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“bitch” is a term of endearment among female friends but if you’re a guy and you call a girl “bitch” then you’d better run because my army of bitches is coming for you

Living with Saeran Headcanon

-When you both first moved in together he was quite shy
-Even having gotten quite comfortable with you, living with you felt like it changed the rules
-He always asked before he did anything
-Though you find it endearing that even by the hundredth time he’s still asking if it’s okay to hold your hand
-He didn’t have many things of his own
-So you put away money to take him out to buy him his own stuff
-Having his own things, right down to his own toothbrush was so special to him
-After that, he’d look for any excuse to use his own mug
-Making tea all day and loving the feeling of “this is mine”
-Even cuter is how his brain seems to blank when you remind him you’re his as well
-Late nights watching movies cuddled up on the couch
-He’s always excited to have an excuse to cuddle up with you 
-If you aren’t immediately in his arms he’ll kind of fidget and whine until you finally curl up with him
-He’s always completely sucked into any movie you watch together and never takes his eyes off the screen
-His fingers tend to fidget with the hem of your shirt or your hands while he watches
-It becomes apparent he has trouble staying still so you’re glad you can offer some kind of comfort to him
-This boy loves Disney movies!!!
-He seems to be able to relate to characters with bad back stories
-And always gets caught up asking if this means he could still have a happy ending after everything he’s been through
-It’s so adorable
-Of course you kiss him and tell him you’re both already on your way to your fairy tale ending
-He loves it so much
-He also angry cries over character deaths and when they’re unfairly treated
-You have to usually pause the movie to stroke his hair and help him relax
-He probably sings in the shower too
-All he really knows is what he’s heard on tv or in the movies though
-Luckily you don’t have to imagine it, here’s Saeran singing a Whole New World
-Watching Disney movies is basically therapy, he’s obsessed.
-If they got a fairy tale ending, so can I!!!
-He’s a little dependant on you in this still very new life to him
-So he loves being around you
-Will lean on you and browse his phone while you work
-Just generally loves being near you
-One day when you guys decide to go shopping you take him into lush
-Was this a bad idea or the best idea you’ve ever had?
-He spends an hour smelling everything
-Totally loves every new scent he comes across
-He’s so confused by bath bombs, and is convinced they’ll actually explode
-You tell him to pick a scent and buy him one to show him
-When you get home he almost drags you into the bathroom
-He’s always like this when he finds something new
-You show him how to run the perfect bath and then hand him the bath bomb
-He stares at it and kinda throws it into the tub and takes a step back
-Stares at it as he watches all the colours come rushing out
-When you both get in you lean against his chest
-His hands keep waving through the water and playing with the colours
-That’s it, he’ll never take a bath without one now
-Loves helping you get ready in the morning
-He’ll brush your hair and help you pick out your clothes
-He always looks over you with a blush
-He doesn’t even have to ask before you’re telling him he’s allowed to kiss you
-Once he starts it’s hard to stop him, his arms latch around your waist and hold you as tight to him as he can
-Genuinely nervous when you go to work that you wont come home
-So you send him texts every hour and call him at lunch
-He sits around and waits and always basically jumps off the couch to get his phone
-Will tell you he loves you like 5 times before you hang up
-Also is totally waiting at the door like a puppy when you come home
-Always ready to shower you with I missed you kisses when you’re through the door
-He’s not the best with emotions, but he’s come up with a routine for when you aren’t feeling well
-He’ll make you a hot drink, pull you into his lap and tell you how important you are to him
-It’s totally adorable because he’ll start referencing his favourite movies
-He always tells you he isn’t much but he wants to be your prince charming
-Of course you tell him he’s better then any prince 
-Usually ends with him being able to cheer you up with the sheer amount of love and care he shows for you
-How can you be sad when you see someone trying so damn hard to cheer you up?
-He’ll try and cook you dinner
-He can’t do much yet but he’s gotten pretty good at frying rice
-You’d love anything he made though
-You both sleep on the couch more then in your bed
-Late night cuddle sessions while watching movies usually end with you both too happy to break the closeness 
-He’s still learning but he loves you so much
-Show this boy you care and he’ll give you the world~

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Fan Mail Time: I stumbled across your SU works, and they are just so ... delightful! Thank you for making them and sharing them. It might sound odd, but beyond the content of the images (the little story each one tells) and their general affect of sweetness, I particularly am tickled by the way you render Ruby's boots. For some reason, something about them is just so endearing, y'know? Like, "OH MY GOSH! LOOK AT HER CUTE LITTLE BOOTS! I'M GONNA DIE!" So, anyway, once again, thanks for existing!

