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still funny that kookie said he was shy hence why he was pushing jimin away. he was never shy around tae though hmm lol and tbh i looooooove taekook but kookie was always different around jimin apparently because he was shy but if you're shy aren't you shy around everyone? lol his shyness was specific to jimin then. i just wonder why lol

I feel like, at the beginning kook was shy around all the members, that’s why he showered like way later and all that. but he eventually grew used to them. and he grew used to jimin, but at the same time was still super nervos and cute around him. it warms my heart. jungkook has described himself as an introvert a lot, and usually introverts are extrememly shy around new people and people they find attractive (speaking from experience),so i feel like that’s why jk was so “shy” around jimin even though he didn’t act super shy in front of the other members. was because he thought he was attractive, or admired him in a way. not necesarrily romantic, but not 100% platonic either. as least, that’s how i feel it was. 

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"You're my biggest distraction."

Liam Dunbar imagine request.

Plot: Y/N is babysitting her six month old cousin when she was called over by Scott to help him train Liam so she goes over to Scott’s house to explain that she can’t help but she’ll watch instead but Liam keeps getting distracted by her.

“Thanks, (Y/N)! We’ll only be a few hours! See you soon.” My aunt smiled and gave me a huge before going out the front door. She had dropped off her six month old son, Brock, to my house for me to babysit as they were called into the hospital for an emergency given that they were both a nurse and a doctor. It was already 9PM so they will be back pretty late, good thing Brock was already fed and all I really need to do was put him to bed.

As I went to sit down on my couch with Brock in my arms, my phone rang. Groaning I pressed the green button. “Yes, Scott?”

“(Y/N) we need you over here asap!” He said hurriedly, I could hear growls in the background and Stiles’ voice constantly saying ‘Ow!’ and 'Get your claws the hell away from me!’

“Do you really need me? I mean, are you guys desperate? It’s not even a full moon?” I asked looking down at Brock who just wouldn’t go to sleep no matter how long I rocked him in my arms.

“Please, come on! I’m expecting you here in ten, bye!”

“Wait, Sco- ugh.” Before I could explain why I couldn’t he had already hung up. There was no point in calling him back or Stiles as they’d refuse to answer unless I turn up.

“I guess we’ll have to go and explain in person, huh, Brock?” I smiled down at the cute bundle of joy in my arms.

I walked over to Brock’s baby bag and and put on his jacket and grabbing mine on the way out. It was quite chilly and I was only in my pj shorts and oversized t-shirt. Strapping brock into the babyseat in my car which I had kept there as I babysit Brock a lot, I closed the passenger door and got in the driver’s seat and drove over to Scott’s. As I arrived Brock was still wide awake, getting him out of the car I cradled him in my arms and walked over to the front door knocking three times.

I heard Scott’s voice and footsteps before he opened the door and said, “(Y/N), good you’re here! Come in.” He beckoned me inside and jogged upstairs not noticing I had a baby with me.

I trudged upstairs and entered Scott’s room, Stiles was there but he was tackling Liam on the floor.

Raising an eyebrow I called out, “What are you doing?”

Both boys froze and looked up at me then Stiles got off of Liam as they both stood up.

“I thought you were training him, not attacking him.” I smirked and Brock laughed as if he knew what was going on.

“We are, he just annoyed me.” Stiles shot Liam an annoyed look as he straighted his shirt.

“We didn’t know you’d bring company.” Scott smiled walking over to me and gushed over Brock. “Hey cutie.”

“See this is why I couldn’t come and help. I’m babysitting my cousin for a couple of hours but you hung up before I could tell you.” I frowned at Scott.

“Sorry, we just needed your help.” He shrugged, his eyes still at Brock as he stroked his cheek.

“Well it’s not as if I could be of use? I’ll just watch.” I smiled slightly and took Brock’s jacket off along with mine as it was warm in the room.

“Hey, Liam.” I looked at him but he was already looking at me intently. “You.. okay?” I frowned slightly with a small smile on my lips.

“Yeah, uh,” Liam shook his head, “Just fine.”

I looked over at Stiles who scoffed and lifted up his eyebrow looking at Liam with his arms crossed over his chest and face plastered with the cheekiest smile.

“Oh yeah, (Y/N), you’ll definitely be of help.” He snickered. Only to be punched in the arm by Liam.

Smiling down I concentrated back at Brock and rocked him back and forth in order to get him to sleep. As Brock’s eyes were beginning to shut, he was startled by Liam’s growl.

“Liam..” I whined as Brock cried in my arms.

“Crap, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” Liam looked at me worriedly.

“It’s fine, just concentrate.” I chuckled.

After calming Brock down, I looked over at the boys as Scott looked at Liam and said, “Now, look at my eyes and focus. If you concentrate enough you can change the colour of your eyes to yellow then back again, ready?”

Liam nodded and pulled a concentration face, his fists started to clench and from my view I could see the side of his face which gave me full view of his jaw as it tightened, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find him extrememly attractive. As I thought I saw a hint of yellow in his eyes his face softened and eyes turned passive.

“Liam.” Scott frowned and waved his hand in front of him but Liam slowly turned his head round to me. “Liam!” Scott said loudly in which Liam whipped his head back round to face his Alpha.

“God.” Stiles breathed and slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand.

“One more time.” Scott nodded at Liam.

Again, Liam concentrated and this time he did it but again he got distracted and looked at me giving me the most playful smile causing me to burst out laughing.

Scott sighed, “Let’s try something different. Get your claws out.”

“How?” Liam looked up at him bringing his hands out in front.

“Focus and then flick your wrist.” Scott ordered which Liam complied to but nothing happened. Liam furrowed his eyebrows but keep trying and trying but the more he did, the less he tried and it was just him lazily wafting his hand around.

“Liam, damn it!” Scott raised both his arms and slapped them back at his sides.

“I’m sorry I just keep getting distracted! I don’t mean to!” The Beta tried to defend himself.

“What’s distracting you?” Scott crossed his arms but before Liam could reply Stiles beat him to it.

“Don’t you mean who. Eh?” Stiles raised his eyebrows repeatedly and winked when pointing to me.

“Stop teasing him.” I smiled and cocked my head at Stiles.

“It’s true.” Stiles shrugged his shoulders trying his hardest not to have a laughing fit right there and then.

“Maybe we should train another night.” Scott patted the blushing Liam on the shoulder as he stood up.

“Okay.” Liam nodded and put on his jacket saying goodbye to the boys as I did the same. Brock was asleep when I walked out of the house and put him in the carseat.

“He’s adorable.” I heard from behind me, turning around Liam was standing by my car with his hands in his pockets.

“Isn’t he just.” I shut the passenger door and walked over to him. “You were a mess in there.” I laughed.

“Shut up.” Liam laughed with me and stepped closer. “I get distracted easily.”

“And do I distract you?” I asked playfully as we inched together.

“You’re my biggest distraction.” Liam smiled down at me, our faces so close if I leaned in a little bit more we’d be kissing. Can’t say that would be a bad idea.

“I can’t help it.” I whispered as I kissed him on the cheek and stepped back knowing full well how much I could be a tease. Liam closed his eyes at the contact and as he opened them again his orbs were a vibrant yellow.

“Your eyes, Liam.” I sang.

He groaned as he shut his eyes tight and shook his head. “I need to stay away from you.” Liam joked.

“You know you’re not going to be able to do that.”