this is for all the lovely squalls ( and leons ) out there


september 2015 vs september 2017!!

who remembers my crazy kh au where laguna is sora’s adopted dad and leon is his big brother….. because i do, and i’ve actually yet a lot to tell about this au so expect more content soon!

also, i’m gonna write something a bit personal under here explaining what happened during last year and why i’ve basically stopped drawing kh stuff for so long. i’d appreciate if you read it!!

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something that occurred to me recently…

does anyone else find it interesting that Riku wanted to call the raft ‘Highwind’?

of all things, why Highwind?  yes, yes, the names ‘Cid’ and ‘Highwind’ are running gags in the Final Fantasy series, but the fact is, Cid Highwind is already a character in Kingdom Hearts.

complete with spats and cummerbund for some reason i’ve never figured out.

so if the raft isn’t meant to be The Cid Gag–because there’s always only one per game/canon/setting, as far as i’m aware (barring XII, which wasn’t a Nomira-ism, and the game dev team confirmed that there’s only one “The” Cid in the game despite two characters having Cid-based names)–or the Highwind Gag, then why go to the effort of putting the name into the story twice?  Cid is a secondary character in KH, yes, but he’s a rather important one: he developed the Gummi ship, which is apparently a technology used on other worlds as well, seeing as how Donald and Goofy, and later King Mickey, are all familiar with the components on at least a rudimentary level.  there’s clearly no shortage of contribution on Cid’s part, so why the secondary nod to his character in the name of the raft?  why would Riku, who had never met Cid or seen a Gummi Ship or anything of the sort at that point even know that name?  ‘Highwind’ isn’t a particularly islandy-sounding name, anyway.

of the characters on Destiny Islands, the only character who even has a surname is Selphie, but she only has said surname in her original game canon form.  ‘Tilmitt’ is never mentioned anywhere.  granted, ‘Highwind’ is never said, either, but the rest of the people from Radiant Garden are almost all Final Fantasy characters who all have surnames in their original stories.  on Destiny Islands, Selphie is the odd one out, having a surname from OGC–Tidus and Wakka don’t have surnames, and neither do Sora, Riku, or Kairi.

now, whether or not anyone in Radiant Garden does have a surname wouldn’t especially matter, except for one eensy little detail: 

now, where in the world did Sora get that name idea from?  ‘Cid’ and ‘Highwind’ are running gags on the Squeenix side of things, but ‘Excalibur’ is purely an earth-based legend… or, as the case may be, a Radiant Garden-based legend. like Cid and the others, Merlin is a denizen of Radiant Garden, and while we don’t know a whole lot about his backstory in KH, the rest of the preexisting characters from other canons all seem to have at least partial throwbacks to their original canons: Yuffie refers to herself as “the great ninja”, Cloud is on a quest to overcome his ‘darkness’ (though this appears to be unrelated to any Nort-based Darkness, for some reason?), Tifa still punches the crap out of things, Leon is still ‘Squall’ and is going through his emo phase, you get the idea.  so in Merlin’s original story, Disney’s Sword in the Stone, he is shown toward the end of the movie as losing his temper and shouting, “BLOW ME TO BERMUDA!!!!”, before proceeding to blast off like Team Rocket and disappear to… well, Bermuda, apparently, because he returns later in an Aloha shirt saying he’s “back from Bermuda, and the 20th century”.  mind, the legend of King Arthur is set in medieval times, so Merlin, despite his absurd nature and apparent borderline senility at times, is capable of fuckin’ time travel, which… if you think about it, might make him one of the only people in this canon who’s actually on par with Xehanort as far as raw capability goes.

put that in your pipe and smoke it for a second.

in any case, what i’m getting at here is that if we presume that Merlin is in Kingdom Hearts as he is in his original canon, at least to some extent, it isn’t unreasonable to presume that he either: a.) is actually originally from medieval England and later came to reside in Radiant Garden for his retirement, or b.) is originally from Radiant Garden and just took an extended vacation to medieval England to, oh, you know, mentor the most legendary king ever known.  either way, Merlin is actually Kind of a Big Deal, and it would serve to reason that whatever his true origins and his relation to Radiant Garden may be, he’s probably regaled everyone with stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table (if you recall from FF7, Cloud even has an attack called Knights of the Round, for that matter, so who’s to say that Cloud wasn’t a Merlin Fanboy when he was a kid in Radiant Garden, hm?).

what i’m getting at here is, what is the one component that ties all of this together?  it’s Kairi.  Kairi, who was born in Radiant Garden and lived there until she was about 4 years old, who loved it when her grandmother told her stories and begged to hear them over and over, could very easily have heard the epic tale of King Arthur and his amazing sword Excalibur in her childhood–hell, her grandma is old, too, maybe she and Merlin were buds in their prime, we just don’t know.  

