this is fascinating huh

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Was the series of murders just to make sure we were paying attention??? Eeekk!!

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Ok wait what? Murder? Really! Fascinating huh ����

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murder and mass murder?! I am very curious!

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Actually murdered someone ….

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Really concerned about the murder ones ��

Haha, you guys are really cute😂 Not to scare you but I was completely honest while answering those questions. In fact, I take at least a million lives daily. I would have explained but I’m the tag queen 👸 and I have a reputation to live up to. Can’t explain and break the rules even if I want to. I can’t set a bad example. But do tell me if you figure out who my victims are, lol 😜 

Jon Stewart – the fool with a perspective

This is an interesting and inspiring short documentary (from Bloomsberg) about Jon Stewart’s rise to fame. It is curious to see Brian Williams interviewed and Anthony Weiner as legitimate guest, though. Times change, huh?

The documentary highlights a couple of fascinating moments in Stewart’s career, where he really used his wit as a weapon to change the media landscape for the better.

So let’s add a couple of appendices to the aformentioned documentary.

Appendix A: Jon vs. Crossfire

One of those times, was when he went on the CNN-show Crossfire to criticize their style. The interview is available here:

Fun-fact: According to Rob Corddry, Jon Stewart was pissy that day for not having eaten – so he went on and got the entire show cancelled. Naturally, Tucker Carlson is not a fan

Appendix B: Jon vs. Mad Money

Another time, Jon Stewart went after the financial journalists, with Jim Cramer’s Mad Money as the target. Cramer came on as a guest – with an unfavorable result. This didn’t have as devestating a result, but it did reveal Stewart’s ability to speak the truth, to be a true voice and thought leader.

There are, of course, many other examples, as any fan of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show surely knows. But this serves as a good reminder of how a satirist can use his voice and platform to raise awareness, not just make fart noises.

  • Stiles: Hey, look, this Cosmo has an article on how to spice up your sex life. Number six is interesting.
  • Lydia:
  • Stiles: 'Hold hands while walking down the hallway at school.' Huh. Fascinating.
  • Lydia: Can we try number seven instead? It's 'shut up and let your girlfriend write her English essay.' Very kinky.
  • Stiles: ...
  • Stiles: No I like six.
[17′s Diary - SVT] 2016/03/20 #SVT300DAYS (VERNON)

[버논] 오늘이 300일이라고 한다…!! 말도 안되~ 그럼 좀만 있으면 1주년이라는거네? 참 신기하고 감사하다. 요즘에 나를 포함한 여러 멤버들이 빨리 다시 활동하고 싶어하는데, 팬분들도 그러시겠지? 우린 다 같은 마음이니까! 앞으로도 계속해서 꾸준히 화이팅하자!!

[VERNON] You’re saying today is our 300th day…!! Unbelievable~ Then in a little while, it’s going to be our 1 year anniversary, huh? It’s quite fascinating and (something to be) thankful (for). These days, several members, including me, want to quickly be active again… I suppose the fans also feel the same way? Since we are all like-minded! In the future too, let’s continue to constantly be hwaiting!!

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