this is essentially their goodbye

Quiet; Prologue

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Happy Thirst Party Saturday, everyone! Been working on this prologue for a little bit. Tagging our usual suspects, @tox-moxley, @oraclegazes, @hardcorewwetrash and @writergrrrl29. Enjoy!

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The Reset Theory Chapter 1, a mystic messenger fanfic | FanFiction

Soooo I started a fanfic that heavily references the infamous “Reset Theory” surrounding Seven and Jumin in the game. It’s about as meta as you can get for a fic, not even gonna lie about that xD, but I feel pretty proud of it, and it’s already getting a little bit of a following, so if you wanna check it out, here’s a little excerpt from the first chapter! Enjoy, and click the link above if you wanna read the rest!: 


You never liked completely resetting the game like this, almost feeing like you were retconning the entire storyline, but with no more save slots to help you out, you had no choice.

“Welp, Seven…thanks again for showing me a good time in this silly little world. I’ll see you again…”

As was a little tradition of yours, you said a final farewell to the character of your current route before you proceeded to reset the game. You never cared that it was essentially saying goodbye to nothing, it felt important to you and that’s all that mattered. Your thumb was mere seconds away from pressing the button when suddenly the background music skipped, and a brief white flash filled the screen before returning to normal. The jazzy music that once filled the atmosphere in the menu was now gone, replaced with silence. Figuring it was a glitch, one that didn’t feel too out of place considering how buggy the game could get at times, it didn’t phase you much at all. It was what happened immediately afterwards that made you pause.

A familiar ding filled the air, made more prominent from the lack of music, and you saw a text message box pop up in the middle of the screen. There was no icon indicating who had sent it, but nevertheless there was a message.

“Wait! Please……please don’t reset!”

In that fleeting speck of a moment, you felt your heart drop as far as it could go. You weren’t sure if this was fear, curiosity, happiness, or even a combination of all the above, but your hands froze in their pose. The thumb that was once hovering over the “Start Over” button was now making its way to the “Back” arrow, and in a frantic rush you felt yourself racing to the messages. You saw the little red “1”, confirming your suspicions. There was indeed a new message waiting for you, despite the game already being finished. It was then that it finally hit you…

…you shouldn’t even be on this screen at this point.

Your game was over. The route was finished. Good endings all around. There was literally nothing left in the story that you could do. At this point you should’ve been knocked back to the main menu and ready to start a new route.

…yet here you were, sitting in the Messages menu and looking at the text in full now. It didn’t say anything else other than what you had already seen, but witnessing it there in its complete form made you uneasy. Was this an easter egg of sorts? You knew there were a TON of moments in the game where the 4th Wall was broken, mostly by Seven and sometimes even by Jumin, but this wasn’t ever mentioned in anything you saw online. Did the creators add new content to the game in order to change things up? The game hadn’t been updated lately, and in terms of DLC, this was nothing you’d ever seen before. If this was indeed part of their plan, you admitted that this was pretty good. It honestly and completely shook you up.

You selected the message in question and saw it flash you to whoever had sent it. You looked at the past messages from the route you had just played, and quickly you realized who had sent this text.


- Remember to check out the link above ^^ to see the rest! I’d really appreciate it! Thanks so much for reading! ^^”

Sleepless [Armitage Hux x Reader]

Part Two

Summary: The reader– a mechannic – and Hux are two halves of a bitter and notorious rivalry. While going about her job, the reader finds a mysterious, injured, and forbidden cat that belongs to none other than her enemy.

Word Count: 5000+ 

Warnings: The reader considers and fears murder several times, but not seriously.

Years ago, you’d been taught how to repair just about anything. You could throw radars, ventilation shafts, and even blasters into your area of expertise. What you hadn’t trained for was fighting. Yet, every time you laid eyes on General Armitage Hux, your hand itched with the desire to throw your wrench at his head.

Your mentor and employer was a lovable giant named Ohon Jayne. He had taught you what to do when it came to military officers. You were to look them in the eye, summon your courage, and tell them exactly what was on your mind. Whatever happened, you were not to let them think themselves above you. You hadn’t had the opportunity to lead Hux to believe that. He seemed to be born with that mindset, and you knew it from the moment you saw him.

When you first interacted, you did something small. It could’ve been that you failed to address him properly or dropped a sarcastic comment. You couldn’t remember exactly. Either way, Hux overreacted. He threatened to “rip your job out of your hands.” Being the level-headed person you were, you pointed out that he couldn’t actually do that. The First Order hadn’t hired you; they’d hired your company. He snapped back, claiming he would see that the entire company was replaced. That was ridiculous as only Snoke could do such a thing, and you told him so. So, you stayed on base and a glorious rivalry was born.

That said, Hux always seemed like he was at his wit’s end whenever you were around. He was constantly tapping his fingers, muttering under his breath, or flat out insulting you. But, one time when he called you in to repair a fried holoboard, he was hysterical. Usually, his attacks were of a subtle nature, limited to snide comments directed to your intelligence, occupation, etc. This time, they were snappish and personal.

