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Fanfic Writer Appreciation Week/Fanfic Writer Wednesday

Hello all! Here are some things from my recent Ao3 history I’ve been reading lately that I recommend checking out! 

WIPs I am following: 

The Woman and the Bell by @jem-scribbles Tentoo x Rose

Electrostatic Potential by @tenscupcake Ten x Rose telepathy

Perfect Match by @lastbluetardis Ten x Rose soulmate AU

Run and Hide for Your Life by Rachel_Lu (I could rec several by her so just go read through her archives. haha) Ten x Rose Human Nature/FoB UA

The Girlfriend Experience and the entire 12 Tropes of Christmas: Hannah x Hardy edition series by @fadewithfury and @lostinfic 

101 Kisses by @a-sarah-world-writes various Doctors x Rose

One by @jaydelahaye Ten x Rose neighbors/single parent AU


@wordsintimeandspace recently added a second chapter to Mistaken Identity, which is so cute and you really need to check that one out. 

For your quick and dirty smutty needs, @perfectlyrose wrote a sexy Ten x Rose one called A Night to Remember

Red and White, Be Mine Tonight by @chocolatequeennk is some really beautiful Ten x Rose bonding fluff <333

Even though it’s not Christmas anymore, check out this coffeeshop AU by @caedmonfaith: Christmas at the Bad Wolf Brew

If you’re feeling nostalgic or just need some good smut, @kelkat9 uploaded her Lordstorm and His Livejournal Adventures series to Ao3. 

Something that’s almost never covered in fantasy mediums is common names.

Like we all know fantasy names are unusual, but any name to a foreign culture is considered unusual English names to Indian people are very unusual for example. But naturally, given that it’s an entire culture, there will be some common names, it’d be refreshing to at one point here this exchange.

“So I was talking to Vicnae and-”

“Wait which Vicnae? You can’t just say Vicnae. There are ten Vicnae’s in my village alone.”

My kinds of ships are the ships where the men know their women are powerful forces of nature and that they could fuck up entire armies in a matter of seconds and THEY EMBRACE IT AND TAKE PRIDE IN IT???! “Oh… It’s not me you should be worried about… It’s my WIFE.“ *smirks* YAAASSSSSSSSSS GIVE ME MORE.

I would have traded my A’s for his B’s and charisma in a heartbeat. I don’t say this to point out his flaws but to try and offer some perspective. Everything he does seemed to be effortless, even now; watching him leap around a stage in front of thousands of people, he seems untroubled and free from self-doubt. It’s easy to be jealous - he’s one of those people who are just good at things, we all know one - but to assume this means he takes it all for granted, or doesn’t worry, or try, would be oversimplifying him unfairly. His bundles of talent are a mixture of natural ability and intense heart.
—  Gemma Styles on Harry 

I’ve been replaying Dark Souls 1 and it’s really impressive how it has such a significantly different tone than the following two games. A better tone and atmosphere, in my opinion. Dark Souls 1 is really the only game that nails the feeling of a ‘slowly dying world’. Not dramatic. Not as a result of some catastrophe. The natural, quiet death of an entire world. Even though Dark Souls 3 was, in theory supposed to be about this, it isn’t really.

Part of this is simply the color palette. Dark Souls 1 features many, many 'cool’ colored areas. Lower Undead Burg. Bligh Town. The Depths. Darkroot. New Londo. Blacks and blues and dark regreens and dark browns and greys. Compare to Dark Souls 2, which is essentially a cartoon and Dark Souls 3, which has a much warmer palette with an aggressive sun and lots of lights and flame everywhere. This sells the more quiet, melancholy atmosphere.

Another is the fact that DaS1 simply has less enemies than 2 or 3. They’re often stronger and placed in more annoying positions, but both DaS2 and Das3 threw MANY enemies at you. DaS1 has relatively fewer enemies by comparison except for the firey shit under Blight Town, which makes sense because the bed of chaos creating new demons is one of the few things that should still be happening. But the general lower amount of enemies makes everything feel dead and quiet. Enemies being able to wander around in DaS3 also made areas feel more alive. Even Anor Londo is eerily quiet other than the handful of gargoyles.

Area design also plays a part. In Dark Souls 3, there are constant signs of strife. Almost every area you visit has sentries wandering the area, or the signs of some massive battle having either played out or being ready to be played out. There are corpses and fires everywhere. Piles of destroyed weapons. Most destruction in the game seems to have been actively caused, rather than as a result of time alone. Dark Souls 1 is the result of time and rot.

