this is exactly what is happening right now

“This character doesn’t deserve this!”

doesn’t deserve.. what exactly ?

nothing has happened yet. we’ve had a total of 3 minutes of footage, all of which appears without any context. none of the scenes mean anything as of right now.

we’re all going to be fine

…. is your weight fluctuating.

Andrei: No.

Don’t bullshit me.  … I have to stay on top of his damn weight because he likes to troll me by doing things with it in a usually subtle manner.  And then I realize what happened and I flip my shit.  xD  If he gets too fat it’s quite unflattering.  If he gets too thin it…… really doesn’t look right.  >_>;

You’re not bullshitting me are you?

Andrei: I’m kinda BUSY RIGHT NOW.  (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻

Exactly my point!  Because it’s not readily easy to check until tomorrow if you’re bullshitting me!

Andrei: ฅ(˘ω˘ )ฅ

Andrei: Total rawr!  ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ)  ….. wait…….

Johanna: (croaking loudly)

Andrei: The FUCK, woman….


Johanna: (continues croaking defiantly)

Elvira: ………. siiiiiiiiiigh….

* - Oh Lunacy moodlet…..

4am somewhere near steveston
  • josh dallas:ginny u need to wake up, i need ur help
  • ginny goodwin:its 4am and i just got to sleep what now
  • josh:colin challenged me
  • ginny:what
  • josh:the ice bucket challenge, he challenged me, i need you to dump a bucket of ice water on my head rn and film it
  • ginny:no
  • josh:pls
  • ginny:no
  • ginny:*groans, rolls over and goes back to sleep*

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((honestly, probably very, very painful. But he’s not even aware what he’s doing right now. Glitching is also extremely uncomfortable, and he’s freaking out a bit over where he is, so its too many things happening at once that’s REALLY messing with him.))

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Fans worried about how Larry can come out after this - look at what TMZ is doing right this second. They're inventing a completely different babygate story than the one we have been told for over seven months! In a day! And the public buys it. This is exactly what will happen when they prepare for Larry to come out. They can rewrite the past. They will rewrite babygate. Remember KStew and RPatt and her cheating with a married man? And now she's a popular queer icon.

That is such a good point about kstew and that whole debacle. Look what she was willing to do to set up her exit from a PR relationship and her eventual co. This situation is different but not much more severe.

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pls make the drama between BFree and BTS stop. I get that ARMYs want to help our boys but this isn't helping at all. We have to protect them, but this isn't protecting them. If this gets any worse, this will be bad for them as much as it will be for B Free. We've already dragged in an outsider, the other official B-Free. Omg I'm. Pls protect our boys. Don't add fuel to the fire plsssss T___T

Hi. I was actually just about to address this issue with, note, my personal opinions on the matter. Honestly, adding “fuel to the fire” is exactly what I see happening right now. The matter ended years ago and suddenly, BFree decided to bring up the situation out of nowhere. Now, he is probably was trying to get attention but at the same time, we don’t know him, and we don’t really know his true intentions. That’s the first problem. 

Secondly, like you said, I get that ARMYs are trying to protect our boys, but dissing another artist just makes the entire fandom look immature and rude to others. Yes, BFree is also in the wrong for using foul language and sounding insincere in his apology, but the best thing to have done is to just leave him alone. If he truly wanted attention, well, he now got it with all the hate he’s receiving. He may actually be a complete asshole but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us also have to adopt the role of an asshole in order to counter him. BTS is already very successful at this point and are most likely no no longer dwelling over a comment from their early years. Also, they love their ARMYs and would probably feel disappointed seeing all of those vulgar comments and disgusting messages from fans that they always found sweet and loving. 

Moreover, no matter how annoying BFree may be/seem, he himself is also a known rapper. As an aspiring musician, I think it is wrong to downplay another person’s talents and degrade them as an artist (even if he did once do that to Suga and Rapmon). I mean, he must have some fans who are feeling the same way as ARMYs feel when any of the members get attacked. Again, this is just my individual view on the case, but I think that the whole issue should just be left alone at this point. If BFree wants to embarrass himself on social media, let him do so. Alone.

Hello there Admin V~ It’s about that time that I finally get to these reactions plus I’ve been super sick like–? I hope you had an amazing birthday!

- Admin JiJI <3

Jin: Jagi! Wait. Let me help you. I’m not letting you go out looking like that. Plus, you need to eat before you go. I’ll start eating for you.

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Suga: So…What exactly is happening right now?

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Jimin: Relax, you’re going to get there! Just, fashionably late. Come cuddle with me!

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V: This is what you look like. Right now.

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J-Hope: Take your time, you don’t have to get there for another hour.

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Rap Monster: Just remember, queens are always on time, everyone else is just early. No, I didn’t quote the Princess Diaries what are you talking about?

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Jungkook: Is this how girls usually get ready for the day? 

