this is essentially their goodbye

im excited i may be actually able to take polish classes the next academic year

I just keep drawing essentially the same thing over and over because they just need to kiss ok
I started this on Joey’s birthday. :’)

Shaw x Root-In-The-Machine

Shaw’s reaction to the sound of Root’s voice says it all.

And Shaw’s reaction at the mention of “Sweetie” is everything.

Shaw already sees Root-In-The-Machine as an extension of Root since hearing her voice by Root’s grave. Instant attachment.

Just look at Shaw, how she’s alive again (with Root’s voice in her ear).

So when Shaw says goodbye, she’s essentially saying it to both TM and Root…Root-In-The-Machine.

Shaw’s reaction to the phone ringing says it all.

Instead of walking away, Shaw picks up the phone almost immediately. The brief pause as she holds on to the phone receiver is telling.

Hope & Trepidation. That she’ll hear Root’s voice again.

Shaw’s hope is answered. Root’s voice is clearly on the other line because Shaw looks up to the camera, essentially acknowledging Root-In-The-Machine’s return.

Trepidation ceases.

Then, Shaw gives THIS look to Root-In-The-Machine….

…which is, interestingly. parallel to the one she gave Root before…. (a little flirtatious)

A look of joy and content as she walks away staring at Root-In-The-Machine, cracking a knowing smile at Her…

She knows Root’s back in her life….in a different way.

Shaw knows that Root will always be with her, living through Root-In-The-Machine.

The look of happiness on Shaw’s face says it all. And that smile…

“….And maybe, this isn’t the end at all.” [Root-In-The-Machine]

I think [the smile] is much about hearing Root’s voice. And one of the few regrets I have about the way the finale cuts together is that’s not totally clear. We had a moment between them at the end, dialogue in that moment with Sarah on the phone, and it just didn’t ‘fit.’ At that point, 'the train was running,’ the main score was going, and it felt like it stepped on the moment. But the clear implication is that, that relationship continues in this new form. And she leaves with a relationship with a dog and a god.- Jonah Nolan [x]

I really wanna know what tthat dialogue was in that moment between Shaw & Root-In-The-Machine over the phone!!!! Bloody dvd/blu-ray won’t have any deleted scenes which is ridculous! It’s the FINAL series, FFS! Couldn’t someone spill the beans?!?!

I watched Digestivo bc I, you know, don’t have anything even remotely similar to self-control. A ton of the episode was spent with me hiding behind my hands muttering “fuck, oh my god, oh no” and legitimately questioning why I watch this horror fest. And then, the last twenty minutes or so? Sadness. From the moment Hannibal carries Will out of Muskrat Farm, it’s the worst kind of sorrow- the hollow kind, the cold sort of pain that’s settled so deeply into your bones that you can’t feel anything anymore. I am so happy with how Hannibal’s arc closed. I am and forever will be satisfied with him turning himself in at Will’s house, him closing that book and leaving him in the room after Will tells him, essentially, “I don’t want you anymore. I don’t need you. Goodbye.” And Hannibal, in respect, leaves- doesn’t touch him, doesn’t speak. Just suffers in silence and leaves. But, being the monster he is, ultimately subverts Will’s desire to never seek him out again: Hannibal turns himself in so that Will always know where he is. So that he doesn’t have the comfort of mystery, the luxury of forgetting. So that the door to the dark and haunted basement of his life is always there, always waiting, just needing a turn of the knob to be opened. 

But imagine if you were working late at your job as a waitress, and 5sos came in while traveling to the next venue after a concert, and obviously you knew who they were but you couldn’t just fangirl over them because you were their server. So you tried to play it cool, and you could tell that every time you went over to them that Luke kept looking at you, and eventually he started flirting with you. One time when you went over all the boys but Luke were laughing about something, but when you walked up to them they went silent except for a few giggles escaping them. Finally, when they left Luke lingered a little longer continuing to talk to you until the boys essentially pulled him out of the restaurant as he waved goodbye. When you walked over to clean off their table Luke had left you his number along with a $100 tip. When you got off work you quickly texted him, “So, do you always bribe girls to get them to text you?” He replied immediately, “I don’t know, this was my first attempt and I’m hoping it works so it can be my last :-)”


It was pretty tearful. You know what was so moving? The crew. The crew of that show has been doing like 16-hour days for 7 years, essentially. And so to watch them say goodbye to the show, and say goodbye to each other, they’re all like, weeping… I was a mess, it was very emotional to sort of watch them say goodbye. (video)

Margaery sat snuggled against Robb’s side, his arm around her shoulders as they watched television in the flat they were renting. It had been nearly two months since they reunited, though his return to Winterfell wasn’t without repercussions. Alys did her best to run things at their storefront in King’s Landing, but they received a harried email from her stating she didn’t think she could take care of everything on her own. That was when the couple decided to make a temporary move to the south, and this time their whole family was going.

They packed their essentials, said their temporary goodbyes to Ned and Catelyn, loaded their kids in the car, and headed down to King’s Landing to find a place to live for the next few months, ensured that Stark Origins was in good hands as Lyessa Flint was taking on their duties in their absence. They found a modest apartment in the middle of the city - just big enough for them and their children - and Alys promptly decided that it was best that she leave to avoid any awkwardness. 

Now that things had settled down a bit, they were able to enjoy some of the aspects of living in a big city. It was no Winterfell, but they were happy to be together. Margaery was practically drifting off as Karine had put on a movie that she’d seen nearly a hundred times, and her husband’s touch was warm and comforting. She pressed a lazy kiss to his shoulder, looking up at him to give him a smile.