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You’re telling me, that Lois fucking Lane. Intrepid journalist, and overall awesome, independent, and amazing woman; loses her ability to write when her boyfriend dies, and only finds the inspiration to do hard hitting journalism again when her boyfriend comes back to life?!?! 🙄🙄🙄 I get her grieving, but her life shouldn’t have come to a stand still. Her abilities as a journalist shouldn’t revolve around her boyfriend.


Crisis on Earth-X - Extended Trailer

So, what I pretty much got from Justice League is that Wonder Woman needs a man to inspire her to be a leader. Whether that be in the form of Steve Trevor or Bruce Wayne.

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And the hypocrisy of Bruce to lecture Diana about staying in the shadows, and refusing to become a beacon is rich coming from the dude who’s entire shtick is working from the shadows and making himself into an urban legend.


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What did you think of this episode Ash? I thought it was good to hear Negan backstory and I’m glad they didn’t make us watch it play out. But the stuff with adaryl and Rick was so bad and pointless.

Idk, I didn’t really enjoy anything except for the preview with Michonne, lol. I started to get interested when Gabriel said that Negan’s wives were pressured into being with him, but that didn’t go anywhere I cared about, so yeah. And that Rickyl fight was definitely underwhelming as fuck. I knew it was just so they could give us some callback about the illegal chokehold. 🙄 But the whole episode was a no from me dawg.