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So let me get this straight. Liam casually decided to tweet and remind us about the single, right while we’re getting news about the newborn (informations coming from our party lover grandma and cousin). So when we’ll get the paternity test saying Louis isn’t the father we’ll also get the music video for history? I’m now genuinely interested, what are you gonna drop when Louis will suddenly break up with Danielle during… Let me think…probably mid February or March? Like wow this team is so good I usually know exactly what, how and when things are going to happen.
Try to promote and sell honestly for once. Bloody hell.

OH AND ANOTHER THING okay im just ranting at this point but imagine an au where like, after the Big Boss Battle

Chat and ladybug are just so exhausted they cant even be bothered to go back home really, especially not adrien he doesnt want to deal with his house ever again after everything hes been through so he just kinda slumps over on ladybug

like that hug but a million times that

and shes just like “okay here nothings going to happen but just come with me.” and she brings him back to her house

they sneak in through the window and its too dark to see where they are

and she just drags him to bed

nothing sexual, nothing exciting

she just pulls him in a hug and he hugs her back and theyre just so bruised and beaten and this is exactly what they need right now

their transformations wear off but they still dont look, they just cuddle into one another and hold each other until morning

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I'm confused right now, but if you think about it - he has posted on both his accounts how "happy he is to be a dad" he looks like an excited new father who is doing the right thing. Now pair that with a paternity test that is awaiting results and what do you have? Headlines saying "Louis Tomlinson DEVASTATED to learn he is NOT the Father after all!" And boom, baby gate has crumbled. That still doesn't excuse this because it's a very low blow and I'm extremely upset that this has even happened.

Yup. It’ll happen exactly like this. 

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ninety second prompt: the pizza delivery boy arrives immediately after knotting

OMG lee I’m dyiiiing. Delayed in honor of the moving van (now at my new home with @lizmarie, surrounded by boxes) I bring you NINETY SECOND FANFIC 


At first, the sound doesn’t even register. 

Bzzt. Bzzzt.. 

Then, abruptly, Erik’s all too aware of his surroundings, and realizes exactly what’s happening beyond the perimeter of Charles’s chair. 

The doorbell buzzes once again, and Erik growls and goes to sit up and no, no that’s not going to work at all. 

He twists to glare at Charles, who seems to be content enough to just sit there, making that stupid face he always makes right after starting to come. 

“You had to do this, didn’t you,” Erik says. “We’ll just fool around, you said.”

Charles hums, sounding like he’s not all that put out by the turn of events. He tries to pull Erik in, so they’re chest-to-back again, where Charles can nuzzle at Erik’s bonding mark. 

It doesn’t go over well. 

Charles,” Erik growls, swatting at him. “Be serious.” 

“Mmm. Can’t be the pizza. Eat24 said forty-five to sixty minutes.” 

“That’s what all delivery sites say!” Erik braces himself on the arms of the chair and tries to get up again, only to collapse back with a curse. The pizza guy has taken to banging on the door, and Erik despairs of ever getting dinner. 

“It’ll be fine, dear. We can always order again–” 

“No. You got us into this situation, you’ll get us out. I can get the door, you make him drop it off on the table–”

Charles laughs, and Erik would think he’d refuse. He’s always so stingy about using his powers. 

“It’s a good thing we paid by card,” Charles says, instead, and this time when he tugs Erik close–well, maybe it’s just that he’s distracted reaching his powers out, opening the door and tracking the motions of the delivery person by the keys in their pocket, but he goes willingly. 


Imagine falling head over hills with the new guy in town and him telling you he likes you too. Then dating him for three months only for him to try to kill your big brother and ruin your pack.

And to top all that off he dumps you with a fucking text.

Then after a few weeks of more dead people coming back to life, and you crying over how stupid you felt for falling for him, the same guy has the audacity to ask for a second chance.

That is how you feel right now, because that is exactly what happened.

You hated how even though you truly felt nothing for him now, you still had feelings for the memories you had with him.

Sometimes on lonely nights, when Theo sent you late night apology texts you want to reply, but you never did.

Instead you put in your headphones and put one song on repeat.

River of Tears by Alessia Cara

The song just spoke your heart in a way you could never attempt to. The lyrics along with the sweet mellow melody relaxes you. Let’s you remember how much Theo hurt you and that eventually he will become a distant memory and that one day it wont hurt anymore.

Go ‘head and wish me well
I’ll cry a wishing well
I’ll fly before I fail
I’ll set sail and drift away
So I won’t need you here
Love sinks and hope floats
In a river of tears
In a river of tears

Until then you would keep listening to this song, and it’s beautiful lyrics.

My grandmother’s husband died last night. He wasn’t my mother’s dad (him and my grandmother got married just after she moved out) but he’s the only grandfather I’ve ever had and I’m not sure what to do right now. My mum and aunt are with my grandmother now and I want to go too but I don’t know what I’d do there and I think I’d just get in the way. We haven’t had a death in the family since my great grandfather died almost 20 years ago.