this is entirely unacceptable


Captain Janeway in Phage (part 2)

I don’t have the freedom to kill you to save another. My culture finds that to be a reprehensible and entirely unacceptable act.


Another interesting tidbit from Body in Question: Image and Illusion in Two Chinese Films by Director Jiang Wen by Jerome Silbergeld regarding Devils on the Doorstep:

He [film critic Xiao Peng] quotes Jiang’s associate director Zhao Yijun as saying that “Jiang Wen left on him the deeply carved impression, first of thoroughness, second of thoroughness, and third of thoroughness. Because Jiang Wen’s production put his thoroughness first, his results were first rate.” Peter Hessler adds, based on his interview with Jiang Wen:

During the filming of Devils on the Doorstep, Jiang Wen refused to film outtakes. If a small part of a scene was unacceptable, he insisted on reshooting the entire thing from the beginning. In the film industry, this practice is unheard of, and Jiang Wen reportedly used every roll of Kodak black-and-white movie film that was available in China – five hundred thousand feet, or roughly five times the amount required for an average feature film…. 

PS. After this book, I’ll be digging into the Jiang Wen chapters in Qi Wang’s book Memory, Subjectivity and Independent Chinese Cinema and Wendy Larson’s book From Ah Q to Lei Feng. If I find some more interesting bits, I’ll post them here.

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How do you deal with unsupportive parents? Mine seem like they are, but they don't see me as a boy and they get mad at me for doing masculine things. I've come out to them three times already, and I've tried persuade them to let me see a gender therapist to take T but we can't afford it. Idk what to do :(

i don’t know how much help i can be because i’m in a conservative, entirely unaccepting environment and still closeted for fear of getting kicked out but.

you need to do what you can to ensure that you’re comfortable. it sounds like you’ve already tried to talk to them about how you feel, so i’d continue asserting yourself and making sure they know that you are a boy and that’s not going to change. it might take them time to come around and in the mean time you don’t deserve to have fundamental parts of yourself disrespected.

is there any way you can try saving up for therapy, even if it’s a small amount put aside a month? it’s understandable if you can’t, and if you can’t, it’ll help to figure out coping mechanisms until you can move out, get a job, and transition on your own terms.

make sure to talk to friends who are supportive of you when you’re feeling down so you’re reminded of your worth and the unconditional acceptance that you do have. i also find writing is always helpful because i can vent and express myself without worrying about consequences.

i hope you can find happiness and peace in spite of your unsupportive environment! i’m here if you ever need to talk

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Elisa sees her little brother being picked on and when she goes home she goes to Sonny and tells him "Well Daddy are you going to arrest him?!? It's your job to put bad people away!"

Awe, sweetie!!

Elisa immediately categorizes anyone and everyone who picks on her little brother as one of the “bad guys” that her daddies are supposed to put in jail.

And the fact that Sonny didn’t immediately arrest the boy who was picking on Ollie while they were at the park is just entirely unacceptable to little Elisa.

When they get home, she marches right up to Sonny as soon as they get through the door, her little hands on her hips as she demands, “Why didn’t you arrest him, daddy?! You’re supposed to put the bad people away in jail forever!”

Rafael sends Sonny a look that says, “I’m not part of this, I just prosecute” and takes Oliver’s hand to pull him upstairs and settle him down for a nap, Elisa’s hip cocking out to the side as she waits impatiently for her daddy’s unforgivable excuse.

Sonny bends down to look at her, pulling Elisa’s hands from her hips and holding them as he says, “Well, bunny, I can’t arrest little kids. Little kids don’t really go to jail, it’s mostly adults that do.”

Elisa shakes her head, says, “But he’s a bad guy, he was being mean to Ollie! Bad guys go to jail, daddy, that’s what you say!”

Sonny smiles at her softly, tucking a stray strand of hair that’s escaped her braid behind an ear. He says, “I know, baby, and it is my job to put bad guys away. But I don’t arrest little kids because little kids might not know any better. You know, that little boy’s mommy and daddy might not tell him that being mean isn’t okay. He might not have daddies like you do who tell you how much they love you. He might not know what it’s like to be nice because he doesn’t have anyone who’s nice to him.”

