this is exactly how I feel about the doctor

John never was a dummy, he is smarter than he looks

In Leinster Garden, we got in a single scene the entire summary of John and Mary’s relationship.

Remember, a disguise is always a self-portrait but how others perceive it also says a lot about how they see you.

And I get a feeling that we were given a glimpse of the ending and what is exactly going on in the real world.

Tell me, do you remember when John was becoming Sherlock Holmes?

It was a long time ago, I know, but once upon a time, there was a man called John Watson. And this man one day met Sherlock Holmes.

He was deeply fascinated by him, he was without a doubt the most extraordinary man he’s has ever met. That wasn’t to say he was stupid, no.

He was only an army doctor, murders weren’t quite yet his division.

But he tried.

Boy did he try.

Sometimes his mistakes were just plainly embarrassing.

Sometimes he was just wrong and his deductions lead nowhere.

But he’s always managed to pull through.

Because he is learning.

There is a reason why John Waston is the best conductor of light that exists. He might not get everything on the first try, but his thinking always leads Sherlock to the right path. They are on the same wavelength.

And there is also a good reason why some foes mistook him for his friend.

JOHN: I’m not actually… (Still delirious) I’m not Sherlock Holmes.

THE OPERA SINGER (Smiles, she doesn’t believe him): Forgive me if I do not take your word for it.

(She made a strong case, didn’t she?)

Remember when John Watson was becoming Sherlock Holmes?

How he assumed it was Sherlock Holmes she needed and yet took the case instead? Remember when Mary had no other choice than to become his Watson?

HOLMES: You are not coming.

WATSON: Then you are not going.

JOHN: You can’t come (…)

MARY: You can’t go (…)

Remember that Mr Holmes thought Mary was the sane one and at the same time implied he thought John was the extraordinary one?

Don’t forget that John Watson is smarter than he looks. Don’t you dare forget he’s pretty damn smart. He’s more than just a puppy to trot behind Sherlock Holmes. No matter what Mary may think, this is only the image he sells to the public.

WATSON: Listen, I’m happy to play the fool, for you. I will run along like some halfwit, if that’s what you need.

The dummy isn’t who he is. It is what she saw (a fairly obvious trick) but it never was what he was. He wasn’t playing the idiot, he was being Sherlock Holmes.

Because, no matter what Mary may believe, if Sherlock can learn to become more like John, the reverse is also true. John Watson can be Sherlock Holmes when he needs to.

And he can wear the coat and fool her.

John Watson can perfectly be the Sherlock Holmes to her Moriarty. There never was any dummy, he was just taking Sherlock’s place while he was away.

And Mary never noticed that until it was too late.

“I Get That…”

“Seriously? After all this time?”

“Yeah! Why do you think I keep going?

I feel as though this is 50% Doctor/Donna and 50% real-life Tate/Tennant adlib. And 10′s valley-girl “yeah!” is just…I want to hug him. That is all. 


How comforting and wonderful that all she has to do is say, “Spaceman,” and he knows they’re still on good terms and their friendship hasn’t spoiled. His little corner-of-the-mouth smile is such a lovely giveaway that he knows exactly how she feels about him despite her annoyance. This is my definition of true friendship: You can get frustrated with one another, but your affection is never in doubt. 

“Nice One!”

Donna makes a brilliant observation and 10 is just beaming. Empirical evidence that the Doctor celebrates and is gloriously proud of the strong, intelligent women in his (soon to be her!) life. A+ feminist ally support, 10. 

Doctor Who Revival Series Re-Watch

Series 4, Episode 3: “Planet of the Ood”

Fleuve’s fave scenes/observations ☺️💙💙

Image credits to the lovely BBC.

Dr. Hook

Request:  Could I get a Harry Hook imagine where the reader gets hurt and keeps it from Harry and is too stubborn to admit that she needs his help? Thank you so much!! Your awesome by the way -Madison

Warnings: Burns, injury, swearing. 

Words: 1,191

Tags: @hooked-onfandoms  

A/N: I need more passive-aggressive Harry Hook being a caring boyfriend in my life seriously 

When you are as clumsy as I am, injuries tend to happen a lot. Most of the time, it’s nothing serious. Just a scrape here or there, maybe a sprain or something; maybe a cut every now and again. Nothing serious. 

However, I hit a whole new low when I had dropped a pan of boiling hot water onto my arm which caused a really nasty burn. And can I just say that it hurt like a fucking bitch? 

Part of me didn’t even notice when the initial burn happened, it happened so quickly. But then when the pain started, it was there. 

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck shit fuck.” I hissed as I held my hand, biting my lip as hard as I could to keep from tearing up. I could handle pain but even this was a son of a bitch. 

“[Y/N]!” Uma yelled and I heard the doors to the kitchen open, and I quickly grabbed a towel and threw it over my arm to keep Uma from seeing the burn. “Get out here, people are getting pissy,” Uma said, going to grab a plate to get an order together, and I nodded and quickly got out there. 

Throughout the day my arm continued to throb, although eventually, it ended up going numb so while it didn’t necessarily hurt, it still felt extremely uncomfortable and after my shift, I went over to the Lost Revenge to meet up with my boyfriend, Harry, looking at my arm and sighing some because I knew Harry would flip if he saw the burn, he always overreacted when I got hurt. 

I mean, it was a pretty nasty burn, but I’ve had much worse injuries in my life and it wasn’t like my skin would fall off. 

As I approached Harry’s cabin, I put a jacket on and hissed when the fabric of the jacket rubbed against my burned skin, going up to the door and opening it. “Harry!” I called, smiling when I saw him laying on his bed tossing a small ball in the air and catching it. 

“Aye, well hello there, me beautiful siren,” Harry said when I entered the room, causing me to smile and roll my eyes; siren was his nickname because when he found out I could sing he always tried to get me to sing for him. 

