this is exactly how shitty i feel

-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List B Edition

Benzinakinesis - Control Gases

  • Literally, if you take one step closer I’m filling your side of the room with helium.
  • Sadly, your parents perished in a freak hot air balloon accident. I have no idea what happened.
  • Popping all those lightbulbs by expanding th egass in them looked pretty sweet but now there’s glass everywhere…

Bibliokinesis - Control Books

  • I don’t know how you somehow got into my mega-library, but you’re not getting any of these books back. They belong to me now.
  • You may have flight but I can sit on this Britannica and get where I’m going just fine.
  • There’s a reason why there’s a demand for movies to be made into books. You’re looking at them.

Biokinesis - Control Bodies

  • Nothing says professional cryptid like camouflage, mutations, and death on demand. 
  • It’s like playing an Operation game whenever I try to help somebody. There’s no buzzer though, just them screaming when I accidentally rip a tendon.
  • Sometimes, you just want to make your shitty neighbor into a rat. 

Bio-thermokinesis - Control Body temperature

  • I can’t exactly make a trip to Antarctica feel like summer vacation, but I can make it more tolerable. 
  • No thermal cameras can ever see me. But maybe I should knock out the regular cameras too…
  • Giving someone hyperthermia in a room of ice is torture enough. Have them drown themselves to quench their thirst? Dastardly.

Blennokinesis - Control Filth

  • Don’t think for one minute I wan’t bring back the black death. That’s how serious I’m being.
  • When I removed all the polution, I didn’t think people would be so eagar to make more.
  • This blu cheese is barely aged. Let me spread this mold a little more and it’ll be fit for the party.

Botanokinesis - Control plants

  • The grass are all individuals who get as much voice as trees do. I’m drowning in voices and opinions. I need to make them quiet. 
  • That’s it. I’m making it so any thrown away plant matter gets to people who need it. No more of this ‘not enough’ stuff.
  • My best friend might be a potted plant, but at least they aren’t judgemental like you are.

Brontekinesis - Control thunder

  • I’ll vibrate you so hard your organs burst and don’t even think for one second I’m bluffing.
  • No, I don’t have electricity powers. Isn’t the sound wave part cool enough for you? 
  • I made all my minions deaf before you even arrived. I wanted them to have the upper hand when I make you deaf too.
The price of hard work

Check Please, following Bitty’s jam debacle

Lardo sighed. Immediately, Bitty set the ingredients on the counter and turned around, caretaker instincts on full alert.

‘Lardo? What is it?’

‘Humpf. I need to price my art, and it sucks,’ she mumbled, drawing a duckling on the margin of her list. ‘Needs to be done before the end of year expo, but honestly? I’d rather give the lot and don’t bother with money.’

‘Larissa Duan! You spent the entire semester on these! You can’t just give them away!’

‘… Yeah but I like making art.’

‘It’s still work! You should be paid for that effort! And all the money you spent on supplies- lord I can’t even imagine how much those gigantic canvases are. Weren’t you complaining about how expensive good paint is just the other day?’

‘Yeah, I guess so. So, you’re saying all good work deserves remuneration?’

‘Of course!’

‘So you should get paid for your jam.’

‘Wait what- no! Not me! This is completely different-’

‘Hm. I tried. Shits, your turn.’

At that same moment, Shitty enters the kitchen, dressed only in a pair of Falconers boxers and a black tshirt that belonged to Lardo, which fit him like a crop top. Bitty didn’t even know he was at Samwell that day. 

‘Eric Bitty Bittleman The Second, tiny bro of my heart, maker of the pies, we need to talk.’

‘If this is about the jam, I already told the Falcs I didn’t want to be paid-’

‘I’m here to talk to you about market pricing, my man. There are other people, out there, working their asses off to make delicious jam, and they love doing it as much as you do. But those bros, bro, are actually depending on it to pay the rent. What you’re doing, here, is depreciating the value of jam, and convincing fans of said jam that they can have an product of excellent quality- for FREE! This is bad for business, Bits, this can even come back and bite you in the ass when you open a bakery. You don’t want to hurt future you and your fellow bakers, don’t you?’

Bitty stays silent for a moment, mouth wide open.

‘I- I didn’t think of it like that! I was just, you know, in the zone, you know how I get? And then there was all this jam, and I know the team would make a good effort, but they couldn’t seriously eat it all? But, I didn’t know it actually had an impact on the economy?’

‘Well, now that they know where to find delicious jam and baked goods for free, do you think the Falcs, their families and the SMH are going to get it elsewhere?’

Bitty bit his lip and looked at his hands.

‘I just wanted to make them happy. I love feeding people.’

‘And you can! You still can! I’m not saying you can’t make gifts once in a while or bake for your friends, I’m just saying there’s a line at some point.’

‘Yeah, I guess you’re right. But I know nothing about- about pricing! Lardo, how do you even manage with art?’

‘I use my resources, man,’ she said, snapping her fingers.

At that moment, Ransom and Holster barged into the kitchen, both carrying their laptops.

‘Boys? Were you all waiting in the hallway?’

‘No time for chitchat, Bits, time is money,’ says Holster, straddling a chair backwards in front of him. ‘We’re here to help.’

‘I got a spreadsheet here,’ says Ransom, sliding his laptop. ‘Compiling ingredient prices, electricity for the oven, mason jar prices, transport from Samwell to Providence and your work time, from the moment you went to buy those fruits until you closed your last mason jar.’

‘That- that is a lot of time.’

‘Wish I had that kind of concentration for studying law,’ grumbled Shitty.

‘It’s not all,’ continued Ransom. ‘This second sheet calculates the prices of similar products from spots around Samwell and Providence, from the Stop N’ Shop to the fancy little cafés and farmers market near Jack’s house.’

‘Wait, did Jack sent you those?’

