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Can you give me some advice on how to keep motivated on school work? I've been in this slump for over a month where I can't even bring myself to do any homework or study. It's gets really overwhelming when the work begins to pile up and I've even skipped class sometimes because I don't want to face the teacher for not completing assignments. I waste so much time just laying around in bed when I could be doing something productive...I don't know please help me..

the situation you described is actually me right now, i’m not kidding. my anxiety is interfering with my productivity and sometimes i stay home from school. getting work done is hard especially when it’s given all at once or if it’s presented with lots of pressure surrounding it. procrastination becomes your worst enemy. even when school gets tough, i still find ways to stay motivated. i don’t know if this will help, but it’s kept me quite motivated over the years. first, think about what you want most in life, a goal you want to accomplish and what makes you happy. keep that image with you at all times. when you’re feeling down at school or if you’re having trouble getting work done, think about that goal. the goal i made for myself was finally moving out of the u.s. and living in iceland by myself alone in comfort. i always think about that future i wish for and it always fills me with hope and motivation. the only reason i work hard in school is because i get closer and closer to that goal every day. work hard so you can get closer and closer to your goal. another key is organization. split your assignments by days, so you won’t have to do it all at once. take it step by step so you won’t get stressed. this has also worked for me and has made work easier to accomplish. i don’t know if this helped, but i hope you find that passion that pushes you forward and i wish you the best. if you have any other questions or concerns you can always talk to me :)


{ Okay so it’s time for me to post one of these again the tone of the last one isn’t doing it for me anymore and I’m just letting you all know that my time here will be less frequent! Its the end of the semester and we all know that means finals and research papers! For example, I have a Psychology exam on on April 3 and a research presentation due not too soon after +usual assignments, a Humanities research paper coming up, a Comp. paper that’s actually due on Tuesday this up coming week, and a shit-ton of Algebra+ and exam I think next Wednesday(???? I’ll have to check the dates).

Anyway, it’s quite a bit to do and I’m really trying to manage my time better, so of course whenever I have free time I’ll mostly be studying/doing homework so I won’t fall behind.

I’ll be online occasionally though, hence this being a semi-hiatus rather than a full on one because I’ll probably be here to give myself a break from schoolwork or if by some miracle I get certain things done early( which may happen more than I think considering I’m about to have Monday’s off from work, so that of course will allot me extra time to do things.

So yeah, I’ll try to keep the queue going and pump out replies when I can, but this is just further warning that I’ll probably take longer than I usually do! Also I know ya’ll don’t really care about what I have exactly, but I’m also using this as a list of what I have, I’ll probably check things off as I get them done }

me, with a week left to do a project: i have plenty of time

me, with two days left: eh i’ll do it the night before no biggie

me, the night before: i’ll wake up early and do it

me, waking up after 1 hour of sleep at 4 am: *calculating what my grade would be if i just got a zero this one time*

I want an AU where Dean is a popular YouTuber who is married to Cas, but no one knows it. Cas is a high school teacher who is kind of awkward, but every once in a while he’ll mention a meme and all of his students are confused wonder how he knows that.

Then one day when he’s teaching he hears a group of girls giggling in the back of the class, so he walks back there and sees them watching one of Dean’s videos. It’s his “never have I ever” video, and right he’s talking about getting a speeding ticket. Right before the girls see Cas he hears one of them say “I wonder what kind of car he drives” so Cas responds, “Do not ever get Dean Winchester started on his car. He will never shut up.” as he takes the phone and walks away, leaving the girls dumbfounded.


she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco

Whenever I get a homework assignment, there’s an even mixture of “how perfect can I get this to beat everyone else” and “how can I do as little work as possible on this.” Because there’s no way I’m settling for average, especially if I’m in class with the Gryffindors, but there’s also so many more productive things I could be doing that I actually care about.


Teachers get paid very little to teach. Teachers deal with kids who don’t want to learn. Teachers are paid based off how well they teach the kids who don’t want to learn. Teachers want kids to pass by having learned something but are forced to teach them enough so they pass the tests. Some teachers actually care about the students and how much they want to learn. Teachers deal with rude children and talkers. Teachers don’t get paid enough to deal with some students bullshit. Substitute teachers get paid even less, and are hired based on past performance, regardless of how badly the class behaves.
Students are constantly stressed out. Students deal with huge amounts of homework, on average, 4-5 days a week. Students are trying to complete assignments and study for 6-7 classes a day. Students deal with teachers who don’t care whether they pass the tests, because some teachers get paid well regardless of pass/fail numbers. Students don’t get enough sleep at night. Many students suffer from untreated learning disabilities, like ADHD. Students are expected to know what career field they want to be in for the rest of their lives by 18. Some students are in debt just for wanting to learn.


