this is fan art right

Another commission for @lenkalost, this time os Vesemir from the witcher series.

Come together right now over Ringo! Here’s an amazing fan art of my old band The Beatles, specifically the good album Abbey Road. Man, I, the Reallio Deallio Ringo Starr, remembers tensions being pretty high between some of us Beatles when recording this great album, but when looking back on it I, for reals Ringo stop questioning me, remember how much I love everyone, and that’s a good big message on all the Beatles albums. Peace and love my friends, and listen to this good album again!

when u gotta text someone but also gotta keep the hacker aesthetic 

So its been like what? A week and I still can’t stop thinking about WKM, damnit @markiplier why you gotta get me obsessed.
I also plan on doing one of these for every WKM character, no matter how irrelevant it gets.
(This is also the first time ive used fire alpaca to animate and I’m still figuring it out)


[[ completely unnecessary panel redraws from this ]]

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“How could I forget!” / “She’s back..”

After Haggar remembers Zarkon is her husband she remembers everything and summons Lotor immediately. Prior to this, I believe that Zarkon remembers everything compared to Honerva and even told Lotor that she [Haggar]; his mother won’t remember him and well badda bing badda boom she remembers him and they both start crying. 

Also sorry for posting some S3 art, I couldn’t help myself uuuuuu;;;