“Well hello there, my handsome pirate,” I said, smiling at him and going to sit on the edge of the bed, laughing some when he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me down so I was laying on top of him, but the way he did it caused my forearm to hit the bed which made me yelp out in pain, causing Harry to immediately look at me with worry. 

“[Y/N]? Are you alright, baby?” He asked softly, looking at me and sitting up, and immediately I silently cursed myself. 

“I’m fine, don’t worry…just I sprained my wrist earlier and it’s still a little sore, you know me! Clumsy clumsy!” I said to try to get him off my case, not wanting him to check my arm. Although Harry was a lot of things, and stupid was not one of them. 

Harry gave me a small look to tell me that he didn’t believe me. “[Y/N], tell me the truth. What happened? Let me see your arm.” He said, to which I moved my arm behind me.

“Harry, really, it’s fine. You don’t need to look at my arm, it didn’t hurt that bad honestly, it was more shock than anything.” 

“[Y/N]. Take. Off. The. Jacket.” Harry hissed as he looked at me, the two of us having a stare down when I said nothing to hint to him that I was going to refuse. 

After about five minutes of the two of us just staring at each other angrily and not saying a word, I finally let out a sigh and ran my fingers through my hair. “Do you really want to know what happened?” I finally asked, getting sick of this game that the two of us were playing. 

“YES!” Harry said, him obviously frustrated with me to which I frowned, taking a deep breath and slowly taking the jacket off and biting my lip as it rubbed against the raw skin, Harry’s eyes widening when he saw the burn. “Holy fuck, [Y/N]! How in the hell did you manage to do that?!” He said, grabbing my arm and gently looking at it. 

“Some hot water in the restaurant, it’s alright…it just hurts a lot. It’ll get better.” I said, pulling my arm away since him poking at it didn’t exactly make it feel better. “Harry, really, stop worrying. It’s fine. Besides, not like we can go to a doctor.” I said bitterly, shrugging and going to lay down. “You might just have to deal with the fact my entire forearm will be a scar.” 

“I don’t give a shit about that, [Y/N], you know that. But that is a bad burn. You need to get it disinfected and wrapped up properly at the least if that gets infected you could lose your arm.” Harry said, shifting so he was straddled over me, forcing me to look at him. “Please let me take care of that.” He begged. 


“[Y/N], I know injuries. I know how easily they can get infected, especially on the Isle. Come on…please, let me clean that, baby. Besides, it’ll heal faster if it’s taken care of.” He begged softly as he looked at me, his deep blue eyes pleading with me to do as he said. 

Finally, I sighed and gave in, looking up at him. “Fine.” I complied, following him up to the infirmary that was on the ship and watching as he grabbed the makeshift first aid kit, hissing as he poured some alcohol on it. 

“Oh stop being a baby.” He said as he did what he needed to do, neither of us saying anything the rest of the time he was fixing my arm. “Why didn’t you tell me? I tell you every time I get hurt severely.” 

“It’s not severe. It’s a burn.” I said, sighing and knowing that this would have happened. 

“Your skin is blistering, [Y/N]. It is serious. Do you see how red it is? You have at least a second-degree burn on your arm right now. You should have come to me, or at least told Uma or something so you could get medical attention right away.” Harry said, finishing wrapping my arm up before placing his hand on my cheek, to which I nuzzled my face into his palm. “[Y/N], I love you so much, if something were to happen to you, I don’t know what I would do… I know you think you can handle injuries, but please promise me from now on that you’ll tell me when you get hurt. Even if it’s a silly sprain.” He chuckled. 

I rolled my eyes and looked up at him, smiling some as I stood up to kiss him. “No promises, Dr. Hook.” 

Okay but you can not deny that Rose had a special relationship with the Doctor, one that was different and so much more important than any of the New Who companions. Yes, they were all important and special in their own way, but Rose was something so, so different. She was there for him when he came back from one of the most horrifying experiences of his long long life. She made him smile again. She made him happy. She made him want to save the world, even when he didn’t want to himself. And that is so important and it lives on with him even when she’s gone and he’s changed again and again. He still remembers Rose and how she made him feel, how she brought him back from those dark places time and time again. And maybe it had nothing to do with Rose herself. Maybe it was because she happened to come around at the right time, a coincidence. But maybe, just maybe, the universe knew that Rose Tyler was exactly what the Doctor needed most at that time. His Rose.

