this is enough for them

Honestly I don’t even refer to Xehanort as tan, because tan is such an ambiguous description of skin tone. Like, do you mean white/bright skin ‘tan’, or do you mean ethnic tan?? Cause those two are completely different kinds of tan


I love these two so much and I will blog about them as much as I want and no-one can stop me!


So I went to Disneyland Paris for 3 days about a week ago

My first time ever and I loved it. Also nearly cried like, 3 or 4 times? It’s really emotional when you see your all-time favorite disney princess up close, alright? Also spent quite a lot of money. And only slightly regretting not getting any of the Beauty and The Beast pins, but Belle’s eyes looked really creepy on them. 

I really want to go back sometime, but even though we found a really good deal (just over 600 euros for 3 days and 2 nights for 4 people!), it’s just so expensive. 

Still, I don’t regret spending all that money at all. My little sister and I wanted to go there since we were little, and by convincing our parents to come along so we could take the car there and by splitting the total cost in two, it ended up being so much more easier to finally realize this dream. 

I SWEAR if y’all don’t start letting the stranger things kids enjoy their childhood and let them make mistakes and learn from them and have fun and be successful and live their best lives I’m going to RIOT 

I’m home! ( *¯ ³¯*)~~♡ 


Moments in life like bits of paper in the wind… the start of one thing marks the end of another. Do you understand this?


And, for me, talking about it and sharing it, it helps expel some of the bad poison. Um, and the idea that there should be any stigma around treatment, or being depressed or anxious kind of labels you with a scarlet letter is nonsense. And openness and normalising it helps everyone. (x)