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idk anyone to talk to directly i got now taz friends who are caught up but are we supposed to know what magnus's whole backstory is now? like his affiliation with the red robes and his planet being destroyed? it was more questions and less answers 4 me. IM TOO STUPID AND WAS DAZED THE WHOLE EPISODE is this okay 2 ask u to explain?

uh okay I was pretty confused too but so far what we know is:

-magnus is working with the red robes/is one, who are trying to do something, some grand scheme

-barry has been tracking the bureau of balance and the relics

-magnus came across june and jack and gave them the chalice, after creating it

-where magnus grew up (ravensroost??? possibly) is not in the same universe/plane/solar system as the place the boys are currently

-I couldn’t focus too well on the silver ship parts, but presumably they are used to travel through planes/time or something and left barry and magnus to fail 

so essentially what I gathered was that magnus and barry and maybe all the redrobes (maybe they’re the only two????) inhabit flesh bodies in order to spread the message about the relics, and something that’s happening, something imminent. when that flesh body dies and they inhabit a new body, they don’t remember anything about the previous “life” so they have to leave themselves reminders (barry’s coin). I’m not the best at putting things together, but I was planning on listening to gerblins and all of the lunar interludes and the prophecy parts of eleventh hour again to try and piece together some stuff from way back, so if I find anything crazy I will definitely be documenting that. I hope this helped?

Character Analysis

Okay so I’ve been a little off the map for a while (school is a lot, but life is even more lolololololol) but anyways here’s a few things that have been floating around my mind

Prompto, although funny and goofy and not quite as strong as the others, is fully able to take care of himself. From what we’ve seen in Brotherhood, he essentially took care of himself as he grew up and when he set goals, he very much achieved them (namely the weight loss, and joining Noct on his journey, where he had to at least have a small amount of training to even begin). Prompto is a stronger character than a lot of people like to see, I think, because he hides behind such a positive and cheerful exterior. The fact that Prompto even wanted to come with Noct even though he knew damn well that he wouldn’t necessarily be as strong as the others (because he hasn’t trained for literally his whole life like Iggy and Gladio) is a testament to his resolve. 

There’s just this whole level of selflessness and love between Noct; Prompto, on some level, is willing to literally die for his best friend and is the only one out of the group that actively chooses to accept this fate out of his own accord (it was established that Gladio and Ignis were trained for this role pretty much their entire lives, and although I think they choose to defend Noct out of their free will now, that may not have always been the case). I think this has to do with Prompto assumably growing up as a very lonely kid (which I feel like was canonically established somewhere??) and really having no other solid plan for where his life would go as a young teenager, then he becomes good friends with someone who is literally fated to die for the betterment of the world and figures that, hey I may not be able to do much in the grand scheme of things, but I might be able to prolong the inevitable, or at the very least, make things a little less heavy when we get there. 

A lot of what Prompto does is lighten the mood when things get tense or scary, which is a reason that Noct and him are so close. No one else in the group really does that without Prompto saying or doing something first. Because Noct tends to be a very dark, broody person, Prompto provides a bit of light in the heavy situations they’re faces with. And I think Prompto knows this, which is why he only rarely brings up the things that eat away at him. Prompto has a lot of misgivings about his role in the group (and anxiety, and the weighty secret that he’s from the same place as the enemies they’re fighting and he was literally going to become one of themt) and tells Noct of them rarely (the only occasions being that one time on the roof and after the whole chapter 13 debacle), which I think are moments in which Prompto wants to know if Noct still wants him along in their journey. Prompto doesn’t want to be a burden on his friend who already has the weight of the world looming over his head as a death sentence. Noct validates him, however, which gets him to continue on with renewed strength. 

I imagine that Prompto has nightmares about Noct telling him that he’s a liability. They’re frequent, so much that he has one or two backup plans for if it does actually happen (although he honestly has no idea what he’d do without Noct, so they’re just empty plans). 

I don’t think Prompto has much else going for him in his life, which is why he is so adamant on being helpful and staying with Noct through his journey. Noct is a significant part of his world, and to lose that would mean losing direction in his life (which then makes an ending in which the boys survive while Noctis doesn’t much. harder. to. take.) 

TL;DR- I love Prompto and he is so much more than just goofy comic relief/the child of the group 

I wish I could love you
the way a child
touches a stove top
for the first time- eager
& laughing & completely unaware
that it will hurt.

& I grew up in the same place 
where forest fires
sprung up every other week &
people were always losing
their houses
in freak accidents, & no one
minded all that much- because
it was always somebody else’s house- 
But we all kept backpacks filled with
the essentials in our garages, just in case
we had to leave in the middle of the night.

My mother says people
are a lot like houses– like one day 
they’re there, and the next they're on fire
& burning & you’re suddenly homeless &
that's not even the worst part–
because there are things
far more important than houses
you can lose in a fire.
& my mother married arsonists, one
after the other–
usually by accident,
but sometimes because you can learn
how to like the smell of kerosene  
on a person’s skin.  

