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New History

Can I request a Steve Harrington x Reader where reader is Hopper’s niece who moved in to help with Eleven? Love at first sight but oh no her uncle is scary? I’d appreciate it! 

Quick Note: Requests are open!

Warnings: light swearing, a smidge of S2 SPOILERS 

Song to Listen to: Dream By Bishop Briggs 

You looked at the girl who had answered the door, and to be honest, you weren’t entirely sure what to make of her. She was shorter, with piercing eyes, and for a twinge of a moment you questioned whether or not you even had the right house. 

“Uh, Uncle Jim?” you called out, never breaking eye contact from the little girl. You heard a chorus of swear words from somewhere in the back of the cabin, and then what sounded like a bear bumbling through a china shop. When your Uncle finally made it to the front entrance, you could tell he was out of breath.

“Someone needs to work out more” You chide. 

“Someone needs to not be an asshole.” 

“Is that any way to talk to your niece?” 

That word made the small girl before you perk up, “Niece?” she asked Hopper before looking back at you. 

Hopper looked back at you, “(Y/N) is my niece. Brother’s daughter.” 

“Your brother, her papa?” The girl questioned. The whole conversation was beginning to make you uneasy. When your Uncle had mentioned he’d adopted some random child, you were suspicious. He’d been a kind man once, but life had hardened him surely. 

But you saw the small girl and the way she reacted in such a daughterly way toward Hopper. It gave you a tiny smile and you lowered yourself down to her level. 

“I’m Y/N.” You stuck out your hand, and after a moment of hesitation, she took it lightly. 

“El.” She said the name matter-of-factly, but you could tell that she was already warming up to you. El grabbed the slouchy backpack that you had dropped on the porch and carried it into the house without saying a word. You came in and closed the door behind you. 

“Well she’s not a talker, I guess?” You posed to Hopper. He shook his head before beginning to clean up some broken glass on the floor. You looked behind him and saw a broken window. “The hell happened here?” 

“It was an accident. I’ll explain later.” Your Uncle mumbled, continuing to broom up the mess. Just before the silence between you got too awkward, the sound of footsteps on the front porch could be heard. 

 A knock… a few more.

“Hopper! El! I’m sorry I’m late!” Hopper shook his head in exasperation before running his hand through his thinning hair. 

“Y/N will you get the door? I’m not in the mood.” Raising an eyebrow, you walked over to the door and opened it with caution. Bent over with his hand on the railing was singlehandedly the most gorgeous being you had ever seen. 

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realization — [richie tozier]

A/N: i had this done yesterday but didn’t post oops. hopefully this makes up for my absence these past few days bc whoa, i got a lot more carried away with this than i should have and yet i’m probably going to end up writing a part 2 lmao. sorry? anyway pls pls tell me what you guys think and give me ideas for a continuation of this. i also ¡cannot! thank you guys enough for 300+ followers that’s insane! ily all sm!! <3

Request: A cute richie imagine with something along the lines of the prompt “you don’t choose who you love”?

Pairing: Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader
[IT (2017)]

Warnings: Y’all know the drill… this is Richie Trashmouth Tozier we’re talking about, so literally just some swears lol.

Word Count: 1,439


“Fuck you, Tozier!” you cursed at him, shoving the boy back. You couldn’t even make it through an entire day of peace without this idiot ruining it for you. Like now, you were just trying to get a drink of water before fourth period, but Richie apparently didn’t think you deserved it. Creeping up from behind, he thought it was the perfect opportunity to ‘scare the shit out of you’. And he did so, causing you to choke and spit out your water.

“It would be a pleasure.” the boy snorted at your comment, pushing his glasses back up his nose.

“You know that’s not what I meant, dumbass.” you laughed, brushing past him to head to class.

“Not yet!” he called after you, causing you to roll your eyes.

For as long as you could remember, you’d been a member of the Losers Club. Ever since the group originated, really. You were closest with Richie, always had been. But for around three years now, the trashmouth had begun—flirting?—with you. Of course you thought of it all as childish play, I mean, the guy’s reputation meant what it said.

You’d throw a comeback at him most of the time, but every once in a while, you found yourself flirting back. Little did you know, though, that the curly-haired, glasses-wearing dork was hopelessly in love with you.

Richie Tozier was the guy the Losers would think of last when it came to, you know, loving. Yeah, the guy hit on you, but the rest of his friends didn’t look it over twice. They were used to seeing him hit on any girl he thought was (quote the trashmouth himself) “hot damn smokin’!”

Yet, only Richie knew it was a coverup. He didn’t want you to know about his feelings. He thought it was pathetic if you did because he’d never stand a chance. Too good for him, out of his league. Richie gave up on the possibility. He had even tried getting over you, but it was useless. You don’t choose who you love. It just happens.

So, the guy gave up on that, too.

Ever since the nightmare that was the Pennywise fiasco of summer ‘89, the past year, Richie’s feelings for you only grew stronger. It wasn’t the right time for this, no, of course not. Hell, nothing about the situation gave off any romantic vibes at all, but Tozier couldn’t help it.

He’d had a strong feel of suddenly being protective over you. So when It had both you and Bill in a headlock, Richie’s boiling anger inside him pushed him to whack the demonic creature with an old baseball bat, starting the fight between the Losers and the clown. Richie just wanted to beat it dead, he had to keep you safe, even if his life was on the line. He wouldn’t hesitate.

And now here he was a year later, still afraid of telling you how he felt. The final bell of the day had rung, and Richie stood outside the school by the bike racks, waiting for you and the other Losers to meet up. With Richie’s luck, you were the first one to make it out of the building.

“Hi Rich,” you greeted, swinging your backpack off your shoulder to put your books away.

“Hey, hot stuff.” he shot you the iconic Richie Tozier smirk that everyone knew all too well.

“Can you stop? Your lame nicknames get old y’know.” you smiled, rolling your bike away from the post it was chained to. You weren’t about to admit that you actually loved his names for you. It would be embarrassment at it’s finest.

Soon enough, the rest of the Losers made their way outside. It was a nice, warm day, as the school year was coming to an end, putting a temporary wrap on the unneeded anxiety and stress that came along with it.