Kairi also could very well have known Cid, or certainly at least heard of him, Cid Highwind, the brilliant mechanic who built ships that could travel to other worlds…  remember, Radiant Garden seems to be one of the only worlds where the denizens were aware that other worlds truly existed at all.

it seems to me that the most logical explanation for Riku and Sora to even be aware of these names is that Kairi told them, whether she recalled their actual meanings, or just vaguely remembered a couple of names that sounded cool even if she couldn’t remember why.  

i keep hoping we’ll get more info about Radiant Garden and its history and some stories about the people who lived there (*cough* Lea and Isa *cough*!), but somehow i doubt such specific worldbuilding is really on the table for KH3.  alas, i will simply have to extrapolate for now.  anybody wanna weigh in?
Uneasy Spirit, Let Go Of Me, a kingdom hearts fanfic | FanFiction

@out-of-character217 gave me the prompt “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” 

Somewhere on @liverpepper there’s a post with Cloud and the twins looking through old photographs, and on the back of one of the pictures it says ‘Camping trip ‘07′.

I love everything about liverpepper, so I thought it would be fun to write a fanfic set in that verse, and because I know out-of-character217 loves it too I thought this prompt would be a good opportunity. But this story doesn’t do liverpepper justice AT ALL. I struggled with it SO MUCH.

“You Are The Only One” // Cleon Soulmate AU

Title: You Are The Only One
Rating: T
Pairing: Leon/Cloud
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Word Count: 4.2k
[Part 1] [Part 2]
{Also on AO3}

Summary: When the worlds fall to darkness, when soul marks start scarring over by the hundreds, Squall Leonhart almost loses his mark too. Then and there he decides to become Leon, who has no soulmate and no weakness, vowing never to search for his soulmate. It nearly killed him when they’d never met; he can’t imagine how painful it could be without the distance of strangers. 

Until nearly a decade later when he meets a young boy with two doomed soul marks, and yet keeps fighting for them anyways.
(aka the Cleon Soulmate AU no one asked for)

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Final Fantasy VIII rant, hahaha!

Okay SO! I wrote a thing, but it’s a Final Fantasy thing, so of my 7500+ followers, about 5 of you might care, hahahahahaha! Sorry to the ML people out there. 


I’m on hiatus from ML (kinda) and so I been playing video games and, like, 3 of you are probably like “OMG Did she play FFX! Is she gonna update Beyond Reality?!” While the other 2 are sitting in the corner angry and thinking bitterly about Two Birds, A Different Feather. Did I update either of these things? The answer- 

is NO!  


I wrote the first chapter in a Final Fantasy VIII fic instead, LOL. Another one that will be super slow to update and will probably still not be finished when I’m old and have one foot in the grave. 

Okay, but seriously, this game is terrible. I love it, but it’s terrible. Do you realize how hard it is to write a fic that comes after the game just because of how utterly FUCKED UP the world is by the end? I mean, FFX everything was already pretty fucked up, FF7 things were slowly fucking up so you kinda see it happen. FF6 the world gets destroyed and the game’s all “WE’RE NOT DONE YET!” FF9, hey, some cities get destroyed, but it’s dealt with IN GAME! Like, you see Lindblum getting repaired, you see Garnet dealing with Alexandria, Zidane is all “SAVE THE GENOMES AND THE MAGES!” Like, they deal with the fuckery. 



Garden is fucked. We’ll just go visit the one that got BLOWN UP and, I mean, who the hell knows what happened to the other one after we BODY SLAMMED THEM TOGETHER! At least the blue one is safe, albeit damaged. Galbadia? President is dead, everyone hates them, military in shambles, basically fucked. Esthar? Lunar Cry hit, monsters everywhere, people dying in the streets (literally, you can see it when you run by). Everything’s fucked. Centra? Fucked before the game even started. Literally, this whole world is FUCKED! I was writing and I was just, like, holy crap, there’s just one problem after another for these people. And I thought FFX was bad. 