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16 Days of Outlander - Day #11 The Devil’s Mark

So this episode has actually grown on me with repeated viewings though I find the witch trial part of both the show and book to be a hassle to get through personally having studied witch trials for a class in college there are lots of little things that just… I don’t know. I understand including people who said Geillis used witchcraft to get back at them for things but I will never understand the disconnect of having Laoghaire admit that she approached Claire to procure a potion - it doesn’t make sense for her to implicate herself in that way. I mean, she almost got beat in the hall for “loose behavior” but doesn’t bat an eyelash at the possible consequences of confessing to seeking someone she suspects has knowledge of the dark arts? Makes me think the show might choose to have Laoghaire be there at least in part because Colum pushed her to get involved… but we’ll have to wait and see. I go back and forth on whether I like the alterations to how Father Baine helps damn Claire (I kind of like the book version and knowing that he will die because he won’t let Claire help and the poetic justice in that). Anyway, onto my favorites.

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Claire explains the birds and she and Geillis bond. I loved the title card for the episode and the way that Claire brings it up later in the episode finding hope where and when she can and that she’s able to forgive Geillis for her naïveté and role in whatever’s happened - she and Geillis aren’t quite so close at this point in the books and Geillis is fond of Dougal but it’s pretty clear that book Geillis and love aren’t familiar with one another. I kind of like the shift they went for in the show more than I did the first time or two. The pair of them joking about how if they were witches, now would be the time to come clean and get them both out of the thieve’s hole and that Claire seeks out Geillis’ baby-bump where earlier she pulled her hand away when Geillis wanted her to feel the baby kick. It makes the rest of the trial and Geillis’ confession/sacrifice/distraction more powerful. 

Favorite Location: the church/court. The setting for the trial itself is visually stunning. While the book has everything take place in a courtyard outside, the fact that the proceedings unfold in a church (at least, I’m pretty sure it’s a church) is chilling - bringing such evil and hatred into a house of God, no matter which side of the trial you’re on… And the camera angles they used throughout, reinforcing the isolation of Claire and Geillis from the people and the examiners is just gorgeous.

Favorite Minor Character: Ned Gowan (one last time). I love, love, love Ned Gowan and Bill Patterson’s portrayal of the lawyer never lets up. From his first appearance in the proceedings, clutching his books and papers to his chest, to the moment when he whips out his pistol in a last ditch effort to protect Claire (he’s clearly there for Claire and if he can save Geillis it will be a mark of how skilled he really is because he knows from the beginning she’s beyond saving). His distress as Claire digs herself a nice little hole from sheer indignation is so NED. I really hope we get to see some of him in Season 2 (even if he wasn’t really a presence in Dragonfly in Amber, I’m sure there are a few places they could work him in and I would not mind one bit just please don’t make me wait until Voyager and Season 3 to see him on screen again).

Favorite Costume: Geillis’ dress. There’s probably a better shot of it at the end of By the Pricking of My Thumbs as she and Claire are being arrested but the stark black and white ruffles of her dress, the lacey choker thing she wears, she’s even wearing her red shoes underneath (there’s a picture of those a little bit further down). The textures are wonderful and add to the frayed and disheveled appearance after they’ve been in the thieve’s hole for a while. 

Favorite Performance: Lotte Verbeek as Geillis Duncan. This was Lotte’s episode as far as I’m concerned. The slow dawning of realization when Claire tells her that Dougal won’t be coming, her passionate questioning of Claire before she realizes that Claire really did end up there accidentally, the amusement at the ridiculous townsfolk, and the pain as she watches Claire throw away her only chance at saving herself because she won’t betray her friend. 

Favorite Music Moment: Jamie to the rescue, Geillis’ confession. There’s tension in the music as Claire is being struck and it shifts but doesn’t quite break when Jamie bursts through and stands over her with his sword and dirk held out to keep the well-armed crowd at bay. But when Geillis begins her confession the music and attention shift again and it’s more of a lament as Geillis details the things she’s done, creating quite the distraction so that Jamie and Claire can slip away. (Also, there are Geillis’ red shoes! There’s another shot of them when the townsfolk are carrying her through the streets, but this one with that bit of her black skirt struck me as particularly reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the East’s feet sticking out from beneath Dorothy’s house; just missing the striped stockings).

Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptation: Claire comes clean to Jamie. This is such a difficult scene to capture well on film because it’s practically a monologue and they’re not doing anything except sitting around in the woods. But the emotions they manage to portray throughout - Claire’s desperation and relief at being believed, Jamie’s anger and sorrow as he stares at her marred back and then at himself as he realizes that she had merely been trying to go home to her “real” husband and he’d beat her for it… it’s all just so much better than I ever expected them to do for this scene. 

Honorable Mention for Music Moment: Jamie and Claire by the fire. I don’t think too much needs to be said here. The music underscores the tenderness of the moment as Jamie knows their time together is limited and Claire is simply enjoying the moment. I guess a second honorable mention should go to the closing shots as Claire wakes Jamie by the fire (not in quite the same manner but with just as much joy) and their theme plays as their choices are made once and for all and their kiss fades into the closing credits. It was one of my favorite episodes musically.

