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Make fun of my kid? I'll get you back somehow.

So I am not sure if this belongs in @prorevenge, sense it wasn’t planned on my part. It kind of just fell in my lap. Feels more than petty, so here I am.

For a bit of background: My next door neighbor is/was a college student. She lives with our actual neighbor, her boyfriend. Typical crazy college kid. Weekend parties, drinking on her patio all hours of the night, and weird hours. You know the drill. I figured she was trying to experience college life, so why not? You do you lady!

Anyways one summer night last year she was sitting out on her back patio with her girlfriends doing their drunk thing. I am out wrapping up on some stuff with my toddler daughter. She at the time had a medical thing going on that caused her to walk a little weird. Nothing life altering and something that would heal with time. She did have a weeble waddle to her, especially when running. Sometimes she would fall right over. She was out running around with the dog and the ladies next door were waving and telling her how cute she was. All good.

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Straight up: The Cabin in the Woods is f*cking awesome and hilarious. Watch it. Enjoy it. Love it. We’ll still list its sins, because that’s what we do, but we love this movie.

Reminder for the signs

Aries: You are beautifull no matter what and you should never let someone make you think you aren’t.
Taurus:  You should get more confidence because you deserve to love yourself, really just believe it.
Gemini: You are a sweet lil bean and you should not blame everything on yourself because everyone makes mistakes.
Cancer: You are a really smart person so don’t think you are not because you have so many qualities that you don’t see.
Leo: You are littarly so sassy but you probably know that already though, but really you are awesome.
Virgo: You are so f*cking cute and don’t say you are not because you are so sweet and please realize that.
Libra: You are so funny, please stay yourself.
Scorpio: You are such a rebel and everyone loves it and thinks it’s funny.
Sagittarius: You are such a great friend and you should never think that you are less than someone else.
Capricorn: You are really calm and patient and that’s great, everyone loves it and you should too.
Aquarius: You are so sweet and you can listen so well to everyone so please keep doing what you’re doing.
Pisces: You are also really calm and you can help really well, love yourself for that.

The Parker Twins - Peter Parker x twinsister!Reader

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Words: 1788 (helllll yeah)
Pairing: Peter Parker x Twinsister!Reader
Warnings: Swearing
Authors Note: So I wrote this imagine with @imaginingadifferentlife and it was inspired by them! She did a twinsister!Reader imagine, but really it’s so different from her story that it could count as a totally different imagine on its own. Originally we were going to make it a backstory for “Total Opposites,” but then we got going…and it turned into its own little thing. So yeah!
Summary is basically that you are Peter Parker’s twin sister with the power of teleportation, and you two can communicate in your minds (since, twins, ya know…) And if you spot the “What a F*cking Bozo” reference, message me or Jadyn because you are awesome.!

Masterlist. Request List.

Part Two

“Do you think aliens have dicks?” You randomly asked Peter who was sitting on his bed across the room.

“Well, how else would they reproduce?” Peter responded to you as he threw something in the air and caught it, only to throw it up in the air again.

You were laying on your bed with your head hanging off the end, so everything looked upside down. “I don’t know; maybe they spit on each other.”

There was a knock on the door, “Someone has to do the dishes!” May yelled.

You looked over to Peter for a second with a small smile, “Fuck this shit- I’m out!” You said, and looked out the window to teleport down the street.

Shit,” Peter said under his breath and slowly got up from the bed to stalk out of the shared bedroom, accepting defeat.

This has how it’s always been in the Parker household, ever since you two were very young. You don’t remember much before you moved in with May and Ben, but Peter has been in every memory. He was with you on your first day of school, when you two entered the science fair (and won!), and when you discovered your powers. You found out about yours at thirteen, only three years before Peter got his (he was a late bloomer, and you’ll never let him forget it).