Thoughts whilst watching 6x12

- I actually feel sorry for Theo. He has no one. He came back from the dead, was forced to help the pack, bonded with Liam, but then got neglected again. He does have a really fancy Jeep so idk how that worked out but okay. 
- It’s the spiders again. Rats, bugs in wolves, spiders. Odd. 
- Can someone try out Scott’s number and see what happens? 
- Hunters? 
- Oh, come on why you gotta shoot him? he just pulled a spider out of his back.
- I wonder why Scott hallucinated. It has, as far as I remember, never happened before. Was it the shock that the bullet was Argent’s, thinking he’s killing the supernatural again with stronger, more dangerous weapons? Perhaps. Or it has something to do with the aftermath of the Wild Hunt. Liam can’t control himself sometimes, and Scott wolfed out in front of an entire squad of police officers. 
- The Sheriff is just not impressed anymore lol. Like “wop, there I go again, attacked by something I don’t know the name of.” 
- Also why is Malia running behind him? For Lydia, it’s logical, but Malia is a were-coyote. Use that super speed girl. 
- Ugh, why are they all so pretty? 
- Pack feels in the car ayyye. 
- Liam and Mason are so cute, it’s all just parallels of Stiles and Scott. 
- Those kids are so cute. I remember being hopeful in Freshmen Year that highschool would be awesome and full of dreams. (Spoiler Alert: it is filled with homework and tears)
- “Go lacrosse!” “yay sports” I CAN’T XD
- Bitch if he doesn’t make an appointment than you can’t force him. 
- “Opportunities Multiply as They Are Seized.” True. 
- lol and then Mason happily walking in nearly fangirling over his favourite peot or something. 
- that knife though. threat from the argent’s? 
- aw come on, why do the black people always get hurt here. First the black orderly, now him. He’s just fourteen, leave him alone. 
- Thank the Gods that Parrish is finally useful. You were shit in season five and 6A. Thank the Gods for making him go and not Lydia. 
- I want Lydia’s top. 
- Please, Scott should’ve known from the beginning the passport was Allison. His own passport for everything in sophomore year was Allison. 
- Oh and thank you Teen Wolf for not forgetting one of your greatest characters. Allison Argent will be forever missed. I really, fucking miss her. 
- Malia’s humour is on point btw. 
- So the name of the dead hellhound is Halwyn. Halwyn Hellhound, nice to meet you. 
- So the white haired dude is a doctor ohhhhh.
- bitch even if you do lock him up Parrish can still burn down the gate he’s literal fire. 
- Wait since when does Corey play lacrosse? And do girls still play in the team? Because you had Kira and then later on Gwen in 6A. Now it seems like there are none. CONSISTENCY, TEEN WOLF!
- Liam hold your wolf in, please. 
- Aye it’s that relative of Brett that I always forget the name of. No hard feelings, girlie. 
- Keep it in, Liam. 
- “That’s the IED I remember.” dude. not cool. wait, doesn’t Brett know that Liam is a werewolf? Isn’t Brett one himself? Or did I just read that in fanfiction? I’m so confused. 
- oh yeah he knows nevermind. 
- fuck he’s hot
- well hello Samarah from The Ring. 
- oh wait fuck is everyone dead? 
- ah, a doctor is evil. what a surprise. 
- Come on, Liam. Don’t lose it. Also, where is the black freshman? 
- ayyyye Argent please don’t be the bad guy, thank you. 
- he’s so not impressed I love him. Him and Melissa are also, clealry, not together, so why did they kiss in 6A if it had no meaning? 
- Oh, Malia. 
- “Bitch you think im getting out there? hell no.” MALIA I LOVE HER THIS SEASON SHELLEY IS DOING A WONDERFUL JOB. 
- For a man like Argent, it’s odd he even used “Allison”, as hackers often opt first for things that are familiar to the ones they are wanting to hack. Like family names, pets, dates, et cetera. 
- Fuck, man, he’s also part human. You’re a murderer. Well, he’s a hunter, actually. Now it’s just not an organised party, everyone is just killing. It’s basically season 4 only without the money. 
- wop, guess Jordan will go in hibernation then. 
- This woman fucking stayed at school for hours just to give him back that ball and threathen him or something. Jesus get a life. 
- oh fuck you. using wolfsbane is a dick move.
- Lydia fucking register for MIT odwn throw that away please. You have a little less than two hours so do something. 
- I love her ring. Very minimalistic. (gets sudden thoughts of married stydia and starts crying. trash ophelia has arrived)
- oh my God, Lydia, how much has Stiles influenced you. Like “Woopsie she caught me just pretend you’re really interested in this pack of post its yep totally not suspicious yep perfect perfect plan amazing awesome.”
- Also her banshee powers are on point. 
- Bitch he has never even terrified anyone. You have nothing to him personally but you’re acting like he did. 
- oh sure just stick a pole in his body. 
- “That’s incredible”, oh so now she’s a sadist, great. 
- oh cry cry you bitch be fucking afraid. what a dumb bitch. 
- no no no don’t go to the counsellor
- How did Liam not smell blood? Or just the stench of a body? Anyway, good job Mason. 
- Holy fucking shit. I get why the call it the most gory season yet. I’m fascinated though. 
- Her booties… I want them. 
- nononononono don’t lock Lydia up, please let her go she doesn’t deserve this. 
- great she’s probabaly having some sort of PTSD attack. great great great. -_-
- Even though I’m still against Lydia being there, her having her warrior “overcoming fears” Mulan-esque moment is so badass and inspiring. I’m here for it. 
- But you can’t just kill a hellhound. It should be a special kind of bullet. So, if the doctor puts a bullet against Parrish’ head, it shouldn’t kill him. Something’s off. 
- Even though I don’t ship Parrish and Lydia, it’s like now they’re even. he saved her in Eichen, now she saved him. It’s cool :)
- “I’m worried about you”, and in that moment, the whole scolia fandom died. 
- Scott’s look though, I’m even shipping it. He’s probably thinking of kissing her and then snaps out of it. 
- “cutesy looking down afraid of admitting feelings that have been developing since 3B” trope.
- Scott’s smile
- Yep. This is exactly how Stydia has been built up and I like it. I like Scolia. I’m here for it.
-  awww, bonding over almost being killed many times. cute.
-  cockblock!Argent
- okay even I fangirled over that “Scott is looking while she isn’t”-look. That’s a parallel to this right here motherfuckers

- oh no they found the boy - wait, what was the flesh thing then? 
- Wait but Liam hasn’t done anything to the pupils. Or have I forgotten something? 
- oh fucking hell Gerard. 
- ah, so Gerard is going to recruit a new batch of hunters, as the Argent’s basically stopped. 

anonymous asked:

Can I request a MC +RFA and Saeran going to the hospital because MC felt really bad that night and she has to stay for a week in the hospital because of her illness? I'm actually in that situation and I wonder how will they react. Thank you and have a nice day!

Oh, poor thing! Hope you’re home and feeling better now, sweetie.