But the biggest thing that really sells the bleak, inevitable tone of DaS1 is the NPCs. In DaS2, basically no NPC will ever die unless the player kills them. In DaS3 SOME NPC quests end in death, but it’s almost always caused by the player. The player can easily prevent every single death. And nobody ever leaves Firelink unless the player prompts them. In DaS1, NPCs didn’t teleport to firelink. You’d just find them there when you got back. And most would leave of their own will, whenever they wanted. Unlike DaS2 and DaS3, all the NPCs felt like their own people with their own agendas, not just merchants for the PC’s convenience (indeed, the only really clever bits with NPCs in DaS3 was the Siegmeyer/Greirat/Patches interactions.)

In DaS1, almost everyone dies. And generally these are not noble, cool deaths. Solaire dies, confused and brainwashed, killed by the player outside Lost Isalith. Siegmeyer is killed by his daughter after going hollow himself. Laurentius, if told where to get Chaos Pyromancies, is crushed by the realization of his own inadequacies and hollows. Big Hat Logan realizes he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, goes mad, and hollows. Griggs goes hollow and dies. Even the Crestfallen Warrior goes hollow and must be put down. In DaS3, very few NPCs go hollow, and except for Anri, none really have a clear reason for doing so. In DaS1, every NPC that goes hollow and attacks the player has a REASON FOR DOING SO.

And again, almost every NPC in DaS1 eats it. It sells the tone much better than DaS2 or DaS3, where you basically bring a hub-area to life full of NPCs.

DaS1 has a really calm, melancholy atmosphere, and replaying it after DaS3 shows just how much they’ve failed to recapture that, even when deliberately trying.

i have been thinking about supernatural beings that have natures outside of their intended purpose. about where the myths come from and if those myths are fair.

the myth of the succubus. the woman who is too wily and sexual and has power through it. who lures men away from the light simply by existing. and of a succubus born into a body that is naturally alluring; is entirely asexual. has to listen to men tell her she’s wicked while all she wants is a close romantic connection. someone who will love her for all she is, not what she is.

a werewolf is a man with bipolar disorder, is either happy and friendly or strange, distorted, a sudden version of himself unfamiliar. he is also allergic to dogs. who is more often locked up as a man, itchy and puffy and red, than he is as a wolf. who can’t ever tell if his mind is what’s making him into this or nature is. if the wolf in him is his disorder or his curse or maybe both. who hurts himself and his loved ones not just in canine form, who finds himself standing in the shattered remains of his life; having pulled it apart with his own human hands. trying to figure out what it means to be man.

a witch is a woman who knows too much. she is also a catholic, very devoted. who has to choose between her god and her gift. who has to watch bad things happen to good people and wonder if she couldn’t just step in and stop it - and if, by not acting, she’s being good or evil. if she has this for a reason, and if that reason might just be temptation. how much power is too much power. if she gives in and succumbs but uses her gifts solely for good, is she playing god? if she agrees to sacrifice herself to hell in the name of others, will she still be judged as wholly evil?

a ghost is a sad memory we’re trying to chase away. it is what you bring with you to the beach where you didn’t kiss her. where you hid your grandfather’s unfinished painting. a ghost remembers for you so you can come visit again. a ghost wants you to be happy. that’s the thing. they show you what has been to remind you what is. to show you what you survived losing.

I’m almost two days past Christmas. Naturally. I tried doing an entire comic the day OF and halfway through i was like ‘i aint finishing this, no way’ so i just took a portion of it to try and crank out real quick. So I guess above is a sneak peak to something that may or may not be coming your way sometime soon. i have so many things left unfinished, its embarrassing 

as for a tiny bit of explanation, this is at a point in my comic where an akuma traps them in this magic circle via a mistletoe sprig unless they kiss, not that you can tell because i omitted the setting/bg so not much context would be needed. also i, like everyone else, enjoys the idea that anyone laying the moves on Chat just stops his brain from working, despite how suave he acts.  i also like marinette/ladybug taking the initiative, though since chat isn’t exactly brainwashed here i think she would keep it to a tame kiss on the forehead. but the face grabby thing she did in dark cupid is still a must for me. i dont think shed be able to help it, especially since chat would definitely be the one to fret over where it wold be appropriate to kiss marinette in this situation lol