Not bothering to stay any longer, to avoid running into the Bowers’ gang, the eight of you headed on your way. One by one, each of the Losers turned down their own path home, until only you, Richie, and Bev were left. Along the bike ride home, Richie couldn’t help but crack a few pickup lines at you, probably the cheesiest yet.

“Good lord Richie do you ever shut up?” Beverly had had it up to here with Richie’s flirtatious remarks.

Not because he was annoying—well, actually yeah, it was… but back to the point—it was because you wouldn’t take a hint. Aside from the rest of your group of friends, Bev was the only one who knew. The only one who knew about Richie’s crush on you that was apparently unnoticeable to the others, and like I said, most of all, to you.

“You’re so oblivious, (Y/N).” was the last thing you heard Bev say, barely above a whisper, as she turned the corner of the block heading towards her apartment building.

Ignoring what she told you, you continued on your way, chatting with Richie over the awkwardest things like they were totally normal to you. Not long after, you reached Richie’s street and dropped him off, then left to your house.

Your parents were home. It didn’t make a difference though, because they didn’t care. It only seemed like they did. Sure, both of them would ask how your day went, and you’d usually respond with only one sentence, then leave. That was one thing that upset you about your childhood, you never really had a true connection with your parents.

Telling them you weren’t hungry, you sighed and headed upstairs. Most of your evening was spent listening to some tapes or doodling in your notebook, more like procrastinating when you were really supposed to be working on your homework.

A sudden wave, the feel of tiredness hit you hard during the blank stares you gave your History book. Bored and too lazy to keep at it, tossed your assignments aside and decided a quick power nap wouldn’t do you any harm. It was only a little past five, after all.


The sound of faint taps was the cause for your awakening. Lifting your head from your pillow, you glanced at the clock — 6:47 PM. You had been asleep for almost two hours. Getting up, you were disoriented. Until it hit you where the taps were coming from. Opening your window you didn’t even have a chance to look out into the darkness, before a pebble hit you in the face. Trying to see where it came from, you rubbed your eyes.

“I’ve been throwing these at your window for almost ten minutes now… what the fuck, (Y/N)?” your blurry vision finally subsiding, you saw who it was. Beverly.

“Huh?” you asked, confused.

“We’re going to the Quarry. Richie was supposed to pick you up but he said you ‘weren’t home’.” she shouted up.

“Oh… uh, yeah, I’ll be right down.” you responded, shutting your window. Rushing down the stairs, you almost missed the note on your kitchen counter letting you know your parents had gone out to eat. As soon as you stepped outside, you were greeted with an annoyed-looking Beverly, arms crossed.

“Took you long enough.” she said, heading onto the sidewalk.

“Not my fault.” you grumbled, joining her.

“Someone’s upset today. What? Y’spent too long away from your boyfriend?” Beverly laughed at her own joke.

“What are you talking about? I don’t have a boyfr—“

“Oh come on, (Y/N), are you really that fucking blind?” she cut you off.

“Blind of what? I’m very well aware of everything going on!” you continued, only for Bev to shoot you a look. She genuinely looked concerned for you.

“(Y/N)! You know damn well what I’m talking about.” Bev scolded.

“Richie!” she continued. “Richie Tozier’s fucking in love with you! The boy has been for years now! Don’t be stupid and ignorant, woman!”

Flustered, you thought over each and every word she’d just said. Richie, your best friend who you’d known for the longest time—in love with you? No.

Your mind was blank, having not a single idea of an excuse to respond to Beverly’s words.

“Wha—no, y-you can’t be serious. H-he’s not.” was the only thing you could manage to get out of your mouth.

Because, the truth was, you were too much in a state of shock to come to the realization that you were in love with him too.

I Said I Love You

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: No
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Mentions of Food, Swearing, Kissing
A/N: This was taken from my old blog that I wrote Marvel on, and I thought I’d post it as a little ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ gift to you all since I haven’t had time to write an actual fic!!

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“So,” you said loudly from the kitchen. “What’s up with May and Tony?”

A loud clatter sounded from the living room and you snorted under your breath. Peter came stumbling into the kitchen with a wild expression on his face, a small glob of peanut butter smudged on his cheek.

“What do you mean? May and Mr. Stark?” You snorted again. You still couldn’t believe how much Peter idolized Tony.

“Yes, May and Tony. He was practically all over her at that charity event we went to the other night.”

“No, no, he wasn- was he? Wait, what?” His voice rose a pitch at the end of his sentence, making you glance up at him from the sandwich you were making.

“Peter, come on,” you shook your head dramatically, smirking up at him. Your best friend was always so oblivious. (You’d always loved him for that, though.) “How can you not see it?”

“He- no, no,” he shook his head vigorously. “That’s not-” he looked at you as if you were crazy. “He loves someone else.”

“Yeah, your aunt,” you chuckled at the expression Peter gave you and went back to making your sandwich.

“You’re insane.”

You shrugged one shoulder. “Debatable.” A piece of bread hit you in the face, and you closed your eyes at the soft impact. You looked up at Peter after a few seconds and saw a small smile on his face, one eyebrow quirked and peanut butter still smudged on his cheek. He couldn’t have looked anymore perfect.

“God, I love you,” you sighed, not quite realizing what you said until you took in Peter’s shocked expression. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open and shit. That’s not how it was supposed to happen.

“Wh-” he stuttered for a few more seconds before speaking a coherent thought. Your grip tightened on the knife in your hand. “Wh-what did you just say?”

And that was your Peter. The oblivious one who never really noticed how your gaze lingered on him, like your touches. The confident one who you only ever really saw when you were alone or when he was in his Spiderman suit, or when he was smirking just moments ago. Or even the unsure one who made so little appearances, and it made you shocked that he was standing right in front of you.

You took a deep breath, bracing yourself. “I said I love you.”

Your heart beat loudly in your ears during the long seconds that Peter ceased to reply in. He closed his mouth and his eyes shrunk from their big appearance slightly, but he still didn’t speak. After a full minute of silence, he opened his mouth and you again took in a quick breath.



You almost let the knife clatter to the floor so you could run out of the apartment in humiliation, but he spoke once more.

“Want to go on a date with me this Friday?”

The knife almost fell to the floor for a completely different reason.

“Yeah. Yeah, okay,” you smiled, breathing out in relief.