I also hope this brings you some comfort:

RFA + Saeran with MC staying at the hospital


  • He will definitely ditch work to stay with you, be sure of that
  • If it’s something contagious, it will take the whole hospital staff to explain to him why he can’t be with you in the same room
  • But he’ll sleep every day in the waiting room and send worried texts disguised with sweet words.
  • Until you reassure him you’re fine and actually would like him to go back to work, he’s not pleased but will obey, he’ll do anything you ask him in this state.
  • If it’s not something contagious, he’ll stay with you, sing lullabies, read his scripts to entertain you and even impersonate RFA’s members to you.
  • He’s so happy to see you laughing at his Jumin’s impersonation, it’s so relieving to see your smile.
  • When they send you home, he’ll treat you like a porcelain doll. He even gave you a little bell so you can call him whenever you need something.
  • “What I really need is you right now…” his heart flutters, he’ll cuddle with you and stroke your hair until you fall asleep, now he feels like he can finally relax.


  • He’s even more scared than you, to be honest
  • He’ll call all your friends, family and co-workers, he’ll say exactly what the doctor told him, but there’s something about his tone that makes it sound a lot worse than it is.
  • But at this point, everybody knows your boyfriend and how he easily freaks out.
  • He’ll want to know everything about your eating habits there. What they serve for your meals, what time, if it’s good, etc.
  • If you’re not on some kind of restrictive diet, he’ll bring you bento boxes, or ask his mother for her miraculous soup that will definitely cure you.
  • He’s so scared because it’s so painful and nerve-wracking to see you like this, but if you ask him just right, he’ll stay by your side every single day.
  • You make him a lot of questions. How was his day, how is college, his family, everything to make him feel comfortable and just act natural.
  • Back home, it feels like the hospital sent a personal nurse just for you (and a very cute one, by the way), because he’s always making sure you have fresh water, comfortable pillows, books or a tablet for your own entertainment… actually, he’s better than those nurses.
  • He doesn’t want to bother you being too clingy, but you keep telling him how much you want his company, so he finally gives in and lays with you in the bed.
  • And it’s almost healing to watch him finally sleeping after all those tiring days…


  • She’s a little scared, but will never show you. No, she needs to remains calm and make sure you’ll have everything you need
  • She respects all the instructions given by the doctor or the nurses, it’s for your own good, after all.
  • Never leaves your side, NE-VER! If you move a little, she’s looking at you and asking if you need something.
  • She’s also very honest. If you have to stay there for a little more time, she’ll tell you right away.
  • People can see as a cold treatment, but you really appreciate her honesty, yeah, you’re not a kid, you deserve to know everything that’s going on.
  • But she’s not a robot, so there are those moments when she waits for you to fall asleep so she can take a deep breath, hold your hand, stroke your hair and whisper softly: “please, get better soon, please…”
  • Sometimes you were just pretending to sleep just so you could hear this.
  • You told her this when you got back home and she’s so flustered. Inside, she’s really happy that you still manage to act like your usual playful self.
  • She follows all the instructions for your recovery process, she’s even more strict than the doctor.
  • Okay, not that much, she’s cuddling with you and telling how happy she is that you’re fine, now she is making sure you’re awake for this. Yeah, no doctor in the world could be that sweet.


  • He won’t show it, but he’s panicking!
  • Will pay anything it takes to get you the best doctors, the best medicines, the most comfortable room.
  • What he would really want to do is turn some of his guest bedrooms into a  small hospital station, but you told him to calm down.
  • Now he’s beating himself up. Hell, he should be the one calming you down, not the other way around!
  • After a very long and detailed conversation with the head physician, he manages to go back to his usual stoic self and focus on what’s best for you.
  • So, like Jaehee, he’ll follow every instruction given.
  • He reads to you, tells you about his day (after a lot of insistence from you about him not missing work) and shows you pictures of Elizabeth the 3rd
  • “See in her eyes how much she misses you and is worried for you? Get better soon for her and for me, my love.” You… don’t really see it, but yes, how can you not go along with him being so sweet?
  • He’ll definitely hire a very good nurse to help you through recovery at home.
  • And he doesn’t hold back a deep sigh when he’s able to dismiss their services because you’re finally better.
  • Now all he wants is to cuddle with you while patting Elizabeth. Actually, it’s adorable how she manages to go to your lap instead of his. Okay, she really missed you, now you’re seeing it.


  • Also panicking, but trying to stay cool
  • He also has his ways with money to get you the best treatment, so don’t you worry!
  • The nurses like him because he’s very nice to them. He brings them flowers and chocolate, but it’s not bribe to make sure you’re being well treated, no, it isn’t!
  • The doctor, on the other hand, doesn’t like him that much, because he’s always questioning the treatments, telling some of them are outdated.
  • Yes, actually he researched everything about this new experimental treatment that’s been proven very successful in Cuba and… oh, the doctor hates him!
  • He makes sure you’re never bored, he brings you books, games, everything. But he can’t help feeling a little guilty, he should be the one entertaining you, not these gimmicks…
  • But he’s so scared, so he doesn’t really know how o comfort you. “Just stop arguing with the doctor and stay here.” Okay, he can do that!
  • So he stays, and he tells all his plans about the space station’s marriage, he tells you other stuff, but you keep asking him to tell about this again.
  • Back home, he’s not ashamed of being clingy. He missed you like this so much, why would he hold back? The doctor said you should be fine… not thanks to his outdated treatments, but still…
  • “Just let it go, Saeyoung.” and he finally does as he finally can sleep by your side again, that’s all that matters.


  • He hates hospitals, obviously
  • And he doesn’t really like being around you. Not because he’s afraid of getting sick (though his immune system can still be a little weak…), it’s just… too much painful to see you like this
  • And he hates how he can do nothing about it! Ugh… so frustrating!
  • Due to his own health issues, yeah, he can’t be too long in the hospital with you, but he managed to install a camera in your room, so he’s always watching you. ALWAYS!
  • Also, he’s constantly calling you, usually you’re the one to talk a lot, it calms you both down. And he listens every single thing you have to say, or even if you’re not saying anything… the sound of your breathing while you sleep is music to his ears.
  • He doesn’t like all the instructions, but he’ll follow them, he can’t risk losing the most precious person of his life.
  • When they send you home, he is still a little reluctant to be around you, what if you’re not completely okay?
  • He believes ice cream solves everything, so I hope you’re excited to taste all the flavors the convenience store have, because he bought them all.
  • He won’t cuddle, but he’ll be close enough. He scolds you: “Take care of yourself from now on, don’t be irresponsible and don’t fool around with your health, you hear me?” and then he whispers when he thinks you’re not listening “I would hate to lose you.” Once a tsundere…
Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 14

Buckle up kids! This story is starting to take off and I canna wait to see where it goes!! HUGE thanks to @diversemediums and @outlandishchridhe for helping me perfect this chapter and organize some of my brain for the next bits of the story. Enjoy!