Some enjoyable HxH moments:
  • “That’s a good question. The answer is give me the phone.” - Morel Mackernasey
  • Ging running to tell Gon about Kite’s secret ability while holding two guys in a headlock (after fighting an entire auditorium full of hunters, no less)
  • Killua and Gon fighting over who gets to die for the other; and Nobunaga, who is holding them captive, just laughing. 
  • “Squidderific” 
  • Leorio punching Ging in the face
  • Leorio eating the phone
  • Pouf overdramatically playing the violin
  • Killua’s shitty cat faces
  • Knuckle crying over dogs
  • Hisoka’s goddamn face when Chrollo told him about his sealed nen.
  • “I have my issues but you’re just as bad” - Hisoka, of all people, calling out Illumi on his shit.
  • Killua and Gon unexpectedly finding Phinks and Feitan in the auction hall and running for their lives.
  • Biscuit wanting a piece of Hisoka.
  • Meleoron not trusting Shoot because of his lack of eyebrows.
  • Morel running, tripping and calling out for Gon and Killua after finding out that Kite was alive
  • Basho’s character introduction
  • “Act natural” *Leorio and Gon proceed to look entirely unnatural*
  • “Sorry, I lied” - Phinks calling Kurapika back after the latter had hung up on him for saying something Foolish. 

if Trump actually does win this election come on, bring on that meteor that burns the entire planet, it’s natural selection, I’d rather have that than keep existing while knowing that enough people currently alive in the USA are willingly electing that giant orange bag of Satan’s stool sample while thinking that it was ‘the right thing to do’

Poke Out His Eyes

Context: 5e My players were nearing the end of a long warehouse fight against multiple enemies to attempt bring in a bounty alive. Several of our players have nearly died, they’ve whittled their opponents down and our Cleric does the following.)

Cleric: I would like to raise my shield of Kord up to him like I’m going to attack him, and then quickly lower my shield and poke him in the eyeballs, and I’m going to cast Light.

DM(me): (trying not to laugh) Okay, roll Dex to see if you succeed.

Cleric: Natural 20

(entire room erupts)

DM: So, you raise your shield and he turns to you and very quickly you drop it, striking out and poking him in the eyeballs as you cast light. He is now blind and has light coming from his eyes.

(I laugh so much we had to take a 10 minute break, and then our Cleric reminded me, as the DM, that Light lasts for 1 hour.)

The difference in the entire tone, body language, natural rhythm just everything between the two interviews really is so drastic and startling and tells you all you need to know.

Of all the Nat20s....

We are a group consisting of a Druid and raptor companion, Cleric (good), Gunslinger, DM-controlled Rogue, and a Sorcerer, and we have managed to end up in a battle with a ship’s captain on a living ship.  Due to some misunderstanding of visual cues and phrasing, we are all under the impression that the captain and ship are somehow connected and are attempting to sink the ship.

Cleric: “I cast Burning Hands across the deck!”

DM:  “I roll to halve–” *rolls a dice and doesn’t even look at it* “–and fail, roll for damage.”

The entire party: “……..”

The roll was a natural 20, the ship (considered a colossal creature) had a DEX of 1.

DM: “…..And SOMEHOW, the deck of the ship bends UNDERNEATH the sheet of flames, I guess.”

Day 7


We always feel the safest place is in the presence of those we love.

I’m sorry this is late, there’s no excuse I was distracted by videos. But yay! It is done! Lance week was a blast, but lord my hand hurts. Also, since I missed Klancemas I made this pic a little festive! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

anonymous asked:

Is it just me or should Dick and pretty much all the robins realistically be more skilled than Bruce? If Dick began his vigorous training from the age of 8-10 AND was a natural athlete with incredible acrobatic skills, and Bruce only started in his twenties, shouldn't Dick be faaaar better in all the Bat skills?

i’m not gonna touch cassandra because she’s the best fighter the dcu has seen and it’s always been clear she’s better than everyone because of the way cain raised her, but dick and damian were brought up from a very young age to be agile and use their bodies intuitively, so there’s no way other than wanting to have bruce be Bat God that especially those two don’t have at least 10% more skills than bruce. like i get he trained tirelessly for a decade and he knows the secret ways of how to raise his body temperature to fry eggs on his abs or something but dick was brought up knowing how to use his entire body as fluidly and naturally as breathing is for the rest of us in a way bruce can’t top. he wasn’t brought up like either dick or damian were, so the knowledge he has is just that: knowledge. sure, it’s a knowledge hammered with endless training and experience and being older than the kids and having seen all the crap dc writers have felt like throwing at him in nearly 80 years, but it’s not in his blood

when dick was batman, you could see he’d incorporate his surroundings a lot differently and openly than bruce did. i always view bruce as having a more brick and tank-like way of fighting while still being able to move like a cat. but dick dances. he dances and kicks people in the face and then twirls away and it’s probably beautiful if you’re not the one bleeding and missing a tooth (with damian you’re left with no eyes so you can’t see anything anyway)

this one car just parked in the spot directly next to me when there’s an entire parking lot of other spaces so naturally I reclined my seat all the way back and played with my dick until they thought that I was jerking off and drove away