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mystarsandmyocean  asked:

HMMMMM this is a very tough decision for me you know how I feel about AUs :P I chooooooooose: Found their phone number in a library book AU. DO YOUR WORST.

Oh I knew you would just love this meme! Thanks for the pick, hun. It was a lot of fun to write :)

Hope you like it!! - AO3

It starts as an ordinary Saturday morning, a walk through Starling city’s public library in search of a story to keep her company for the following week; and a story she finds in the form of a handwritten phone number scribbled right on the corner of the first page of an old edition of Les Misérables.

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I’m tired of this “Tom is playing Prince Charming for PR”-trope.

I don’t see Tom playing a role for PR. I don’t see him being forced into something that he isn’t either. I don’t see the bad overlord Luke Windsor selling him as Prince Charming and punishing him whenever he slips. What I do see is a guy, who has matured and isn’t as unhibited or careless as at the start of his career.

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