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: last kiss before spotting the stones. So while it isn’t written out in a voice over in the show, I love that they managed to display one of my favorite aspects of Jamie bringing Claire back to the stones. Claire has no idea that Jamie is planning to bring her back to the stones. In the show, he’s more facetious about it than in the book. In the book, Jamie thought Claire had realized that he was bringing her back to the stones all along; he’s surprised when she is shocked to see the stones (he thought that her relief was in part due to the fact that she’d be going home and that she knew he’d been essentially saying his goodbyes to her the whole time). In the show, he’s been telling her all about Lallybroch and what their life there would be like so it makes sense for Claire to believe that’s where they’re headed. Jamie’s sorrow at seeing her go is evident throughout this sequence as he’s constantly putting on a brave face, not wanting her to feel guilty about him but also savoring every moment he has left with her. And Claire is blindsided when she sees the stones and understands why he’s brought her there. She goes from happy, ready to see Lallybroch to shell-shocked, confused, denial, devestation - pick an adjective, any adjective. Neither of them wants to be there doing what they’re there to do.

Favorite Line: “I wasna ready.” This bit kills me every time. When she’s about to touch the stones and he just reaches out and pulls her back because he can’t let her go just yet (and the pained way he says her name as he does it). He’s been building himself up to it for days but there will never be enough time for him to prepare himself. He can’t watch her go; he has to turn and walk away because if he’s there when she goes to touch the stone, I think he’d just keep pulling her back and he doesn’t ever what to hold her back from the things he feels she deserves (safety, her own life in her own time, Frank if that’s what she wants). 

Hanging On


Anon Request: Deadpool x reader where the reader has a biokenisis power where she can affect the biology of living things (make them move/change physically how she wants) and is able to heal Wade. Vanessa had broken up with Wade and once she heals him he leaves to try and get her back (she expecting him to). She leaves for a while to try and get over her feelings and Weasle explains to Wade why she left when he asks where she was lately. Hope that makes sense!

A/N: I cannot apologize enough for this super late catch up on responses- life just happened but thank god for a holiday weekend! I will be writing more now so requests will be filled! I love you all!!!

Warning: Swearing because THIS IS DEADPOOL PEOPLE!

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Having a power sucked because everyone who knew you had one believed you were a superhero- you were super, but you weren’t a hero.

Project X was a fun little vacation your mind tried to block but the damn memories kept seeping through- the power reminder was the biggest trigger. Tortured beyond comprehension for days on end by Ajax, you finally broke and your power appeared like a nuclear bomb on your brain. As soon as you were conscious again, you discovered the biokenisis- you could move shit with your mind!

You knew most people thought that shit was epic but it was a sign of your weakness, you had failed to stay strong against the regime of Project X. The only redeeming thing about that hell was meeting Wade Wilson, he was hilarious and tried so hard to make you laugh, even when you were both exhausted from the agony.

“Hey Y/N?” he would ask you from his bed across the room.

“Yeah Wade” you answered, already knowing it was going to be a stupid joke.

“What do you call a cheap circumcision?” he chuckled prematurely.

“What?” you`d smile, looking at the ceiling.

“A rip off” he guffawed at his own joke.

“Jesus, Wade” you`d complain but laugh anyway.

He was the burst of light in this hellhole.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! I have a quick question for you: what greetings do you use if you're on the phone with someone? for example in Chinese there are certain words for greetings for phone calls, are there different ways of saying 안녕하세요 on the phone? thanks!

Typically, when speaking on the phone in Korean, “여보세요” is used as a greeting, similar to “Hello”. 

Unlike other languages, there isn’t any specific way to say “Goodbye” in Korean when hanging up the phone. So to compensate, people have started using their own versions ~ so some will end the conversation with (Yes), or 끊을게요 (I’ll hang up) before promptly ending the call. 

It’s also worth mentioning that (잘) 들어가세요 (Please go inside) is also used to say “Goodbye” on the phone and from my experience, I find this quite common. It originates from the idea that people would return home after hanging up the phone in a phone-booth or something of the same equivalent, so it’s a polite way to say “Goodbye” and essentially translates to the expression, “Please go back home carefully”.


11/74 Favorite Jack and Kate Moments

“My very first sling…” | The Moth

E:  “The Moth” is one of those Jate staples. Literally. If you can’t walk away from that episode convinced that Kate was in love with Jack after like fifteen minutes of knowing him, and that everyone else knew that they were kind of “together” in some sense, then I’d say that the noggin’ needs a serious scan.

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My favourite mangas & mangakas #04

* 01 - Akira Toriyama
* 02 - Boichi
* 03 - Takeshi Obata

Today I’m going to tell you about Yukito Kishiro, but to be honest I will only write about one of his mangas: Gunnm, also known as Battle Angel Alita.

If you know it already and don’t recognize the names I use, it’s because I read the French version and the names are closer to the original version than in the North American version.

