this is fan art right

I’ve gotten a lot of new watchers on dA and followers on Tumblr after posting the sketches of Shy and Ari and I’m seriously just… Really happy right now

Because normally it’s my fan art (usually pokemon) that gets attention but right now it feels more like people are taking an interest in my art for… more pure reasons? Like I… I don’t know how to properly describe this but it’s like when I post my nuz and it on average gets double the attention of anything else I post. But now it feels like my original stuff can draw people in too. I feel like anyone who draws fan art and original art will understand. X”D

But yeah I’m in a really happy zen mood right now because of it and I’m really excited about sharing more about TNT and those characters. And totally not ignoring a shit ton of homework nope

When I’m done fawning over Shy, Ari, and Lara and drawing some silly and shippy things with them I’ll move on to redesigning the protagonists and I hope you guys love them too! I’m trying to make sure I have as much diversity as you can pack into 5 characters. X)

don’t u ever get self conscious about how you sound over the phone? yeah I’m looking at you unknown


au where Nino becomes an astronaut and goes on a mission to Mars and ends up getting stranded but he survives because he grows potatoes