this is every daughter's nightmare

The King’s Princess

Female POV || Narry Version

“Daddy, can we get ice cream on our way home?” The soft voice of Niall’s almost five-year-old daughter was quiet but completely audible to his trained ear. He glances over at her, trying to not smile at her eyes doing the best puppy dog pout.

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Chained Up

The drabble game Chained up (VIXX) with Monsta x Minhyuk Love your blog ❤️

Note: I know, it’s short and it’s taken me forever, but I tried really hard, so I hope it’s all worth the wait. Thank you for requesting, anon. Also, since this is a drabble (it is super short) should I make a part 2? I wasn’t sure if I should make this smutty or nah so idk let me know. Love you all~ Mami x

Find Part 2 of this here –> Pt2

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Lee Minhyuk is the biggest nightmare to every living father of a daughter. He’s tall, dark and mysterious; his eyes glint with secrets and smirks. He can whisper sweet nothings to lure in anyone he chooses as his pray, and he can pull anyone into his seemingly warm and inviting embrace only to leave them stone cold once he’s finished tearing away all emotion and trust from his victim’s heart. 

You know all of this; yet you’re still here.

Your heart races against your ribcage as his fingers drift from your stomach to the small of your back. It was like he could read you like clockwork, knowing all the right ways to push you beneath his control. You felt as though you were chained up in the palm of his hand. He had you right where he wanted you. 

“Of everyone that comes to me, {y/n}, you were the last I was expecting.” He looked down, not condescendingly, but something close as he pulled you in, his hands gripping the back of your shirt.

“Why would that be?” You tried to sound confident, despite knowing you’d never gain the upper hand. Minhyuk is known for being like this, a natural dominative figure. He walks the university halls as though he owns them, and grabs men and women alike to his leisure. He has a small group of friends; and they’re all somewhat similar to Minhyuk. They think they’re better than everyone else, because people let them believe. You’re strengthening that belief just by being here, by portraying Minhyuk’s toy. 

“Because you’re {y/n}. The straight edge that doesn’t step a food outside after 9:00PM. The one that studies hard and is oh so perfect to the darling parents.” your breath is taken away when he lowers his lips to your neck. 

“And despite all that, you came to find me. Why?” 

You swallow hard. Adrenaline pumping. Lip quivering. 

“You’re an escape from all that. I figured being with you would make me forget… even for a short while.” He pulls away, a flicker of amusement in his eyes. He must have worked out you were using him as much as he was using you; but he seemed perfectly alright with that. 

“Honey, you won’t remember your name never mind anything else.”

A mother, who spent years coaching and encouraging her dyslexic son, recalls his childhood with one pervasive feeling: “It was really scary.”

One father told me his home life was ruined. Trying to do homework with his struggling daughter, he says, felt like “a nightmare every night.” Optimism and determination would inevitably descend into tears and anxiety. The culprit: dyslexia.

Yet another mom — whose son and daughter both have dyslexia — suggests changing the definition of dyslexia: “It’s no longer a reading problem. It’s a life crisis.”

As the most common learning disability, dyslexia affects somewhere between 5 and 17 percent of the U.S. population. Its reach extends far beyond the classroom, causing stress, tension and confusion for families with a dyslexic child.

But experts and parents say there are three key things that can help.

Raising A Child With Dyslexia: 3 Things Parents Can Do

Illustration: LA Johnson/NPR

Imagines Masterlist

Here’s a masterlist with the imagines I’ve written. The ask box is open if you feel like requesting something.

Once Upon a Time:

The Runaway Princess (Killian Jones Request): Reader is a princess running from an arranged marriage, she meets a dashing pirate in the process.

Teacups (Jefferson Request): Reader finds a cup of tea every morning in her desk, and wonders if one of her students is the one leaving it there.

Can’t Lose You (Killian Jones Request): Reader is Killian’s daughter, who thinks her father would be better off without her.

Home (Captain Swan Request): Hook and Emma take a stroll and Killian has a surprise for her.

My Happy Ending (Emma Swan Request): Emma saves the reader from being killed by the dagger’s darkness.

My Happy Ending part 2 (Emma Swan Request): Sequel to My Happy Ending, where reader saves Emma from the darkness.

Mommy Dearest (Regina Mills Request): Reader is Robin Hood’s daughter, who takes a liking to Regina.

Changing His Ways (Robin Hood Request): Reader meets a thief, he changes his ways in order to deserve her.

Fool Me Once (Peter Pan): Reader is left alone for long periods of time by Peter, Pan forgets of her, being more interested in finding the heart of the truest believer.

Nightmares (Captain Swan Request): Reader is Emma and Hook daughter, who is assaulted by nightmares every night.

The Flash:

Don’t Rain On My Parade (Barry Allen Request): Reader is Barry’s girlfriend who finds herself kidnapped by a metahuman.

Famous People:

With you in the darkest of times (Robbie Kay Request): Reader has a violent father, her best friend and neighbour Robbie finds a way to comfort her.