‘Brah, Jack ASKED US to do this,’ said Holster with a roll of his eyes.

‘So, here are the prices of a single jam unit- counting the ingredients and the mason jar,’ said Ransom, before clicking on another Excel page, ‘and this is the price of each if one calculates the time worked, compared to what bakers and cooks make in those same cafés and suppliers.’

‘…I- I understand wanting to keep the market, and paying for the ingredients,’ hesitated Bitty, ‘but I’m still not sure I want to be paid to bake?’

‘I’m gonna give away every single one of my art pieces,’ said Lardo, doodling more ducklings. 

‘… Alright, alright, I think I get it. I’ll just put the money in the Haus funds, since I took pretty much all of it to pay for the ingredients.’

‘You put back what you took and you keep the rest,’ said Shitty. ‘Do you really want to graduate without a cent in the bank and live off of Jack’s salary?’

‘What? No! Of course not!’

‘So start making dough, my boy. That future bakery won’t finance itself, you know.’

‘Also, people respect a product if they have to pay a reasonable price for it,’ commented Holster. ‘You don’t want to ruin your reputation from the get go. Honestly I’d suggest asking for more, since it’s also fucking delicious and a secret family recipe and organic shit people are crazy about, but we’ll work our way up there over the years.’

‘Here, I got the price per unit, what everyone bought listed hockey team, then alphabetically, the total, subtracting what was borrowed to the Sin Bin fund- that makes-’


‘Well, it WAS a shit ton of jam,’ shrugged Lardo.

‘And hard work, too,’ added Shitty. ‘So, do you accept?’

‘Well, I guess? Y’all make a lot of good points…’

‘Sweet,’ said Lardo, sending a text.

A moment later, Bitty’s cell phone vibrated with a message. His bank application signalled that someone transferred him funds- 

‘How did Jack know exactly how much to send???’

‘Told ya, Bits, it was all his idea,’ said Shitty. ‘And the Falcs have been giving him money, even hiding it in the pockets of his hockey bag, to pay for their stuff. He just wanted to make sure you were on board with it.’

Bitty didn’t know what to feel about all this, he was still insecure about pricing his jam - and his pies, cookies, muffins and other pastries, if one was to believe Ransom’s other Excel spread sheet- but the reality was that he was now five thousand dollars closer to open his own bakery, someday.

Dex doesn’t figure out what’s happened until he’s already home for the summer. But the moment he wakes up on the morning after he gets in, the realization hits him all at once.

He picks up his phone and calls Nursey before he’s even out of bed, just sitting there in his boxers, sheets pooled around his waist, having never felt so suddenly and completely awake before in his life.

“Yo, what time is it?” Nursey answers, sounding groggy and a hundred thousand miles too far away.

Dex can’t be bothered with greetings or chirps, his single-minded focus kicking into overdrive. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?” Nursey asks around a yawn.

“That we’re basically in love with each other.”

The line goes dead silent for long enough the Dex has to pull his phone away from his ear to check that the call hasn’t disconnected.

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People are so mean, they’re hypocrites, they could judge everything you do, how you dress, look, say, even what you listen to. Some people are so cruel for no reason, it amazes me how certain people can act so nice to some and so shitty to others. But one thing I hate is when people judge my music taste, I mean I’m so used to people judging me, like everything I do and how I look so I already know how it feels like to get mean stares and comments but it really gets me when people judge my music. They don’t understand that music is the only thing keeping me alive. It’s always there when you need it, says exactly what you’re feeling and it doesn’t judge you. It’s my therapy and it’s my safe place. My type of music whether it be, screamo, heavy metal, alternative, post-hardcore, no matter if it’s the “Devil’s music.” No matter if people stare and tell me I shouldn’t listen to it, I will listen to it day and night because it’s the only reason I’m breathing right now.

P.S sorry for the non-band post, just feeling extra shitty today and needed somewhere to rant out and thought tumblr was a perfect place to do it. I promise to return to band post soon! Just needed to get this out! Sorry again!

Something else my boyfriend’s brother said last night was actually kind of upsetting. I can’t quote exactly but Ill do my best:

“[Discussing rise of pagan religions and declining Christianity in mainstream media] …all I’m saying is, as a white, straight, christian, conservative male, it feels like the walls are closing in on me”

Its just… So shitty? I don’t know even how to verbalize how I feel about this, but its just so shitty that the ruling class, the predominant culture that has oppressed and assimilated millions of people in the western world, having complete control over everything is trying to play the victim card now that other cultures are finally breaking the glass ceilings that have held them back for so long.

Do you know who’s walls closed in on them? The Native Americans who were forced out of their lands in an effort to accommodate for American Imperialism.

Do you know who’s walls closed in on them? Native Africans when they were ripped from their home country and shoved in cargo holds to promote American Industry.

Do you know who’s walls are closing in on them? American Muslims and American Jews who have seen dramatic increases in violent hate crimes, LGBT Americans who have to fight for basic cultural rights, Black Americans who are literally being gunned down in the streets while their executioners get off, victims of sexual assault who are being threatened into silence by the new healthcare bill- the walls are closing in in these people.

There is no white genocide, there is no war on Christianity, there is no heterophobia, simply attempts to express other lifestyles and worldviews, and an attempt to be free from hundreds of years of straight, white, and christian being considered the norm.

Hate To Love You

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, fighting, violence, blood, inury, bad blood between Reader and Bucky, mentions of breakup

Word Count: 1087

Summary: After you and Bucky breakup you can’t stand to be apart of the Avengers any longer, choosing instead to work for yourself. However when Steve asks for your help, telling you that there was no one else he could ask you agreed to one more mission. 

A/N: I’m re posting this from my old blog, so I’m going to keep the original tag post for part 2 but if you wanted to be added just let me know right HERE !!