GOSH, thank you so much for the compliments! I love telling little stories and depicting tenderness with my art and doing SU fanart is a great outlet for that.

I REALLY love drawing Ruby’s boots (I love drawing boots in general for some reason) and I gain an additional ten years to my lifespan every time someone reblogs and tags my art with comments saying how much they adored the way I draw Ruby or Eyeball’s boots!

God, this was such a nice thing to find in my inbox. Thank YOU for existing!

Have this Ruby sketch, friend!

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headcanons for a head over heals smoker, shanks, zoro and law?

You mean head over heels for someone?

Omg, this would be HILARIOUS to watch!
(I’m back from the dead! Only thing I can say is that I was REALLY uninspired. D:
I’m so sorry for such a long absence!)

Head over heels in love with someone headcanons:


  • Acts like he totally knows what he’s doing, but he doesn’t. Don’t let him fool you.
  • Will try to ignore it for the longest time once he first realizes out he feels.
  • Doesn’t work. LOL
  • Ends up trying to be as subtle as possible on researching what he can do. Shut up, you didn’t see anything.
  • Initially tries to be sweet and endearing in the super cliche way, but just ends up being super blunt instead.
  • Also, lots of staring. LOTS of it. And standing as close as possible. Or as far away as possible, because he doesn’t know what to say. LOL
  • Mood rekt.


  • Obviously knows what he’s doing. Come on.
  • Really sweet, but also incredibly goofy.
  • Laughter is important for this guy, so he’ll use humour as a way to get them to pay some more attention to him/look his way.
  • WAY more smiles. Seriously. Get some sunglasses because DAMN that’s bright.
  • A lot more physical contact than usual, and longer. Example: More hugs, duh.
  • Hangs around a lot more and more often, and even longer periods of time.
  • LOVES showing up at random and surprising them. And that does mean surprise hugs, too.

Zoro and Law:

  • These two also don’t really know what they’re doing, either.
  • Both do a LOT of staring. Law would be aware of it, but Zoro most likely isn’t.
  • Hang around the same area. Like in the same room, but not necessarily talking to them. But definitely in eyesight.
  • You can’t tell me that these two wouldn’t get more protective. But they wouldn’t be obvious about it. Maybe. Okay, they might show off just a little.
  • Law would try to ignore it/fight it off once he realizes it, because of his past. And for a LONG while, too, before just ends up accepting it.
  • Zoro, on the other hand, only realizes it because it ends up hitting him like a ton of bricks. And probably because someone just flat out told him. LOL
  • Both would do a shit ton of teasing. Absolutely no mercy and relentless. R I P
  • Zoro probably naps closer to them. And sits closer to them if the opportunity arises. Pfft, he wasn’t looking for an open seat. NOPE.
  • Law would be a lot more sneaky is being closer to them. As in, doesn’t want ANYONE to know, because he’s well aware they’d tease him. Straw Hats.