Let me simply start by saying that Gunnm probably is my favourite manga of all times. I’ve read the nine volumes several times already and I’m never bored, I always love the story, the art, and it always makes me think and feel a lot, it’s not a simple story. It’s something more, something personal and universal at the same time, with violence but also love and psychology, philosophy… It really is a complete work of art, making your mind work as well as your imagination. So obviously: if you haven’t read Gunnm, read it! And I’m not saying “read it” like I said for Dragon Ball. You HAVE TO READ Gunnm! It’s only 9 volumes and you will not regret it.

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i just realized that Brian’s line of “thought you could leave without saying goodbye” pretty much has a double meaning in real life

Paul was taken away from them without a goodbye, so this is like essentially the cast saying that line to Paul

they couldn’t let him officially leave them without saying goodbye, and this film is their goodbye that they never got to have in real life

anonymous asked:

Can I request a continuation of the Aizawa and his daughter in a fight? Like where he arrives at the scene and saves her? He makes it on time, but she's in a coma for months and doctors think she won't wake up. The doctors give him a choice to turn off her essential machines and when he says goodbye to her(including kissing her forehead please?) she wakes up?:)

Of course you can =) And I hope I could write it well enough =)  Here is the first part.

Aizawa stands in front of the doctor who just told him that there isn’t much – if any – hope left for his daughter to wake up.

“You should think about it.” The doctor says in a gentle voice, though he’s not shy with his words. “It’s in your hands whether you want to keep her here until her dying day or to let her go.”

“I understand.” Aizawa answers and his voice sounds far away even to his ears. Detached and calm. The man in front of him gives him a calm but also pitying look.

“Think about it and when you decide to take her off the machines, come and find me.” Then he quietly leaves the room once the hero nods.

Aizawa partly feels glad that he’s gone and another part wants him back so he doesn’t have to think about this decision. He looks back at his daughter, lying still, so very still, on the hospital bed. The only hint that she’s even alive is her calm, quiet breathing.

Unbidden he remembers her as a small child, her first wobbly steps, the time she laughed high and giddy when he pushed her on the swing. He remembers that she was scared of some sounds as a kid and how she stood up again no matter how many times she tripped over her own small feet.

He remembers her time in school, how his little girl started to hit puberty and then began to become a woman. He remembers the first time she fell in love and the first time her heart broke.

He remembers their argument that made her leave and that he arrived just a bit too late. Even if he saved her from death that day, he still didn’t manage to bring her back.

Aizawa remembers all the plans she had for her life, the places she wanted to see and what she wanted to learn and do. This isn’t fair to her. This isn’t the life she wanted. He isn’t even sure if it is a life at all.

If only it wouldn’t hurt so much to let her go.

Carefully, he takes her hand and her fingers are limb and just a tad cool. She doesn’t react, even if he waits long minutes for her to wake up, mentally begs her to, prays to a god he isn’t sure is listening in this moment.

Then he bends forward, grips her hand tighter and presses it against his forehead, taking a deep breath. His throat feels so tight with repressed tears; he struggles to speak for long, suffocating seconds.

“I’m sorry.” He finally says and leans back a little again. “I wish I could have saved you.” He reaches a hand up to smooth her hair back a little, remembering the times when she insisted on wearing bows as a little girl. He remembers her smile and the happy shine in her eyes when she went to meet with her friends.

He swallows and his voice is a quiet, breaking whisper. “I love you, please take care wherever you go.” The next word almost doesn’t want to leave his throat. “Goodbye.”

His body feels heavy and his bones brittle as he stands up. His throat aches and his eyes sting as he tries to breathe past the tight squeeze around his chest.

Then he looks down to her hand in his, still smaller, though it’s not as tiny as it was upon her birth. He’s about to let go, feels his heart shatter into pieces and he’s not sure it can ever be mend, when her fingers twitch.

Aizawa freezes and then he feels it again. It’s so small anyone with lesser senses would have missed it. Hope floods his chest like a breath of water after drowning.

“Are you waking up?” He asks, his voice rough with emotions and he grips her hand tight. “Please tell me you wake up.”

Her fingers curl ever so slightly and he moves fast, pressing the button that calls for the nurse. A moment later, a serious woman with a grave face enters, only to pause when she sees him.

“She’s waking up.” Aizawa says and the nurse is at his side in a second, already calling for the doctor.

He doesn’t let go of her as he watches the nurses and doctor bustle around and her eyes start to move under her closed lids. Her vitals are checked and checked again, as well as her brain waves. The doctor murmurs something about a miracle and then she opens her eyes.

She’s confused and hazy and doesn’t really respond to questions or movements for a few long, heavy seconds, before she chocks on the tube that’s down her throat. A nurse carefully takes it out and she coughs, looking around confused. Then she sees Aizawa and her mouth moves silently, her throat too sore and unused for her to speak yet.

Aizawa squeezes her hand and has to close his eyes so he doesn’t start to cry. However, when he opens them again and sees her, he still feels how his eyes water and his vision blurs.

“Welcome back.” He whispers, relief sharp in his chest. “It’s alright, don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay.”