“There isn’t anybody else?”
“Sorry y/n, Wanda’s still in Sokovia and I couldn’t get Nat back on such short notice.”
“It’s fine, not your fault Steve,” I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose. “What time do we fly out?”
“Zero six hundred tomorrow,” He replied, the sound of relief hanging in his voice. “Thanks for this y/n, I owe you.”
“Yeah, yeah.”

I disconnected the call, feeling my shoulders slump as I leant back on the kitchen bench, already exhausted by the thought of tomorrow’s mission. It wasn’t so much the mission itself though, it would be nice to get back into doing what I’d trained for years to do, it would be nice seeing Steve again. However I was also one hundred percent sure that Bucky would also be assigned on the mission, hence why I had a blooming headache starting already.

It had been eight months since I’d last seen or spoken to him, eight months since we broke up in a fit of shouting, tears and thrown objects. It hadn’t been pleasant and as a result I’d walked straight out of the Avengers compound, fully intending to never ever go back. I had been determined back then to get out of that business completely, find an apartment in the city and go to a normal nine to five job like everybody else. However, once something was in your life it was hard to let it go, so I found myself doing odd freelancing jobs, sometimes even for Nick Fury if he asked.
I wasn’t at all surprised that he’d passed my new number onto Steve, telling him that I would be more than happy to help him out if he needed.

Pushing myself off the bench I moved to the kitchen cabinet, pulling down a glass and the bottle of whiskey I kept for occasions such as these. Uncapping the lid I poured two fingers into the glass, swallowing them down in only two mouthfuls, the amber liquid burning as it went down my throat. I looked up at the clock as I poured out a little more alcohol. Only seven hours to take off.


The sound of my boots on the tarmac seemed to magnify in the quiet morning, the fog still hanging low to the ground and the sun only barely peeking out in the horizon. I took a deep breath and watched as it misted out in front of me in the frigid morning air.

I spun around at the call of my name, my eyes landing on Steve, dressed up in his Captain America suit, the cap hanging off one of his wrists. He jogged the last feet between us, bringing me swiftly into his arms, lifting me up slightly off the ground.
“It’s so good to see you!” I said with a genuine smile, having only just realized how much I actually missed him. “Eight months hasn’t changed you a bit.”
He shrugged, releasing me from his grip and standing back, his eyes sweeping over my form.
“It’s changed you though,” He chuckled. “You look good y/n.”
“Thanks,” I murmured, feeling the blush creep over my cheeks.

We were pulled from our short reunion as someone cleared their throat behind us, my eyes landing on Bucky, his jaw tense and tight.
“Mind if we move this along?” he glowered, his eyes barely sweeping over me as he turned his glare to Steve.
Steve looked like he was about to reply but I cut him off before he had the chance, my hand landing on my hip as I glared back at the soldier.
“Nice to know that hostility hasn’t left your personality James.”
“You bring it out in me,” He spat back, lips set in a thin line.

Without another word he pushed past us both, making sure that his shoulder bumped mine as he passed, the nudge causing me to stumble slightly. I glared venomously at the back of his head, my hands balling into fists at my side. At this very second the only thing I wanted to do was pull the glock from where it was resting on my side and shoot a nice hole through that metal shoulder of his.

Steve squeezed my shoulder, probably guessing my train of thought, the expression on his face filled with guilt.
“Sorry y/n,” He said. “I didn’t think he’d act quite like that.”
“What exactly were you expecting? It’s not like we ended our relationship on the best of terms,” Steve grimaced and I suddenly felt shitty for taking it out on him; he wasn’t the one acting like a total dick. “Honestly, it’s fine Steve, this is after all a job and no matter how we feel towards each other we might as well be professional about it.”

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no one else

the morning after a few too many drinks, you discover you called someone you haven’t spoken to in months, someone harry’s not too happy you contacted.

i always feel really uncomfy writing smut its just not my thing but i’m trying for you guys lmao

that said, warning: smut.


let me know what you think

There was a soft knock at my apartment door and my friend Julia kicked me in bed, “Get the door,” She muttered, “Pro'ly your boyfriend.”

I took my time getting out of bed and Harry knocked again. I swung the door open and barely looked at him before climbing back into bed.

"Hey,” Harry said, scanning the room full of scattered alcohol bottles all at various stages of emptiness, “Heard you had a rough night.”

“Don’t talk so loud.” I said and pulled the covers over my head. I felt the bed shift as he sat down and rubbed a hand down my back. I sighed and pulled the covers down so I could see him and he was smiling slightly at me, a bit of sympathy in his eyes. “Can you hold me for a bit?”

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Natsume’s book of friends, season 6, ep 3

So, I know these Thoughts about episode 3 of Natsume 6 are late, but  I am just. so proud of how far Natsume has come and so amazed with the show’s character development. Sometimes you forget how much Natsume has grown, because it’s happened so slowly and naturally. But then something will happen that just starkly demonstrates how much more confident and comfortable with himself he’s gotten and episode 3 of this season where he sees Shibata again really really does that. 

The fact that Natsume is able to be so openly annoyed with Shibata and bicker with him and calls him on his bullshit and doesn’t just sit there and take it is HUGE. 

Especially when you contrast it to the last episode where he interacted with him, seasons ago. Shibata said ALL KINDS of shitty things to Natsume he first arrived and Natsume didn’t really defend himself much or act annoyed about it all that much. He was scared of him- scared of him revealing his secret to his friends, scared of being bullied again and he basically slipped back into having very little confidence with himself.

 It never even crossed his mind Shibata should talk to him in a nicer way because being treated that way was still the default for him, he didn’t even feel like he deserved more respect. There was no way he would have gone  “you know what you’re not showing me very much respect and it’s super annoying” to Shibata back then.. He also seemed to genuinely think if his friends interacted with Shibata too long, they’d start treating him like Shibata did when they were kids and everything would revert to how it was when he was a kid. He felt his friendships were that fragile. 