But that’s the thing about 8. It’s written like a prologue–like there should be more coming and we just don’t get it. Time compression? No explanation. Consequences of the war? Who cares. Squall finding out Laguna is his fucking FATHER?! Clearly not important. Ellone’s powers? Meh. Character developement for everyone except Squall and Rinoa? Don’t need it. This idea of fate that perpetuates everything but is never explained? That’s alright. 

LIKE LITERALLY! This entire game is Squall on a mission constantly asking what’s going on and getting NO explanation. Like, aside from “whatever,” the most common thing said by anyone is “we wouldn’t understand even if we thought about it, so let’s just NOT.” That’s it–that’s the theme of the game. And poor Squall is like, I don’t want friends, I don’t want attention, I don’t want a promotion, I don’t want a father, I don’t want time compression, I don’t want a stupid fated orphanage and dumb excuses about GFs. What is happening? Why this happen? THERE ARE SO MANY QUESTIONS LEFT UNANSWERED AND IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!   

Like, usually when I write fic, it’s because the stuff in the source material is so good that I want to keep going. Except for FF8, where I’m just so desperate for closure I’m like, LET ME DO IT MYSELF

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, but it also drives me insane. We are all Squall–confused children in the face of FF8′s convoluted story. But, like, it’s still the one I want to see redone the most, hahahahahahaHA! Like, FF7 is great, but it’s already got so many spinoffs and such. Besides, how can you NOT want to see Squall’s expressions during the whole game. Like, realizes he has to work with Zell?–fucked. Seifer is Squad Leader?–fucked. Getting chased by a giant spider?–fucked. Dancing with a girl?–super fucked. Later working with that same girl?–more fucked. Constantly pissing her off?–still fucked. Attack the sorceress head on because your sniper was a failure?–fucked. Gets stabbed?–fucked. Missiles headed for your home?–fucked. Promoted to Commander a week after you become a SeeD?–supremely fucked. Like, the game would literally just be Squall’s expression growing increasingly more horrified as things spin more and more out of control around him, all the while everyone is just patting him on the back saying he’ll do great and handle everything. Like, omg, this poor child, he’s only 17. All he wanted was to avoid people and preferably not meet Laguna in real life. Instead, his girlfriend becomes a sorceress?–fucked again. WE HAVE TO GO INTO SPACE?!–not surprised to be fucked. Our enemy is a time traveling sorceress?–definite fuck. TIME COMPRESSION?!–what the fuck does that even mean?!


Poor Squall, poor Squall. 

BUT the game probably won’t ever be redone because it’s not popular. You ask someone to name FF7 characters and they’ll be all “Cloud and Aerith and Tifa and Cid and Zack and Sephiroth!” but you ask about FF8 and people are like, eh, Squall, he’s the only one, right? Or, worse, they’ll say Leon.  

Okay, but seriously, Squall would never call himself Leon. That’s so cliche and silly. Like, that is Commander fucking Leonhart to you, a title well-earned because his world was fucked long before you keyblade children even came into the picture. It’s like Cloud changing his name to Wolfen just because that happens to be the animal he’s symbolically linked to.  


Okay, I’m done now. 

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That won’t solve your problems Squally-poo.

Wizardess Heart - Vincent Knight - A Semi-Comprehensive Review

I was going to wait until more people had finished the route - but I just can’t.  This route made me salty as hell.  And I’m not the only one - @glyphenthusiast said that after reading it, she was “as salty as a family-size bag of Lays potato chips”.  I haven’t had a Lays potato chip in about five years, because they’re that salty.

So here are my feelings on Vincent’s route.

Pros:  Vincent is really hot.

Cons:  Everything else.

More under the cut - and as usual, SPOILERS, AHOY!!!!

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I’ve seen quite a few of these floating around and decided why not join in, lol. And of course my brilliant mind wanted to make a brand new graphic for it…..with all SEVEN muses. I am very lucky any sanity survived the Photoshop ordeal. Oh wait, I would have needed to have sanity in the first place, don’t I? Lol.

(Also, tad pissed that the only decent graphic of Seifer I seem to have is KH verse……-sigh-)

Anyways, this is first of all a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday/Happy New Years to everyone!

Second of all, it is a HUGE thank you to everyone for making this year such a blast for me. When I shyly decided to enter the RPing scene back in February I never thought I would make much of an impact, nor had I expected to make so many friends. I had made a belated start into fandoms in general, and a very belated start into RPing, age wise and felt that I wouldn’t fit in all that well. And yet I was welcomed with open arms! 