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uh what whatever you do don't picture the girl you like leaning up against the kitchen counter with a mug of coffee in her hand and her hair up in a bun wearing sweatpants and laughing at a dumb joke you made

why would u do this

u knew i would picture it

why would u Do It

She told me I’d make a better husband than a boyfriend and that she wanted to keep me around until the time was right, cause if we ever dated and broke up she’d hate to lose me forever. That all girls keep the good ones around until the time is right. All because i freaking just accidentally asked her in a passing playful comment why is she always friendzoning me. And fuck that attitude, man, it’s not cute, it’s not endearing, it’s not romantic. I can’t even give her the confused excuse, feelings are tricky enough, but she was very aware of her choice. It’s fucking letting yourself having fun playing the field, all the while knowing you’re putting someone on your hook as a safety net because you know they have feelings for you they can’t let go of. It’s ugly and selfish. Choosing to feel loved in the expense of robbing others the same chance. And I’m so glad that it was all a misunderstanding of my feelings and my joke, or i’d be so mad and Seriously hurt. Everyone, boys and girls, stop doing this please,

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who's sabrina

she’s an a+++ human who stans sugamon, and writes endearing things about namjoon. basically, one of softest human beings so go follow @kimdaily and support #sabjoon2k17

she also likes cats so that’s a win

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all this drama in your ask smh i think it's a lot of saltiness from fans who don't want their fave to be replaced and fans who want the new kid to ~take over~. of course Nathan needs to improve his PCS side because he's young. people forget that Yuzuru was very rough around the edges at 17, they just find it more acceptable because he was an endearing Romeo. everyone is still improving all the time but regardless there's nothing they can do about the marks they receive so quit hating on kids

i’m totally fine with people critiquing nathan’s (or anyone else’s) skating. all skaters have stuff to improve in, but like…just get your facts straight if you’re gonna start a debate. if you think yuzuru should’ve won 4CC, fine with me, but don’t use bogus arguments.

once upon a time yuzuru was also beating the older favorites primarily based on strong TES while having weaker PCS. this kind of thing happens every single time new skaters rise up the ranks - they bring higher tech to the table, judges sometimes go overboard with PCS, they start overturning the status quo, then they become the new status quo until someone new shows up again. it happens all the time, it is nothing new. almost all the top skaters have been overscored at some point in their careers. many have won or lost competitions with questionable margins. you win some, you lose some. in the end, it all evens out over time. i’m not saying that we should just lay down and accept it when the judges go bonkers, but also i think we should keep in mind that overscoring is nothing new, and if you’re going to go after one skater for their scores, you might as well go after all of them.

also like. think about it this way: yuzuru popped two jumps and still nearly won the competition. some skaters pop twice and they’re off the podium entirely. focus on that and hope he doesn’t pop next time. wanting him to have a huge cushion to win even when he makes major mistakes doesn’t reflect well on him or his competitors, imo.

OKAY BUT SMELL THE SWEET VALIDATION, that latest promo brings all my headcanons home to roost about Hardy and Miller sharing the same shitty sense of humour, Hardy being really good at making Miller laugh, Hardy being a complete arsehole to everyone but her (and Daisy), Miller finding it amusing and endearing when he’s being a knob, Hardy getting all fussy around her because that is his Best Friend, Hardy and Miller still bickering when things get stressful because that’s just what they do, but making up easily afterwards… and the amount of costumes I’ve seen that are practically identical is frankly hilarious and also so sweet, that they unconsciously dress like each other all the time now. 

I’m convinced we’re going to see a lot of Hardy being quite nice to Ellie, probably while not saying a single word - like he’ll just silently open doors for her, slide kit kats across the table, make her coffee and tea just the way she likes it, and Ellie will be similarly nice but more upfront about, e.g. yelling “OY FUCKTRUCK IT’S COLD, WEAR THE SCARF I BOUGHT FOR YOU.” But doubtless there will still be some embarrassment about physical contact. ENTER YE OLDE FANFICTION TROPE OF “their hands accidentally brush while reaching for (x) and they pull away embarrassed” or “they bump into each other and blush” or “she takes his hand to get across a puddle.” I think there’s going to be tiny little touches here and there and they’ll act like dumb teenagers about it.

