this is ery good

Remember when they purposely set up Lexa’s power kick™ and the knife scene™ in the same episode to showcase how easily she could have overpowered and been ruthless to Clarke but instead highlighted her gentleness and love that was reserved only for her girl? Because I do

okay so this is kinda random but, I really like how Horikoshi draws smiles? Like, we all remember Izuku’s shining smile from back in the provisinal licence exam, and one of All Might’s difining features is his blinding grin.

Then there’s Bakugou’s manic smirks, Ochako’s adorable smiles, Tsuyu’s sweet little up turn of the lip, Kirishima’s big unabashed grin that shows off all his teeth, etc.

He draws smiles really well is whatI’m saying and his happy smiles make me happy.

PS: the day we see Eri smile with unrestrained happiness will be the best day of my life, I will take that panel and make it my phone backgroud, my lock screen, my desktop background etc.

uchanekome  asked:

I really love the idea of after saving her the cinnabuns adopt Eri. I mean can you imagine how cute it would be. Deku and Ochako can be the mom and dad, All Might can be the Grandpa, Kirishima, Iida, and Bakugo can be the uncles, and everyone else can be the extended family. They all just work together to raise this poor adorable child. Teaching her new things and giving her the love she never had.


After hearing this I couldn’t help but draw some stuff for it! They would all make such a great family for her…


endless dylan gifs that no one asked for [ 1 / ∞ ]
     ↳ 1 on 1 with coyotes 1st round pick dylan strome

bnha 136 ramble!

This chapter made me smile… a lot…

First off let me start with Sir. Sir sees his quirk more as a curse than a blessing.

He’s hesitant to use it, not just because of the setback it has, but because of the inevitability of an accident or something, or in most cases death.

He’s still grief-stricken about All Might’s future because he knows just how accurate it is, he knows that his foresight can’t be altered.

For a second, I honestly thought that he was still pissed off at All Might, like right here:

but he’s just afraid of people turning out like All Might… 

Look at how sad he is here… this single panel puts a lot of depth into Sir’s character. We get ti see a more vulnerable side of him. It’s not like he hates using his quirk, he’s afraid of what he’s going to see, heck, I’m pretty sure if his foresight didn’t have a 24-long interval setback or whatever he still wouldn’t use it on people…

After what he saw in All Might’s future, what are the chances that it can’t happen again to someone else?

Overall, I just find it sweet how Sir still feels sad about All Might, and how he still cares about him. Nobody really completely understands the weight of his words here apart from Gran Torino, so it’s pretty hard on them.

and omfg to bnha’s ost “my hero academia” while reading this chapter really fits the mood! XD

I honestly thought their relationship would be a little more salty, but this is refreshing though, seeing both of them talk about Izuku and all, even though Horikoshi didn’t go deep into their converstaion…

Sir’s is already starting to acknowledge Izuku, and I really like that, I didn’t expect it to come so soon, but it still made me happy. Sir’s opinion of Izuku hasn’t changed yet, but it’s getting there.

I also want to appreciate the relationship that the big 3 has:

even though we still don’t know much about them it’s pretty obvious that they all got each others back when it comes to emotional situations too so that’s cool.

This was my favorite part of the chapter. Bless Horikoshi for this scene, Aizawa coming from nowhere and unintentionally lightening up the mood was just so sweet.

Tbh, it will be kind of awkward having Izuku, Uraraka and the rest call Aizawa eraserhead will be kinda weird…but I guess I’ll get used to it.


we’ve only seen a dadzawa/izuku scene  like once or so in the manga, and that was after Izuku’s first fight with Bakugou, so this was… really sweet.

I don’t know if it was Izuku or Kirishima that said “I’ll follow you forever” but this was hilarious XD

Gonna appreciate how pretty Overhaul looks here… hot damn he’s a beauty!

I don’t know why but I really just had a hunch that Eri’s room would look like this… also

I want to murder this guy.

I see such a strong connection forming between Izuku an Eri in the future… and I also see a bunch of new headcanons on tumblr. So just like my friend indy said,


of gods & monsters

mostly written half a year ago, poems about eros & apollo. inspired by sunblind, written by the amazing @ibuzoo / @rmeisel <3, companion piece to observations on sunblinded boys (psyche & icarus)


2:31 a.m, Apollo said: why did you make me notice him? why did you make me fall?
2:31 a.m, Eros said: it’s payback
2:33 a.m, Apollo said: I see how it is. I should have known- this has your dirty little fingerprints all over. Daphne, Hyacinthus, now him. haven’t you learned you will never belong in the world of gods like me? get the fuck out of my life, you fucking piece of shit. I didn’t do anything to you this time. so why did you do it? why?
2:34 a.m, Eros said: you told her I am a monster
2:35 a.m, Apollo said: I told her the truth 

3:02 a.m, Apollo said: fuck you
3:03 a.m, Apollo said: fuck you so much 

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who’s who in radfem tumblr!

this is obviously not an exhaustive list and if you’re not on it, i promise it was not purposeful; there’s just so many of us! please shoot me a message if you’d like to be included on the next one i’ll make, and i’ll be sure to put you on it. 

not everybody on this list is a radfem – some are lesfems, some are marxist feminists, some are rad-leaning, some are womanists… – and some of these blogs aren’t even political – but we all prioritize women, so we’re all worth a look! 

i’m sorry it’s not alphabetical this time, i just really did not feel like going through and alphabetizing all these blogs lol.

enjoy!  – mod alicia

@vulva-o-keeffe @radfemblog @hembrista @quantum-wordsmith @zombiescominginmywindow @high-on-pussy @terfscorpion @radgems @raddbabe @fantaparrot @lesbianistheword @blackholesandlesbians @izzy-pea @radmadican @radical-feminism @jillyisntfromphilly @evilterf @urfriendlyneighborhoodlesbian @feminism-for-me @etherealradlesbian @gencritical @wishicouldposthisonmymainblog @dog-goddess @girlschasinggirls @tr1angl3 @bloodyfeminist @sevenpistachios @radbelle @lesbianvriskaserket @antiporndafemqueen @radicaldragoness @lesbiraptor @radunicorn @theuntameableshrews @olivethelesbians @roses-for-radfems @sunflowerradfem @poup @2lazy-2die @the-stars-are-terfs @sociallyanxious-lesbian @radfemroe @yonicfever @daenerys-terfgaryen @ghostfem @pandasandshit @inlovewithashootingstar @terfinator420 @wheresmyredpillmorpheus @radicaldolphins @thecasworks @rpg-lesbian @gendercriticalsideblog @capitalisfem @good-girl-gone-radd @littlemeowth @eris-against-gender @sapphic-matriarchy @confirmed-terfs @dykesarerad 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