this is fake but i loled


and now a lot of dumb comics bc that’s what i’m actually doing 99% of the time. lmao. the first few were done after i read this old retelling of the iliad that was in like pg-13 fairytale format and it was odysseus-centric so as a result they really pushed him as the Actual Main Character (And Everyone Loves Him, And He’s Perfect) but i was just loling bc the whole thing constantly reminded me of fake tumblr posts. unreliable narrator odysseus is the real iliad/odyssey that i need

the last is from this lol and is basically canon bc those two never pair up w anyone else on missions. I Know What’s Up (pat knows what’s up)

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I'm having major stucky feels rn, and I need good fics. You have any good recs?

I am loling cause what I ALWAYS have is stucky recs :D

First, do you know my rec lists????

Here, have them:

I’ll also add the last 25 fics I read of them:

  1. Meet-Cute AU’s (read all of them, I’m serious. It’s the best thing ever)
  2. half awake in a fake empire series (one of my fave fics of all time)
  3. all the broken hearts in the world (still beat)
  4. full of all our changing (that isn’t change at all)
  5. some frozen devotion
  6. the clothes make the man
  7. Sketches
  8. Guiding Star
  9. nothing goes over his head
  10. (because i want to love you) with my heart
  11. cross this river to the other side 
  12. Somehow closeted 
  13. Auld Acquaintance 
  14. Under the Mistletoe 
  15. Rogers & Barnes: Partners 
  16. On the Run For The Fences
  17. Baby You Should Stick Around 
  18. Socks n Oranges 
  19. from the ashes we can build another day 
  20. time’s forever frozen still
  21. And I’ll Win or Lose with You 
  22. The Sum of Our Memories 
  23. My Kind’s Your Kind 
  24. Stuck In The Middle 
  25. i will bend every light in this city

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Sasha, I’m so frustrated with the toxicity level in the fandom rn! WHY did that intern have to use fat? Smart people know that means big, but given the fandom’s history with NB re: it just makes it look bad on the surface, you know? And it’s exhausting and genuinely fucking DISGUSTING to see fans saying Zayn “needs help” for “betraying” NB (which they all WANTED him to do since day one). All this could’ve been seamless to his return and everyone loving him again. (1/2)

I know we were so hopeful that the nasties would leave with this stunt, but it just seems like they’ve dug their heels in even HARDER and are just gonna stick around and spew their bullshit everywhere like incontinent dogs. Sorry, but UGH I’m SO PISSED OFF.


I understand your frustration. I wasn’t shocked by the tweets, though.

  • First, they’re for sure pandering to this immature fandom because they sound like they were composed by a very salty 11 year old. LOL
  • Second, it doesn’t make any damn sense. Pretending were friends? What about all the pictures of them looking all chummy? What about the articles where NB defended Zayn or the articles about them relaxing in the studio? What about bringing Zayn’s family to hang with NB? What about Zaughty (sponsored by Adidas)? You mean to tell me all of this was fake? 1D be fakin’? Defrauding their adoring public? You don’t say?? And no one knows you? All Zayn’s fans–and his haters–know NB thanks to Zayn himself. Let’s pretend the past year or so never happened. Yes, that’s the ticket. LOL again
  • Third, we are supposed to believe those two weak ass tweets shut Naughty Boy down? Well shit. I guess if I’d have ghost written those tweets he would’ve deleted. Kids go harder than that on the playground. Still LOLing
  • Last, fandom. Clueless, drama loving fandom. Y’all bought this? Y’all were on the verge of orgasming hoping Louis would jump in? Y’all complain about the fuckery, but you love it. You’re foolish, silly and 1DHQ’s bitch. Biggest LOL

As for offloading the hopeless, rumor mongering, hateful drama queens, that’s gonna take some time. They aren’t leaving yet. But once the new team comes aboard and 1D’s schedule downshifts to something less frantic and stunty, hopefully many will move on due to lack of drama. That seems to be how it works as there’s some slimy slugs in this fandom that slithered in from other fandoms once the drama died down there. I’m hopeful everything is gonna work out in time. 

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look what I found! search on twitter "realirvingazoff" there's a couple of fake accounts around there but I just loled at this one


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