Catch up on part 13 HERE

Jamie’s fingers moved deftly over her skin, seeking that secret spot he knew was there. Finding it, he had to clap a hand over her mouth to keep her squeals of laughter from waking the whole house.

“I kent ye were ticklish.”

“You bastard! Did you cheat?!”

Hand over his heart like she’d mortally wounded him, he gave her a pained look.

“Ye think I would use my Sight just to See if ye have a tickle spot? What sort of man do ye think I am?”

“A determined one,” she said, trying to slide away from him.

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One Of These Days

The sequel to the period fic. What period fic, you ask? THIS ONE. You don’t even have to read it, I think. This one here is set in season 7 and rated NC-17 (or maybe just an R).

Seven years in and Fox Mulder considers himself an expert on Dana Scully’s menstrual cycle. He could write a book on it, he figures, yet doubts that Scully would appreciate it. In greatest Mulder and Scully tradition, they don’t talk about it, and never have. Seven whole years of not talking about it. After that first time he bought her a heating pad, just to let her know he was there and cared. He was sure she had one already, but she thanked him with a soft, shy smile. A memory he still cherishes. He bit his lip that day in order not to remind her that if only she said the word he would gladly take over heating pad duties. Day and night, if necessary. Years later, right before they took the next step in their relationship, he finally told her exactly that. She laughed, still a rare sound, and kissed him. That’s another memory he holds dear.

These days, Mulder is sure of it, he has seen it all. The angry bits, the messy bits. After her abduction, she was as irregular as their whole relationship. He never knew what to expect or when to expect it. In these days he always had as many Oreos on him as sunflower seeds. Just in case it was one of those days. Over time, it became easier, more predictable. Until it stopped altogether. With Scully’s cancer, her periods ceased; everything seemed to just end. The Oreos in his coat pockets crumbled into stale nothingness and yet Mulder bough new ones each and every week. Never giving up.

Now here they are. They might be a new couple, but Scully on her period is no longer a new phenomenon at all. There are times when she kisses him, promises him that she’s fine, really fine, and he’s become an expert on that, too. Tonight though, she doesn’t say it, and even if she did, he sees it in her eyes; she is not fine, but exhausted, in pain.

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Jensen Ackles x Reader

1500 Words

Story Summary: Requested by @iwriteaboutdean-personalblog. Requested a story about the reader who is sick, and Jensen is concerned. Gets mad when she won’t go to the doctor. Hope it’s kind of what you wanted!

“Y/N, sweetie, everything okay in there?” Your husband Jensen asked. He was standing outside the bathroom door, a door you never used to lock against him. It was locked now, because you didn’t want him to see how bad you actually felt. Another cough racked your body, and you covered it with a tissue. Pulling it away, you were a little scared to see the tiny bit of blood covering the white cotton.

“Yeah, everything’s okay.” You replied, even though you felt anything but okay. You hadn’t felt okay in a while, but you didn’t want him to know. He worried enough about you, about leaving for five days at a time. If he knew you weren’t feeling good, it would make everything worse.

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Could I request the NDRV3 guys with an S/O who's been told that she can't have children? And then their reactions when she ends up getting pregnant? (I feel like I worded this funny. You understand though right?)

Yep yep I understand here you goooooooo

DRV3 Boys when Fem!S/O gets pregnant after being told she can’t

Shuuichi Saihara

  • “Are you sure?”
  • He doesn’t know how to react
  • Part of him is excited
  • Part is confused
  • Part is worried
  • “What if there’s like, a problem?”
  • Comes up with all sorts of scenarios
  • “Y/N we are going to the doctors right now.”

Kaito Momota

  • “You what?”
  • You’re as confused as each other
  • Both looking at the pregnancy test
  • “I… this… how is this happening? I thought you couldn’t…”
  • He’s so confused
  • And then he worries
  • “Wait! Do you want children?”
  • He’s worried he’s come across as someone against children
  • Because he didn’t want to get excited if you didn’t want a family
  • But he couldn’t deny the idea of having a child excited him too
  • “… Either way I think we should find out what’s going on…”


  • HOW
  • He’s just
  • What
  • Even
  • How
  • You’re the most confused you’ve ever been
  • He’s prepared to redesign his body
  • If you didn’t want children he had to find a way to stop this
  • Can a robot have a vasectomy?
  • “Y/N… how do you feel?”
  • He’d sit and talk you through it
  • Coming up with a plan
  • To find out what exactly was happening here

Rantaro Amami

  • He’s just silent
  • You’re freaking out
  • He’s trying to make sense of it
  • “Are you sure you are infertile?”
  • “The doctor said I was!”
  • More silence
  • Before he just stands up
  • “We’re going to another doctor.”
  • He won’t show how he feels about being a father until he knows you’re okay

Kokichi Ouma

  • “WhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAATttttttt?”
  • He’s screaming
  • Running around
  • Absolutely hysterical
  • Got so much energy
  • God knows why
  • He grabs your shoulders
  • “Y/N! You are a miracle!”
  • You’re just dazed
  • And then next thing he’s shoving you through the door
  • Getting you to the doctors asap
  • To confirm what you thought would never happen