But imagine if you were working late at your job as a waitress, and 5sos came in while traveling to the next venue after a concert, and obviously you knew who they were but you couldn’t just fangirl over them because you were their server. So you tried to play it cool, and you could tell that every time you went over to them that Luke kept looking at you, and eventually he started flirting with you. One time when you went over all the boys but Luke were laughing about something, but when you walked up to them they went silent except for a few giggles escaping them. Finally, when they left Luke lingered a little longer continuing to talk to you until the boys essentially pulled him out of the restaurant as he waved goodbye. When you walked over to clean off their table Luke had left you his number along with a $100 tip. When you got off work you quickly texted him, “So, do you always bribe girls to get them to text you?” He replied immediately, “I don’t know, this was my first attempt and I’m hoping it works so it can be my last :-)”


summary: punk!dan is disgustingly in love with pastel!phil but phil isnt really convinced.

ao3 link: here

word count: 1.8k+.


Dan was completely disgusted with Phil and himself, mostly himself. He had a fucking reputation to uphold, but it was slipping through his fingers. He wants out, but he can’t leave. He doesn’t want to leave Phil.

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Shaw x Root-In-The-Machine

Shaw’s reaction to the sound of Root’s voice says it all.

And Shaw’s reaction at the mention of “Sweetie” is everything.

Shaw already sees Root-In-The-Machine as an extension of Root since hearing her voice by Root’s grave. Instant attachment.

Just look at Shaw, how she’s alive again (with Root’s voice in her ear).

So when Shaw says goodbye, she’s essentially saying it to both TM and Root…Root-In-The-Machine.

Shaw’s reaction to the phone ringing says it all.

Instead of walking away, Shaw picks up the phone almost immediately. The brief pause as she holds on to the phone receiver is telling.

Hope & Trepidation. That she’ll hear Root’s voice again.

Shaw’s hope is answered. Root’s voice is clearly on the other line because Shaw looks up to the camera, essentially acknowledging Root-In-The-Machine’s return.

Trepidation ceases.

Then, Shaw gives THIS look to Root-In-The-Machine….

…which is, interestingly. parallel to the one she gave Root before…. (a little flirtatious)

A look of joy and content as she walks away staring at Root-In-The-Machine, cracking a knowing smile at Her…

She knows Root’s back in her life….in a different way.

Shaw knows that Root will always be with her, living through Root-In-The-Machine.

The look of happiness on Shaw’s face says it all. And that smile…

“….And maybe, this isn’t the end at all.” [Root-In-The-Machine]

I think [the smile] is much about hearing Root’s voice. And one of the few regrets I have about the way the finale cuts together is that’s not totally clear. We had a moment between them at the end, dialogue in that moment with Sarah on the phone, and it just didn’t ‘fit.’ At that point, 'the train was running,’ the main score was going, and it felt like it stepped on the moment. But the clear implication is that, that relationship continues in this new form. And she leaves with a relationship with a dog and a god.- Jonah Nolan [x]

I really wanna know what tthat dialogue was in that moment between Shaw & Root-In-The-Machine over the phone!!!! Bloody dvd/blu-ray won’t have any deleted scenes which is ridculous! It’s the FINAL series, FFS! Couldn’t someone spill the beans?!?!

Vault Hunter Rhys: Skill Trees

jettiebettie and her fabulous followers are idea jamming about the idea of Rhys as a playable Vault Hunter. This is Jettie’s tag for the discussion and it’s FULL OF GOOD IDEAS. I felt the urge to put the skill tree stuff into one easily rebloggable post.

DEFAULT ACTION SKILL: Hack. Rhys disables enemy weapons in a radius for a few seconds.


“RHYSWINZ.EXE”: Hacking-focused tree. Buffs his action skill in various ways. It extends the radius of effect, the duration, grants shield regen for the duration. One of the major buffs early in the tree is that all disabled weapons cause electrical damage as well. 

Mid-level skills let Rhys temporarily hack enemy turrets and bots, turning them to his side. Other skills in this part of the tree will allow Rhys to extend the skill duration, similar to how Timothy’s digijacks stick around longer if they keep killing enemies. Maxing this duration skill out can potentially allow Rhys to hold bots under thrall for the entire battle.

The only downside to Rhys enthralling robots is that once his skill duration ends, they will turn on him en masse. This is remedied by the final skill in the tree, which will all Rhys to de-aggro his enthralled robots if all other combatants are killed before his skill duration is up. So instead of the bots turning and obliterating him, they will go peaceful and just walk away until someone fires upon them and aggros them again.

This tree would probably provide the most character buffs to Rhys again, extending his shields, granting a health regen on cooldown, and other things to make him less squishy. It’s a more general, less specialized tree that is best for people who don’t want to play with Rhys’ more finicky combat strategies that come up with the other two trees.

“Company Loyalty”: Hyperion-focused tree, vaguely inspired by Gaige’s Anarchy tree and how its a risk-reward system. Rhys gains buffs to Hyperion-brand equipment. This starts very small, with larger magazines for Hyperion weapons and maybe a faster shield regen with Hyperion shields. Mid-level skills would allow the Hyperion-unique ability, the reverse recoil effect, to kick in faster (and later, instantly) and give damage multipliers for Rhys swapping from Hyp gun to Hyp gun. High-level skills include giving high elemental effect chance of specific kinds to specific types of guns. For instance, all SMGs would have 40% electric chance, all assault rifles would be corrosive, all pistols slag, etc.

