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Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (Volume 2)
Dates is an anthology of positive queer historical fiction, set throughout time and across the world. This is Volume 2!

Hey guys, time is winding down on our Kickstarter for Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (Volume 2). That means that this will probably be the last post that you see from me! Thanks so much to those of you who have helped spread the word so far, but it’s not over yet!

If you’ve been following our progress, you know we’ve been funded! We’ve still got time to push for those stretch goals, though, so for those of you who haven’t pitched in yet (and even those who have!!), listen up:

If you’ve been hesitant, you can support this book knowing that you’ll get a beautiful 218 page anthology. What’s more, every dollar from here on out is one dollar closer to their third stretch goal, a reprint of Dates 1.

I know that a lot of you have mentioned wanting this book. In one of my previous posts, I showed some samples from it. WELL GUESS WHAT?? HERE COMES SOME MORE EXAMPLES OF WHY WE WANT THIS BOOK REPRINTED!

(Rita Dmitrijenko)

(Pat Shand, Roberta Ingranata, Ryan Ferrier, Manuel Preitano)

(Isaac Parente)

(Lena Chandhok)

(Lime Robertson, Fawn Perkins)

 I mean??? You honestly can’t go wrong. Open to any page in the book and you’ll get a great story. 

If you want to see samples from Dates 2, @dates-anthology has tons of examples on their blog. I’m really proud of our story in this anthology (and amazingly honored to work with such talented people). I would love so much to share this with y’all!


Il est déjà ici! :D

L’Histoire de Tomb Raider by Alexandre Serel finally arrived home, yeeey! :D (I was the last one to get it, seriously??).

As promised here are some photos of the thingie and to my Lartis bitches, the first - and last, as far as I’ve seen- image of Kurtis in the book. My poor boy… what a moment they chose. Well, see the bright side: it’s the only character apart from Lara who gets a chapter all for himself.

I am extremely delighted because the book is beautiful - the Scion cover is textured, you caress it and you can feel the roughness of the symbols and provides lots of information, most of the book is text, except for the drawings that introduce each chapter. There are 56 chapters and as I was promised, most of the book is about Core Design and its games, Crystal stuff starting only from chapter 42 to the end, which is the least, the last part of the book. So I am not disappointed by this.

I’d have preferred, tho, the interior of the book not being only B/W but also some colored stuff, but anyway, the quality of the paper is amazing, and so the cover and the edition. Totally worth it.

I am also shocked at some fresh and new information about TRAOD sequel(s) I’ve not encountered in Meagan’s book, nor even in Murti’s notes, to the point of including some scripts about The Lost Dominion I’ve never seen before - starting by Lara and Kurtis reencounter. As I said, Kurtis gets a chapter all for himself, tho is short and includes mostly his biography and details of his planned spin-off game, Demon Hunter.

I don’t want to say more at this point ‘cause I prefer to read it carefully before, but stay tuned! I’m gonna provide with little bits, photos, details and shared information for those who couldn’t get this French edition. :)

@hazelphoenix what do you think? Totally worth it? :D

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I feel kinda dumb. I just realized just how far away from me you must live. Like I knew that when I was catching up with reverse that one of your A.N. said you'd update on Wednesdays but since I've been caught up I always got my updates on Tuesday afternoons so I just assumed I was wrong. It wasn't until that last ask that you'd just answered that it clicked. Well I feel significantly less crazy but way more dumb for forgetting that time zones are a thing.

Well, right now I live in New York City, if you want to know the time zone, but I mostly say Wednesday to give myself a bit of leeway in case of unexpected disasters. Most of the time I’ll try to update on Tuesday, but I got a little tired of people jumping on me when I was even a few hours late with the chapter, so that’s why. ^^’

This is a real mixed bag (found it via other social media hence why its not a reblog)

Unsure of the deal behind Autism Speaks, there was alot of talk about it before but most of it was unsourced so i found it hard to follow. At the end of the day, donate to a charity that you trust, smaller local charities tend to put more of their funds towards their goal than larger ones.

Point 2 about Autistism in males. Citation needed for sure. Im sure there maybe a slightly higher rate of undiagnosed or misdiagnosed women with autism but from my knowlege it is far more common in men even then. Even taking it down to an anecdotal look at the people i know, its a 4/1 split.