“Okay,” he smiled wide, too, and the both of you just stood in the kitchen, grinning at each other. “Make me another sandwich?”

You were still grinning when you replied, “Sure.”

He started to turn around and you grinned down at your abandoned sandwich, half cut and half made, when Peter turned back to you.

He leant towards you quickly, leaving a small kiss on your cheek. “Love you, too.” He sped back to the living room, not giving you time to look at him before you heard him plop down on the couch.

You laughed giddily, still looking down at the sandwich in front of you, and you thought you heard him laugh happily, too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my followers who celebrate it!! Here’s a little fic I wrote a while back on my old blog, and I figured I’d post it on here too as a little update. I promise I’ll be back with new content soon :)


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“So, you are the former Princess of Hell ? You don’t look that dangerous.”

“You don’t know who you’re talking too. You can’t kill me. But I swear I’ll end you you son of a bitch.”

Requested by Anonymus

Thanksgiving with the Hollands (Tom Holland Headcanon)

Originally posted by parkers-myth

Summary: A look at what Thanksgiving is like for you and Tom’s family.

Authors Note: So I sort of modified this request and sorry it took forever but I wanted it to be out on Thanksgiving. I love this a lot and think it’s adorable and makes me long for Thanksgiving while having a family with Tom. I hope you guys enjoy and have a wonderful holiday! I am thankful for all of your love and support and don’t know what I’d do without you guys.

Requested: “Can you do a tom x reader thanksgiving headcanons? Like how current and future thanksgiving would go? Thanks!! I was going to do Halloween but that passed lol”


Word Count: 1799


Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister @i-love-superhero @chinalois @behxndthemask @ttholland @johnmurphys-sass @harperislit @annoyingasskid