The final skill in the tree exchanges Rhys’ weak melee (his fleshy hand, honey no) with the stun baton for massive damage.

The flipside of the tree, though, is that for every skill you take in it, it severely reduces the effectiveness of every non-Hyperion gun, shield, and class mod. By the time you reach the mid-level skills, non-Hyperion gear is debuffed by about 40% and completely the tree will increase that debuff to something ridiculous like 60 to 75%. Essentially, Rhys can ONLY use Hyperion.

Say goodbye to the majority of your Legendaries, because this skill tree will reduce most of them to pea shooters.

“Righteous Father”: Pet-focused tree. The opening skill of the tree replaces Rhys’ action skill with a summoning skill that grants him a robot buddy in combat. This starts really small, with Rhys tossing out the pill-shaped capsule to call on Dumpy. All Dumpy does is screams to draw aggro and paralyzes one enemy at a time.

Mid-way through, the skill upgrades to digistructed flying surveyors that will buff Rhys’ shields and fling electrobolts at enemies. Early on, once they are downed, they’re done, but with additional skills, Rhys can summon more at once. The last skill for the surveyor section lets him continue digistructing more surveyors to replace the destroyed ones if he’s still in his skill duration.

Top-tier skills increase the cooldown of the action skill significantly, probably up to a 90 seconds (can be reduced to a minute with the right set-up). This is because instead of Rhys summoning a robot from his person, a loader bot is moonshot in from orbit. The skill is activated, and after a few seconds the bot arrives, and will remain with Rhys until its completely destroyed, regardless of skill duration.

(Also in the loader bot section, the skill “Roll With The Fall”, which extends Rhys’ Fight For Your Life duration.)

The final skill taken will allow Rhys to re-activate his skill after the cooldown while still accompanied by a loader bot. He won’t call another moonshot; instead, he’ll digistruct a single surveyor to repair and buff his bot.


Why Sour Cream is not 15 years old

aka. Rose and Greg aren’t stupid

Ever since Greg the Babysitter aired last night, I’ve seen a surprising amount of posts claiming that Sour Cream is 15, based on the idea that Rose was inspired to have Steven by Sour Cream, and Steven is currently 14. However, I really don’t think there is any way that S.C is 15, or even 16, and I’d like to talk about why.

There’s no breathing space given to this theory.

Greg says at the beginning of Greg the Babysitter, “The carwash hasn’t been that busy since that mud-tornado 15 years ago.” Steven is currently 14 years old, meaning the “mudnado” happened around a year before he was born. I think that people are using the “mudnado” as additional proof that S.C is 15, but really this just works further against the case. If S.C is 15, Greg’s story would have gone more along the line that the carwash was desperate for help because of the “mudnado”, and that would be how Greg got his job. But the carwash is only looking for help, and at the end Greg is only shown to be casually cleaning a single car. No, I think the “mudnado” incident happened closer to when Greg started running “It’s a Wash!” on his own, when S.C was older.

Now another thing, S.C is shown in Gregs flashback as being fed baby food from Vidalia. Some light research shows that people will usually introduce their babies to solid food around the 3-4 month stage, with them getting more used to it as time goes on. This is around the same time babies start to smile, which S.C spends most of the flashback doing. 

So let’s be generous to this theory and say that Sour Cream is a little over 3 months old, and no older. That would give 9 months of pregnancy for Rose to have Steven in time for Steven to be one year younger than S.C. Okay, so I GUESS the timing checks out, right? It could technically be possible. Except that the decision to have a baby is a BIG decision. And there’s no way that Steven was unplanned. Greg seems like the kind of guy who would be careful about that sort of thing, regardless of whether or not Rose is an inorganic rock alien. He wasn’t the most responsible in this flashback, but he’s been very respectful of Rose and women in general, so I imagine he would care enough to be careful during any “adult fun” he and Rose partake in.

Now let’s look at where Greg is in his life right now and his relationship with Rose. At the end of the flashback in Greg the Babysitter, he’s only just realized how immature he’s being and how he needs to get his life back on track. He’s realized he hasn’t been a very good friend to Vidalia, and that he can’t just spend his life hanging out with Rose, as much as he’d like to. He’s finally started a new job, only JUST STARTED making an income again, and a somewhat steady one at that. If he was about 22 when he met Rose, that would put him at about 23 here, taking into account Vidalias pregnancy, S.C’s age at the time, and the fact that the seasons changed during his montage waiting for Rose.

Do you really think he’d be willing to have a child at this point in his life? He’s only been with Rose for a year now, and Rose still seems to understand little about humans if she was willing to let a baby climb a ferris wheel. I think that even if Greg and Rose had a conversation about wanting a child, they wouldn’t jump into it head first. Greg wouldn’t be able to support a child yet, he hasn’t even gotten his first paycheck. Not to mention that Rose would be giving her physical form up, saying goodbye to the Crystal Gems, and essentially ending her life to have a child that she doesn’t understand with someone she hardly knows. 