Of course, Shibata apologized at the end of this episode and showed some understanding towards Natsume, which is partly what’s responsible for Natsume feeling less threatened by him and more comfortable with him- he has changed since they were kids and he bullied Natsume.

But I really think a lot of Natsume’s behavior in ep 3 is a testament to how much more confident and comfortable with HIMSELF he’s gotten since that episode. He’s like “yeah Shibata isn’t very nice so. that’s why we don’t really get along”, like he’s explicitly acknowledging that it’s a problem on Shibata’s end that he isn’t nice. Natsume doesn’t assume, like in the past, that it’s his fault for being weird and that people will be “not nice” to him by default, because he’s now had enough friends and loved ones care for him to know that this is NOT TRUE and people SHOULD and CAN be nice to him. 

And for him to be like “Shibata I can’t see you I’m hanging out with a friend” “Haha YOU have friends?” “yeah i sure do also screw you and do you want me to hang up” “no waitwaitwait” like can you imagine Natsume having standing up for himself like that in early seasons? He would have agreed with Shibata that it was weird he had friends. instead he’s like “YEP SURE DO AND FUCK YOU FOR ACTING SURPRISED”.

He was also comfortable enough to take Tanuma to see Shibata. He wasn’t worried that Tanuma would have a magic “oh wait I should really be being a lot meaner to Natsume like this guy is” epiphany when he interacted with Shibata he trusts Tanuma enough at this point to know he’s better than that.  In fact, he’s worried about Shibata annoying Tanuma and is alll “HEY TANUMA i’M SO SORRY WE HAVE TO MEET WITH HIM HE’S PRETTY TACTLESS IF HE ANNOYS YOU EVEN A LITTLE BIT TELL ME AND WE’LL LEAVE IMMEDIATELY OKAY SERIOUSLY JUST TELL ME”. And there’s still a little insecurity in that- he’s nervous and overly solicitous there and worried about making Tanuma will be mad at him for having such an obnoxious friend, which is ridiculous considering how chill Tanuma is- so that shows Natsume is still not COMPLETELY confident in his relationships and has a lot of the anxiety and over-attentiveness still, he’s not magically over all the effects of his abuse. 

(And how friggin’ adorable was it when Shibata was like “you look like a beanpole” to both of them and both Tanuma and Natsume immediately yelled at him on the other one’s behalf”).

And then overall he was just basically able to comfortably bicker with Shibata, demand Shibata tell him what was going and even tease him and call him a scaredy-cat, which is wow, SUCH a big step to see Natsume confident enough to comfortably do things like that.

Speaking on Tanuma, it also shows how much Natsume has grown that he basically told Tanuma immediately what was going on and took relatively less convincing this time when Tanuma wanted to help. He’s still obviously pretty nervous about burdening people. but he’s come a long way.

And this show is so good about characters actually comminicating openly and honestly- that moment where Natsume apologized to Tanuma for asking for his help and Tanuma being like “I actually really prefer knowing what you’re dealing with to being kept in the dark because that makes me worry about you way more. I actually wish you’d let me help you more, but I know that freaks you out and sends you into a guilt spiral when I push it to hard. It makes me happy you’re trusting me and even relying on me even a little bit.” LIKE WOW. A PLUS COMMUNICATION, A PLUS FRIENDING. 

Basically this show has an end-goal of showing how much better it is when people communcate and are open with their feelings, but also acknowledges that it takes real work to get to that point, especially when you’re dealing with characters who are dealing with a lot of trauma like Natsume is. But Tanuma and Natsume and the rest of his friends DO put in the work and it’s beautiful to see how that is resulting in really healthy, honest relationships where they truly consider and understand each other’s feelings and that these relationships grow and get stronger with each passing episode.

I also have to praise the development on Shibata’s part too. I was very grumpy with him his debut episode for how he treated Natsume. (not because he didn’t feel like a realistic character or that his growth wasn’t good even in that episode, just. he spent most of it being a fuck so). He did apologize, but he didn’t seem to fully grasp exactly how much hell he put Natsume through. In this episode, though, he had a lot of growth. he fully gets all the scary shit Natsume has to deal with and is horrified and genuinely does his best to help and take responsibility for his part in it and lets Natsume know “hey I know I was shitty to you and I still am a little bit shitty but I really like seeing you and don’t want to hurt you”. LIKE YES EXACTLY THANK YOU. LET’S ALL JOIN THE “PROTECT NATSUME” SQUAD. It’s honestly one of the better “reformed bully” sidestories I’ve seen.

(And Natsume realizing that he gets what Tanuma’s talking about because it also makes him happy that Shibata reached out to him and relied on him!)


A Grand Scheme For Love Possibly Ruined By The Asshole K-2SO

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 1,954

Summary: A little droid tells you (well, you bribed him) that Cassian has a crush on you. You have just the plan to get Cassian to tell you straight up. 

Prompt: “ Where the reader tries to make cassian jealous by accepting a date right in front of him. So that cassian could admit his feelings or something like that.”

Tagging: @kwaiky, @attentionseekingprincess, @ly–canthrope, @can-t-figure-it-out

Author’s notes: Yeah, I feel like the title is a Bit misleading but in fairness this is one of my “quirkier” fics. It’s a bit silly and over the top but like! You’ll have a good time. I’m terrible @ wrting about jealousy bc i feel like it aint healthy pero…im also jealous at times? im a hippocrates. Created a minor OMC, too. I used a Star Wars name generator to come up w/ his name lmaoo

You always had a seeping suspicion that a certain captain had a crush on you.

Captain Cassian Andor. The intelligence officer and one of the best pilots on base has a crush on you.

Asking him directly would lead him to flat out deny your claim. That’s when you decide to approach what seems like one of his only friends on base, his droid, K-2SO.