I guess my point is- I’ve got a dozen
unlit candles scattered around my room. 
& I guess my point is- I never 
touch anything before it’s cooled & I 
never touch anything that burns
half as much as you.

I grew up in southern Louisiana, around New Orleans, where there are many “swamp monster” myths and stuff. Of course, I never really believed in that stuff, and I still don’t really believe it. But I think there might’ve been something in the swamp.

My memory takes place around a city called Covington. I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time. My mother, great grandmother, and I all went to this swamp where there were these wooden platforms to walk around on (which went in several directions and turned and intersected- it was essentially a maze). Well, for some reason, my mom let me wander around by myself, which was ridiculous and dangerous, but whatever. I went around and looked at the creepy trees and alligators. At one point, I got lost, and I couldn’t see my mother or great grandmother anywhere. I kept looking around until I finally saw somebody and I assumed it was my mother (it tends to get very foggy in the swamp, so i couldn’t really see who it was, but there were no other people there that I knew of), so I started yelling, “Mama! Hey, Mama! I found you!” and ran towards her. As I was running, I remember thinking ‘Why am I not getting any closer to her?’ but still running. I was so scared and I remember thinking that I was going to die and never see my family again. I was running after this figure, through turns and over bridges in this swamp, but I still couldn’t catch up to the person (who, at this point, I figured out couldn’t be my mom because they were ignoring me). It was so strange, the more I ran, I still couldn’t manage to get any closer to them, even though it seemed as if they were standing still. Eventually, I just stopped walking and running and I just sat down and cried. I didn’t know where I had turned or where I was when I started running, I just didn’t know where I was. I was convinced that the alligators would eat me. Then, I stood up, looked around, and the figure was gone. I honestly don’t know who it could’ve been or where they could’ve gone, but I still think to this day that they led me back to my mom, because when I turned around again I just saw my mom standing there, like nothing had happened. I have no idea what happened or what would have happened if that strange thing in the swamp didn’t lead me back to my family. Oh, and I am never going back to a swamp again.

My Favorite S5B Spoilers

Scott and Stiles [will also try to] both rebuild their relationships — Stiles and Malia [Shelley Hennig] are essentially broken up, Scott and Kira [Arden Cho] have been torn apart — and we’ll see if they can get back together. (x)

Since S5B is a season of rebuilding, I have high hopes for Stalia. Though I honestly wonder where Jeff Davis got the “essentially broken up” bit from. She was just with him in his bed, considering she saw the wound on his shoulder… Yes, they grew apart a bit but all I saw was two emotionally scarred teens struggling, not a break-up. But that’s just me…

We haven’t seen the last of Void Stiles. “That’s part of the darkness still lurking inside of Stiles and he’ll have the fear that, is it more than just being possessed? Is there something inside that he has to keep a lid on?” (x)

I hope they explore this, really explore. Though I wonder what Jeff Davis means by that, “darkness still lurking inside of Stiles”. Is there a real darkness inside him? A stain left by the Void, maybe? Does he mean “Void Stiles” simply metaphorically? Him having anger issues? Or literally, that the possession is still influencing him, really influencing him and not through bad memories? Or was some darkness inside of him before? Is it the darkness from the sacrifice and Scott’s simply protected from it by his True Alpha nature? I really hate vague answers.

Stiles and Malia are going to have to deal with their dark sides, but romance is still possible. Aside from exploring Stiles’ dark side, Davis said, “Malia has her own dark side to deal with in the fact that she’s going to break Scott’s rules which is that we don’t kill people or at least we don’t murder people, because she’s very determined to murder her mother.” And yet, he promised that “the relationships are very much on our mind every day because we love romance at Teen Wolf and it’s always interesting when they break up, they get back together and seeing the different variations on that and creating these kind of tragic romances. (x)

I love this. I want to see Stiles and Malia go dark and then bring each other back to light, be each other’s support. And this pretty much confirms that Stalia will sail on, since the writers apparently like that both Stiles and Malia have dark sides. That makes this ship interesting because they really GET each other, because they can both be dark when needed without judging (similar to Lydia and Parrish and their link through death).

“One of my favorite romantic scenes from a movie is from Last of the Mohicans when he says, ‘You stay alive! I will find you! Stay alive!’ And those are the kinds of things that we strive for, which are not necessarily scenes of soap opera where one person says I love you, you’re the greatest thing in my life, I couldn’t live without you, but more along the lines of ‘Stay alive because I can’t live without you’, which is underneath that. That’s what we strive for.” (x)

And this is my favorite bit of all. Because that’s Stalia right there! As both Jeff Davis and Shelley Hennig said in the past, Stiles and Malia aren’t a couple who would go for great verbal declarations of love. You won’t hear “I love you” from either of them. Their I-love-you-s are “I would never leave you behind” - which is pretty much Mohicans’ “I will find you.” And now we know where Jeff Davis found the inspiration for that - right here!