Yes, Rose is more respectful of Greg in this episode compared to We Need to Talk (calls him Greg instead of Mr. Universe, takes interest in his interests, walks around Beach City with him, speaks to him more like and equal than someone below her), but they aren’t at the tender caring nature that they shared in Lion 3: Straight to Video. Even if Rose asked Greg about having a child, there’s a good chance they’d consider adoption at this point if Rose’s lack of understanding of human babies is any indication. I’m willing to bet that at this point, Rose doesn’t know enough about humans or babies to even know that a gem/human child is possible. Even if she did, why would she choose to leave her literal legacy in the hands of someone she’s only starting a relationship with? Rose still has a long way to go in understanding humans, and maybe she never fully understood them by the time she had Steven. I could go on, but there are other things to discuss.

Now the biggest hole in this theory. How, in less than a year, did Greg go from a baby-faced goof with a full head of hair to a fully bearded goof with a receding hairline?

There is no way that at 24 years old, Greg Universe lost that much hair. Especially when he had a full head of it. Trust me, baldness is very apparent in my dad’s family, my grandpa was bald on top by age 20, and his sons started losing hair closer to thirty, but it doesn’t start developing that fast. Balding is a gradual process, and I’m even suprised that Greg’s hair is still so thick in modern day considering he’s got a cue ball on top. There is absolutely no way that Greg went from that giant pompf of gravity-defying locks to what you see in Lion 3: Straight to Video. The beard, while not as much evidence, works against this too. Let’s say Greg doesn’t have baby smooth, hairless skin, and assume he shaves. If he’s able to grow a beard of that capacity at 24, then he would have to shave every day to have no trace of facial hair. Okay, but how can he afford that? Really, if the guy can’t afford to eat, how can he afford to shave his face every day? Wouldn’t you sacrifice shaving in order to be able to eat? Priorities, man. I know that this episode showed Greg as pretty irresponsible back then, but I don’t think he’s straight up stupid.

Assuming that Steven was born one year after Sour Cream gives zero time to further develop Rose and Gregs relationship.

Now I want to blend this with another argument I saw pop up last week, regarding Marty.

In Drop Beat Dad, Marty asks Sour Cream “When did you get so tall?” and Sour Cream responds “Uh, like 9 years ago..?” at which Marty is surprised and gets on edge.

If Sour Cream is currently 15, then that would mean Sour Cream “got tall” at age…6? Children get growth spurts throughout life, but somehow I don’t think that S.C got that tall by the time he turned 6 years old. This means a) Sour Cream must be older than 15, and b) Marty hasn’t seen his son in OVER 9 years. This last part is important because I’ve seen a lot of people taking this number at face value and assuming Marty has been gone exactly 9 years. The same thing is happening here where everyone is assuming “Oh, 15 years ago is when the mudnado happened, so that must be how old Sour Cream is! And Rose was inspired by S.C to have Steven, who is 14!” I personally think that Sour Cream has to be closer to 20 in modern day. This would make him six years older than Steven, and would make more sense in context with S.C and Marty’s conversation about his height. Not only that, but it would mean six more years of development for Rose and Greg’s relationship and the decision to have Steven. I feel like six years isn’t quite long enough for Gregs appearance changes between Greg the Babysitter and Lion 3, but 20 is as far as I want to push S.C’s age.

I’m not angry or anything about these ideas, I just see a lot of people in the fandom tie things in too closely without considering time for things to develop. If you want to believe that Sour Cream is 15, that’s fine. But considering this is a show where lots of time is spent developing things (Rose before her reveal in Lion 3, Connie and Stevens friendship, Stevens powers manifesting, Malachites disappearance and reappearance, Peridot’s redemption, and even the dozens of episodes building up the Gems, Homeworld, Beach City, etc.), I think we should give things a little more wiggle room. This is a show that never rushes things, so I certainly don’t think that Rose and Greg would rush into having Steven.

TL;DR: Sour Cream can’t be as young as 15. Even though the math COULD work, character growth would be rushed if Rose and Greg decided to have Steven right after the events of Greg the Babysitter.

alwaysdreamingofmiracles  asked:

Hello, new follower here. I love your the 100 posts so much, I pretty much agree with everything and its fascinating to read. About one part in particular I am curious: "do I think that Clarke did need to hear how much it hurt Bellamy that she left? 100%. Do I think it’s fascinating that Clarke was utterly blind-sided and speechless because of it? Yes." While watching that scene I was asking myself how come that Clarke is so surprised to see him broken and hurt? That by leaving the camp (cont)

cont he felt like all the responsibility was on his shoulders. Did she (and how) really think he was stronger or something and therefore can keep taking care of the camp? He pulled that lever with her and she acknowledges this in 3x05 so I have trouble understanding her surprise here…. Of course he would be haunted, same as she is…

Aw, thank you :D

The coolest thing about this question is that I do believe we will get Clarke’s thoughts on all of this. Bellarke still have a LOT to talk about, to argue about, to cry about - before they heal together. So I’m very hopeful that we will only have to spec about this for 3-4 episodes more, and then we’ll probably get an answer on the show.

