this is for all my lovely new followers!

can you believe it? i actually made it to 4k+ followers! i’m as shocked as you all. i just want to thank everyone for following me through the random fandom changes. you guys are really the best and i look forward to all the new followers i get from this day on! ♥ i’m such a lucky girl and i’ve made it this far thanks to all my lovely followers. you guys deserve all the credit. now that’s move on from all the mushy stuff lol. also since when did half of the people i follow follow me back. i must be in the twilight zone.

mutuals are bold and faves are italic!

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The new clip is uhhhhhh……a bit disrespectful…..Sana has begun Ramadan not even a full day ago,,,, and yet,,, Julie is focusing on “"forbidden love”“ like….yeah it was cute but super duper bad timing, they should’ve done it through the week sometime idk I’m mad abt it, and I’m sorry to all my Muslim followers who wanted to see Ramadan be portrayed accurately this month

This is a big THANK YOU to everyone over the past four and a half years (new and old!!) who I appreciate, love, and adore, and I think deserve the world. It’s been a privilege to write with you, to see you all on my dash, and to have you welcome Trill with open arms. Thank you for everything, and here’s to many more years to come!

Under the cut is a list, in no particular order, of some pretty special beans who are worth following and checking out! I love you guys!

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Let's celebrate with fic!

So recently tumblr sent me an email informing me that my blog is two years old. Wow. Time flies when you’re squeeing over fictional characters, huh?

Also, I’m coming up on 600 followers and since I’ve never acknowledged any milestones I figured I would give it a try. To celebrate and to say thank you for all of this I’ve decided to empty my ask box and fill every prompt in there. Some are new(er) and others have been in there well over a year (cringes) but I’m determined to do it. And I would love some new prompts that will hopefully spark my creative juices.

(Low key hoping this will help get my sour/negative/angsty feelings out of the way because since the finale you may not have noticed but I’ve been a teensy weensy bit jaded)

So if you have any Barson prompts send them in to me please ❤️ I’ll start posting filled prompts June 1st!

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A few important announcements:

  • New theme is up thanks to the amazing @granxaire. I love it so much, and I encourage people to follow Kaitie and check out her work!
  • In a week’s time, I will be staying in London for more than a month. My workplace is sending me there for training and it’s all pretty exciting for me. Activity therefore may be sporadic, but I will try to be here when I can!
  • You are IMPORTANT and don’t you forget that. *boops nose*
I reached 600 followers

I don’t know what to say but thank you to all my friends, mutuals, and followers new and old for sticking with me. I’m just some dumb guy who likes video games and talks about liking boobs and yet you all decided to stay with my dumbass.

I sincerely love you all. Thanks for everything.

Following Studyblrs!!!

Hello! I’m Glory, and I’m a new studyblr looking to find more people to follow! Please like or reblog this post if you are a…

🌸 Studyblr

🌸 Psychblr

🌸 Medblr

🌸 Langblr (Esp. Spanish!!)

🌸 Mathblr

so that I can follow you and reblog all your pretty posts . My messages are always open if you want to chat or are looking for a friend, and I hope everyone has a lovely day!

anonymous asked:

idk if I am considered new, I saw him announced for Dunkirk and start checking him out and really liked him so I started keeping tabs on him. Loved the album. I still run another blog and not Harry one but more and more following people and getting in to it. He's amazing. I also love all the memes when he does something. ( The only down side is it seems 1D fandom is the breeding ground for conspiracy which 😶

Hey!! Yeah you’d definitely be a new fan, glad you’ve gotten into Harru :) And tbh my dash is all Harry love and good sense 99% of the time, we just like drama lol. Basically harries are pretty much a separate fandom at this point, and you don’t have to put up with 1D stuff if you don’t wanna. A lot of us just still follow some of the other fans so we see what’s happening and all that. 

Here’s a good follow list for good harries :)

Team Super!

In honor of the season finale tonight, here’s a mega Supergirl Season 2 fan art. Thanks for the all the lovely comments, messages, reblogs, and shares, and for all the new friends and followers that have found their way here from me doodling these fun characters. Enjoy the episode tonight (and be nice to each other).


《04042017 • 🎧 : Beautiful - Monsta X 》

Hello lovely people! And a big hello to all my new followers!! Thank you for nearly 1.5k while I was gone. ♡ You guys are amazing. I’ll be more active on my studyblr as of today, since I’m on autumn break. ^.^ I’ll probably post my favorite March spreads from my bullet journal tomorrow. So, keep an eye out for that. ;) 

pics from: studyblr/ my main blog (i’ve been more active on there as of late)

snapchat: ttstudys


David Haller + Text Posts (6/?)

I recently hit a new follower milestone, so this gifset is dedicated to you guys! Thank you all so much! So many of you love these gifsets and I love making them. The more I make them the more relatable I realize David is tbh

hi! i remade a week ago and i didn’t expect to get so many of my mutuals back + some new followers so i’m here with my first follow forever with this blog (and second in general)! i really love you all so much and i keep saying i’ll try to interact with more of yall but i never do :(  so this is my way of telling you all that i appreciate all of you!

i was gonna do a thing for favorite blogs but i have such a hard time choosing because i love yall too much (id put a lot of hearts here if i was on mobile, just so you know)


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