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I can’t really put into words how I’m feeling right now but I’m so fucking proud of niall. I knew the songs and the lyrics before the album came out because I’m extremely impatient and I’ve been listening to shitty low quality audios for weeks. I’ve been waiting for this album since this town came out and all I can say is that it’s absolutely amazing. this is exactly the music that I love and I love every song so much. it’s 1am and I can’t stop smiling because I’m sooo proud of niall. we all know that he deserved to have more solos in one direction and even though I miss 1d, I’m really glad that niall can show the world how talented and amazing he is. I always knew that he was special and extremely talented. he’s my fave since 2012 and now I’m listening to his album and I don’t have to wait for his 3 seconds solo. I know niall doesn’t care about the charts but this boy deserves to be #1 in every country and he deserves all the awards. I love him so much.

fam(ily) - epilogue | pkjm

parent!au: park jimin
A single father of twins show you the true meaning of family and what it takes to love like a parent, even if they aren’t your own.
word count: 1,241
genre: fluff (hopefully) ??  

one | two | three | four | five | the end | epilogue

[A/N]: this epilogue is completely optional to read, if you liked how things ended previous, you don’t have to read this part. but after much consideration, i have decided to write an epilogue bc yall deserve it honestly i love u guys ((: and you guys really wanted one so why not 

Originally posted by jiyoongis

                         Five Years Later; Christmas Day

“How was the dinner?” You asked Kim as she settled in the spot next to you on the couch. 

“Delicious, when did you learn how to cook? I’ve known you for my entire life and all you knew how to make were eggs.” Kim smiled as she sipped her mug filled with warm eggnog. 

Your uncle lightly patted your head and joined the conversation, “Kim’s right. I remember when you came over that one time and you almost burned my house down. You and little Kimmy never set foot in the kitchen ever again.”

“Dad, we were trying to make you breakfast.” Kim laughed and made room for her father to sit down. He looked better everyday and you were so happy that you were able to fly him down to spend Christmas together.

Scanning the room, you saw all your closest friends and family chatting among themselves. Jimin’s relatives and coworkers were all mingaling as well. It was an image you wanted to remember forever. It was happiness. “Jimin did most of the cooking. I didn’t trust myself that much.”

Jimin caught your eyes from across the room. He stood next to Jungkook and smiled. His eyes ducked down to the ground shyly, but quickly back up to look at you. His head motioned to your shared bedroom and you excused yourself to follow him.

“I know we said we wouldn’t get each other something, but I couldn’t help myself.” Jimin was shuffling through the closet and pulled out a neatly wrapped box. A big mischievous grin appeared when you unraveled the present. 

“Now I feel bad because I really didn’t get you anything.” You sighed, anticipation and guilt raising. 

His strong arms wrapped around your waist and he kissed your temple. “Don’t feel bad. I was the one who broke the deal. It’s also not even that big of a gift.”

Inside revealed a coffee mug with large font printed on the side. 

#1 MOM 

“It’s to match my corny cup.” He mumbled into your ear. It was a big deal. Even though the girls addressed you as their mother, it wasn’t real. It was a title you still couldn’t fit. You loved Minseo and Minjoo with your entire heart, but the elephant in the room didn’t allow for comfort. You loved them with a heavy heart.

“Jimin, I can’t accept this. I’m not —”

“Dad! Mom!” Minseo’s voice caught your attentions. Turning around in your husband’s arms, you saw soft eyes staring back at you and a sweet smile resting on his face. 

“You will be soon.” He rushed you out and a spot was left for you on the couch. Minjoo and Minseo stood in front of it. Everyone was gathered, waiting for something. They watched as Jimin lead you to sit down. The silence was killing you.

“What’s going on?” The atmosphere was unsettling. It felt like everyone was hiding a secret from you.

The girls shared a piece of paper, a jittery grin before them. Minseo cleared her throat and her eyes darted around the crowded room. “First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone.”

“We’re gathered at this important moment because we, Minseo and I, have something we need to give Ms. (Y/N).” You were never strict to enforce the mom title. It was okay for them to call you by your name because it made events easier to transition. 

“You two got me a Christmas present? Why are you guys and your father so much alike?” You joked and laughter filled the living room. Jimin stood at the side, watching the scene unfold. He was rocking left to right, like he couldn’t wait for the reveal.

“For the past five years, you’ve been in our lives, helping us every step of the way. You showed us compassion and love. The past five years, you’ve selflessly given your everything for our family. You let me cry horrendously on your shoulder when I was six about not having a mom.” Minjoo was tearing up, her voice breaking between sentences.

“You took care of us, silly girls, when you didn’t need to. We are more than grateful for that. We are grateful that you were able to be someone who we were missing. You became our mom, unofficially. I still remember the moment we saw you after a month. You came back and you stayed.” Minseo wiped the small droplets from her cheeks.

Their kind words caused practically every friend and family member to tear up. Your watery eyes looked over to see Jimin with wet cheeks, staring at his baby girls giving such a heartwarming speech.

“We know we’re sometimes a handful. We misbehave, but not for one second did you stop loving us. You’re our hero. Minseo, Dad, and I have been saved by this incredibly strong woman. We went from a family of three to a family of four because you wanted us. Sissy and I took a pledge on your wedding day that we would be the best daughters to you because you were the best to us.” 

“Not everyone would take this responsibility, especially after knowing the truth about our past. However, you didn’t flinch or have a doubt in your mind when Dad told you. You held us in your arms that night and told us that even though none of us were related, we were a family. It was love that bonded us, not blood. I will never love anyone as much as I love you and Dad. We cannot be more thankful for you and Dad.” Kim’s hand rested on your thigh, and you peered over at the mascara running under her eyes. 