But for now, my spec on this front has two parts.

Clarke doesn’t know that Bellamy needs her

I really do think that there is some weight to this. Apart from the S2 finale, when did Bellamy ever express to Clarke that he needed her? Yes, he broke down beside her in 1x08 and yes there were a number of times when she told him he was better than all that. But he never ASKED that of her. It was always something Clarke did/said because SHE needed HIM. 

As ever, it comes back to the ‘Clarke inspires Bellamy, Bellamy inspires the masses’ quote. What if Clarke simply has not realised how much Bellamy relies on her? What if she thinks her reliance on him is a one way street? In the S1 finale, the masses were willing to fight and DIE with Bellamy until he gave them the easy choice. Why would Bellamy need HER when he already has that power?

Because we know that Bellamy has a very low opinion of himself, I think it’s easy for us to get carried away crying over how he probably doesn’t believe anyone as awesome as Clarke could ever truly care/need him. HOWEVER, maybe it’s the other way around?

So what about 2x16, I hear you cry! What about that time When Bellamy said ‘please come inside’ and Clarke didn’t? Well…

‘Seeing their faces every day…’

When Bellamy asks her to please come inside, Clarke delivers this line (paraphrasing_ ‘Seeing their faces every day is only going to remind me of what I did to get them here.’

For a long time, I never even thought about that line as also including Bellamy but WOAH does it make me feel things when I do.

In the context of the first part of this spec, and Clarke not realising that Bellamy needs her, this is HUGE.

And I’m also going to pull 3x05 into this.

Because think of all the things Clarke did to GET BELLAMY HERE. She sent him into the mountain in the first place. We had Clarke EXPRESSLY state TWICE that letting the bomb drop on TonDC was to protect Bellamy as the inside man. We had Clarke assure Bellamy that she’d bring him an army, and then when she didn’t bring him an army he took her hand and pulled that lever with him - killing all those people that helped him, that trusted him.

Clarke KNOWS all of this, but she DOESN’T know that Bellamy needs her. So when she’s standing at Camp Jaha…she doesn’t think she can handle looking at BELLAMY every day. She doesn’t think she can bear that guilt of knowing what she made him do. And maybe she suspects he won’t want to see HER face every day because of what she made HIM do. And so maybe she thinks…do you know what, I’ll relieve us both of this pain. ‘I bear it so they don’t have to’ refers to Bellamy too. She will exile herself so that he doesn’t have to face her and all he has done.

Because she 100% believes that Bellamy will be okay without her, because he has the others.

Bellamy says please come inside, and he offers his forgiveness. He tries to share her burden - he is supportive as he has been since the mid point of S1. But he never says ‘Clarke, I need you.’ And I think that is a really important detail, and I suspect it was intentional. Because that scene was such a direct parallel to 1x08 that the ‘I need you’ is a glaring omission.

Of course, I could be WAY off…but until i see something that disproves all this - I’m sticking with it!

In summary it’s not so much that Clarke believes Bellamy is stronger than her, she simply doesn’t realise how essential she has become to him. And I just watched the 2x16 goodbye scene so many times…oh my god…

Excuse me…I have an OTP in my eye…

A little tribute to Sweets It still hurts every time Sweets crosses my mind, and I don’t expect things to be any different anytime soon. That said, I’ve learned to accept what happened. It was for a good reason, a great one even: John’s career. I can say that I am a fan for life and that I will continue to support his work, and I wish him all the success in the world as he continues to pursue the next stage of his career. Based on what John said, truly it wasn’t easy for him to say goodbye to a character he essentially grew up with, nor was it easy for any of his on set family. I can never resent him for chasing his dreams, nor can I hold a grudge on SN, HH, who thought that it was their job to “to celebrate his success and wish him well and have him go on to wonderful things."  As for Sweets, sure, he died. And while I could easily dwell on all the things that could have been, I would not. Four and a half years ago Sweets had his brush with death in that subway car. Only hours later, as Hodgins was driving him home, Sweets told him that heartbreaking "I don’t want to disappear without living the life that I want to live."  Well, Sweets lived a full life, and in the end, he was at peace with himself.  He had to go looking for his birth mother when he came of age. His son will have Daisy by his side from day one. He didn’t know what family meant until his adoptive parents saved him. His son will be surrounded by a loving family, and Sweets knew he had left him in good hands.  He said of his foster father,  “I was beaten …  he did it for sport”. This time, Sweets fought back.  And while we’ll never get to see it, he did finally find his way back to Daisy. I’d like to think that he enjoyed some sort of a domestic happiness with her upon learning of her pregnancy, however brief that might have been.  In the end, Sweets had no regrets. And what a fitting end to a life dedicated to helping others. As I said on twitter yesterday, Sweets died like he lived. He may have been fictional, but the virtues that he represented (and will continue to remind me of) are not. Sweets had a truly good heart, and I, for one, will miss him very much.  I thank Hart Hanson for creating this wonderful character. Thank you to all the Bones writers for fleshing him out over all these years. And finally, my thanks to the great John Francis Daley for sharing a story of the life of this flawed yet beautiful soul. Thank you.