he said, he had noticed your dress. Then tried thinking of everything else in the world so, he wouldn’t get hard. You were his best friend. He’d like to keep you. 

“Right, how are you controlling yourself then?” You leaning against Harry sitting on the bar stool, almost on his lap wasn’t helping his case either. The world’s worry didn’t make him forget of your shoulder tattoo that he always found a little too sexy, and now, your thigh on his and his crotch so close to yours…he couldn’t help bringing his lips to yours. 

You took it in, Harry was kissing you. You were kissing back as you felt his hand on your neck, moving to your cheek, to bring your closer. You opened your eyes to meet his as he stopped, your lips still close, “I don’t want pity,” you said, climbing off and getting off his lap. He didn’t stop you as you rushed to the bathroom and fixed yourself. “I will not think about this. I’m drunk. It was in the moment. Means nothing. You, you here!” Looking at yourself in the mirror, “Means nothing. Get yourself together!” And you did, all cool you walked out to Harry talking to Michael. 

“Ready to go?” He asked, and you nodded. All cool that it made him frown. 

“Y/N, I need you Friday for the shoot. No one captures it like you do, and I don’t want the second best!” Michael said hugging you. You agreed and followed Harry out to his car. 

“Do you really want cookies?” You asked, in the car. 

“I have no idea why this is up for discussion,” he said seriously and you laughed. “Give me some clothes,” you told him as you walked into his house and straight to the kitchen. The bastard had everything organised. He knew he was going to win. 

You got to work, as saw Harry keep his shirt and pants on the counter and then walk away to change. Not bothering at all, you got your dress off in the kitchen and folded it. This dress didn’t allow a bra, so you were glad that your boobs were now free from the dress as you massaged ‘em a bit taking your time and not realising that Harry was just around the corner, choking on the water he had taken out from the fridge. You wore his big ass shirt, triple both your sizes. Thr pants were too loose and missing the rope, so they just fell down. Huffing you took em off and kept them outside on the sofa. “Go change and help me!” You said as you saw Harry still standing there with wide eyes. You always were comfy around him, so this wasn’t new. 

“Eggs, break em!” You mumbled singing and making the dough. This was your speciality. You could do it drunk, sleepy, sloshed and they always came out perfect. Lost, you didn’t notice Harry come behind you until you felt his hands on your ass. When he didn’t remove em, and kneaded in, “What’re you doing?” It surprised you as you felt kisses on your shoulders, his body now stuck to you. It wasn’t just difficult for him, but you as well. You couldn’t ignore the need of throwing him on the bed and fucking him on the bed. But it just was never said or showed by either, so you thought there was nothing. “Harry…” you said again. 

His hands stopped yours from letting the bowl go, and lock them fingers, as he attacked your neck from behind. You let out a moan, as his teeth bit in, and his hand held both of yours, the other going down your stomach, “Is this alright?” He whispered, in a voice you couldn’t recognise. You nodded, not being able to say anything as his hands went further down to your cotton panties. He always had long fingers you thought, as the temperature increased. This was new to you, and he knew it. He turned you around, and got to his knees, getting under the t-shirt, and kissing your stomach, as he went down below. You pulled your t-shirt off, not being able to hold it as you saw his eyes, looking so green with lust, as his tongue licked your navel, and travelled down. 

Strong hold on your legs, your hands holding on to the counter and you speechless which was a thing he noticed and smirked on, as he took your panties off, “Nice pussy,” he murmurs,”Can you open up for me a little baby,” He said, as your legs softened and spread a little. “Okay?” He asked once again, and you couldn’t find any reason in your head to disagree. He nestled between your thighs, leaving sloppy kisses on ‘em, and you wondered how you could ever not do this before. His tongue travelled up, now right on your clit, his eyes not missing the reaction of your first time. He wanted it to be good, as he mixed his spit with your wetness, amazed at this state he got you in. The always in control Y/N was so soft right now, just for him. 

Any other day, he wouldn’t have believed his luck, but today as he got lost and so involved with you, his mouth all over, and his body tied to your lower half, he was taking everything you offered. A minute later, when he heard you whimper, this feeling absolutely new to you and not a lot compared to your sessions with yourself, he picked you up and threw you over the shoulder. You yelped his name, as he took you to the couch and, immediately pulled your legs apart, to not let the moment get too far. “I like how your clit’s swollen,” he said sucking on it and taking it long and slow. Your knees trembled, and he brought his fingers in, pressing on it, and he went down to your holes. “Let’s try one,” He said, quite lost now in you, as he pushed a finger in, “You like that,” as your cries increased a bit, his fingers were way longer than yours. “Relax, relax,” he said, as you bucked your hips, the pleasure taking control now. He put two in and increased his pace, now faster as his fingers fucked you while keeping his tongue on your clit. No idea how he did it, but you were slowly losing it. 

“I’m…Harry,” You whimpered, He climbed up and, attached his lips on your again, swallowing your moans, his fingers fucking you faster as you held his face. “Close, so close…” 

“Hold it for me a bit, baby,” He asked. Lips travelling down to your neck and back up. His hand, kept your body in place as you trembled, while the other relentlessly didn’t stop from being inside you. 

“Can’t, I can’t…” You said, as you felt your orgasm coming stronger than it had ever before and this was just by his fingers. He giggled, and went down again, as you looked at his sticky fingers which he just pulled out. He slowly put his fingers in his mouth, and you gulped sitting on your elbows. “Sorry…” 

He didn’t respond, as his mouth went back to lick you clean, and you threw yourself back down. You pulled at his hair, to look at you, and he stopped and sat up. You did as well, and climbed in his lap, and tipped his head back and kissed him. His hands held you tight, as you tasted yourself on him. “I won’t be so easy on you next time,” He said, as you kissed down his neck. 

“I can make up with cookies,” You whispered in his ear. 

Not that good, but I’m still getting in my groove. Tell me what you think about and send me more if you have ideas!



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