The last point is one i do want to bring up. The vast majority of autistic people dont want to be known as an autistic person. Most simply want to get on with life ideally without some of the extra frustration that can be caused because of their condition. I will never try to raise awareness for autism but rather understand those who have it and incorporate this understanding into the way i work.

The thing most people get wrong however is that Autism isnt a black or white diagnosis. EVERYONE is on the autistic spectrum, it can include phobias, OCD, anxiety and i can nearly guarantee that every one reading this has something that could be interpreted as a symptom of autism. Because technically it is. However there is a set of rules used to properly diagnose it as a medical condition. It is this diagnosis that allows further support and knowlege of self that can help. However Autism doesnt have a set way to present itself, there is no checklist or set of symptoms. Knowing some one with autism doesnt really mean you know what autism is like, it means you know one person with autism as the variance is huge.

At the end of the day, the label and diagnosis is made out to be bigger than it is, again we are all on the spectrum somewhere but the diagnosis is seen as a negative thing while being just under the threshold for diagnosis is just the person in question  being a “difficult person”. Which is a shame. If people knew what to look for instead of the label to look for we could simply understand and move on.

You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.

  • [stuart semple, covered in vivid pink, yellow, and green powder staggers up a seemingly infinite number of steps toward the top of a marble pyramid upon which rests his coveted prize]
  • [he reaches the top, gasping for air. in the middle of the pedestal at the top of the pyramid there is a gaping black hole, endlessly deep.]
  • stuart semple, quietly: what is this
  • [sir anish kapoor, from the bottom of the pyramid lifts his head and gazes upward at semple's back. his face is also covered in pink, green, and yellow. it is unclear how he heard semple's voice from so far away]
  • anish kapoor: it is what you seek
  • semple: it's so
  • sir anish kapoor: beautiful, yes
  • semple, turning his head just enough to look at anish over one shoulder: your reign of tyranny is over, kapoor. youve underestimated me for the last time. i will take the vantablack you so selfishly stole from us and return it to its place in the hands of the people.
  • sir anish kapoor: youre a fool, semple. stop this madness now before it's too late. you know not the dangerous powers with which you toy
  • semple, turning back to face the void: you cannot deceive me, your ploys won't work
  • [semple extends his hands, long pale fingers hovering inches from the inky darkness, hesitating]
  • sir anish kapoor: stuart, no!
  • [semple's hand shoots forward and collides with the vantablack. instantly the void envelops his arm, then his whole body. semple's screams of agony are swallowed in the crushing silence of vantablack and soon the pyramid and sir anish kapoor are also devoured.]
  • semple: ...where are we?
  • sir anish kapoor: we are unstuck from time and space, trapped in a nanotechnological purgatory
  • [stuart semple's lips have been replaced with photorealistic magazine cutouts of other people's mouths, stop-motion flickering through each syllable, none truly belonging to him]
  • semple: how,, how could this have happened?
  • anish, whose entire being has been replaced by a series of clockwork cogs and a single, unblinking eye: you toyed with dangers beyond your imaging stuart. reality itself has been pulled into the vantablack. soon, the whole world will know the void as we do
  • semple, sobbing into his hands which have become splotches of warmth on a heat-vision screen, his body dissolving into salt and sand: i-i didnt know...... how do i stop it?
  • sir anish kapoor, his gears turning and clicking ever faster: the same way you stop a galaxy from expanding, a star from collapsing. the same way you stop human avarice and pride, from one man coveting what belongs to another.
  • semple, weeping: please,,, please tell me
  • [sir anish kapoor's cogs begin to break apart, dividing like so many cells into the vast abyssal plane]
  • [semple, wrought with grief and desperation reaches out to grasp at the eye, which has begun to shrink and disintegrate at the edges. the eye pulses with one last surge of warmth. is it sympathy? is it love? the eye disappears and reality along with it.]

