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Audio Verse Awards 2016

Looks like, for the second year in a row, Wolf 359 is in the running for the Audio Verse Awards! This is super exciting, really touching news, and I want to thank everyone who supported us by making sure that we’re nominated for these awards. It’s an absolute honor (and, frankly, a little scary!) to be in the running for these prizes, especially in the company of so many great podcasts and audio dramas (I see you up there @thebrightsessions, @theboardofdirectorslovesyou, @arsparadoxica, @woodenovercoats, and @hadrongospelhour, you beautiful, audio-producing beasts!)

Wolf 359 as a whole is up for the Best Original, Long Form, Small Cast, Ongoing, Dramatic Production category, which is a tremendous honor. But you know what makes me even happier? 

All of this: 

THAT. That makes me overjoyed. The only reason why Wolf 359 works on any level is all of the amazing, wonderful people who have devoted their time and talents to making it happen. I have the best, most amazing, most tireless, most generous, and just all around tremendous collaborators that any artist could have ever asked for, and I am so thrilled that Cecilia, Emma, Michaela, Zach, Alan, and Zach are getting their amazing contributions to the show recognized. 

So thank you to everyone who’s helped us get here. It means a lot to us. 

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‘The Walking Dead’ Just Isn’t Fun Anymore
And about that violence. It is, of course, nothing new for the show—this wasn’t its bloodiest or goriest episode yet, not by far. What feels new is the way it's asking viewers to be entertained by nothing more than pure, concentrated human pain and misery.
Ted and Heidi Cruz

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so i got hired at mchell and i asked my mom to take me to the orientation on wedn (which she’s not thrilled about, she thinks i can do better for a first job and i’m like tell that to the ppl who won’t hire me lol) and after she said yes she just sent me a huge string of texts saying i should “write an article about it” before finishing with “or maybe i’ll write it from my point of view as a mom” i mean…it’s. it’s mchell. it’s not this deep mom