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He’d be stunned
  • Literally in shock
  • You’d passed him the positive pregnancy test
  • After buying it from missing your period
  • Thinking the impossible
  • But he was just silent
  • Couldn’t take his eyes off of it
  • Couldn’t snap himself out of it
  • “I… You… We… I… Baby… Doctor… Doctor.”
  • He’s stand bolt upright
  • And carry you to the doctors with ease

Korekiyo Shunguji

  • He’d probably laugh
  • And just sit down with you
  • “Are you sure the doctor wasn’t lying?”
  • You shook your head
  • “Was it April Fools?”
  • You shook your head again
  • His head is in his hand
  • And he’s just laughing
  • “Okay let’s go get a professional on this case yea?”
  • He’d probably be apprehensive about the news internally
  • Because he hadn’t prepared himself for this possibility
  • But now it could be very real

Ryoma Hoshi

  • You pass him the test
  • He blinks
  • “But you’re infertile?”
  • “I’m as confused as you.”
  • He just flips the test in his hand
  • Checking it’s reading right
  • “Right.”
  • He exhales
  • Scratches his head
  • “… I’m going to ring someone… And see if this is actually able to happen… or…”
  • He’d hold you while talking to a professional
  • And let you hear what they had to say too
Leonard McCoy Headcanons

Please let me know if a link is not working!

Just some Bones things

  • Playlist - Anna’s ultimate Leonard McCoy Playlist.
  • Bones and substance abuse  - Check out The Theory of Joanna McCoy first. How Bones would react to discovering that a friend/coworker struggles with substance abuse.
  • Leonard McCoy - a TOS headcanon, heartcanon, soulcanon, and crotch-canon
  • Interlude - what did Len do with himself between Jocelyn and Jim, anyway?
  • Fire - Does Len’s anger burn hot or cold?
  • Good eats - just some questions about Len’s favorite foods. 

Bones as a doctor

  • Bones and the balance between objectivity and empathy - Bones is the most complex character of anything ever, and it irks me when folks are surprised at this. A clumsy attempt at teasing apart the paradox that is Leonard McCoy, as it relates to medical ethics and professionalism.
  • Anna’s Perioperative Playlist Challenge - What is on Bones’ surgery playlist? Original, Part II.
  • The doctor is in - This is a note from Len to an ensign who is having a bad day. 

Bones as a daddy

  • The Theory of Joanna McCoy - A story of grief, self-medication, and how Bones loses his baby girl. Many of my Len headcanons stem from this one - it was my first and best, and the one I feel most strongly about. Check it out first.

Sexy Bones

  •  Leonard McCoy in bed - technically McKirk (’cause it’s always McKirk), but this one is long, and full of smutty!Len things.
  • TOS Len’s sexuality - Len would probably laugh if you were to ask, but what’s he looking for? Other stuff, too.

Link to Anna’s Masterlist here.

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Hey, lovely, you're so talented ❤ When there's an inspiration and you're free, can you please do an imagine with kind of daily DaddyMendes (when he helps y/n, or attend doctor with his kids, things like that) 🙏🏻

“So you’re sure it’s just an ear infection?” Shawn asks the doctor, glancing briefly down at the child playing with his hoodie strings before refocusing on the pediatrician. His baby girl is making the fabric a little soggy from putting them in her mouth but she isn’t screaming anymore, and Shawn really can’t bring himself to pull it away. 

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Me or Her

A/N: A request from @winterladybr for a Spencer x Reader where she works for the BAU and they are seeing each other when he starts talking to Maeve. When the reader realizes and sees that he kind of likes her too, she gets hurt, breaks things off, and starts to become very withdrawn. Eventually, Spencer realizes he truly loves the reader and tries to go back to her. She’s still hurt, so it may or may not work out. @coveofmemories


“Babe, I think I found someone that can help me with my headaches,” Spencer had said all those months ago. You’d been ecstatic. His head had been killing him and he didn’t know why. Maybe this person would help. 

“Who is it?” you’d asked.

As he showed you the file, it seemed like she had impressive credentials. It was a woman, a geneticist, named Maeve Donovan. “What will she be able to do?”

“If I send her the results from some of the tests I’ve had done, she might be able to recommend something other doctors haven’t thought of,” he’d said happily. Maybe then he could stop wearing sunglasses all the time. 

“Go for it,” you’d said. “Can’t hurt.”


Oh how wrong you’d been.

That had been nearly seven months ago. At first, it started innocently. He would call her on occasion to update her on his headaches. She’d prescribed a slightly higher than normal dosage of riboflavin and the occasional B-12 shot as a booster. It had helped - his headaches were almost completely gone. But even after the headaches went away, he had continued to call her. Not often, but often enough that you’d found it weird. 

Over the next couple of months, they continued to talk. You’d hear him laughing and wonder what she said that made him react that way. You’d see him talking on the phone when he hadn’t said anything about making a phone call. She didn’t live nearby as far as you knew, but you could see an emotional affair from a mile away. He’d fall asleep next to you, but you could tell he was far away. You honestly weren’t even sure if he knew it was happening, because he was just as affectionate with you as he’d always been, but you were still hurt.

Then about a month ago, you’d had enough. Enough of him talking to someone else behind your back. Enough of his face lighting up at seeing her number on the screen. Enough hurt. You’d just had enough. That’s when everything blew up.

“Y/N, why are you doing this?” he’d yelled. “I love you!”

“I love you, too,” you wept crossing your hands over your chest in an attempt to protect yourself, trying to protect your heart, but it wasn’t working. “I believe you. I think you love me, but I think you are developing feelings for someone else, and I can’t continue to watch it. It’s killing me.”

“Who am I in love with?”

