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Happily Ever After (Mal x Evie)

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Warning: The events of Descendants 2 has been tweaked slightly to fit the storyline.


“Yes, My Love?”

“When did you fall in love for the first time?”

When she was nine, the daughter of the Evil Queen spent her days receiving lessons from her mother. Most often about how to find a Prince, how to pluck your eyebrows, hair styling 101, outfit planning, and how to properly apply makeup.

But, once her mother was asleep, a small girl with purple hair would appear outside her window to whisk her away to the world they shared with their two closest friends. There she would spend her nights, curled up with her two closest friends Jay, the son of Jafar, and Carlos, the son of Cruella De Vil, as the third, the purple haired girl named Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, would tell them of her plans to become the most evil villain of all time.

She would act out getting revenge on Sleeping Beauty for her mom, taking over Auradon, and fighting with heroes (which Jay would often act out with her). It always made her heart warm up when Mal would pull the blue haired girl up, talking about her and Evie being the King and Queen of the new world. “ Well, which of you would be the Queen and who would be the King?” Carlos would ask. “Well, I don’t like wearing dresses, but Evie does. So she would be the Queen. And I’ll be her King!” Mal stated, crossing her arms over her chest.

That was before the weight of the position they were born into took affect. As the children of the most infamous villains, it was their responsibility to become just as evil, if not more evil, than their parents. They would soon spend less time hidden in their own world, more time learning from their parents how to be the worst of the worst.

Mal eventually became involved with the son of Captain Hook, a flirt named Harry. Evie would pretend her heart didn’t ache every time she saw them together, or saw the adoring gazes he gave her when her back was turned. Harry and Mal would see each other more and more, so Evie would come around less and less. She didn’t want to deprive herself of seeing one of her best friends, but it hurt too much to see the couple together. So, she began going on meaningless dates with meaningless boys and girls, just to have a reason to be away from the purple haired girl.

Jay and Carlos knew the true intention behind her actions, though they pretended not to for her sake. Mal eventually took notice of the blue haired girl’s absence and broke off her relationship with the pirate boy, claiming to need more time to focus on her friendships. That, and Harry was just too clingy for her taste.

A few years later, the Villain children found themselves at Auradon Prep with a plan to destroy the world. To help with their plan, Mal put the soon-to-be-king under a love enchantment. She would go out with the boy and come back to the dorm to eat strawberries with Evie and complain about how “disgustingly good” the Prince was. Though, eventually Evie found herself feeling jealous of Ben when she noticed the other girl becoming attached to him.

So, as she did before, she occupied her time with someone else. This time, a boy named Doug. Ironically, he was the son of Dopey, one of Snow White’s dwarves. But, unlike the last time, it wasn’t dates to keep her mind off of Mal. This time, it was movie nights spent ranting about Mal while Doug ranted about Chad, the son of Prince Charming and Cinderella.

Evie watched from the sidelines as the girl she was in love with slowly fell in love with the King of Auradon. Eventually, she would wake up to her friend sliding into Evie’s bed, whispering to Evie that she was “feeling homesick,” and that Evie reminded her of home. She would let her friend hold her until she fell asleep, only to pretend it didn’t happen the next morning. Soon, it became a nightly thing.

The day Evie came into her room to find a note, Ben’s ring, and no Mal, she was furious. She immediately left to give the King a piece of her mind, blaming him for her best friend’s leaving and demanding he went to the Isle to bring her back. So, he, Evie, Jay, Carlos, and eventually the daughter of Mulan, Lonnie, set off to the Isle to bring back her best friend. She knew they shouldn’t have brought the King alone when he was kidnapped by the daughter of Ursula, Uma, and her pirate crew.

It wasn’t until Evie was left alone with Mal that she found out exactly why Mal left her.

“Evie, I can’t go back to Auradon,” Mal whispered to her friend as she rested her forehead on the other girl’s. “The Kingdom would hate me.”

“No they wouldn’t, M. The kingdom loves you. Ben loves you,” Evie replied, giving Mal’s hands a comforting squeeze.

“But I don’t love Ben, Evie.”

The bluehaired girl’s eyes widened, “What? Of course you do.”

“No, E, I don’t. That’s why I left. I don’t love Ben. I thought I did but… I can’t,” Mal whispered, eyes tearing up.

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“I can’t love Ben because I’m in love with someone else,” She whispered, squeezing Evie’s hands.

“Who?” Evie asked, fearful of the answer she would get.

“You. I’m in love with you, E. And I always have been. You’re my best friend, and you’ve always been there for me. I know you probably don’t feel the same but I can’t keep pretending to love Ben just because I’m scared of admitting I love you. But I just can’t take it anymore,” Mal admitted, closing her eyes tight to stop the tears from flowing.

“Shut up,” Evie whispered, squeezing Mal’s hands tight.

“Evie I’m so sorry. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.”

“I said shut up,” Evie replied, pulling the purple haired girl into a tight hug.

“I love you too, you idiot.”

“What happened next, Mommy?” Evie’s daughter Dahlia, Doll for short, asked curiously, green eyes staring up at her mother, standing out against her iridescent blue hair. She was getting more and more purple in it every day.

“Yeah, Princess. What happened?” Evie’s smile grew as she heard her wife’s voice.

“Well, My Loves, King ben reunited with Princess Audrey, Your Aunt Uma fell in love with your Aunt Melody and they had your cousin Aridonna, Your uncles Chad and Doug are finally engaged, your Uncle Jay and Aunt Lonnie got married, your Uncles Carlos and Harry fell in love, and we got married and had our little BabyDoll.”