And then Sonny continues, adding, “Now I’m not saying that that’s an excuse to be mean, or for him to pick on your little brother. But I gotta hope that as he grows up he’ll learn to be sweet like you.”

Elisa seems to consider all of this, her fingers playing with Sonny’s hands in hers before she looks up at him. She says, “Maybe I can be his friend? And teach him how to be nice?”

Sonny smiles at he and Rafael’s little girl, at their little girl who has so much love in her heart, love that never runs out, and says, “Yeah, maybe. That’d be really nice of you, bunny.” before pulling her in for a kiss on the forehead.

fyi, Elijah muse is back to wanting to fight everyone on how this treatment of Katherine is entirely unacceptable and y’all just don’t believe she’s not such a terrible person cause you don’t WANT to believe. because he’s seen her as a young girl filled with hopes and dreams and they were taken from her. and anyone in her position is entitled to being bitter about it and wanting to make themselves feel powerful any way they can. 

other silly Dragon Age comic that I’m never gonna get around to drawing: Esti Lavellan and Sera chilling in Sera’s room, she’s probably doodling in her journal, Esti is reading war room briefings, and then she suddenly starts giggling and she’s like “hey. Hey. Sera. Do you know what I am? I’m the /girlfriend/ of Red Jenny. Sera. Sera it’s funny” and Sera just grabs a pillow and smacks her with it because that’s an entirely unacceptable level of pun.

Things Damian Wayne has totaly done
-Thrown a batarang at all of his siblings
-Tried to adopt a whole petting zoo
-Bought and wore a ‘I’m with stupid’ shirt, and stood next to his brothers (minus Dick)
-Refused to go to McDonalds because the vegetarian options were at a “unacceptable standard”
-Tried unsucsesfuly to convert the entire batfam to vegetarianism
-Tried and failed to drink a cup of black coffee
-Learnt to knit
-Insisted that Titus eat in the dining room “So he doesn’t feel left out, obviously.”
-Painted a mural on his bedroom wall
-Tried to steal one of Santa’s reigndeer
-Bought Bruce a book on proper animal care
-Made Titus a Batdog costume
-Made Alfred (the cat) a Batcat costume
-Tried to name every bat in the batcave

I’m really just considering leaving the MK fandom because this place has the most toxic and unaccepting people I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Bullying an artist into making their innocent art set to private because the pairing makes you uncomfortable? Sending people who ship this pairing dozens of hate because apparently shipping two adults together is pedophilic and anyone who has even thought of accepting the imagination of others automatically condones an actual child and a grown adult being in a sexual or romantic relationship? Spamming the ship’s tag while protecting your precious pairings, because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those right?

By the way, isn’t it funny that ships like SubCassie, ErronJin, etc. are considered pedophilic and the fact that there’s literally a canon ship with a middle aged man and a woman that’s over 10 thousand years old. That’s somehow okay? Hypocrisy at the finest.

Let people live, for Christ’s sake. Just blacklist the ship and go on with your day. Don’t act like you’re here to police people into doing the things you want them to. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

Not gonna lie… This episode of all stars has really left a bad taste in my mouth. And the fact that Phi Phi is the only queen that’s spoken out about it so far…I don’t expect we’ll be getting an apology from Michelle. I had so much respect for Michelle but she absolutely just crossed a line. Drag doesn’t need to be ball gowns and pads and cinched waists. Drag can be whatever the fuck you want it be. And the fact that such an influential person in the drag community said otherwise on drag race???? Disgusting. Adore doesn’t deserve this. No queen deserves this, period. I don’t care if these are the ‘best of the best’. These queens are real fucking human beings with real feelings. Clean your fucking act up Michelle Visage. You owe a huge apology not just to Adore, but the entire drag community. Unacceptable.