HHHHHH this is INVIGORATING, I’ve had to put up with people saying “they hate each other” and “they’re not compatible” and “they’re only working together because they have to” and now Chibbers has shot out of the blocks like “THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS AND LOVE EACH OTHER A WHOLE LOT, LOOK AT THE DORKS IN MATCHING CLOTHES SMILING AT EACH OTHER WHILE THEY WORK” 

I don’t even mind if it doesn’t end in explicit romance, if I get a whole season of them being best friends and openly adoring and supporting one another I’ll die happy.

humanized brambleclaw x reader

Bryan Lyons x Reader 
I was waiting at the school, waiting for waiting for my mom to pick me up who was making me waiting. She told me she was going to be more than three hours late. God what a bitch. I thoughtfully thought meaningly. Gray clouds approached the sky like a boat caressing the sea. Before I knew it; it had started to rain. The water made me wet. This was the worst day of my life probably.

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Honeycomb makes sense as an endearing name for Rhett, because Link loves his dark blond, honey colored locks, and of course he's sweet, too.

BAWWW QOQ AND AND … we know link loves sweet stuff :3c

link calls rhett his honeycomb for the first time and rhett’s like, hohoh is just calling me honey not good enough for you?
and he acts like it’s odd but he loVES THAT LINK CALLS HIM THAT AGDJDHHD

then would link be like. his peanut butter cup hajdhshsh
and they’re soO mushy about their nicknames for each other and all their kids are like omg dads get a rooooom

Can I just talk about Toby from Trollhunters for a moment here? 

I just finished binge watching the entire show in about 2 days with my friend. While we both latched onto a certain changeling immediately, I found myself looking at Toby more and more as the series went on - especially towards the end. Now he’s my favorite character.

This kid’s been through hell and still has a pep that my friend found “annoying”, but I found him to be endearing and honestly relatable more than the others.

This boy lost his parents (presumably they’re dead) and lives with his blind grandmother, his only real friend becomes a chosen one and he sticks by him and constantly puts his life at risk to help, he bounces back fairly quickly one he realizes that Claire isn’t a threat to his friendship instead of remaining bitter - and then the kid goes and loses his newest friend not too long after forming a close bond with them. 

…also the mole scenes were hilariously awkward. 

Can we get some more appreciation for this kid?

Can we just

Kara and mon el fit so perfectly despite what she might say. They remind each other of home when they have practically nothing left from their homes (Kara has Clark but he’s hardly ever around). He makes her feel safe and yet pushes her to change her way of thinking, to overcome her prejudice against daxomites and his against kryptonians. They can relate to each other on so many things that they just can’t with the others who hardly know what it’s like to be in space let alone a different planet. Kara struggles with change and yet she changed her way of thinking towards mon el giving himself chance to prove that he wasn’t just what all the rumours said about him. Mon el admitted that it was easier when he just didn’t care but didn’t reject his feelings for Kara, even after she had turned him down (twice). They built such an endearing friendship that blossomed into something more and I honestly hope it lasts for more than an episode.

Ps. I’m sorry to all those Maggie/Alex shippers who feel like they didn’t get enough during the Valentine’s Day episode, I hope you get a little more screen time in future episodes.

I’m convinced Clint and Steve have the most underrated relationship in AA. The majority of their interactions seem to be awkward comic relief, but it’s also kind of endearing and profound. For all that the show makes it look inadvertent, I like how Steve takes Clint seriously. More than believing in his potential, Steve validates Clint’s personal missions maybe because they largely reflect his own?–like in Thunderbolts episodes when Clint tries to bring Mimi into the light by showing how much he believes in her potential.

And Clint, in turn, is actually pretty thrilled every time he gets to work with Steve, whether it’s wearing the Cap uniform or missioning in South America. We’re shown Hawkeye fishing for Steve’s praise a lot, but he also follows Steve’s example for reasons bigger than hero worship. And who can forget the episode where he was knocked back in time and had the presence of mind to rifle through past!Steve’s wallet so present!Steve could get a picture of his father? Iconic. Honestly, I hope we get more of Clint and Steve next season.

Ran’s cat now has a name (well, two names actually)! Tenma calls the cat “F14″ since it lived in the Seventh Laboratory where Umataro Tenma and Hiroshi Ochanomizu work and February 14th was the day the cat was picked up. However, Hiroshi Ochanomizu calls it “Tom” as a term of endearment.