  • By the time you started your own family you and Tom had become masters of the holiday.
  • Now you, Tom and your children were hosting Thanksgiving for the first time at your home.
    • Your son Tom jr aka TJ was basically a tiny clone of his dad, including personality which made him a handful for you. He just turned 5 and loved Thanksgiving.
    • Your daughter, Chloe was the princess of the house. At 1 year old, she had everyone wrapped around her chubby little fingers. 
  • Living in L.A. the weather wasn’t “ideally fall” but you made it work.
  • You decorated the whole place with warm yellows, rich browns, and pumpkin orange.
  • The kitchen had gourds decorating the table.
  • On the fridge, you had the kid’s turkey handprints that you helped them make
    • It was probably a mistake dipping a babies hand in paint because she got a little excited and reached her orange hand straight to your hair.
  • Tom insisted on making “Thanksgiving cards”
    • You told him that wasn’t a thing but he loved family photos to look at when he was away filming.
      • Now that TJ was in school you didn’t feel comfortable dragging him to set with his father. 
      • Both of you agreed to let him have routine and normalcy was better even though it made Tom even sadder when he knew he had to be away months for filming and couldn’t get random visits from his babies.
    • You took the pictures in your backyard (away from the pool)
      • You added some fall colored leaves and had a variety of pumpkins.
    • The whole crew put on sweaters (WHICH WAS NOT COMFORTABLE BECAUSE YOU WERE ROASTING UNDER THE CALIFORNIA SUN) but they looked cute so you committed to the look.
    • Your favorite picture was of Tom, holding the kids in his lap. TJ looked up admirably at his dad, with a large smile showing his missing tooth while Chloe kissed her daddy’s cheek.
    • Tom’s favorite was of you, holding Chloe nose to nose looking into each other’s eyes.
      • He put it on his Instagram captioning “My girls are natural models.”
  • You constantly had fall scented candles burning, to bring good energy around the house.
    • Fig, pumpkin, cinnamon, berry, etc.
      • Tom’s favorite smelt like rum and vanilla.
  • You were surprised Tom wanted to host this year but he was so insistent.
    • He actually wanted to host last year but Chloe was so tiny and he didn’t want to stress you out.
  • He invited both sides of the family (to give his parents the Thanksgiving experience) as well as friends (aka Harrison).
  • While Tom went to pick up his family from the airport the night before you went to the grocery store to gather supplies.
    • He took the kids with him so you could focus.
    • As soon as TJ saw his grandparents he booked it through the airport almost giving Tom a heart attack.
      • But TJ would just shrug and hug his grandpa harder.
      • “He just loves his family, don’t blame him, Thomas.”
      • Tom would relax, but still, be annoyed TJ thought that was okay. 
        • Also his outburst drew a bit of a crowd.
      • Getting into the car Chloe couldn’t stop giggling at her uncles as they played peek-a-boo.
        • “Where’s Chloe?” Sam would coo while Harry put her blanket over her head.
        • Chloe’s tiny legs would kick as she squealed happily.
        • “There she is!” Sam said, removing the blanket.
        • Chloe thinks this is the funniest shit, her baby giggles filling the whole car.
        • Tom smiled from the driver’s seat, loving when all of his family was together
  • Your family early Thanksgiving morning, but you were already up cooking.
    • “You made it! Feel go to your rooms they’re all made up…or you can help me.”
      • They left you to go sleep.
  • You hummed to yourself as you cooked the feast. 
    • The aroma woke up your husband, making him sleepily come downstairs in plaid pajama pants and no shirt.
      • “Smells amazing darling.”
      • “You can’t get any food yet, Holland.”
      • “Mmm, not even a tiny bite?”
      • “Nope, you have to wait.”
      • “Fine, I know something that tastes even better.”
        • Then he pulls you into a kiss, leaning you on the counter.
        • Quickly it got heated with your shirt almost being tossed into the turkey.
  • Tom’s job was to entertain everyone while you cooked because you did not want him in the kitchen and you also couldn’t focus if the kids were constantly at your feet.
  • The first baby to wake up was Chloe, you heard her over the baby monitor and instructed Tom to get the princess.
    • He returned with a sleepy little one in a turkey onesie.
      • “What have you done to my child?”
      • “What do you mean it’s festive?”
      • “She’s a freaking turkey.”
      • “A cute turkey!”
    • You dropped the argument for now and directed Tom to set up her highchair and feed her breakfast.
      • He attempted to help Chloe feed herself but was met with a firm “No!”
      • She was going through her no phase so she wanted to do everything herself.
        • “Princess, let me help feed you!”
        • “No!”
        • “It’s easier if I help”
        • “No dada no!”
      • Her festive pumpkin baby mush was flung all across the counter and in her little curls.
        • “You should have fed her yourself.”
        • “She told me no!”
        • “You let yourself be bossed around by a baby Thomas, a baby.”
  • Tom grumbled profanities under his breath and took his little turkey upstairs to the bathroom.
  • He saw his mini, was also now up and decided to give them both ready.
  • The day was mostly spent with your two families lounging on the couch, watching movies and football while talking about what’s happening in their lives.
    • “When Y/N was little she smashed her hand in the middle of the pie. Everyone was annoyed but she was so cute we couldn’t get mad at her. She tried to offer some of the pie from her tiny hands.”
  • Tom didn’t have to do much entertaining for the kids because the uncles had taken care of that situation.
  • Chloe hung off Sam as if he was her best friend. 
    • He had a gentleness with her that she loved.
    • He would tickle her sides, give her little cheek kisses, or play with her curls.
  • She loved the twins together because they would play little games with her.
    • Got your nose was a real hit especially when the twins pretended to throw her nose back and forth, driving her crazy.
  • TJ liked spending time with his Uncle Paddy because Paddy still remembered what it was like to be that age.
    • He played Nerf with him, the two running around in the backyard shooting foam at each other.
    • Paddy went gentle on TJ, but the little boy was out for blood and aimed at the face 99% of the time.
  • TJ talked to Uncle Harry about superheroes a lot.
    • “Did you know my daddy is Spiderman?”
    • “What that’s crazy?”
    • “I know! I’m gonna be Spiderman too!”
    • “Do you protect the city with him?”
    • “No, he says I’m too little but he says when he’s gone I can protect Chloe and mama!”
    • “I’m sure you’re terrifying to bad guys.”
    • “Yeah, I am.”
  • Harrison was their cool godfather, but they saw him all the time so they didn’t fawn over him as much.
    • “Gaw-fader,” Chloe attempted to say.
  • The Uncles and the godfather teamed up to play a badass game of hide and seek.
    • Harrison picked up Chloe since the little one wasn’t the most talented in walking.
      • “Chlo, we’re gonna win because we’re the best and most attractive and you’re my goddaughter so that means you’re better than your uncles. I’m your favorite Chloe, remember that.”
      • “Can you stop rambling div and just count!” Harry shouts.
      • “Div! Div! Div!” TJ joins in.
      • “Harry, don’t teach him how to say div, Tom is gonna lose his shit!” Harrison shouted back.
      • “Shitty shit!” TJ laughed.
        • The two had to begin bribing TJ with toys to not repeat either of those things to his parents.
  • Eventually, the kids got tired out and went down for a nap allowing all the guys to have a “bonding” session
  • Harrison bought bourbon and cigars which the brothers and Harrison went onto the back porch to indulge in since you didn’t want the smell lingering around the kids.
  • Tom sighed out a plume of smoke looking out in his gorgeous backyard, thinking about how it was possible he had this life.
    • “Damn I’m lucky.”
    • “No need to rub it in,” Harry joked back.
    • Tom laughed taking another puff of his cigar. “Don’t be jealous you’ll have it soon enough.”
    • “Do you think you’ll have more kids?” Harrison asked.
    • “I want a whole football team, an army of Hollands.”
    • “Sounds like Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s nightmare,” Sam joked.
    • They all laughed.
    • “Can’t help that Holland’s are kickass, it’s in our genes.
  • A couple of hours later, you had the table set and prepared for the dinner.
  • You changed into a fitted purple dress with your hair flat iron.
    • Your ears sparkled with diamonds given to you as an anniversary present form your husband as well as the large rock gracing your left ring fingers.
  • TJ wore an adorable little black sweater while Chloe wore a dress similar to yours. His hair was slicked back like his father’s (because ever since he found out his daddy wore hair gel he had to have some himself) and her’s was accompanied with a lovely white bow.
  • Tom wore dark was jeans and a loose fitting sweater. He wore his normal chain around his neck and even had in his earring.
    • “Ah the pirate is back.”
    • “Oh don’t you start, you know you love the piercing.
    • “Mmm, I always had a thing for Captain Hook.”
    • “Seriously!?”
    • “No you idiot, but I do like the piercing it’s sort of cute.”
  • You put the finishing touches on everything, making sure everything was presentable before calling everyone in for dinner.
  • The whole crew stampeded in, making plates while you stood back and admired your work.
    • Tom came up to you and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you in close.
    • He placed tiny kisses on your nose.
      • “You’re so talented, darling. Thank you for doing this.”
      • “Of course, babe. I love having everyone together.”
      • “Does this mean hosting Christmas is on the table!?”
      • “Oh boy.”


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Couple: Steve Harrington x reader

Warnings: swearing

Requested: yes

Prompt: #1 — You’re not going alone.

#6 — I’m not going to leave you.

Tags: @soalkie

AN: Okay, im so mad bc I typed a story out for this but then realized it was TOTALLY WRONG so i just replaced some words in the old story, to make it a new one with different prompts and wow im lazy.



It was the middle of summer in Hawkins, Indiana and you were putting on a coat. Why? Because your temperature was 101.3 degrees, and you needed cold medicine.

You were pissed because you couldn’t find any around the house, but, life is dumb, so now you have to get more sick, just to try and not be sick, again.

Your parents had gone to work for the day, so you were alone, sick—honestly, probably dying—and you just wanted some damn cold medicine and some soup.

You were on a mission. To feel better, that is.

As you went to place your hand on the door knob, there was a knock on the door that startled you half to death.

Breathing out, you attempted to remember if you’d accidentally forgot you invited someone over, but you knew you didn’t. You were sick.

You actually had to regain your composure before you opened the door, but when you did, you forgot about being mad and instantly, your eyes had softened.

“Steve.” You breathed out.

“Hey, princess.” Pressing a kiss to your forehead, he backed up and replaced it with a hand. “You’re burning up!”

“Yeah, I was just—”

“Oh, god, do you need anything? Soup? Water? Hospital? I don’t know what to do, Y/N! Tell me what I need to do.”

“I was just about to go to the store and get some cold medicine, honestly.” Smiling sheepishly, you wrapped your coat tightly around you, shivering slightly.