“And we all lived Happily Ever After,” Mal finished for her wife, before placing a kiss on her lips.

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Pokeani cast and their favorite Disney movies - GO!

Ash. “Aladdin.” What’s not to love? Aladdin is a rad protagonist with a flying magic carpet, and his friendship with Abu reminds Ash of him and Pikachu.

Misty. “The Little Mermaid.” She knows it’s cliche for her of all people to like it, but she can’t help it. Ariel’s a driven, romantic redhead, just like her.

Brock. “The Aristocats.” That Thomas O’Malley is one smooth cat.

Gary. Gary Oak? A fan of Disney movies? Pffft. (It’s “Treasure Planet.”)

May. “Tangled.” It’s super cute, and she only wishes she could find a guy like Flynn Ryder.

Max. “Finding Nemo.” Max can’t articulate why he loves it, but it might have something to do with the fact that his dad means the moons and stars to him.

Drew. “The Lion King.” It’s Disney’s best, and not without reason. He appreciates the parallels to “Hamlet,” too.

Dawn. “Mulan.” If you don’t think she knows all the words to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” you’re wrong.

Zoey. “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” It’s a compelling story that makes you think, and Esmeralda is a great heroine.

Kenny. “Hercules.” Hercules is exactly the kind of guy Kenny wants to grow up to be. Stong, heroic, and the type of guy who would do anything for the woman he loves.

Barry. “Peter Pan.” Peter Pan gets to fly, fight pirates, and stay young forever. What a sweet gig.

Paul. Claims he hasn’t seen any. He’s a liar, but he’s sticking to his guns. (He likes the “Newsies.”)

Ursula. “Oliver & Company,” if only because she simply adores Georgette.

Iris. “Pete’s Dragon.” Is an explanation even needed?

Cilan. “Mary Poppins.” A grand classic! And what good Movie Connoisseur wouldn’t recognize the talents of Julie Andrews?

Trip. “UP.” It was a good movie. What other reasoning does he need?

Burgundy. ”Beauty and the Beast.” Because France. Also, she compares Cilan to the horrid Beast in her mind while she is the bright and kind-hearted Belle. Of course, she overlooks the fact Belle and the Beast end up together.

Georgia. “Frozen.” A movie that not only features a queen with ice powers but also challenges the True Love’s Kiss trope? She’s all over it.

Serena. “Lady and the Tramp.” She thinks the romance that ensues between Lady and the Tramp is sweet, and the Tramp has always reminded her of someone she knows…

Clemont. “Tron.” Science fiction is right up his alley.

Bonnie. “Lilo & Stitch.” Bonnie relates to Lilo in a lot of way, being a young girl primarily cared for by an older sibling. Plus, Stitch is so cool.

I’m firmly in the “dumb positivity” camp after tonight’s OUAT.

Emma used dark magic, became the Dark One and went against H00k’s wishes to desperately cling to that ship. To a future she planned for because she couldn’t face the uncertainty of not knowing what’s next. I can’t believe that’s endgame material.

This after Emma had already used dark magic to save H00d at Regina’s request. So basically, without the ill-advised use of dark magic (i.e. If everything had happened how it should have in the natural course of things) both of those guys would be dead.

Add to that the super queer-sounding conversations between SQ… Regina insisting that Emma has some kind of secret feelings. Emma getting upset about Regina reverting back to calling her “Miss Swan.” Like literally every word they spoke to one another!!!

And now there’s this Red Warrior curve ball. Which honestly? I’m not like “MY NEW OTP” but I could definitely dig it.

Here’s the thing… At this point there are 4 possibilities regarding a LGBTQ romance on this show.
1) The couple is Red Warrior. We’ve ALL seen it coming from a mile away. Super obvious since we found out both characters were returning. They exist on screen for all of maybe 3 episodes, never to be seen or heard from again. But now OUAT has canon queer characters. So they’ve got that going for them. This possibility is the most obvious & also the worst case scenario.
2) Somehow the couple is someone we haven’t thought of (or seriously considered) yet. It’s two of the dwarves or something. This isn’t ideal, but we’d at least give OUAT props for creativity if that were the case.
3) The couple is Swan Queen. We’ve been right all along. Every look, every comment, everything we’ve seen the whole time has been exactly what we thought. Bringing Mulan back was just misdirection - everyone would be expecting her to be part of the queer ship, but she’s not. It’s SQ. Which you would think would be the best case scenario, but it’s actually…
4) There isn’t “THE” couple - it’s Red Warrior AND Swan Queen. Red Warrior is pretty hard not to like. We all love Ruby and poor Mulan was so distraught over Aurora and hell - we’re just damn glad to see her too. Why wouldn’t we all just ship them? …Because we are smarter than to fall into that trap and just accept what we’re given, and be satisfied with a side salad when we want the full meal. But what if we could have both??? Best case scenario! If I didn’t see it as a cheap substitute for SQ, I could happily ship RW.

Anyway. Call me crazy if you want, but I honestly believe 3 or 4 are very likely scenarios. Scenario 1 is obvious and lazy, scenario 2 would require too much creativity, but 3 & 4 seem possible.

Believe me, I know that “obvious and lazy” can never be discounted when it comes to this show… But that’s why I’m calling my camp “dumb positivity.”