this is exactly what he said when he lied to natasha then alexander pierce

You Go, I Go (Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes)

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AN: can i just say that i think this is sups fun and I really had no idea how to end it?? also sorry for a late upload my tumblr is bugging out

Alexander Pierce let his hands fall from his waist as he exited your HUB floor (not yours anymore it seemed) and you were left to sink back into your chair and stare at your screen. You couldn’t even begin to process what had just occurred, and not even twenty minutes later, a hand was placed on your shoulder. You jumped slightly, which made none other than Brock Rumlow grip onto your shoulders, almost like in a massage kind of way.

“Woah there, take it easy,” he mumbled down by your ear. You couldn’t help but tense up even more, and glanced back at him.

“Do you need something, Rumlow?”

A grin formed over his lips, his white teeth looked menacing as he patted your back.

“The Director wants to see you, I need you to come with me.”

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