TIPS FOR HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN (and other high schoolers!)                                     

(first year, first grader, 大一, 신입생, 新入生, étudiant de première année…)

these tips may be slightly sarcastic and what you did not expect but it’s the truth!

  • its only the beginning
  • if your school has a block schedule (every other period, for ex: per. 1/3/5/7 on monday and per. 2/4/6 on tuesday), do your homework the day it’s assigned!
  • when you come home, whether after practice or just straight from class, don’t sleep (hahaha says the person who sleeps right after), have a snack, relax for 15-30 minutes then do homework. then, you can do whatever you want after :)
  • actually write in your planner what your homework is unless your teacher posts it online…but still write it down in case of technical difficulties
  • if your school has “tutorial” (a time where you can ask your teachers for help, etc.), go to tutorial and ask for help … or eat your lunch
  • drink h2o. very important.
  • eat breakfast. it’ll get you going through the day if you skip lunch for some reason.
  • get enough sleep, if it’s 9 pm and you are done with everything, dont stay on your phone for the next 3 hours like me! SLEEP.
  • start studying for tests/quizzes at least 3 days before but worst case scenario cram the night before lol sorry can’t help you out on that one but yes study as soon as you know there’s a test or quiz coming up
  • don’t plagiarize! if your teachers use, its very good at finding out your little internet discoveries, at the very most paraphrase
  • join clubsssssssss! if you go with your friends it’s even more fun! freshman year is great for going to a gazillion clubs even if my sophomore year you only end up going to like 2
  • finals week: start reviewing your notes a week or two before, but tbh if you do better when you cram then cram! everyone has different study habits and honestly if you’re a crammer, simply review your notes briefly a week before but the day before the final, start hardcore cramming right after school
  • when it’s the end of the school year, please don’t do homework the period before’ll only stress you out
  • make study guides. make flashcards. make quizlets. make a study tool you’ll learn from. share with your friends, don’t be mean :) JK haha share with the people you trust and won’t share with the whole school
  • if you’re in the u.s., don’t start sat prep freshman year lmao…freshman year is a year to have fun not sit in a prep class for 4.5 hours every week!
  • by having fun i do not mean yolo-ing your grades, still attempt to reach dem high grades
  • make friends! old ,new ,recyclable reusable (haha jk)…introduce yourself to new people or just make friends through friends if you’re shy
  • go to school dances and school football games!
  • don’t be scared of upperclassmen we don’t bite :) (unless it’s right before a test)
  • DO. NOT. CHEAT. middle school may be lenient but high school is not.
  • don’t skip classes when there’s a test because you did not study for the said test because instead of taking the test right then and there, you now have to spend time trying to figure out when you can take the test
  • date if you want to but make sure it doesnt take over your studying/school
  • don’t forget to spend time with your family because they are numba 1!
  • for anyone with long hair that gets in the way: tie up your damn hair when you take a quiz/test/final
  • ask questions and don’t be like the deathly silent corner-sitting person i am right now in english
  • do extra credit that the teachers give you because that may not happen in the later sad (jk…i think) years of high school
  • bring your teachers kleenex, expo markers, etc., because who knows you might get a homework pass or sumthing ;)
  • high five people if they try to high five you even if theyre strangers (lmao based on personal experience which i failed)
  • don’t pull an all-nighter/half all nighter where it consists of you starting and finishing a project due the next day, or you’re just on your phone 24/7
  • please don’t do drugs in the back of the school
  • don’t compare yourself to other people :)
  • talk to your counselor / ta (homeroom) teacher!
  • don’t try to force yourself to be friends with popular people, just stay comfortable with the friend group you already have :)
  • if spending 30 minutes on makeup makes you feel good, do it and own it
  • when people cuss and you don’t cuss don’t look scandalized it’s kind of the norm (oops)
  • if you make a mistake/get a bad grade, don’t beat yourself over it. just move on. like after breakups.
  • don’t gossip about other people because they’re going to somehow find out and ignore you for a long time
  • if you’re dressing like a bum by the second month of school, don’t worry life is life
  • volunteer! with friends! by yourself! try to volunteer someplace where it’s every week and not just random places
  • do not cry over a low a because the student next to you that got a low b may feel like smacking you
  • don’t complain about one test and sleeping at 11 pm to an upperclassmen because… just don’t
  • bring a phone charger it’ll save you if you’re staying at school till 9pm that day for tech or something
  • don’t ditch class you ain’t a senior just yet
  • last of all: BE HAPPY

what a huge masterpost! but i hope it helps! freshman year was the best year of my life compared to sophomore year and now and i really wish that i followed the advice that i just gave!