Everything we know about Stranger Things season 2 (so far)

  • Will is most likely suffering from PTSD—he’s seeing things from the upside down and can’t quite tell if they’re real or not.
  • Hopper is attempting to keep all the events of last season, like the disappearance of Barb, a secret in order to protect Joyce and the kids.
  • Siblings Nancy and Mike have changed and are mourning the (seeming) deaths of friends Barb and Eleven. “She and Mike are both the most screwed-up because they’re the ones who both lost someone,” says co-creator Ross Duffer. “They’re both grappling with that, and we see the effects.”
  • Max (New female character, 13 years old) becomes pals with the boys and attracts romantic interest from Lucas and Dustin.
  • Max’s brother Billy doesn’t exactly make friends and Matt Duffer had this to say about him: “Stephen King always has really great human villains. The evil in the real world is often as bad or worse than the supernatural evil, so we wanted to introduce a character like that.”
  • The rift to the upside down is still open
  • Dustin will get polliwog-like pet and Gaten Matarozzo says: “It’s a little creature I get to bond with. It’s obviously not from this planet or this dimension.”

it’s the fact they have been through so much that makes it so hard for me to stop crying tbh. 

it’s the fact that they went through so much as trainees in such a competitive world such as kpop where some managing labels go so far as to physically abuse or even mentally abuse idols into acting a way they want (and it’s the fact that this very well most likely happened to bts with that mishap with their one manager last year). it’s the fact that they’ve been told they wouldn’t make it, the fact that they’ve struggled so hard to prove them all wrong and to deliver each comeback with such precise choreo; the fact that they’ve literally worked big hit from the bottom up, going from having to use their manager’s car while filming mvs to exploding cars and hiring hundreds of extras in only a few years time; the fact that, the one time in kobe when they couldn’t perform, yoongi was so physically hurt and depressed that he had let the fans, that he had let us, down that he went back to the stage in kobe; the fact that he cried and then said that he knows crying is losing only to burst into tears tonight for winning artist of the year because he hasn’t lost, because he’s won something he’s been striving for for so long; it’s the fact that namjoon, the smart leader who always knows how to carry the group through thick and thin, was physically speechless and started crying even before he could talk because he’s talked about being depressed and feeling useless and now he’s won such a huge award; it’s the fact that these boys have been with each other through literally everything with awkward and shy trainee days, to becoming family when they can’t even have the chance to see their own biological family, to encouraging jungkook to come out of his shell and for consoling taehyung when his grandmother passed away. it’s the fact that they’ve tried so hard to win a daesang and they’ve finally did it and it’s only the beginning of more wonderful achievements to come, 

and I couldn’t be prouder.  


Even the love that I thought would last forever faded away
Now even those common friends are leaving
As we age, I guess we become adults
Why am I so worried

People stay in the past today as well
The world spins fine without me
I think I am immature since I am still young
Why am I so foolish

The days when I was happy without anything feels like yesterday
Sure, I’ve come too far, I can’t remember it
Since it’s my first time for everything, I rush and am excited
Those memories from that time still feel like a dream to me
Where am I right now
I am going back to you as I sing this song
If I can see the beautiful you once more,
We will have our last dance as we listen to this song
Remember this moment until whenever
Just one last dance

Becoming a faded light among the stars
You also become a star and signal
Since I’ve become alone I must look lonely
Why do I keep tearing up

The days when I was happy without anything feels like yesterday
Sure, I’ve come too far, I can’t remember it
Since it’s my first time for everything, I rush and am excited
Those memories from that time still feel like a dream to me
Where am I right now

I am going back to you as I sing this song
If I can see the beautiful you once more,
We will have our last dance as we listen to this song
Remember this moment until whenever
Just one last dance

The music keeps playing
Give me a chance, I’ve been waiting here
Please just once
I promise
It won’t be that long

As I sing this song
As I sing this song
I will go back to you
If I can see the beautiful you once more,
We will have our last dance as we listen to this song
Remember this moment until whenever
Just one last dance

Last night when we danced as I held your hand
Your beautiful shining one last smile
An ecstacy with no differentiation for colors
It doesn’t fit with the world I’ve seen and felt
Last night when we danced as I held your hand
Your beautiful shining one last smile
An ecstacy with no differentiation for colors
It doesn’t fit with the world I’ve seen and felt

Translated by: kristinekwak

Peter Parker #2

A/N: I know I have been AWOL, my computer has been very stupid and annoying. Let me know what you guys think xox 


Number Request from Smut Prompt List.