“Dad raised us alone for six years when we weren’t even his and I didn’t think there was anyone stronger than him. You proved me wrong. You didn’t even know Stacey, our birth mother, but you still tried your best to fill in her shoes. I repeat the same thing I said to you five years ago because it still represents how I feel to this day. If I were to have a mom, I’d wish it was you.” Minjoo handed the paper over to her sister as she reached underneath the coffee table for a box.

“So, finally, we present to you our Christmas present.” Your wet hands accepted the box and everyone started to crowd in closer to get a peek. Your heart sat in your throat, and your eyes flowed with more tears. 

As you got closer and closer to the surprise, Minseo and Minjoo said in unison, “Merry Christmas, Mom. Will you officially be ours?

Blinking, you couldn’t believe what was before you. Adoption papers. An uncontrollable feeling tugged down at your heart, releasing it back into your chest. Hurrying up, you ran to hug your beautiful daughters.

“A million times yes.” You sobbed and applause broke out. Jimin kissed the tops of their heads, and embraced you with all his strength.    

You finally felt worthy of being their mother. For the past five years, the once foreign feeling became familiar. It was something you felt every passing day. It was going to be a feeling you were going to feel for the rest of your life. 

“I love our family.” You whispered confidently to the small family in your arms.

Minjoo, Minseo, and Jimin exchanged glances and shared their signature smiles. “We love you, Mom.” That was when it felt real.

[a/n]: im not exactly sure how i feel abt the epilogue, it feels lw shitty ))): but thank you to everyone for reading and supporting me every step of the way !!!

okay can we talk about kesha for a second?? 

she is honestly so strong for everything she went through. i genuinely admire her for not stopping until she was free to make her own music and free from that pig whose name isn’t even worth mentioning. i’m so happy she got out of that whole situation and released a comeback song that really shows her powerful vocals! she honestly, truly deserves to be known for more than her whole party girl “tik tok” image cause sadly, that’s all people remember her by. i loved her since tik tok, i have, but now she’s truly showing off her voice and how great it is. and her song, praying, is so raw and you know exactly how genuine that song was and you can actually feel the pain she felt. it was about her and her struggles. and it didn’t bad mouth him like any other song that is written of someone who did them wrong. it was more like, i’m out of this situation and i wish you the best no matter how shitty you were, and i’m praying for you. kesha is so down to earth and strong and amazing and she deserves so much more. i live for strong women!!! i love her i love her i love her!

kesha rose sebert is a survivor.

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Some Canek doodles from last night !! Mostly focusing on The Parents for once…

Noona is A great granny but she barely looks (or feels) older than the day Zam was born. Which is kind of off putting but I mean, can’t exactly remove all that tiny tech very easily

Remember how I said cricket is an Absent parent but not necessarily an Actively Bad Parent? WELL I was wrong she’s kind of shitty. She’s got…some issues and a bad attitude and really just can’t stop herself from picking fights with like, everybody

Tirzah and rosa’s other dad, he was part of the ORIGINAL Usem hunter squad

vultariashoard  asked:

Ello, windster mah bro! How you doin? :D? Listen mah mehn i freaking love your new sona qb, they're so dynamic and cool lookin i just cant hvhgfb, tell me something, how do they change into their cube form? Are they like transformers where they bend a certain way or do they like fragment themselves and assemble into their cube form? (keep up the hella rad work my dude 👌👌👌)

i honestly have NO idea how they do it exactly, but heres this quick super shitty uhh comic thing. its definitely not 100% accurate but it shows something. 

basically theyre cramped up inside there and the cube surface becomes their white parts + mask, and yea qb does have a set pattern for coiling in on themselves but im feeling lazy rn. one day ill make sense of this i promise

Pillow Talk {SnowBaz}

idk i just got this idea!! sorry the title is dumb and the formatting is kinda weird but i hope u like it :) 

“Can I ask you something?”  
“You just did.”
Baz sighed. “Ask away. I’m an open book.”

        He was lying on his back, one hand toying with the string of warm yellow lights that was strung across Simon’s bedroom wall, the other rubbing circles in Simon’s palm. It was late, and both of them were on the brink of sleep, having just used a significant amount of energy. Baz was beyond thankful for “Clean as a whistle”, because he was far too exhausted to get up to shower. Not to mention, it was impossible to leave Simon’s bed once he was in it - it was just a queen sized mattress on the floor tucked into the corner of his wall, but it was ridiculously soft, and Simon had shockingly good taste in decorating despite having a low budget.

        “You said a while ago that you had feelings for me for years.” Simon began. Baz raised an eyebrow at the ceiling. “Yes, and?”

         Simon hesitated. “Well…I was just wondering. How exactly did it happen? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not holding a secret grudge or anything. It’s just that, to be honest, you were pretty shitty to me. No offense." 

   Baz snorted. "None taken." 

   "But really. When did it happen?”

       Baz sighed again and shifted to face Simon, the small smile on his face illuminated by the lights on his wall. “Let’s see,” He began, thoughtful. “First year, I despised you, through and through. You were everything I was taught to stand against. I was trained to hate you before I even met you. Making you miserable was a very satisfying pastime.”

      “Wow, thanks,” Simon pouted. Baz rolled his eyes and continued.
“Second year, I felt esentially the same. You were still my enemy, I still wanted you gone. Although, I did notice this,” He touched the mole on Simon’s left cheek lightly. “I was appalled when I realized I wanted to kiss it. So, naturally, I slapped it instead.”

         Simon furrowed his brow. “That really hurt. I was red for days.” Baz smirked, not a hint of remorse in his eyes. Clearly, it had happened long enough ago for him to be amused by it rather than ashamed.

       "Third year I started to really…look at you. I started to notice little things about you - how you ran your hands through your hair when you were anxious, how frequently you got lost in your thoughts, how much you cared about things. You wouldn’t let anything go. It was infuriating, really. I didn’t know how to deal with it.“

      "So you pushed me down a flight of stairs.” Simon deadpanned. 