“Yeah, well, you’re not going alone.” He smiled, holding up his car keys. “On second thought,” he spoke, his arm coming down, “you’re not going to even get out of the car.”

You smiled and walked out to his car, getting in the passenger seat, and head to the store.


He was true to his as he kept the car on and tapped the door a couple times before smiling at her, saying, “I’ll be back with your soup and medicine.” Then, he walked away.

Now, this is how you are. Sprawled out all over your boyfriend, sweating as the fever was going down a couple degrees, and he couldn’t be happier.

An hour later, and with one loopy Y/N, Steve had turned on the TV while your head was in his lap. Running a hand through his hair, he smiled at the sight of you.

Mouth slightly open, eyes barely able to stay open, and your (y/c/h) messy, so he attempted to tame it and to no avail, your hair still looked like a mess.

“Hey, sleepy.“Steve muttered to you, smiling as you opened your eyes slightly to look at him.” It’s already eight, baby. Did you want me to stay or—”

Barely audible, all he could hear was, ‘stay’, ‘don’t’, and 'leave’ before he looked down at him, arching his eyebrow.

“I’m going to need English.”

“Stay, please. Don’t leave.” You whispered, embarrassed to be this way, even if you and Steve have been dating for months.

“Hey, don’t worry. I’m not going to leave you. I can promise you that, Y/N.” He said, grabbing the blanket from behind him and wrapping the both of them in it.

For the rest of the night, they watched whatever came on TV until you had fallen asleep, finally being able to sleep for the first day since she’s gotten sick.

He kissed the top of her head lovingly before brushing the hair out of her face.

“Goodnight, beautiful.”


AN: i slept 5 hours last night and now it’s taking a toll on me because I ALMOST fell asleep writing this. I’m sorry I’m trash.

I hope this is what you were looking for!! Have a great thanksgiving, today /tomorrow!!

P. S. I’m sorry this is so short ):

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anonymous asked:

First kiss HCs for Tsuyu, Mina and Jirou

I very much hope that I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it!


- She would have been in a relationship for a while, growing closer emotionally and physically, before she is ready and willing to share her first kiss.

- She’s both nervous and excited for it. Mostly, Tsuyu knows that while first kisses are special in their own way, they’re not the last ones and a lot of other kisses have the chance to be memorable.

- Who of them initiates the kiss matters little to Tsuyu, as long as they’re both ready for it. It starts out light and soft, testing the waters and holding on to each other’s arms, before they kiss each other again, less tentative, before they separate and share a happy and warm smile.


- She’s quite excited and nervous at the same time when it comes to her first kiss. Mina thinks about kissing her partner for a while before she really does it, watching their lips and wondering how they’re going to feel against hers and what kind of kisser her partner might be.

- Mina kind of hopes that her first kiss is a nice one, which causes her to fumble a bit with her hands when she’s close to her partner and they’re about to kiss.

- She doesn’t mind letting her partner initiate the kiss, though if they want her to do it so they can be sure she’s ready, she kisses them once she feels that it’s the right time.


- She doesn’t really admit that thinking about sharing her first kiss makes her a bit shy at times and nervous as well. Jirou certainly doesn’t rush into it and lets their relationship progress naturally.

- Her hands get kind of sweaty when she’s ready to kiss her partner and she steps closer, asking them if it’s okay if she kisses them.

- Jirou wants it to be nice for both her and her partner, so when they kiss, it’s rather light and hesitant and she takes a moment to adjust, to make sure their noses aren’t bumping, before she gently kisses them a bit firmer.

Love Notes

@daddiereid requested:
i feel like i send too many of these, but you are my favorite writer!! what about a richie tozier fic where richie is really upset one day and the reader comforts him? she confesses her love for him, and basically says something along the lines of “you mean the world to me, and i’d do anything for you” if you can’t write it, that’s okay!

Pairing: Richie x Reader

Warnings: One big swear

A/N: It’s no problem at all, don’t worry about it! Thank you! Is the GIF not working? idk why. I changed the request a bit I’m sorry about that. It’s short too oops

Originally posted by rich-ditch14

Most would expect Richie’s school locker to be filled with useless crap and papers that would spew out once he opened it, but Richie’s locker was usually empty. 

One particular week though, after a bad run in with the Bowers Gang, Richie found he couldn’t take much weight on his sore, bruised back. Cursing as he spun the lock, recalling his combo, he stood there, dumbfounded, staring at the pile of crumpled papers (notes) in the middle of his locker.

“What the fuck?” Richie muttered, looking side to side, before picking one up and smoothing it out, trying to remember if he had put them there.

This sounds cheesy as hell but you mean the world to me and I’d do anything for you.

Flushing, he scrunched it up after he read it, stuffing the rest of them hurriedly in his pockets to read later as the school bell rang. Richie definitely did not put them there. 

But then who did?

You did? You’re the one that’s been leaving me those notes?”

Y/N nodded, not meeting Richie’s eyes, embarrassed. When Richie had asked his fellow Losers to help him discover who the secret admirer, note leaver, was the next day Y/N had come up and confessed. Just like that.

“Yeah. It’s weird, I know. I’m sorry. I just really like you and I didn’t know how to tell you. And Bev told me how you were looking for the who wrote the notes, so she told me to tell you.”

“D-did you mean what you said in them?” Richie asked awkwardly.

Pausing, Y/N nodded again, scuffing her shoe on the ground.

“They were really nice.” Richie said quietly.

Silence enveloped them, both of them seemingly unable to look at each other. 

“I’d like to get to know you more.” Richie blurted suddenly, unsure of how to phrase exactly what he was thinking and feeling. “Like on a date I guess?” 

“A.. a date sounds good.” Y/N smiled bashfully.

