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favorite mutuals?? ͡ ͜ ʖ ͡

aaaa i love all of them sm but ok so 

the best gc in the entire world: @itjustkindofhappened @sincerelyharry @queerlies @thepenguintattoo @guccikink @tomlinsun @allthelovelouie @haztomlins @voguelourry @magicalhalo @beelarrie @tempolarriefix @yvesaintlouis 

other amazing beautiful people: @cactinouis @nailpolishlouis @gigglelou @notchopsuey @just-end-it @tommmo @starlightlarrie @styles2017@justholdonmusicvideo @tomlinsonaoki @oiiilivia @peachylouies @officialendofbabygate @louppy @haztomlins @starrylou @louisankletat @rainbolwt @louislittletummy @organicstunts @aceficlouis @babygateisending @softstarlouis @notheartbroken2k17 @chillouie @jimmytfallon @goldenlouie @moonlightlouie @imactuallyharry @softlarry @merrieharrie @fakestunts @this-old-town @louisea @fondleeds @fondtweets @blueylouie @roseysoftlouis @fluffyau @roseylouie @agenderliam @thelovejandles @warmfringe @rainbowankles @inkedbum @yslrainbowflag @achromaticlouis @dopejade @loucrisis @24kharryy @oliveyu @youfuckingloosah @cmonbemybaby @hogwartzlou @cheshireflowers @horansaetre @harry-es

if u are not on here im very sorry and i love u so so much but keep in mind this is only 50 of my 350 mutuals !! and im making a ff soon and you will all be there bc ily. a lot


Dwalin has very undignified last words, Bilbo needs to put the Ring back where it came from or so help me, the main villain appears at last (and I can’t wait to kill him off), and that one thing we’ve all been waiting for finally happens.

Chapter VI here

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quickest update ever so far woo!!!

(that was me while writing this chapter)

(also is it obvious what happens in this chapter based on the banner? lmao)