What started off as two blogs, well mostly one…..with the other being kinda in the background, turned into seven current muses along with two inactives and one that still hasn’t gotten off the ground! (Of those, one of the inactives will likely never come to life again and the last will likely be active soon!)

And despite three of my muses being outside of that fandom, this list will be FFVIII themed, to no one’s surprise. Also, yes. I am including lovely people from ALL my blogs in here! Not just Squall’s! The main reason I am posting here is simply because he happens to be my most active of the muses.

But yes, this is just a small thank you to those who have impacted my life on here, no matter how small!

And so we start! Be prepared for a loooooong list! 

– S e e D s – 

(those that I have become super SUPER close to over the year! I tend to talk extensively OOC with them and basically consider these guys some of my closest friends ^.^)

@cxrdialisxangelusx (no way in hell am I gonna sit here and tag ALL of yours, lol. Although you are definitely worth the effort XD) @appleiisms @chocobobutt @ninjaprincessofthieves @cloudimaginarysoldierstrife @lickmysparkstick @aeristheancient  @reonhxto @theicequeenslion @finalhxaven @quartetofnine @dimidiumseras @legendaryturk @lconhart (I know you’re in hiatus but….your Leon is way too close to me to not mention him!) @wutaiiwanderlust

– G u a r d i a n   F o r c e s – 

(Those that I am still very close to and roleplay with frequently!)

@director-scarlet @tinyfair @soldierslegacy  @sunny-explosions @caladbxlg @misericorsmxrtyris @commandinglion @materrepromise @diiisperado @1stclasszackfair @moombaliberator @jenovaiisim @lixn-heart @askaeristheflower @badass-barmaid @shivas–bitch @withoutanumber @zukawulfy @floralxfallal @endlxssmelody @dontpissyourdrawers @honorofangealhewley @nocturnal-requiem @7thheaventifa @beatrushbeauty @livandi @loyaltyinred @rude-at-your-service @13xwishes @reddelilah  @oathsblade @phantomdirge @ibisangelus @heavenslockedheart @greenhorn-turk @rxdrxno @melody-of-space @ahmyhotdog @transient-awoken @dxublefire @canyouhandlethismany @nocturnereveni @soldierthirdclass @kujabutterfly @redheadedrookie @icanlcieyourselfinmypants @ballad-of-the-dragons @wounded–warrior @garnetiisms @cheerfulclumsyknight @general-rhapsodos

– M o o m b a s –

(I may not have gotten the chance to roleplay with them yet, or at least not too often, and would love the chance to get closer!)

@rebelling-princess @confiterra @fujxn @xscientia @xvolatus @screndipitouskxy @e-xiii-st @lasthunterxnoel @dragooniv @argent-noir @shutupreno @firixn @busterbladed @curvispugnator @paopuiisms @gardenfulloffeathers @fugitiveplayboy @the-unwilling-emissary @brighteyedinfantryman @paupuprincess @scldixr @princessguarded @sutoraifv @grieverchain @grieverx @jen-ova @asouldivided @arutimishia @amercilessknight @winghearted @flava-proelium

Also a shout out to my two groups! Squall’s – @iter-amicitia, and Laguna’s – @visfati. My time in these groups has been absolutely amazing! Even if I have sadly been kinda inactive on Laguna lately…..

I know there are ones missing, there was no way to list all my followers… would have taken way too long and would have ended up like a mile long post XD Especially taking into account that Squall is slowly but surely closing in on 400 followers….to my ever present shock. Laguna isn’t far behind and I think every muse but Rinoa and Firion are over 100. So that’s a lot to list, but that doesn’t mean that each and every one of you don’t mean anything to me! I love ALL my followers, to death and want to interact with ALL OF YOU. 

To be honest it’s hard to think that it hasn’t even been a full year yet that I’ve been here….it feels like a dozen, lol. I hope I can be here a dozen years though…..seriously. My blogs, my friends, my followers, have all come to mean so goddamned much over the course of the year and I am so grateful for it.

I actually thought this list would end up longer, lol. But I’m kinda glad I was able to keep myself in check for the most part….especially considering it’s like nearly 5 in the morning by me. So yea, if most of this is incoherent, BLAME THAT.

Anyways, thank you again. All of you. And here’s to a new year and hopefully new friends, and old. And tons of new interactions and stories!