“Good.” Richie smiled back.

connor x OCD reader headcanons

i’m not gonna lie no one requested this it’s me projecting. bye (also i swear I’m not tryna romanticize ocd or anything if it’s problematic lmk. i just know that if I read this on someone else’s blog it would make me feel Valid™️ so i hope my fellow ocd kids out there feel a little less alone with this thanks love u)

-so connor gets it because he’s had his fair share of mental health problems and he gets what it’s like to have a shitty therapist or no therapist when you need one

-he knows he can’t help you like a doctor but he does the best he can

-like he always waits for you when you’re washing your hands and if you’re taking a long time then he’ll just knock on the door to snap you out of the ritual

-if he notices you picking at your skin or repeating something like that in public he’ll do something real subtle like put his arm around you or hold your hand

-and he tries to wash his hands so you won’t get scared around him and so that he can hold your hand

-he doesn’t ever make you stop your rituals because he doesn’t want to worry you. but when you have to ignore one he’ll calm you down and reassure you that he’s not going to let anything bad happen to you

-sometimes he’ll distract you enough that you don’t even feel the need to do your rituals and of course he doesn’t point it out but my boy feels proud of himself

-he knows to text you pretty often so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to him

-he carries hand sanitizer with him so you don’t have to worry about not being able to wash your hands before you eat

-if he’s sick or even thinks he might be he’ll let you know so you can keep your distance for a few days

-lanky boy is gonna protect you from germs and bad things and your mind

A Place to Start

Part 1 of Home for the Holidays series aka Rabbit’s Floofmas

Summary: Your world becomes upended when Gabriel returns, and you do your best to find your footing with the former archangel.

Pairings: (eventual) Gabriel x Reader

Warnings/tags: Human Gabriel, a touch of angst, a hint of fluff (we’ll get there, I swear)

Word Count: 1359

Author’s Note: Set after S12 and because I haven’t watched a single episode of S13 yet, we’re going to pretend it doesn’t exist.  Just setting the backdrop so I can get started on the requests.

Special thanks to my wonderful beta @sumara62 for her suggestions and ongoing encouragement <3

Your hands gripped the steering wheel, your palms still a little sweaty, though most of your nervousness had worn off by now.  It had been over twelve hours with hundreds of miles behind you, and you still couldn’t believe who was sitting in your passenger seat.  

You never thought you’d see that shade of gold again.  It was Gabriel’s and his alone: the color of late autumn sun hanging low on the horizon, washing across warm, tawny fields.  You’d given up hope he’d just appear one day, flashing that devastating smirk of his, confidence overflowing as he prepared to regale you with how he pulled off his greatest trick yet.  

Now that he was back, you had yet to even see him crack a smile.

You didn’t know what to make of it.  The abrupt phone call.  The way he was all but dumped in your lap.  The fact that you were now traveling cross country with a very wanted individual. What Hell even wanted with him was beyond you, considering Lucifer was sealed up tight in a completely different dimension and Crowley was dead according to the Winchesters.

You couldn’t even begin think about the other bombs they’d tried to drop on you in the five minutes they dared to show their faces.

“One cluster at a time, thanks,” you said, putting up a hand to silence Dean.  You didn’t care what they had stepped into anymore.  You just wanted to be as far from them as possible.  You were still recovering from their last family debacle where their mother had tried to kill you and very nearly succeeded.  

The aches that returned whenever it stormed weren’t the only things about that night that made you doubt whether you would ever be the same.  

“Nice to see you too, sweetheart,” came a bitter reply from somewhere behind the brothers.  

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Not me, not these kids, and certainly, not you.

Originally posted by remoolianfrank

Couple: Steve Harrington x reader

Warnings: swearing

Requested: yes

Prompt: #1 — You’re not going alone.

#22— You’re Dustin’s Sister?

Tags: @nessi-teel

AN: so, this is something I’m whipping up really quick, and yes, I realize I have so many requests, but give me time, please. I will also be writing tomorrow, even if it’s thanksgiving.


“This is fucking ridiculous!” You yelled, slamming your hands onto the table. “Steve, you expect us to just sit here, while they’re attempting to close the gate?”

“Yup.” The word flew out of his mouth easily as he watched you, eyebrow arched. “No one is dying tonight, not me, not these kids, and certainly, not you.”

“You know what, Steve?”

“Please, tell me.” He spoke, a cocky smile playing on his lips as he watched you cross your arms.

A devilish smile crossed your face and Steve instantly knew this wasn’t going to be good—they were fucked, to be exact.

“Then, I’ll go by myself.”

“Wha—?! What the hell do you mean, by yourself? You’re going to get yourself killed! You’re staying here, Y/N!” Steve argued, he was in front of her now with an angry expression on his face.

“Listen, Hopper and Joyce told you to babysit them—” you pointed to four kids who were all listening intently to your argument, before you finished, “not me. So, you can’t tell me what to do, Harrington.”

“I can if I’m trying to protect you! You’re Dustin’s sister, okay? I’m not losing any of you.” He said, grabbing her wrist lightly as she tried to walk away from him.“ If you’re going, you’re not going alone.

“Woohoo!” Your brother shouted.

“No.” Steve shot down.


“Bad idea, bad idea, bad fucking idea!” She yelled behind the bandana as she followed Steve and the four kids down the tunnel-hall, running from the demodogs.

You hadn’t expected it to go his way, but I don’t believe anyone else had, either. As you helped Steve guide the kids up the latter, one by one, you heard them.

A whole pack of demodogs running straight for you two. You looked at Steve in the eyes before looking up at the ladder, then back at him.

“Go.” You said, shovel in your hand. “You’ll be able to get a head start, and you promised Joyce you’d keep those kids safe.”

“No, Y/N. I’m staying right here, I told you I’d keep you safe, too.” He grabbed your arm, pulling you into him as he held onto you tightly, putting his face in your shoulder.

You both waited to accept your fate, but it never came.

They did, but they weren’t coming to chow down on you and Steve for dinner.

No, they went to where we placed the gasoline.

“Ladder, little lady. No time to think.” Steve spoke, picking you up to help you get a head start. Once you had gotten out, you held your hand out, watching as he grabbed it, and pulled him up.

You fell onto the grass, breathing out harshly. Listening as you heard a flick and sizzling. Steve had helped you up, and put you in the car, counting as the kids followed in one by one.

He got in the driver’s side before peeling out, exactly at the right time, and heading back to the Byers house.

“Never listen to me again, no matter what stupid idea I say I’ll do.” You said, laying your head back on the seat, head pounding.

“Deal.” He chuckled.


AN: I don’t know if this is what you wanted but I hope you like it!!! It only took me 20 minutes to come up with this and maybe this isn’t so hard after all??