For women, getting angry is socially unacceptable, even when the anger is over violence, discrimination, misogyny, and other forms of oppression. Anger is unacceptable because angry women are women in touch with their passion and power, especially in relation to men, which threatens the entire patriarchal order. It’s unacceptable because it forces men to confront the reality of male privilege and women’s oppression and their involvement in it, even if only as passive beneficiaries. Women’s anger challenges men to acknowledge attempts to trivialise oppression with “I was only kidding.” And women’s anger is unacceptable to men who look to women to take care of them, to prop up their need to feel in control, and to support them in their competition with other men. When women are less than gracious and good-humoured about their own oppression, men often feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, at a loss, and therefore vulnerable.
—  Allan G. Johnson
The Story of Ramesses

(WOW THAT SOUNDS SO DRAMATIC but it really is a dramatic story)

okay so i didn’t give a ton of info in my post the other day, but a rat was posted on a nearby Craig’s List in this cage:

this is entirely unacceptable for a rat for a number of reasons (way too small, no water bottle, no shelter, no toys, no companions, it’s hanging from a wall & thus moves every time the rat takes a step). I was hesitant to contact the person because they claimed she was either “fat or pregnant” but I didn’t feel comfortable not getting involved, so I ended up texting her to ask if the rat was still available. She said yes & I asked why she thought she was pregnant. She said that she had gotten the rat from a pet store three weeks before (if this was true, it’d be impossible for her to be pregnant, as the gestation period is 21-24 days). I asked if I could get her for $15 (the listed fee was $20 & it was more a matter of principle, I didn’t really want to pay her at all but I wanted to get the rat out of the situation). She said yes. I said that I lived 1.5 hours away but my boyfriend worked in the town she lived in, so would it be okay if he met up with her to get the rat. She said yes, I gave Crawford her number & they agreed to meet up Friday evening. Nothing about the situation seemed weird at all up to this point. Thursday, I texted her to ask the rat’s name, just to remind her that I was still interested..she said Cyrus & again, nothing seemed odd.

Friday came & Crawford called me slightly panicked saying “she said she changed her mind, I called to ask if we could meet a little earlier & she said she’s keeping the rat.” I texted her this:

I didn’t reply to her any more but was upset because the ad was still up & I thought she was probably lying about deciding to keep her.

@clutteredvoices texted her a few hours later asking if she could buy the rat [to give to me but obvs that wasn’t mentioned]. The person said yes. Her car is in the shop, so I was going to have to go get the rat, so to make things easier, @clutteredvoices said she was sending a friend to go get the rat & gave the owner my Google Voice number since I’d be the one meeting her. At this point, the seller freaked out. She accused @clutteredvoices of being me, cussed at her, & then stopped responding.

@tinypawpets waited a few hours & then contacted the seller. The ad was still  up at this point. Kaley said something to the effect of she wanted a pet for her first apartment, nothing at all rude, & the seller replied with “she’s dead, fuck off” & got super snippy when Kaley said she was sorry to hear that.

@clutteredvoices‘s boyfriend then called the seller to ask about getting the rat  & the conversation and involved cussing out & extreme paranoia on the part of the seller, who ended the transaction by saying she had fed the rat to a snake & then deleted the ad after threatening to report all of us for harassment (none of us had been at all rude & had not even said anything about us all being connected).

At this point, I had pretty much given up–the seller seemed like she had pretty severe, possibly dangerous, mental health issues & I wasn’t even sure the rat existed.

Last night, the rat’s again on Craig’s List. I signed up for a new Google Voice number & texted her this morning, not giving any additional details or anything to potentially set her off. She said she’d meet me in an hour & a half–this was right after I got up. I live an hour & a half away & was supposed to be going two hours in the opposite direction from my house early afternoon, so I was SUPER pressed for time & I was 90% positive she wasn’t even gonna show up. I spent the entire drive mentally berating myself–I knew it’d be worth it if she showed up, but I felt like the odds were so freaking low that I was just going to end up wasting three hours & driving a ton (my car gets about 18 mpg, so very expensive) for absolutely nothing.

