this is fantastic


Pink Floyd performing with a borzoi (submitted by peachywonder)


The Game of Thrones intro re-imagined for Skyrim


So earlier I was looking for examples of when Sam and Dean were confused for gay couples and I came across an article.

A scholarly article written by a college professor in Canada about Wincest.

Yeah, read that again, a scholarly article written by a professor about Wincest.

I don’t care who you are, what you ship or what you think of Wincest, you need to read this.

It’s super eye-opening and really well-done.

Read it!



“In the third grade, I missed a week of school in September to go on Disney Land in California with some of my family. When we got to the parks, Minnie wouldn’t give me an autograph even though I asked nicely, and I jumped on her back and started to punch her costume. She and other parents screamed for security, and I ran back to my group, ignoring the stunned looks my aunts and uncles gave me. They never let me forget it”