“You’re n-not, um, w-wearing anything under that, are you…?”                     “Are you trying to turn me on right now or are you really just that oblivious?”                                                                                                        “I-I just wasn’t expecting that. But I liked it. A lot.”

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A Solo Run with Pyukumuku

Update 16: Hello, it’s Xinitii! Here it is!! What we’ve been waiting for. After the Elite Four there is one last trainer to fight in the Pokemon League before officially becoming Champion of Alola! The fight wasn’t actually that difficult, but it was by far the longest fight I’ve ever done in any Pokemon game ever. Not even joking.

Now that the Elite Four is out of the way, we have one last battle before becoming Champion, Professor Kukui. Most of his team could be taken down with Counter. Only his Alolan Ninetales and Magnezone needed to be Toxic stalled. Lycanroc was defeated in two turns thanks to Counter. His Magnezone was able to be inflicted with Toxic after Sushi used Soak. That didn’t stop it from spamming Thunderbolt however. That is one mean Thunderbolt. Braviary had Whirlwind and Tailwind. It couldn’t use Whirlwind because I didn’t have any other team members to switch to. Tailwind was useless since Sushi’s speed is so slow she’ll always go second. Countered Brave Bird was it’s undoing. Incineroar spammed Darkest Lariat so Sushi spammed Counter. It’s Z-move didn’t do much against Sushi who easily tanked it. Although I did misclick and ended up Toxic stalling the last 10% of its HP rather than using Counter.

Thanks to Incineroar, Sushi made it to level 80! 256 Defense for the win!

Snorlax only used Body Slam which is odd because it had Heavy Slam too. Heavy Slam does more damage if the user outweighs the target. Snorlax weighs 1014.1 lbs and Pyukumuku weighs 2.6 lbs. If Snorlax HAD used Heavy Slam, it would have had 120 base power. Missed opportunity Kukui.

Last but not least was Alolan Ninetales. Oh my god, this fight. First things first, it used Safeguard meaning I had to wait 5 turns before using Toxic again. And when I had the chance to use it, Sushi missed. Luckily Ninetales wanted to spam Dazzling Gleam instead of Safeguard which is fine with me. Or I was fine with that. Until Kukui healed Ninetales to full health and realized that I can’t do poop if he uses Safeguard and then proceeded to spam Safeguard EVERY FIVE TURNS. As you can imagine, THIS WAS HORRIBLE. Ninetales ran out of Dazzling Gleam and started using Blizzard. Then it ran out of Blizzard and could only use Ice Shard which fortunately I could counter. Except it only did 3 damage to Sushi meaning my counter damage was butt. I was doing 6 damage per turn and Ninetales was at full HP. Naturally Ninetales ran out of PP for Ice Shard which meant it could only use one move, Safeguard. Either Ninetales had to Struggle, or Sushi did. It was the only way out of this battle. I waited until Ninetails used up all of its Safeguard and then used Struggle and killed itself.

Now let’s take a look at this one fight against Ninetales. Four moves: Dazzling Gleam, Blizzard, Ice Shard, Safeguard. Dazzling Gleam has 10 PP. Blizzard has 5 PP. Ice Shard has 30 PP. Safeguard has 25 PP. SUSHI FOUGHT ALOLAN NINETALES FOR 70 TURNS UNTIL IT RAN OUT OF PP FOR ALL OF ITS MOVES AND STRUGGLED TO DEATH. GAME PLEASE. The fight took forever and was THE LONGEST fight in the entire run of long fights. There couldn’t have been a more fitting ending to this run to be completely honest. I love you Sushi.

So normally this would be the last update of the journey, but there is still something missing. My goal was to complete the game using only a Pyukumuku. My goal is completed. Sushi on the other hand has her own goals. She wants to fight the strongest trainer in Alola to prove that she can truly tank any Pokemon. We would need to fight a Pokemon League Champion for her to be happy, but we can’t fight ourselves. If only there were another Pokemon League Champion on Alola… See you all next update.

~~Thank you to @pokemon-i-choose-you for your support of my run! I hope this was entertaining for you!~~

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Scenario: The temp agency sent you to a new job that was supposed to be something simple that came along with easy money: lots of easy money. But simple is far from what you get when you realize, being the secretary for Jeon Jungkook, comes with his own form of demands.