“That’s denial!” you yelled. “You know exactly who I’m talking about…Maeve! At first I didn’t think anything of it. She was a doctor. She made your headaches go away. I thought she was a godsend.” Heated tears streamed down your face as everything you’d been feeling for the past six months came to a head. “But now you talk to her all the time. Your face lights up when she calls. After you update her on your headaches, which haven’t happened for three months by the way, you continue to talk to her. I can hear how lightly you laugh with her. I just…I don’t even know if you realize it’s happening, but I think you’re in love with her too. And I can’t handle that. When it comes to you, I’m selfish. I want you for myself. I’m not sharing you with anyone. So you need to figure out who it is that you want. Do you want me or her?” You’d stopped at that point, having run out of breath and only continuing on empty. But you’d quickly added more. “I don’t want an answer now. We work together and I will continue to act professionally. But we need time apart so that you can figure out who you want. Me or her. So I want you to leave.”

He’d inched his way toward you as you’d cried, but you stepped back. If he touched you, it would be over and you would continue to get hurt. You couldn’t let that happen. “Don’t do this,” he said, his eyes brimming with tears. “I love you.”

“Then you’ll take time away to figure out whether or not you can cut off your contact with her. From the little I know, she’s probably a lovely woman. She cured your headaches, so I know she’s smart. From what I’ve heard, she sounds sweet. But I can’t do this if you continue to talk to her.” It just wasn’t okay.

You remember watching as he stepped back from you, hurt and confused. “Why are you doing this, Y/N? I have female friends. You don’t have a problem with me being friends with JJ, Emily or Garcia? Why is she any different?”

“Because you’re not in love with them!” you screamed. “I can tell the difference between platonic love and something else. What you feel for JJ and Emily and Garcia is platonic and I know that. This…her…Maeve…it’s something different. I don’t know whether it’s exactly the same as me. I don’t know if you’re just in awe of her. But what you feel for her is something I am not comfortable with.” Turning away, you’d opened the door and convinced him to leave. “If you love me, you’ll be back. Without her. Figure out who you want and get back to me. Or don’t. But a choice needs to be made.”


A month had passed since you’d kicked him out of the apartment. The following week was especially hellish at work. Everyone could tell immediately that something was very wrong between you. Both of you continued as professionals, but even looking at him was hurting you. The past three weeks had been a little bit better, but it was still very, very awkward. Thankfully, it was the weekend and you had off. Apparently, he’d been staying at Morgan’s place, so he returned there and you went to the apartment you’d shared. 

There was nothing you wanted more than to go back to the way things used to be. Hopefully, Spencer would make the decision to piece you two back together. When you heard a knock on the door, you’d assumed it was Garcia. For weeks now, she’d been begging you to tell her what was wrong - she wanted to help - but you had no interest in talking. You wanted to wallow. So you walked up to the door and swung it open, ready to snap at her for her to leave. But it wasn’t Garcia. It was Spencer. “What is it?” you asked, as your eyes began to tingle with tears. It had been a constant reaction as of late. “I really don’t feel like doing this Spence, so make it quick.”

“I don’t want her. I-l want you.” He pulled out his phone and handed it to you. “I called her yesterday to tell her I couldn’t speak to her anymore.”

“Are you in love with her?” you cracked, looking at the floor. If you looked in his eyes, you’d see the truth, and you weren’t sure if you were ready for that. 

Hesitantly, he reached out for your hand. “Look at me,” he insisted. “I need you to see my eyes when I say this, because otherwise you may not believe me. I love you. I had some kind of feelings for her, but they weren’t the same. Something more than friends, but not what I feel for you. If keeping her as a friend, or whatever she was, means losing you, I can’t do that. I want you. For the rest of my life.”

It was painful to have him admit that there was something there, but when he said it wasn’t the same as what he felt for you, you could see he was telling the truth. He had tells when he lied. One of them was his eyes darting and the others was that the tips of his ears would turn red; he’d done neither. His eyes bored holes into your soul and his ears were the same color they always were. “You have an eidetic memory. I know you still know her phone number,” you said, wondering if the temptation to call her would be too strong.

“I do still know it. I can’t un-know it, as much as I’d like to. But I won’t ever use it again. If you want to check out my phone occasionally to make sure I haven’t called her that’s fine. I just need you to know that I only want you. Whatever I have to do to prove that, I’ll do,” he said, placing your hand over his rapidly beating heart. 

Moments before, you’d been very close to closing the door, but instead, you stood back and let him in. “Okay,” you breathed. “Just don’t make me regret letting you into my heart again. If I find out you’ve had any contact with her, we’re done.”

“I promise,” he said, caressing the side of your face in his hand. “She’s nothing but a memory to me now.”

The other man ~ Part nine

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A/N ~ Ok guys this is the second last chapter and this one is full of drama and angst.

Theme ~ Cheating/Infidelity/Love triangle

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader x Kwon Jiyong

Featuring ~ Bigbang x Tablo x Lee Haru

Rated ~ Angst

Warning ~ The following content may be a trigger to some people.

Series Masterlist

Two days had past since the night that Jiyong took your heart and broke it and your condition had worsened, your being sick in the morning hadn’t changed but it seemed your body was now being affected. You were constantly tired and mostly bed ridden, sleeping the majority of the time, every time you tried to get up your head span and it didn’t help that your dreams were riddled with the events that occurred that night. Seung hyun was reluctant to leave you during the day to record but you managed to convince him but today he had had enough. You mentioned that you needed to see your publicist to pick up your equipment and he refused to let you go alone, he managed to organize Tablo to accompany you but only on the grounds you would see the doctor afterwards. He waited by your side until Tablo got there, he helped you out of bed before helping you get dressed, the spinning in your head making it almost impossible. A smile appeared on your face as soon as you saw he had brought Haru, she had stolen your heart from the first time you met her and you wished that one day you could have a little girl just like her.

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Awkward Banshee

[A/N: This fic has been stuck in my brain for a few days now. No trigger warnings, just pure fluff. I hope you enjoy.]