Wedding Bells

A/N Hello, I am sad as balls so I hope it doesn’t leak into my writing

Request? Yeet?

“Sorry I’ve been screaming about this, this would be amazing. “Imagine Mark Makes A Fake Wedding Video And Right When They’re About To Make Their Vows, Mark Starts To Glitch And Dark Comes Out.” “I Forgot To Mention But He’d Be Marrying Amy” credit to @_festivenester_ on twitter.”


Pairing: Amy x Mark I suppose? my parents 

Fandom: Teamiplier 

Words Count: 657

Warnings: Swearing,

Originally posted by peebles-appreciation

Mark had the original idea.

Now I know that usually Mark’s ideas lead to great things such as Meow or Woof. This originally was a very good idea, it sprung from Mark’s love of fucking with his fanbase. The original plan he had laid out was posting images all over twitter, instagram, etc. of him and Amy getting “married”. Knowing the love his fan base had for Amy he could just imagine the freak out that would result.

 He also smirked to himself, imagining the people on Tumblr yelling at him after he announced it was fake. The preparation went swimmingly and the whole team thought it was the funniest thing. 

Already a bunch of “hints” were dropped on social media and the fans were going absolutely crazy. Screams of “MY PARENTS GETTING MARRIED? IT’S MORE LIKELY THAN YOU THINK” and such memes and genuine congratulations were going on. 

He had to stop himself from liking the replies of people asking if this was all a joke. He wanted this little “Prank” to go on smoothly. They thought the best way to announce that the fanbase had all been goofed on was a video. The plan was that they’d make it as realistic as possible but then something happens to disrupt it. They had everything filmed except for the part where Amy and Mark were actually saying their “vows” The vows were going to be some of the most idiotic things ever for comedic effect. 

“And I promise that anytime I steal a meme from you I will give cr-”

Mark was cut off by a twitch in his neck. His hands shot up to his neck and he let out a small yelp at the unexpected feeling. The team looked at him worriedly 

“You okay mark?” 

Amy asked reaching out to him. Her grasp on his wrist brought him back to reality. His eyes shot up to her worries ones and he smiled reassuringly 

“Yeah I’m okay”

A small and sinister thought passed through his mind 

“Are you really Mark?”


Mark had no idea why he would chose to come out right now, it wasn’t a real wedding. Dark knew that right? 

“Do you take me as a fool Mark? Of course I know this is false, as if anyone would marry you. I just thought it’d be fun to fuck with you in the middle of a project. I bet your friends would be ecstatic about it”

Mark’s eyes widened and he swore to himself letting out another twitch.

“Mark are you sure you’re okay? You look so pale man you might’ve seen Darkiplier himself.”

Ethan joked trying to lighten the situation a little bit. 

Oh Ethan you have no idea.
Mark laughed a little nervously and shot another smile

“Yeah I just need a drink I think”

He walked off set in search for a water bottle and when he found one he sat down. 
What the fuck am I going to do? He thought to himself

“Just deal with it Mark” 

Came Dark’s haughty reply. After a few more minutes Mark returned to the set and they were filming. 

“Yes Mark I do,” was Amy’s line

Mark was supposed to reply with 

“That’s Markiplier to you”

 but instead he was interrupted by “himself”.
“The name’s Dark sweetheart”

His voice was slightly darker and he let out another small twitch.
The crew looked at him for a moment before Ethan let out

 “Dude that’s a fucing great idea! This could so be a Dark video it would send the fans into an even bigger frenzy”

You lucky bastard Mark, just count your blessings

was the snarl that Dark gave.
A relieved smile crossed Mark’s face 

Fuck you Dark he thought. 

He didn’t know the things Dark had in store, you would have thought that by know Mark knew that he didn’t like losing. But poor Mark, he was too distracted by the wedding bells. 

AN: So apparently according to Grammarly there is 46 errors in my writing, I’d correct them but I don’t have Grammarly so I hope this isn’t god awful.

Request Something Or Tell Me I’m Awful Here

I’m sat on my own writing requests and my Ubbe and Hvitserk muses are doing sexy stripper dances in my head and it’s making me blush.

Fictional muses. making me blush. What is my life? They’re doing it on purpose I swear! And I had a weird dream about Halfdan that I have to write down because it keeps bothering me.

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My daughter // Lucifer (ft. Winchester brothers )

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Originally posted by collinbatesworld

For @megansparrow

Request:Hey there could you do you supernatural imagine where the reader finds out they are the daughter of Lucifer and he ends up saving her from vampires or something like that and to keep her safe he gets Sam and Dean Winchester to look after her and they both end up falling in love with her. Thanks

Warnings: Swearing, vampires?

A/N: I didn’t include the “ they both end up falling in love with her. “ only because I don’t feel comfortable with writing brothers loving the same person. I choose that Dean is the only falling in love with the reader, hopefully you won’t mind. 

You were different. Somehow you always knew you were, but you never really knew why you were different and what differentiate you from the others. You just… You just felt like that. It was always easy, feeling like you were outsider, like you would never be like any young woman your age. It sometimes brought you down, making you wondering why you were here, alive. But something kept you going, you had no clue on what it was, it was just like this. 

You also had this weird feeling, like someone was watching over you, not like you were followed or stalked, like someone was always saving you when you needed help, not like a guardian angel, but something, or someone a little like that. 

This was a very bad idea, you knew it but you managed to do the opposite of what you felt. It was a cold and dark night, yet you chose to go out for a walk, you were in your house without having anything to do for hours, that’s why you went out. You didn’t even take your coat, you were cold, hell, you were freezing, you could see your breath. 

Arms wrapped around yourself, you started to head back to your home, well your apartment, taking the shortest walk to your home, which wasn’t a great idea after all. In a dark corner of a street, you heard some whispers, which made you uncomfortable, you tried to walk faster but you quickly understood you were followed. You tried to run from them but one of the person who was following you grabbed you by the arm. You screamed for help but you knew it was useless, at this hour, nobody was in the streets, it was too dangerous.

The man, well the thing who grabbed you came closer, you thought you were having a nightmare, he had fangs, not some fake vampire fangs for halloween, real fangs. You closed your eyes, waiting for you fate but nothing came, it was the otherwise, the thing lets you go. 