Shockingly, she showed up. The cage was even worse in person–it’s literally smaller than a small cat carrier like I’d take a rat to the vet in. The bowl that presumably held water was empty & the food is a hamster/gerbil seed mix. The second I saw the rat, I suspected it was either a male or pregnant, but obviously I wasn’t gonna let her keep it, so I went ahead & took it & speed walked back to my car before she changed her mind or got suspicious.

Picked her up in the car to check her over & the good news is she’s in great shape, lungs sound good & she’s a personable rat. I named her Ramesses because that was the owner’s text signature & so I thought it was the rat’s name. Bad news is that she’s most definitely on pregnancy watch–I’m not absolutely positive, but she looks pregnant to me (& pretty far along, too far for an e-spay). She’s a big girl, so she might just be chubby.

I have her in with a couple of girls now & she’s happy as can be–they’re all cuddling in a hammock & too excited to even eat the food I put in for them. She took to them right away & every time I looked over at the carrier during the car ride, she was bruxing or grooming her bff Lyssa. Crossing my fingers she’s not pregnant, though obviously I won’t regret getting her either way, as I’d certainly her rather have babies at my house than in that stupid cockatiel cage, but I’d definitely prefer no bb Ramesseses. :p

It’s not enough for Clinton to win this election.

We need three things to happen:

1) She has to win in a landslide. The Republican party has to learn that running people like Trump is entirely unacceptable. If the election is close, they’re just going to try again.

2) We need 60 seats in the Senate. Between the Tea Partiers and the Trumpists, the Republicans have proven that they will watch this country crash and burn before the allow a Democrat to accomplish anything, and this is going to be especially true when it comes to the Supreme Court.

And I can’t stress enough how important a liberal leaning Supreme Court will be. It is not hyperbole to say that if Clinton accomplishes nothing else, it will have been worth it if she accomplishes this. A liberal president will effect the country for the next four years; a liberal Supreme Court could change the country for the next forty years!

3) We need the House. No House = no budget = no money for anything. And, as mentioned, Trumpists and Tea Partiers want this country to burn; if they can’t have it, no one can.

Assuming you people revert to normal patterns, if we accomplish this, we’ll have a two-year window in which we can actually accomplish things as a country again before the Republicans take back the House and start doing their level best to ruin everything like the nihilist crybabies they are. Which brings us to the final point…

4) You need to vote in 2018. Republicans always have big wins in the midterms because young people just don’t turn out for those elections. Change that.

So, to those of you thinking that you’re going to vote for a third party because you’re in a deep red/deep blue state because it doesn’t matter and you want to send a message, don’t. Your vote is too important to be thrown away.

The Heir---spoilers and thoughts

1. Re: Maxerica

Oh my god. Just seeing them still in love after all these years, and literally being a fairy tale… I CAN’T EVEN. And as all who have finished the book knows, Ahren leaves with Camille and America has a heart attack. First of all, WHO GAVE AMERICA PERMISSION TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK AND GIVE ALL READERS A HEART ATTACK. NO ONE. Secondly, MAXON CRYING ARE YOU TRYING TO DROWN THE ENTIRE FANDOM? This is unacceptable. I need the fifth book now. And I need to know that she’s okay.

2. Let’s talk about the Selected

Basically, Kile is my fav. Henri and Eikko, I CAN’T CHOOSE. JACK AND BURKE YOU DISGUSTING SHITS. Baden… honey, try to be noble? I sincerely hope that Kile ends up with Eadlyn at the end or else I will definitely be bawling my eyes out over this injustice. Henri… bless that soul, I hope he ends up with someone really nice or maybe stays at the palace as a chef? lol Eikko, I sort of get a feeling that he might be requested to be put into the Selection by Eadlyn, I’m not quite sure of that, but I’m sorta hoping? I just hope that if it does in fact happen, nothing will go wrong between him and Henri. Hale, just stay at the palace make gowns and superb clothing, maybe? I quite like the Selected in general, except a few pigs here and there.

3. Favourite Scenes

I would have to say the scene after Eadlyn is harassed by Jack the douche and the siblings gather in her room, the baseball scene, the Headlyn kiss scene, and ALL KEADLYN SCENES ESPECIALLY THE KISSES THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

4. Favourite quote

“Fun maths is an oxymoron.” Can our queen-to-be be ever more understanding and perfect.