Meeting the Parents (Robbie Kay): Reader and Robbie have dinner with the reader’s parents.

Follow My Lead (Dylan O'Brien Request): Reader and Dylan go on their first date to a ice skate rink.

The King’s Princess

Narry Version || Female POV

“Daddy, can we get ice cream on our way home?” The soft voice of Niall’s almost five-year-old daughter was quiet but completely audible to his trained ear. He glances over at her, trying to not smile at her eyes doing the best puppy dog pout.

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Types of fathers they'd be

America: Pretty lenient, but lowkey protective. There’d be established rules and stuff, but he’d let shit slide if his kid had a good excuse. He’d be the sort of dad to sort of jump straight to violence. If there was a situation where HE couldn’t use violence, he’d encourage his kid to.

Australia: Caring and strict. Established rules with punishment counterparts. He’d want to know where his kid was, and what they where doing. He’d allow them a life, and he wouldn’t be nosy to a point where it’s excessive. Just generally being a responsible father. He’d be very close to his child(ren).

Austria: Definitely the ‘Learn by your mistakes’ type. Though if his child was putting themself into a dangerous situation or one where their wellbeing was at stake, he’d definitely step in and take charge. Tries to be cool, casual, tried to be a friend as well as a parent. Probably fails unless his kids into magic and heavy metal.

Canada: Lenient, awkward. Tries to show that he loves his kid but definitely fumbles. Surprisingly very protective- the type to treat every friend and acquaintance of his childs to the Spanish inquisition

China: “cool dad” and by that I mean he’s completely not. Tries to be hip and stuff, just ends up embarrassing his kid. His attempts get to the point where he’s labeled a push over father, but he’s really not. His children aren’t allowed to do anything irresponsible until they’re out from under his roof. Despite any addictions he might have, his children aren’t even allowed to look at cigarettes or alcohol. He pushes his kids to make good grades and get good jobs.

England: The sweet, more-like-a-grandma type. He’s a bit of a coddler, always making sure that his child is safe. Like Australia, he wants to know where his child is at all times. He’s very supportive, too, unless the child is doing something that endangers them.

France: “Learn by your mistakes” type meets “I don’t know how to properly express myself” in this one. He cares a lot, but he doesn’t exactly have his kids on a leash. As long as they’re safe, he’s fine with whatever they’re doing. Much like China, no irresponsible activity is allowed at all.

Germany: he’s pretty chill, but he does have rules. If the kid breaks the rules, they get grounded. He tries to be both a parent and a friend, and he doesn’t exactly fail at it. Because the legal drinking age is 16 (?) In Germany, that’s when he’ll start buying alcohol for his kid-but only on occasion. He doesn’t want them to be an alcoholic; they aren’t allowed to tell anyone, either. Sort of dad to sit and listen to his kid, help with school projects, and offer to take his kid and their friends out to the mall given he can hang.(he really just wants to keep an eye on them. Shh)

Italy: he’d want his kid to be cultured, intelligent, and proper. They’d have a strict set of rules, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for fun. He wouldn’t want them doing anything irresponsible, or that would “soil the family name.”

Japan: Much like Italy, his child would have a proper and honourable upbringing. They might be on a slightly longer leash, though.

New Zealand: Can you say farmer? His child would be raised in an environment where hard work is natural and comes with great rewards. He’d be caring and close to his child, brought together by the old value “Family’s all you got.” Free time would be spent doing fun things like hiking. He’d make sure that his child wouldn’t get mixed up in drugs or anything. A genuine upbringing.

Prussia: Humble and kind, he’s a father that listens to his child and makes sure that they’re happy with their environment. He’d strive to keep his child happy, because he’s been through a lot and wants his kid to have a calm childhod. However, he’d definitely teach his kid how to cope with the harder aspects of life. He’d build them up.

Romano: Another dad trying to be cool. He’d be a lot like Regina-from-mean-girls’ mother. Which isn’t necessarily bad. He’d pamper his kid and be very welcoming to their friends. As long as his kid was staying safe, he’d probably have no problem with whatever they’re doing.

Russia: “Learn by your mistakes” type mixed with “I don’t know how to properly express myself” is only part of his parenting style. He cares a lot, but he doesn’t exactly have his kids on a leash. As long as they’re safe, he’s fine with mostly whatever they’re doing. Much like China, his kids are forbidden from being irresponsible at all. He’d probably have difficulty talking to them when they’re older. He’d raise them to have strong morals and to always follow their heart.

Spain: Stoic and protective, he’s every daughters-boyfriends worst nightmare. Judgemental and bossy, he’d make sure that no one ever messed with his child. On top of that, he’d probably be a little nosy, but only for his child’s wellbeing. He’d be awkwardly close to his kid; “I love you, but you’re intimidating.” Sort of vibe. He’d raise his kid to stand up for themselves, in case he wasn’t there to do it, himself.