(sorry this is kind of late and this is based on the experiences of my friends and moi)

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Another Type of Chemistry (Pt. 1)

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Summary: High School! AU with Barry Allen, he doesn’t have powers or anything. You and Barry are assigned to tutor each other, but who knows where that will lead…

Notes: So this was actually based on a quick thing I wrote a while ago, It Was the Way, and due to popular demand I’ve turned it into a fic, but I decided to make it my first series since it’s going to be fairly long. This is the first part, it’s kind of short but sets up the rest of the story. Hope you like it!

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college accommodations for autistic students?

i’m looking to compile a list of accommodations i think would be useful for me, but since i havent been to college, and havent been in school for a while, i cant figure out what i will have trouble with since i dont know what it is to begin with.

so far my list includes

  • separate, quiet places for tests
  • extended time for homework/assignments/labs/tests 
  • labs being replaced with alternative assignments if possible
  • note takers and/or using laptop for taking notes
  • copies of teachers visual aids used during class
  • recording (audio) lectures

so fellow autistics or other DD/learning disabled friends, what are accommodations you have/had/wish you had? if you dont have anything to add, signal boosting this still would be great! :) thanks!

tl;dr: what are your accommodations or ones you know of for autistic people?

Hogwarts houses making homework
  • Hufflepuff: Doing it perfectly on time so they don't have to stress the day before they have to hand it in.
  • Ravenclaw: Starting on time but eventually coming across something they find more interesting so they lose interest in their homework and have to finish it last minute.
  • Gryffindor: Actually making their homework last minute and finishing it just in time.
  • Slytherin: Realizing that they have to hand in their homework assignment that day and that they haven't started yet so they make it in a hurry and then talk the teacher into believing that they hadn't enough time.

my first homework assignment for my art class was to create a 4 panel comic so i…. did this……….. and i thought i’d upload it here too. sadwagon comic for all your sadwagon needs

Long Time No See

Jackson x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, sex, and use of the word princess

Word Count: 2k


As my homework assignments sat piled up and untouched, I scrolled through various social media websites pretending the stack of papers didn’t exist. I was taking a “brain break”, though my brain breaks seemed to always last longer than the actual work time. I scrolled then refreshed, noticing that the same posts were appearing on my dashboard because there weren’t enough people online to fuel my need for entertainment or rather a distraction.  

I checked my phone, wondering if he’d text me the next time he had free time then decided he probably wouldn’t because he’d be so tired from his long trip and he’d just want to get back to his dorm and pass out. Despite my logic, I still yearned to have my boyfriend close to me.

It seems like lately, Got7 has been going, going, going, nonstop and it was getting harder for my boyfriend to break away and see me. They get back from a long overseas tour today and I’ve been trying my hardest not to watch the clock all day to wait for the time to strike when his flight lands. There’s only four hours and twenty minutes left… not that I’ve been counting down the time or anything.

I turned back to the computer and refreshed one more time only to see the same posts that were there before.

I sighed and scrolled, ignoring the vague sound of the deadbolt of my front door clicking open.

The front door nearly busted out of its frame as strong arms heaved it open and slammed it against the wall, “Y/N!” a deep voice screamed excitedly.

I bounced out of my bed, heart racing to find out who had just burst into the apartment.

Stood before me was a strongly built man with jet black hair and a dazzling smile. He was early. I gasped as tears of joy immediately sprung into my eyes, “Jackson!” I shouted my boyfriend’s name and ran toward him.

He opened his arms to welcome me into an embrace but I ran into him with too much force and we both fell to the ground with a thud.

Giggling and short of breath, Jackson climbed on top of me and crashed his lips to mine. I inhaled deeply, taking in as much of his scent as I could and tangled my fingers in his silky hair. His hands traced over every inch of my body as his lips sloppily and eagerly connected with mine.

He pulled away from me, his mouth agape and his breath uneven. His eyes glimmered as he scanned my face and traced my jawline with his thumb, “I’ve missed you, princess,” he cooed lovingly.

I melted at his words and grasped the back of his neck to pull his lips to mine again. He placed several quick pecks on my lips, savoring the feeling then deeply pressed his lips to mine. My mouth opened slightly and Jackson took that opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues danced around each other and our hands couldn’t find a good place to rest on each other’s bodies.