“Exactly,” Baz affirmed, grinning. He really doesn’t feel bad about any of this, does he? Simon thought, somewhat bitter.

         "Fouth year was even more difficult. You know how puberty is. Lot’s of confusing emotions, lots of self loathing. I hated how I felt about you, but at the same time…I liked it. As miserable as you made me, you also made me - how do I explain this? You made me strangely happy. I guess you don’t really love someone if they don’t light up something inside you.“

      Although part of Simon wanted to laugh at the sappiness of those words, he couldn’t help the tight, fluttery sensation he got in his stomach every time Baz said he loved him.

      "Fifth year…fifth year was the worst. That was when I really realized how I felt. When I’d sneak off to the catacombs, it wasn’t because I was planning the apocolypse. I was trying to sort out what the hell was going on in my head. It was difficult enough as it was, and you didn’t really help by following me like a lost dog.” Simon frowned, somewhat guiltily, but Baz just laughed softly and pulled him into his chest.

        “Actually, I take that back. Fifth year wasn’t the worst. Six and seventh year were - they were unbearable. I was sure I’d get over you, that it was just momentary attraction, but the more time I spent with you, the more intense it got. It was painful to hear you cry at night; I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell you to shut up, or go to you and do my best to comfort you. Those two years…I wanted you so badly, I didn’t think I’d live through it. Even if you hadn’t been planning on killing me, I think the pain of not having you would have been enough all on it’s own.”

      “Baz…” Simon murmured. He couldn’t help but feel remorse for how everything had happened, even if there wasn’t much he could have done. Even if Baz was being a complete arse, Simon still didn’t like to think about how badly he must have felt.

      “You know most of what happened in eighth year. Although…”

         "I didn’t…I never really told you about when I was kidnapped. Mostly because it was fucking humiliating that I was kidnapped by numpties.“ Baz scoffed. "But the truth is, it really was…difficult. Extremely difficult. They kept me in a coffin for six weeks. I only saw light once every few days, when they gave me blood. It was a tremendous task to keep myself from going completely insane.” His voice was grim, Simon wondered if it still bothered Baz more than he let on.

       Are some of his nightmares about the weeks he spent in that coffin? Probably. Simon didn’t like the thought of it.

       "The only thing that kept me from losing it…It was you, Simon.“ Simon looked up at Baz, surprised. Baz smiled at him somberly. "I thought of you, when it became unbearable.” He paused. “Not in a perverted way, mind you,” He smirked. “although, over the summer between fifth and sixth year, well…” Simon turned slightly red, and Baz was thankful he hadn’t hunted lately, because he probably would have as well. Instead, he just laughed quietly.

       "Anyway,“ He sighed dismissively. "There you have it. A brief history of the years I spent pining for Simon Snow at Watford School of Magicks.”
Simon bit the inside of his cheek, unsure of what to say.

      He settled on tightening his arms around Baz’s torso, burying his face in his chest and whispering a quiet, “You have me now." 

     Baz squeezed him in return and smiled, resting his chin atop Simon’s head.

"I know,” he murmurred. “It frightening how happy that makes me. Sometimes I’m afraid it’s not real, or that it wont last.”

“It is. And it will. Promise.”

     Baz was quiet. Then, he said the truest thing he could think of;
“I’m hopelessly in love with you, Simon Snow.”

Simon responded silently, with his lips.

Alicia is P.O.T.U.S - Shitty garden furniture

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Just wanna say I’m bowled over by how many people liked this so quickly.  I hope I can keep your interest :D

- - - -

He skips his morning run and the regret adds itself to all the others he has piled up.

In the back of the town car he texts Kent.

Mom’s running for re-election

They’ve been in the White House for two years but Jack could swear it’s been longer.  The moment the race started he stopped feeling like Jack Zimmermann hockey prodigy and started feeling like Jack Zimmermann potential presidential candidate Alicia Zimmerann’s son.  He used to hate the former title but he hates the latter more now. Despite the ugly uphill slog it took to get here he knows his mother was excited to move into the White House but Jack hates it.  He feels like a bug under glass in that place.  Always overlooked and spied on.  The only place he feels safe now is at a beautiful red brick townhouse with white window accents and a green front door.

Shitty greets him (and his protection detail) on the font step wearing nothing but a pink kimono dressing gown and boxers.

“Jacko! You beautiful son of a bitch.”

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Look I know I’m underslept and all this upheaval in the dceu has been bad for my nerves, but I honestly just feel like crying right now. I’m wondering if BvS will be the last one of these kind of films I get and thinking about how sad that makes me. I really hate the planet that won’t just let me have my beautiful intricate, artsy-fartsy serious and slow moving superhero films just because that’s not exactly what a bunch of fanboys and shitty critics with a vendetta want.

I don’t care what they want. The whole world is designed for them. I just wanted one more film before this shit was turned to plastic, repackaged and sanitized to cater to people who aren’t even responsible for these films’ current success. It seems more and more likely every day that they’re not even going to let me have that.

Take It Out On Me (Grayson Dolan x Reader)

Summary: Based on ‘Take It Out On Me’ by Florida Georgia Line and this request.

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, slightly dom!reader/sub!Grayson, swearing.

Word Count: 1,806.

A/N: I missed writing Grayson while doing the Ethan miniseries, so I decided to write this but it came out much worse than I wanted it to, sorry :/ ps 2015 Grayson can fuck me up ^

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I submitted this about a week ago without any explanation, just the image. I thought just putting it out there would somewhat cleanse me of how it makes me feel when I look at it, but I keep scrolling back down and seeing so many reblogs and misconceptions of what this message actually meant. So I want to tell the story. 

