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Holiday, Chapter 14

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Rating: M

Trigger warnings: I don’t think so? Airplane flight?

Summary: Peeta and Katniss fly home from Hawaii and experience their first relationship turbulence on home soil. (Sorry for the flight pun, I’m tired.)

A/N: Great prompt, @d12drabbles ladies! Thanks again for all of your hard work. And speaking of hard work, @xerxia31’s excellent beta-ing this week kept Peeta from walking around work with his schlong hanging out. We both thank you for keeping us from embarrassing ourselves. *blows kisses*

When we got to Finnick’s car to make our way to the airport, we found Johanna lounging across the backseat. “Took you long enough,” she mumbled, but barely scooted over when Katniss slid into the seat so they were snuggled up against each other. Katniss elbowed Johanna in the ribs and Johanna yanked her braid before they looked at each other and broke into manic grins. As I settled in on Johanna’s other side, she slung an arm around me and I was relieved to find that I wasn’t the slightest bit distressed to have been separated from Katniss. In fact, this time, having Johanna between us felt like an acknowledgement that Katniss and I were a couple and equally important to our mutual friend.

I took a moment to appreciate the fact that we had made mutual friends! If she missed Annie’s otherworldly calm, I would be the only one who could really commiserate. Prim wouldn’t know how quickly Johanna could get Katniss’ goat. Gale wouldn’t know how frickin’ loud and infectious Finnick’s laugh was. The thrill that we shared something so basic, yet extravagant as mutual friends made me shiver.

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I’m fired up!

Because it’s @gentlemama‘s toddler’s birthday today, and I heart her lots :)…thank you for inspiring me today, mama! xoxo, CC

“Oh my god, this is so humiliating. Why am I even here?”

“Because you’ve rescheduled on Katniss twice this week, and if you do it a third time, she’ll probably never speak to you again?” Finnick replies.

Peeta looks over at his best friend and sighs, knowing that he has a point. This is only his second official date with Katniss, and he’s had to change the night twice because of his new gig at the art gallery. “You’re right, I know. I just hope she doesn’t mind…”

“…Doesn’t mind that you’re wearing white makeup with black spots all over your face?”

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So I watched mockingjay p2 yesterday...
  • <p> <b>Me standing up at the end of mockingjay2:</b> Okay. That was good.<p/><b>Me taking the first step out of the movie theater:</b> it was really good. Nice ending.<p/><b>Me outside realizing that it's over:</b> it was so fucking good. so fucking good fuck.<p/><b>Me:</b> *starts crying gasping and trying to breathe*<p/></p>