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I’ve always loved rpg videogames, that’s been always my favourite gaming genre, but up until a few months ago, I had never played any pen and paper rpg. The concept of a tabletop rpg was something I didn’t fully understand,I had always loved their art, but I didn’t see how that kind of game could work without all the stuff that videogames process for the players, you know, all the graphics, the behind the scenes number-crunching, all the boiled down stuff so that players could easily get into the game without complications. Truth is I had never actually looked into it, but a few months ago, I stumbled upon Geek&Sundry’s “Titansgrave”, and after watching a bit of it, I was really hooked. And my mind was completely blown away after I found out about Critical Role. Naturally, I wanted to play right away, but getting my friends into it was not going to be easy. Just like me before watching dozens of Critical Role episodes, they didn’t have a notion of what tabletop RPGs were or how they worked at all, even worse, they weren’t too open minded and came from years of being minmaxers on MMOs and thinking the lore aspect of the game was just filler stuff that served no purpose at all.

I wanted to play D&D, but I thought that to get them interested, or at least to reduce the resistance so to speak, I’d have to do something about a few aspects of the game, one of them being the character sheets. To a new player, used only to videogames, regular character sheets look like kind of a turn off. They look complicated and boring to the uninitiated eye. So after studying 5e rules, and watching a ton of games, I decided I would come up with individual character sheets for them. After I helped them create their characters, I designed sheets for each of them with the idea of making them more friendly to a regular gamer’s eye, trying to make things look like a videogame’s UI as much as possible, to the point of designing skill and abilities icons and including them, along with as much graphic sh*t as I could include. I wanted them to have all the information they needed in their sheets, to make gameplay smoother and to avoid going through notes or rulebooks as much as possible. Of course this meant that these sheets are only useful for specifically these characters, and only for a partciular lvl, every time they lvl up I have to adapt the sheets.

So here are Grond’s lvl 1 sheets, have in mind these are homebrew as hell, and there is stuff that is only relevant for our game, definitely not a thing for general use. There are still a lot of things that are messy here and that were improved in posterior versions of the sheets (these are only the 1.0 version after all) but I thought I’d share anyway. I may upload the original editable files afterwards if anyone is interested so they can adapt this to their own characters.

It was definitely a  ton of work and while I don’t attribute the success of my friends conversion to D&D to the sheets, the game is f*cking awesome in it’s own right afterall,they really helped. Now my friends are really into D&D, and I can finally play God with them and destroy them. Kidding. Or not.  



Imagine fighting in the Battle of the Five Armies.

“Will you follow me, one last time?”



Got the new Doujinshi today.
From Japan to Germany in just 10 days.
It is so awesome!!! ;_____;
And i still need a f*cking translator! This is soooo cute!!!!
This artist is killing me! Now i got so many new Ideas for new Cosplay pictures….
In 2 ½ Week my girlfriend and I will have a new Photoshoot. We even got a Hotel Room for that weekend. (for pictures.)
1 Photoshoot and 3 different Cosplay versions.
GF: Civil, dark grey Suit and half naked (Don’t worry we will use a skin bodysuit)
Me: Civil, white Suit and half naked with the Tattoo Bodysuit 

anonymous asked:

Feeling kinda anxious at school rn. What would Misaki, Tatara and Kuroh do to calm their s/o down if they were feeling hella nervous

((I understand the feeling dude, I hope you feel better soon!))

Misaki - He’d probably hold their hand really tightly and shower them in compliments then end it with “You’re my f*cking awesome boy/girlfriend and I love you!”

Tatara - Looooots of cuddles and kisses and his classic “Everything will be fine, don’t sweat it” line

Kuroh - Lots of Master Ichigen quotes as they cuddle and he strokes their hair. He might make them food too.

For real though you would love Metal Gear Solid because

• Snake can catch a cold and his sneezes are f*cking adorable.
• Otacon pees his pants when you first meet him
• Otacon talks about love and anime a lot what a f*cking nerd I love him
• Meryl is a f*cking BADASS
• Awesome ladies all throughout the game
• Snake is totally aromantic nobody can tell me otherwise
• its a REALLY smart game really clever yes love it
• if you play it through a third time Snake gets a tuxedo and he looks super cute in it
• multiple endings one with straight love one with gay love