“Hey doll, how’s it going?,” you look up from the paperwork Hotch had you doing. Derek Morgan, BAU’s resident flirt and dreamboat was in front of you, biting into some chocolate that he had probably charmed off of Penelope. 

“Derek. How nice of you to visit us mortals. What brings you to this dark and musty corner of the BAU?”

“Nothing, I wanted to see my dear doll-face. Can’t a man visit his good friend? Also, this dark and musty corner of the BAU was your choice for an office space, don’t forget,” said Morgan, tossing the chocolate wrapper into the trashcan.

That was true. You had joined the BAU a year ago, serving as their liaison officer. Your position had been created to relieve Garcia from the stress of having to juggle two jobs. Although technically you worked alongside Garcia, your office was a world apart from hers.

Your office space was in the corner, tucked away from sight. You preferred to work in the quiet, and had filled the office with books, comfortable chairs and muted colors. Garcia still begged you to let her brighten up your space, and you always smiled and refused, telling her you liked your interior decor in introvert chic. 

“Morgan, normally I’d ask you to sit down. But something about that shit-eating grin you’re currently wearing makes me want to run a few miles away from you.”

“Well, chica, maybe I have some news for you. I’ll share if you behave.” 

“What is it, Morgan?” You couldn’t hide the nervousness in your voice. You felt a little lightheaded already. You had two stock responses to situations  like these- either clam up and run, or overcompensate and be cocky. And clearly your body had chosen the former.

“WHOA. Hey, trust me. It’s good news. Here, drink some water, and I will tell you.” Morgan had opened up the water bottle on your table, offering it to you.

While you took a small sip, you heard Morgan say, “Well, a little birdie might have told me that a certain genius is finally planning to ask you out.”

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(I’m so sorry this wasn’t put out when you weren’t feeling well then, but I hope it makes you smile nonetheless!)

GIF Response: Sick Lover w/ Hellsing + Millennium + Iscariot


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Wouldn’t be overly attentive but would bring you whatever you needed when he was able, and I do mean anything


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She HATES getting sick, so expect her to keep her distance even when checking up on you


Originally posted by ipunch5yearolds

Will do anything and everything for her poor partner, especially since she can’t get sick anymore but remembers what it felt like


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Yeah…he has no idea how to take care of himself, let alone you - don’t expect much help


Originally posted by r0llcake

As a butler, he is well-equipped to care for you, cooking only the healthiest for you as well as providing any other things you need


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He will lay in bed with you, relaxing by your side until you’re better, though this is more of an excuse for him to laze around than anything…


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You are in very good hands with the Doctor at your beck and call. Granted, he’ll probably try to over-analyze you for his research, but his heart is in the right place


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(I can’t believe I forgot him!) He will be there for his partner when he can, bringing them medicine and food whenever they need it.


Originally posted by blaringblack

Will make you laugh because that’s really all he can do in this situation, as the Doctor will undoubtedly have to be the one to take care of you in the end


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Won’t know what to do and will end up panicking if you don’t get better soon. She just gets so scared at the thought of you dying


Originally posted by virginiaboredwoolf

Is rather insensitive (what else do you expect from her) and just wants you back on your feet without consideration to how you’re actually feeling, but it’s only because she cares, I promise


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Believes that alcohol will fix anything and you end up getting drunk very quickly thanks to his “medicine”…Luckily the Doctor is around to help


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Instantly thinks that he knows exactly what will make you feel better even though he knows next to nothing about medicine. While not as bad as Jan with his alcohol medicine, he’ll make you take a bunch of weird stuff


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Is actually pretty skilled with cooking and will prepare lots of soup for you, though won’t stop his daily routine


Originally posted by haidaspicciare

Is very attentive so you are back on your feet in no time. He especially loves to serve you meals in bed


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He won’t have any clue and will request that Anderson keep an eye on you as he doesn’t want to get sick nor does he know what to give you


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Will risk getting sick just to be near you, no matter how ill. She’ll stay in bed until you’re better, loving to cuddle up to you


Originally posted by rukiimi

Is the most tsundere of them all. Gets angry that you weren’t taking care of yourself and tries to distance themselves, though ends up feeling bad and bringing you what you need


In that first picture, I probably should have been the happiest I had ever been in my adult life–I’d lost 80lbs, I was getting compliments and attention like od never had before. That was part of the point of losing all that weight, and yet I was miserable. People talking constantly about how great I looked caused my dysphoria and anxiety to crank up to eleven, and I didn’t have words for what that was at the time. I wasn’t me, and I’d always written off that constant, nagging feeling as the product of being overweight–if I just lost ten, twenty, thirty or more pounds, maybe my chest would shrink and I would stop desperatly hoping that I could somehow trick a doctor into recommending me for preventative double mastectomy despite my family’s history of exactly zero instances of breast cancer.

This is me, six years after that first photo was taken–my voice and outward appearance matches up with how I picture myself, top surgery is happening in the near future. I have a great kid, the best husband ever and supportive friends and family. I am happy. My anxiety is pretty much gone.

I know that not every trans person wants to be visible, or can be for the sake of their own safety. But I want to be, because I think it’s important to show trans kids who are discovering themselves that you can be trans AND happy; you can have family, friends, a career you love. You can have all of these things that people will tell you are off limits to you if you transition. Don’t let other people’s insecurities feed your own, and don’t put off your own happiness just so other people remain in their comfort zone. Be stealth if you need to, if it keeps you safe.


Keep The Quiet Out 

(331D Victoria Road, Cambridge, Part I)

There is a boy in her flat.

 Molly Hooper looks at the key in her right hand, wondering if it has somehow permitted her entry to the wrong apartment, then looks at the crumbled piece of paper between her left thumb and index finger.

331D Victoria Road, Cambridge, it reads.

Surely this can’t be it? The university assured her that her off-campus student flat was girls-only. Yet here this boy is: lying on a worn-down sofa, his hands folded under his chin and eyes closed.

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