I do not know who you are shipping, but whoever they are, I’m sure it’s a great choice. Keadlyn for me is the one. I mean, you can practically guess it from the beginning when they bump into each other that it’s going to blossom into something else, and when she asks for that “fake” kiss, we all know that shit is going to break loose some time soon. And all those caring remarks from Kile, LORD SAVE ME. My favourite kiss would be, hmm… lemme think… ALL OF THEM. I just want to remind everyone that we still haven’t found out Kile’s middle name so maybe some other time in the future? *smirk* And when Eadlyn asks him “Kile Woodwork, do you want to kiss me?” I was like GO KISS HER BRUH!!!! Oh gahds. Can anyone find me a Kile on Etsy or something? 

6. Other wonderful men

Henri, I would marry you for all the cinnamon rolls you can make. Like seriously, how do you expect me to resist the temptation of food????? Erik… Oh lords of all ye heavens, a) he has a fucking awesome personality b) they held hands at the party c) Eadlyn dances with Henri and he’s just there in the background smiling sadly? COME HERE BABY LET ME GIVE YOU A HUG

7. Other characters

a. Ahren. Oh dear. I really like how he’s so in love with Camille, and I totally understand why he left his family. But still. It’s heartbreaking.

b. Josie. SHUT THE FUCK UP. gosh. 

c. Neena, I love her. I just think that maybe Eadlyn’s a bit rude some times (not intentionally though)

d. Lucy and Aspen. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???? Can we please give them something nice. Please, please, please, please, please!!!!

Now I’m just gonna go. And read it a few more million times.

there is no sugarcoating it: the writing and booking of the main roster’s diva’s division is insulting to every single wrestling fan out there

it is unacceptable to know that this company is entirely capable of building a proper, emotionally driven feud instead of this middle school bullying garbage, nxt is proof of that - and while nxt is not perfect by any means, for example they do still insist on continuing to throw the word “ratchet” around sasha banks even though it’s racist, and paige and emma’s feud was based in paige at first, shaming emma for being different from her, at least there is a clear sense that there is creative dedication to the nxt women’s division

in synopsis: the day the wwe cleans the old, sexist clowns with dated ideas from their creative team is the day i can breathe easily

So I’ve noticed a trend happening to myself and other rpers on my dashboard lately of other characters or personals going up to a character they’ve never interacted with before, do something that’s entirely socially unacceptable for a first meeting (Like kissing the character or purposefully making them angry or something), and then expecting to be treated just fine by the character during subsequent encounters.

That’s not how that works.

We rpers try to write our characters as realistically as possible and that includes having continuity. If you went up to a complete stranger irl and kissed them, of course they’re gonna remember you as the weirdo who kissed them and they’ll probably try to avoid you. The same thing applies to rp characters.

Of course, the muns might be all for making their characters uncomfortable like that, just note that the characters themselves will remember. Actions have consequences and this is no exception to that rule.

I just want to apologize to all of my loyal followers…. I rewatched Rebellion. I can see Homura’s action were just unacceptable. Manipulating the entire world, everyone’s minds, misinterpreting what Madoka said. Madoka wouldn’t even want a world like this. It’s unbelievable she would sink so low. Homura did everything wrong

What do you think the recidivism rate of Azkaban is? Cause it seems like, after a person experiences living in a prison isolated from human contact and surrounded by creatures who force you to feel severely depressed and relive all of your worst memories, you wouldn’t do anything to risk returning. Then again, how many residents of Azkaban, after a long imprisonment, are even capable of returning to their former mental capacity?

It seems like the wizarding world’s approach to the prison system (at least, until Kingsley abolishes the Dementor guards) is sort of what the Dursleys’ approach to life is: “Eh, you did something I deem unacceptable, so fuck you and your entire existence. I don’t care what happens to it. There is no room here for repentance or change. You have lost all your value as a human being and there’s no getting it back.”