A/N: this is part one of the obsession series. I blame Jungkook with his stupid sultry looks and how damn good he’s looked in suits the whole BS&T era. I ended up writing this last night sitting in my car for almost two hours.This is honestly going to be dirty and kinky and I’m not gonna apologize. I hope you all enjoy!

Genre: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 3100

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

Warnings: Smut, oral, and slight rough play

“I am a professional. I. Am. A. Professional. I’M A GODDAMN PROFESSIONAL!”

Your hands smacked down on the marble of the bathroom counter. The words you’d been muttering to your reflection over and over like a damn mantra somehow becoming less effective. You felt like you couldn’t breathe in the high-waisted pencil skirt, which wasn’t a ludicrous assumption since you could barely walk properly in it with, or without, the heels.

The reason behind your anxiety ridden pep talk: Jeon Jungkook.

One of the youngest high-ranking executives in the company, he was known for being incredibly smart; thinking outside the box to close deals and create new overseas partnerships, charming, and a decorated athlete. Before you’d been assigned to the company as his latest secretary, the only time you’d actually ever seen him was on the cover of magazines and photographed next to expensive people with beautiful faces to match. Jeon Jungkook held a life you envied.

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Andrew looks at his phone through his lashes. Neil had cajoled and bullied him into buying an Iphone-we can video call each other, he had insisted. As if I want to see anymore of your stupid face, Josten, Andrew had replied, but had driven out to buy one the other day. He’d pretended he couldn’t see the quiet smile on Neil’s face.

It has been exactly two weeks since they’d last talked in person. It feels like an eternity. It's been less than twelve hours since they last talked, but Andrew already misses Neil. It’s a bone deep ache, that’s slowly driving him insane, he tells himself that it isn’t about Neil, it’s the days spent in unfamiliar hotel rooms and in unfamiliar beds and it’s that, too, but that’s far from the entire truth.

He looks through his phone, his finger hovering over Neil’s name before he lets it flop down on the bed next to him. It’s late and Neil-the idiot that he is-never gets enough sleep as it is.

He resigns himself to another sleepless night.There was a time when Neil’s warmth next to him made him square his shoulders and brace himself for danger, now the lack of warmth feels somehow excruciating. He twists and turns, uncomfortable in his own skin and that feeling had faded once, and he-he stops himself, he won’t allow himself to be dragged into that downward spiral again.

He allows himself to close his eyes and envision that junkie, the twist of his lips when he smiles and the exact shade of auburn of his hair and the glint in his blue eyes, just for a moment.

The next day, the doorbell rings even before he’s awake. He gropes around for his knives and stands, his hackles are raised and there’s a sour taste in his mouth, that has nothing to do with sleep.

He opens the door to the hotel room, in the long sleeved shirt and sweatpants that he slept in. He sees messy auburn hair and tanned skin. Neil hovers in the doorway, not uncertain, merely waiting for his consent.

Andrew hates him for that. He steps aside to let him in and closes the door behind him. Neil makes a beeline straight for the bed and flops down on it. He doesn’t seem to have brought a bag or any clothes with him.

“Did you come here to sleep?” Andrew asks. Neil hums and turns to look at him from where he has buried his head in a pillow. “The plane ride was absolute hell,” he says half slurring his words.

Andrew has no time to pity him. Neil wouldn’t have come over if it was too much trouble. But Andrew wanders over to him anyway, it’s only because Andrew’s bored and Neil is the most interesting thing in the room, or so Andrew tells himself.

Neil turns to smile at him. “Hey,” he says. Andrew just looks at him with a heavy lidded gaze. Neil starts to tell him about the team and Robin without prompting because he knows Andrew won’t ask.

Andrew lets him make mundane small talk for a while, content to listen to his voice, before reaching out a hand and letting it hover over Neil’s shoulder. Neil’s voice doesn’t falter as he tells him how fucking lonely his bed feels without Andrew, but his lips curl slightly at the corners. Andrew’s quiet, “Yes or no?” is met with a heated “yes" and Neil rises up on one hand to kiss him.

Heat coils in the pit of his stomach and he curls his hands in Neil’s hair. They have never said ‘I love you’ to each other, but if actions speak louder than words, Andrew reckons, they might as well be shouting it.