The boy who sent me this message was my first love. I met him in my science class at school when I was about fourteen. He had chubby cheeks and brown eyes and he smoked weed and hung out at the skatepark late enough every night to worry his mum on purpose. He was friends with about three other boys who used to skateboard every day and blaze all the time and they were all really loud and really rude and they wore them ugly clunky DC trainers (I think only British people will understand the significance lol). I made friends with all of his friends before I met him because, being completely honest I had made a purposeful move to start hanging around with him and his friends because they were ‘cool’…Looking back and looking at how it all impacted my life, he was not ‘cool’ and he is the decision I regret more than anything but at the same time he made me the person I was supposed to be and I am so much stronger for it. 

I was trapped between being confused about who I was and which crowd I wanted to hang with and what direction my life should head in, and then I met him and he made the decision for me. I fell HARD, stupidly hard. I honestly look back and think it was so deep that if he told me to jump I would jump, bark I would bark. It was maaad. 

I started mixing myself up in a load of stupid shit. I was hardly at school and we always used to meet at a hole in the bottom of the huge school park and fight through the brambles and weeds to get to an abandoned mental home and sit down there for hours just laughing and play fighting and smoking. I remember we ran away from our last day before summer break and sat in the graveyard with a homeless man for the whole day, and he was telling up stories bout the hippy days when he was a kid and how he used to live in South London and take refuge in mosques when the police were after him. I could sit and tell stories forever but the point was, I kept running away from home to be with him and I basically lived at his house and we wouldn’t go to school and we used to go camping for days at a time and just get real fucked up. I was so in love that I didn’t care about anything but him, we lived about 10 miles away from each other at one point and he used to walk the journey regularly to come see me. 

This went on for about two years until he started getting into drugs reaaal bad and hanging out more with riskier people than harmless stoners he used to be with. Despite pretending I was so grown up and making lots of decisions when I was with him that a sixteen year old girl wasn’t really old enough to make, I couldn’t quite hack it. He started getting drug therapy after getting taken into the station and strip searched, they found nothing but were suspicious and admitted him to our schools addictions therapy. I was made to go to therapy sessions on his behalf after he became cold towards his therapist and the man basically told me that I was his only hope because his parents were essentially useless (he walked all over them) and his friends were pretty sketchy. I can’t tell you how many times I remember trying to nurse him back to some kind of sanity so I could take him home to his mother. 

Things started taking a turn for the worst and it is so strange because when I think about this period of my life I see it in a bleak grey in my head. It was such a dark time of my life. I want to go back and drag myself out of his house, out of his life. Ever since I was 14 I’d been sleeping with him and he had always been so rough with me and pushed my head into the pillow so I couldn’t breathe and he would slap me until I had burns all over my bum and he hurt my boobs so much they hurt for days. I literally think about being 14 years old and feeling bullied into sex like that and it makes me well up. I was once with my friend and I was watching TV with her and he had barged into her kitchen living area with two friends and started doing coke off the kitchen surface and literally dragged me out the house. It was all getting worse and worse. There was a pill going round my area a while back that really fucked you up and he took too many and I found him asleep in the abandoned mental house after about a day and a half looking for him. He was off his head one night and told me he was about to jump off a bridge near his house and I had to call his mum and send her down there because I was away with my mum at the other side of the country. The list of ridiculous stories continue… I got them coming out my ears honestly 

I still loved him so much and I sacrificed so much to look after him that I was so emotionally drained, I was always ill and weak and tired. He was manipulative and nasty but I didn’t realise until it was too late. He had said so many things to me over three years that I had drilled into my brain. He used to pin me up against walls and punch the wall next to my head until his hand bled. He was so emotionally manipulative that I was so terrified of breaking up with him because I genuinely believed I couldn’t live without him, and I had given up so much to be with him that it seemed like I had to stay by his side. He once cut open my palm in a drug induced rage and then his own and made me promise in a blood oath I would always love him. I still have the scar on my hand and it makes me cry. One day we’d had a massive fight because I told him I was sick of living like that and I wanted him to stop doing that to his life, he was so clever and kind when he wanted to be and I had faith that he could turn everything around. I’d seen the boy who he was before it all and I just hoped to tap into a different version of him.

The next week he had sex with a girl in my year that had always openly disliked me and been nasty to me. I rang him and cried down the phone, I literally just didn’t understand. He said he had 'moved on’ and that he 'loved her’. The only thing I ever received from him after that is the message I’ve submitted, he was high as fuck on some kinda drug and texted me that. Weird. 

Him and his friends tried their hardest to bully me under the orders of his new girlfriend. She turned all the girls I was friends with against me because (we were in a huge girl group of about 15 at the time and me and her really didn’t like each other and the rest of the girls were mutual friends, it wasn’t a real friendship group, they were all fake friends and when I look back it was so bitchy and toxic) But yes she turned them all against me, for the whole summer I had things screamed at me in the street and snapchat videos where the girls would say they were going to kill me and call me so many horrible names. I was sent videos of him and his new girlfriend kissing and hugging. I had a girl that I didn’t know come and try and fight me. It was hell. I watched the person who I loved more than anybody become the nightmare of my everyday. It was fucked up. FUCKED up 

It eventually all simmered down and I made new friends and rebuilt my life. I ended up getting good grades and managed to get into a good sixth form college. He failed every single exam and so did his girlfriend and his friends didn’t do very well at all, they went to a shitty college because they didn’t get into mine. !!!god sent miracle!!!! I do still love him, to be so honest with whoever (if anyone) has read this far. It has been two years and I still think about him everyday. I feel guilt saying that I love him because I know I deserve better and I am not doing myself justice by saying it. It is weird because I feel exactly how he did when he sent me this text two years ago. Life is a strange thing and it doesn’t owe you anything. I love him but I would never want him back. 

I rebuilt my life and I am such a strong soul now and I am so happy and I have such a beautiful life.  He fucked me up for such a long time but now I’m sharing this story because I’m at the light at the end of the tunnel.