Jackson pressed his forehead to mine with his eyes closed and his lips plump and red from being pressed to mine for so long. His hand wandered under my shirt, up the sides of my torso. I gasped at the feeling of his fingertips, which were chilled from being outside not long ago.

The sensation of his hands on me filled me with desire for something more. I wiggled out from underneath him and stood. I grabbed his hand and heaved him off the ground then walked backward through the door to my bedroom.

Jackson led the way from there, pushing me down on the bed then climbing on top of me. He attached his lips to the skin of my neck, pecking and nipping at it. He did the same down the exposed skin of my collarbone then across my jawline. His hand skimmed over my side, teasing at the side of my breast.

I grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it over his sculpted torso, running my hands over his abs as he pulled the shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. He bunched my shirt up my body then I sat up and raised my arms so he could easily pull the fabric over my head. He crashed his lips to mine and wasted no time popping open my jeans and sliding them down my thighs. I ran my hands up and down his back as he once again pressed his mouth to the curve of my neck sucking harshly until there was a red welt left behind. He repeated this action a few more times down my shoulder as his hand was skimming my inner thigh. I felt my body quiver as my desire for him grew stronger.

I fumbled with his belt until I managed to pull it open. His member was already hard, creating a strained tent under his jeans. I opened his pants and pulled them halfway down his thighs. I bit my lip and ran my hand over his hard cock which was still concealed by his underwear.

He twitched at the sudden contact and looked down to watch my movement. I reached into his boxers and pulled out his throbbing dick. I ran my hand over the red tip which caused Jackson to roll his head forward and rest it on my shoulder. I pumped the shaft and Jackson grunted while sweetly rubbing my hip with his thumb.

Jackson thrusted his hips slightly into my hand when I squeezed a little harder then when my fingers ran over the tip again, he muttered, “fuck I can’t take it anymore, princess.”

He moved back and reached behind me, unclasping my bra and pulling it off. Then, he hooked his pointer fingers onto the hem of my underwear and pulled them off of my body too. He stepped off of the bed and pushed his jeans to the floor, stepping out of them then climbing on top of me again. He lined himself up with my entrance and slowly pushed himself in. He furrowed his brow and rolled his head back, letting out a groan. Once his hips touched mine, he leaned forward, putting a hand on either side of my head and his face mere centimeters away from mine.

He moved his hips slowly, not wanting to end the situation quickly since it had been so long since we’d gotten to do this. He kissed my cheeks and nose sweetly as he moved himself in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him to go even deeper into me.

“Jackson faster,” I pleaded, desperate for him to make me feel good.

He grunted and complied, thrusting his hips harder and faster while angling himself upwards to reach my g spot.

I gasp at the sudden overwhelming pleasure coursing through me. I rocked my hips in time with his and engulfed his lips with my own. The sound of our soft moans and hips coming together filled the room.

“Fuck, I love you,” Jackson moaned, “you feel so good, I missed you so much,” he went on, drunk on the pleasure.

His thrusts got harder and he pounded as deeply into me as he possibly good. I squealed and cried out as he consistently hit my g spot.

I clenched my walls around his cock and he made a sharp intake of breath through clenched teeth. His face was so close to mine we were practically touching. His eyes were glued to mine as he savored every single look of pleasure that flashed across them. Still maintaining eye contact, he placed a few quick pecks on my lips, a very innocent gesture compared to his hips roughly thrusting into me.

It wasn’t long after that he leaned close to my ear and grunted, “I’m close.”

I clenched around him one more time, knowing it made him feel good then his moans got even louder as he came close to the edge.

“Oh fuck princess fuck, fuck,” he swore as he thrusted himself through his climax. One of the things I love most is watching Jackson come. His shaped brows scrunch and his eyes get hooded, but never fully close. He’s not shy about moaning and groaning, letting me know just how good he feels. He tends to rest his head on whatever is closest to him, which right now happened to be my shoulder.

He nuzzled his face into my neck as he came down from his high. Out of breath and perfectly satisfied, I ran my fingers through his hair.

Jackson lifted his head slightly and moved it away from my hand, “I don’t like it when you don’t come,” he grumbled and slid down the bed, stopping near my hips.

Before I could register what he was doing, I felt the warmth of his mouth over my pussy. I squeaked, still being sensitive from what we had just done. He flicked his tongue over my clit a couple times before enveloping the entire bud with his lips. He sucked and kissed at the bundle of nerves, causing me to arch my back and whimper while tangling my hand in his hair and pulling.

“Ah, Jackson!” I moaned as he repeated flicked my clit with his tongue. He had me unraveling into a moaning mess underneath him in minutes.