When they finally break apart, Neil looks at him and says with quiet happiness, "You missed me.” Andrew leans back, the spell broken and says, “No, I didn’t.” Neil grins and with his scrunched nose and messy hair, Andrew leans back in and lets Neil meet him halfway. “Yes, you did,” Neil murmurs against his lips and Andrew concedes defeat, just to shut him up.

i think one of the best feelings when learning a language is looking back on previous vocabulary lists or grammar points that you’ve studied or written down at some point in time and just being surprised that maybe a year or two ago, these were things that you either struggled with or could never remember, despite the fact that it might feel like second nature to you now. THAT FEELING OF PROGRESS IS GREAT, I HOPE EVERYONE GOES BACK AND LOOKS AT HOW FAR THEY’VE COME IN THEIR LANGUAGE STUDIES !!! 


requested | you take me to the edge, push me too far, watch me slip away, holding on too hard. tell me why does everything that i love get taken away from me? how come nothing ever lasts? it goes from good to bad to worse so fast all it takes is one and i’m gone and you can’t erase the past. how come nothing ever lasts?


So I’m done Motorcity, and it hurts everytime I finish it. So much effort, hard work, and determination went into making it and Disney took it away from them. They can’t get anyone to revive the show because Disney is too stubborn to sell the rights and I.P.

I just wish it lasted longer, but it only got one season. It’s really a shame that it didn’t get more attention. Three petitions were made to try and get disney to do something, but they did nothing.

Motorcity may be over, but it’s far from forgotten. An old animator of the show runs a blog here on tumblr to this day since Motorcity started @peopleofmotorcity 

If you’re thinking about giving Motorcity a chance then don’t hesitate. Look it up and you’ll find it. There’s a little video above, made by the team after the show ended, to show you want you’re in for.

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Yoongi + 23 + "I didn't know you were so kinky." please<3

Rated M.

Jungkook. Werewolf. 1 131 words.

You’re not walking.

At least not for a few days what with how good Jungkook is with making your legs wound around his head and how the moans and mewls filling the room is a sound so alien but they’re yours. Jungkook flattens his tongue for you, letting you have the control, grinding, milking the last of your orgasm until you’re falling limp into the bed, panting.

Jungkook kisses a line up your sensitive heat, merciful enough not to tease your clit. He kisses around your navel up to your breasts and lingers on the spot right on the juncture of your neck and shoulder, biting, sucking on that one spot that makes you go crazy that you grab a handful of his brown locks and force him up to your lips.

The kiss is far from sweet, or romantic. It’s all tongue and teeth and everything that screams lust and wanton. His hand travels up your nipples, tugging and squeezing until they’re standing erected again from his little ministrations. You whine when he breaks apart, addicted to his taste, something like mint, cigarette and salt from your juices.

“Already?” You hold back the laughter threatening to spill from your mouth as the fact of the matter becomes painfully obvious in the form of a hardening bulge pressed against your abdomen.

“I can’t help it, you look so hot coming on my mouth. I’m kind of jealous my dick doesn’t get to be inside that dripping pussy of yours. Let me come inside you, just once.” He implores, face so in pain, as if he’d die if he can’t be inside you.

The filth that left his lips got you salivating. Muscled body glistening in the moon ray filtered room, the sole reason you both end up like this in the first place. But being in heat isn’t all a bad thing, he’s all yours, all yours for tonight. You contemplate on the proposition. Something like sweet sweet remorse weaves through your body as the thought of Taehyung breaks the barrier you’ve successfully put up while you busy yourself with Jungkook’s initial hard-on, lips encasing all of what you can take of him and hand pumping what your mouth can’t cover before he pushes you onto the bed and runs his tongue up your slit in teasing.

It’s all Jungkook’s fault.

“Fuck you, Jungkook.” You say, not with malice, in fact, it came out so blunt and dull, Jungkook wonders if he heard it right. “Fuck you and your damn dick.”

You’re pressing a sloppy kiss on his lips, hand sliding in between your bodies to grasp his twitching member. He groans into your mouth, the sound so erotic, you feel yourself getting wetter than you already are. Your juices drip down the inside of your thigh and sure as hell, he smells it.