Surprised, you opened your eyes to see the few persons that were following you, not moving anymore and on the ground. You didn’t understand what was happening, you only saw a man, you guessed it was him who took out your assailants. You didn’t know who he was, but since he saved your life, your trusted him. 

“ What was that? “ you asked, still terrified by what happened a few seconds ago. 

“ They were vampires. I know, it mays be unbelievable, but that’s the truth. “ told you your savior.

“ Why attacking me? “ you then asked, somehow believing him.

“ You were their only prey, I guess. “.

“ And who are you? “ 

“ Lucifer. Your father. “ 

“ What? Wait isn’t Lucifer supposed to be Satan? “ you asked confused and not understanding everything.

“ Yes, that’s true. “

“ And you’re telling me you’re my father? “ you asked, arching a eyebrow.

“ Yes. “

“ Well, after what happened, I guess I can trust you on this. “ you said, believing him once again, not really knowing why.

“ Well hello there. “ said your father, as you two joined two men, from what told you your father, they were the Winchester brothers.

“ Lucifer. What do you want? “ asked the smaller one, you guessed it was Dean Winchester.

“ I need you two to protect my daughter Y/N. Not a lot of people know who she is in reality, that’s why I need you to protect her. “

“ And why we would do this? “

“ Because you won’t have me as an ennemy anymore. “ said simply your father.

“ We really hate you, but okay, we will take care of your daughter, but you better keep your promise. “ said the taller one, Sam.

“ Obviously. “

height - park jimin x male reader

(a/n- im sad. And obsessing over Stranger Things. why is stonathan a thing? Also, I know this probably sounds weird, but can someone request something? I have nothing to write.)

Possible triggers: Light teasing, some swearing.

I’m going with his current hair (It’s blonde.) Also, lets just pretend that they all have separate rooms.

(Y/n) was tall. Like, really tall. Which made Park Jimin love him even more. (Y/n) was a solo artist signed with BigHit. He happened to have to room with the boys. 

When (Y/n) first came to the dorms, it was raining outside. He had knocked at the door, then heard shuffling behind the door. He heard a muffled noise, then the door opened.

It reveled a boy with grey hair, who beamed at (Y/n).

“Hello?” He said. “Are you the new roommate?”

(Y/n) nodded, “Can I come in now, it’s raining. And cold. Let me in.”

The boy laughed, (jokingly saying “Wow, you’re really needy aren’t you?”) opening the door wider to let the tall male inside. (Y/n) threw his bag on the ground, then someone called out.

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secret admirer jongin

a/n: college!au; shoot me a request if you want another au version of this or any other requests in general!!

  • saw you walking by with some friends on the first day of school and thought you were sO cute
  • accidentally stares for too long
  • “idk what youre looking at but just take a picture dude itll last longer”
  • “shut the fuck up baekhyun”
  • cant get you out of his head all day like ?? wHO are you ??
  • turns out youre a mutual friend of baEKHYUN
  • “hey hyung do you know someone named y/n”
  • “yeah why do you need your dick sucked or something”
  • “bAEKHYUHGBASGH i swear 2 GOD”
  • makes a deal w/ baekhyun to do his hw for a month and bbh will be his wingman
  • writes you a note saying he thinks youre rly cute but hes too shy to approach you 
  • slips the note into your backpack while ur walking with him and bbh
  • baekhyun is actually a good wingman
  • the three of you start hanging out a lot
  • writes you a dozen more about how cute you are or how good you looked that day and slips them into your bag or sometimes your hood 
  • if hes feeling extra he’ll crumple a note and throw it at your head during a lecture and pretend to be focused when you turn around after reading it and try and figure out who the fuck is “~ ur secret admirer :)”
  • gets fidgety whenever you start talking about the random notes youve been getting
  • “i just dont know where theyre coming from but theyre so cute!! i want to know who my secret admirer is!!”
  • “….what the HECK….yEa….h…me tOO!”
  • smiles when he sees you admiring the flowers he had sent you earlier that day
  • sometimes puts smol chocolate kisses in ur bag with a dumb cringey note that baekhyun told him to write 
  • saw you were upset during a lecture one time and bought you some food and paid your roommate to keep quiet about him being the secret admirer youve been talking about for weeks
  • long story short your roommate spilled the tea on accident  it was too hot
  • jongin in full panic mode
  • “i guess you found out…if you don’t like me back it’s ok dont worry i wont be upset i mean ill be upset but only for a little-”
  • only stops rambling because you forcibly shut him up with a kiss
  • “gross…youre welcome”
  • “shut the hell up bro”

anonymous asked:

I love what you do for the community and how organized and smart you are, I swear you are a true inspiration for me and your posts helped me a ton. But lately most of the thing you post are links for people asking for books? Come on people, Google is there for everyone. I hate to see how some lazy ass people use you like that and it simply became a habit to come to your door and request things. You are lovely and most probably will answer this in a delicate manner, but I don’t think it’s fair.

A couple of days ago, a close friend of mine told me the same thing. That it would be better for people to search on google first the book and that most of my resources can be found if you write in the search bar what you need. And she also added that it will be faster than waiting for me to reply to my asks. ^^” and yesterday another friend said the same thing which it’s odd

Also, i’m not bothered by asks that can be answered fast but i actually get annoyed when i get ridiculous requests. I have never lost my patience before (at least not here) but i really hate when i get asks that make me look for “Finnish for dummies” for example. i answered this ask like 3 or 4 times and this book doesn’t exist. Only because a series of books is popular, it doesn’t mean it has books for every language. And i don’t quite understand how people think it exists? I mean, if there’s no book on amazon or the cover on google images, then there’s no book. (unless you’ve seen it in a store) I’d really love and appreciate if people check out first if their book exists or if i’ve looked for it before.

Furthermore, i don’t think it matters if i make a post with “search on my blog before requesting something” because 99% will ignore it anyway. I actually have a FAQ because an anon requested it but i’m not sure how many people use it.

All in all, as much as i’d love for people to use the search bar before the inbox i don’t mind finding them their books or just give them an answer to a question i’ve answered before; even if it takes me a couple of seconds to find their book/link to the answer;  i really hope they use those books because that’s probably the only reason why my inbox is open, to help others study. 

Also, thank you for sharing with me what you think! ^^ I really like hearing/reading what my followers have to say.