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Things you don’t know about Lord of the Rings anymore

I  had an LOTR marathon with @illuminaughty-mess, who had never seen the films before, and I realized….after watching the films a billion times, there are things you no longer know. Like:

  • For the majority of the first half of FOTR, you don’t know Aragorn’s name is Aragorn. You also don’t know he’s a king.
  •  Boromir is only in the story for a few scenes in one-half of the shortest film in the series.
  • You don’t find out Boromir has a brother until after he’s dead, in the second half of the Two Towers. For the entire first half of the trilogy, there is no indication he has a brother.
  • Despite his reputation for “crazy CG battle moments” , Legolas has no more than Four (!) of them in the original trilogy. 
  • You don’t find out Elrond and Arwen are related until The Two Towers. The first time they have an onscreen conversation is the scene where Elrond talks about Aragorn’s eventual death.
  • You don’t know that Rohan is a kingdom that exists until the Two Towers. 
  • If you were watching the films for the first time, you wouldn’t know the geography of Middle-Earth. For all you know, Isengard is inside of Mordor.  Gondor  might be east of the Shire. Is Minas Tirith the same as the White City or is it another name for Helm’s Deep or is it another kingdom? You just don’t know.
  • The films never explicitly state that Gollum used to be a hobbit. 
Hannibal Charms Are Here!

They just arrived in my mailbox! I’ll be working hard tonight to assemble and pack everything to ship out to you guys ; v ; if you preordered, look out for an email in the next few days with your tracking number. Thank you all so much for your patience! 

Any extras will be up for sale once everything’s been sent out. I’ll keep you guys posted~

Blind Side - Chapter 2

Imagine | Chapter 1

You sat on the balcony of your Manhattan apartment, a glass of chilled rosé in your hand. It was a warm summer night, and you had come out to watch the sun set. Not your usual cup of tea, but you had to do something. It had been a week since your encounter in his office, and you still couldn’t get Mr. Thomas W. Hiddleston off your mind.

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Dr. Poison’s Face

One thing I like about Dr. Maru is how they didn’t go out of their way to make her look attractive. A lot of villainous women happen to be good looking. While it’s not universal, there aren’t a lot of exceptions unless that woman is old or a monster (and even then they can be attractive). One thing that draws my attention is her reconstructive surgery. It’s obvious and in plain sight on her face. And it looks a bit creepy and offputting. (Under the mask is even worse.)

Elena Anaya is definitely an attractive woman. You can see that with the parts of her face that aren’t covered. But the fact that they took this good looking actress and made her character have a disfiguration like that is kind of a bold direction. Usually, disfigurations or physical alterations like that aren’t very prominent and don’t get in the way of the actress’ good looks. With Dr. Maru, it takes up a significant portion of her face and in a very noticeable spot as well.

She could’ve easily been a conventionally attractive character (or at least, relatively easy on the eyes), but I like that this aspect isn’t in effect. Even with many of the women on my Female Sociopath list (which Dr. Posion will not be included on, unfortunately), many of the characters are generally easy on the eyes if not conventionally attractive outright. Even if they’re not sexualized, they still are attractive.

It’s nice to have a genuinely creepy looking villainess. I’m not saying she’s the first (not by a long shot), but it’s an example that I find to be prominent.

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Here's a headcanon, every "Sora" in the series is afraid of Thunderstorms. Roxas and Xion seek each other out when one hits the castle at night. KHX!Ven tries to tone it out and hugs his Chirithy for comfort, while BBS!Ven has an impromptu slumber party with Terra and Aqua. Vanitas just goes somewhere else. Data-Sora seeks out his friends. Sora isolates himself so his friends don't see him freakout because that night when he lost his friends and islands was traumatizing.

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(SPOILERS! sort of? just being careful.)

I had to draw this out - it is undoubtedly one of my most favorite scenes out of the movie. I was so impressed by Chris Pine during this moment because his acting was so convincing. I liked his take on Steve Trevor throughout but he really clicked as a character for me here. I thought these lines were beautifully written, and his delivery was so perfect that it really stuck with me while I was leaving the theater. I feel like this moment alone is a beautiful example of their relationship.


Another Fantasy Illust assignment! This time I chose Dishonored 2, because I love Emily and Jessamine. Kinda wish there was more of them interacting together in the game, but that would just make me cry more, so…