“I’ll make you feel so good, baby.” He pushes your shoulder until you’re laid on your back, a flicker of something, something that tells you yours and his orgasm before was just foreplay and you’re not going to survive what’s about to transition now, “I’ll fuck you into the headboard, the only name you’ll remember is mine. I’ll spread you out really good, the next dicks that are going to fuck you won’t be able to fill you up as good as me, baby.”

“Watch your tongue, kid.” You hiss, still not willing to give up the control to him completely, “You’re two- fuck.”

Jungkook grunts in pure pleasure, the head of his cock pushed inside you, rendering you speechless with the pleasure of having your core stretched and he hasn’t even fully entered you.

“-years younger.” You breathe out and if it isn’t for the overwhelming sensation of your hole stretching out more as he begins to slide in deeper, you would have cursed yourself for sounding barely lethal.

Blunt nails dig into your hips, inflicting numb pain that gets drowned by the amazement of his thick dick being able to push in without so much as an uncomfortable sensation. All of a sudden, your back is arched, hands finding purchase from tangled sheets as you whimper, sob.

“____, did you just come around my dick?” Jungkook sounds cruel, your premature orgasm boosting his ego until they reach the fucking stars.

He fakes a pout, bottom lip jutting out like a child denied of ice cream. Too innocent for the dirty talk he’s whispering inside your ears. Thankfully though, the throbbing of his cock inside of you tells you that he can’t hold on that much longer either what with you squeezing half of him that’s inside you when you shamefully came first. God, he didn’t even touch your clit.

“Don’t worry, baby. We’re going to practice until you’re able to at least get all of me in.” He pecks your lips lightly, withdrawing too fast in fear that the halfhearted glare might get him smacked across the face from his insufferable confidence.

“You’re going to break me.” You cry, hitting the side of his arm when he pushes himself inside of you without so much as a warning and all you can hear in the melody that you’re tempted to record and put on replay on your phone.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Jungkook’s big, bigger than the guys you’ve been with and add into the werewolf inside of him into the mix, you hear the sound of your own fluid hitting your ears as he pounds into you like every thrust is his saving grace. Groans of pleasure fills your ears like the singing of heaven, funny how you’re both doing everything the heavens scorn at. But god, does he feel good and you’re not even going to lie. The pace he has going on is making you hot that it’s impossible to not feel the building pleasure inside the pit of your stomach.

He thumbs your clit, sending you screaming into the room until your throat hurts. Lifting your left leg to hook over his shoulder, Jungkook thrust faster into you, hitting depths you didn’t imagine could send you to a europhia.

“Noona. Noona.” He growls.

Running your fingers through his hair, you coo, “Are you close? You are, aren’t you? Come for me, Jungkookie.”

All it takes is three thrusts and he’s releasing his load inside you, filling you up to the brim. Jungkook falls next to you in a panting mess but he’s smiling at you like you’ve just played pillow fight and win, or lose, there’s nowhere he’d rather be except next to you. Nimble fingers reach out to push the damn hair sticking against his skin out of his face. Guilt nibbles on the tips of your finger tip but that’s okay. 

Because he’s all yours, all yours for tonight.

Note: I haven’t written smut in awhile so this is probably shit. I’m sorry it’s around 1k and yall have to scroll through this. 


Endure and Survive Eyes

Eyes from The Last of Us. [Pandemic Contacts re-release]

Since I have a little bit more experience I started this conversion from scratch and stay truer to the original look while emulating some of my favorite contacts in the community.

There is a litany of issues I have with the Pandemic Contacts. The pupils are really small, they’re super bright and I topazed the heck out of them. Though it produced a really cool look, they were far from perfect or ideal.  

I plan to play around with different reflections in the eyes at some point in the future. But for now, these eyes have the standard one I’ve been using.

The Endure eyes are the Joel variant of The Last of Us eye textures, which are darker and more bloodshot. The Survive eyes use Ellie’s eye textures which were used to make the Pandemic contacts in the first place!

  • Three channels
  • Male & Female T-E // Disabled for Random // Thumbnail included
  • Credits: Naughty Dog, BrntWaffles, Anva
  • TOU
  • To see these in action click here.

Download .rar (SimFileShare)