I rocked my hips against his mouth and he flattened his tongue to cover more space. I panted and whimpered as I grew closer and closer to an orgasm.

He wrapped his lips around my clit again and sucked hard, pushing me over the edge, “Jackson, I’m coming!” I screamed out.

He didn’t stop or slow down his actions and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t contain the loud moans from spilling out of my mouth. My legs shook as the orgasm took over my body and my mind blanked, registering only the pleasure that Jackson was giving me. I breathed quickly and unevenly as I came down from my high. Jackson kissed my thighs before sliding back up my body and kissing me deeply. I could taste my wetness which still lingered on his lips.

He wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled my body close to his in an embrace, “Y/N, I missed you so much I didn’t know what to do with myself,” he rested his chin on the top of my head.

I hummed and buried my face in his neck, kissing the soft skin, “I missed you too,” I confessed.

“I don’t like it when I don’t get to see you,” he told me.

“I know you don’t,” I lifted my head to look into his eyes, “I don’t like it either.”

He pressed his lips to mine then pulled back and whispered, “I love you.”

I smiled, no matter how many times he has said those words, I still get butterflies every time, “I love you too.”

We sat silently, enjoying being wrapped in each other’s arms. Jackson skimmed his fingertips over my bare back which almost lulled me to sleep.

I didn’t want to fall asleep yet since it had been so long since I got to speak with him, “do you have any fun stories from your tour?” I asked him.

His face brightened, “Oh I have tons! I have pictures too, here I’ll grab my phone so I can show you!” He bolted up and scrambled to find his phone on the ground.

I spent the rest of the night listening as Jackson told numerous stories about his time with his groupmates. Sex with Jackson may be great but my favorite part of our relationship is when I just get to sit back and listen as he talks my ear off about the things that he loves.

I asked and no one seemed opposed so I wrote a Jackson smut! Also, I may have a princess kink but whatever it’s nbd. 

I hope you guys liked this, I don’t usually write got7 stuff but hey, if you liked this then send in a request and I’ll write more!

Thanks for Reading! xx

This is for an actual, real life homework assignment that I’m turning in for an actual grade. In astrophysics.

To be fair the question was “draw a cat, penguin, or turtle. Choose wisely.”

DBZ Characters As Teachers

Goku: P.E. Teacher. Starts off rly rly hard but realizes early on that no one can keep up. Now just basically uses class time to work out while the students play in the gym. Very chill. Eating in class is allowed and encouraged as long as you bring enough for him.

Vegeta: Science teacher. Always shows up late for his own class. Spends most of the time blustering about the material, other teachers, or arguing with students. Surprisingly reasonable on the homework (because he actually hates grading it). Labs are awesomely engaging and something always blows up. 

Piccolo: History teacher. Very strict about things like cellphones and talking in class. Tendency to drone on but always available after class to explain and tutor.

Frieza: English professor. Assigns college-level work in a high school class and acts like anyone who can’t keep up is a whiny slob. Leaves sassy notes in the margins of essays and grades rly strict. 

Krillin: Math teacher. Everyone’s favorite because he seems to hate the material as much as they do. Assigns very little homework and grades even less. Spends class time chatting and trying rly hard to work student’s problems out on the board while making everyone more confused. 

Gohan: Substitute teacher. Gives harder work than the regular teacher but difficult to hate because he geeks out so hard about whatever subject he’s teaching. Also a really good tutor. 

Bulma: Vegeta’s assistant teacher (because he’s really too inept to teach himself). Knows more about the material than Vegeta but he won’t admit it and they argue throughout the entire class. 

Chichi: School nurse. Knows everyone by name and somehow makes every ailment into the result of ignoring her advice. 

Bonus: King Kai; Principle. So done with his job all the time. Responds to every crisis by blaming Goku or Vegeta to the point where no one knows how they keep their jobs. 

It is okay that your GPA isn’t perfect. It’s alright if you don’t have straight A’s and you got a detention. The world will go on if you fail that test or if you forget a homework assignment. 

Keep trying, take out your notes and study. Not everything comes natural to us, and that is okay. 

Heart of Gold

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“He’s staring at you. Again.”

You didn’t have to look up from the workbook spread in front of you to know that he was, in fact, staring at you again. You could feel his eyes practically burning into your back, as they had taken to doing during Study Hall. So instead of pretending that you didn’t notice or that you actually cared, you simply hummed your acknowledgement and left it at that.

You heard your seatmate huff beside you but you paid her no mind as you continued working through the homework you were assigned. “Seriously, aren’t you bothered by this?”

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