this is embarrassing for you

Imagine Tom talking about you in interviews after your child is born:

Pushy Interviewer: So were you there? Did you watch? With my kids I couldn’t watch so I just stayed up by my wife’s head.

Tom: Yeah, man. It definitely is a lot to take in, but I consider it an honor. You know, I grew up in a family of all boys, but my mum always made it very clear our whole childhood that having a baby was like– the most painful thing on this Earth and we needed to respect women for doing that.  

Interviewer: She raised you right, huh?

Tom: I’d like to think so. After we found out she was pregnant, one of the first things she decided was that she wanted to do it naturally. Which, you know, I really respect that. I can’t imagine what that must feel like, so I think it was important that I just be as supportive as I could. The whole process was insane. She did great.

Interviewer: Did you actually cut the cord? I did that with my son.

Tom: I actually didn’t. But I caught her. It was the craziest thing, man. The doctor was there and they said to give one more push and then the nurse literally like grabbed my hands and the doctor guided my daughter into my arms. It was the best moment of my life. I cried.

Interviewer: That’s amazing. Were your parents there?

Tom: Hers and mine both were out in the waiting room. We waited to find out the sex so I got to come out and say it was girl and everyone cheered and my dad cried. It was pretty great.

Interviewer: Now, you guys are both pretty young still, and you’re carrying a massive franchise on your back. How is that going to balance with parenting?

Tom: You know, that’s a good question. I think, for me, it feels really important to be present. I think in this industry, a lot of actors, men in particular, get to have a spouse and a family, but then their job is this separate life and they kind of go away and work and travel the world and leave their partners behind. And that isn’t to pass judgment– different things work for different people. But that was something we talked a lot about. I didn’t want my role as a father to be a side job. So I think for now, the girls will travel with me wherever I’m shooting. 

Interviewer: Wow.

Tom: Yeah, it’s a big sacrifice, on the girls’ part. I mean, the baby won’t remember it, and we haven’t decided what we’ll do when she’s school aged, but it’s a real privilege to be able to have a partner who believes in what I’m doing so much that she’s willing to come along for the ride of it. My hope is that I’ll be able to be a really involved father as a result of it because, you know, I’ll be able to go home to them at the end of every day. Try to be as normal as possible.

Interviewer: Do you have any pictures?

Tom: Do I ever. She’s the prettiest little girl in the world, mate.


idk I’m just posting this cause I wanted a comprehensive list of my klance fics on my blog, and also because I felt like shamelessly (that’s a lie, I’m very ashamed lmao) getting them out there - into the beautiful klance filled world. I will hopefully remember to update this when I post more, because I will undoubtedly be posting more. 

note: thank you for all of the kudos, comments, subscriptions and bookmarks I have gotten on my fics so far - I’m honestly so thankful, you are all so kind and I’m having such a lovely time writing for this ship :) 


1. on the edge

Lance and Keith still have a lot things left unsaid between them, which kind of sucks since they sort of might be dying.

Keith and Lance get ambushed on an alien planet, and this is what happens before, after and during the event – complete with a series of look-back moments on their ever-changing relationship.

words: 7000+ (canon universe, btw nobody actually dies lol - I’m too much of a crybaby to actually write that)

2. see you again

Keith and Pidge break into the galaxy garrison, and have a run in with a certain snarky-assed cadet that Keith can’t remember the name of… Oops

‘“My mum and I are parked outside,” Pidge answers, sounding ominously giddy. “So get on out here fast. And make sure to bring your hoverbike, tonight you and I are breaking into the galaxy garrison.”
Keith doesn’t even hesitate.
“Okay,” he says, then hangs up the phone, grabs his jacket, and races for the door.’

words: 9000+ (canon universe, garrison au)

3. accidentally in love

Keith gets covered in amortentia, and Lance smells him - accidental declarations are made. 

words: 2000+ (alternate universe - hogwarts, btw lance doesn’t fall under a love spell, i just realised the title might be misleading lol)

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So I was tagged by the beautiful @xiangbinbubbles​ and a lot of you guys ages ago,  and I really wish I was as cute as all of you and stuff, but I have nothing to offer besides my humble face and the snow filters. Hope you don’t hate this too much, it’ll only be on your dash for a few seconds. The selfies are all from like two days ago, does that count?

I wanna tag everyone, especially  @sugassquish@twaeioush@oddasityisme@yarnybooknerd@smol-bean-twentyseventeen@youjusttellmelove@junghoseokiiie

did i ever tell yall the story abt how i saw one of my exes at a grocery store and she had a baby carrier with a baby in it and after awkwardly greeting her out of obligation i stared at the baby and didn’t know what to say so i just blurted out “where did you get that” in a tone as if i were inquiring her as to what aisle she grabbed an eggplant from

and she looked down at the baby and was like “………….he’s mine” and we both had this mutual uncomfortable silence and a shared moment of ‘why did u say it like that’ before i was like “oh ok bye” and i left and then moved states like three days later


“My baby shot me down.”

Super late submission for @klangst-week: Unrequited Pining/Unrequited Love (Day 1) & Hurt/Comfort (Day 3). Click for better quality.

Harry: *regaining consciousness after a minor Healing procedure* What’s goi– *sees Draco sitting next to him* 

Draco: Hello, there.

Harry: *awed whisper* Oh my god. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.

Draco: *flatly* Is that right?

Harry: *still gaping stupidly* Are you a Veela? 

Draco: No, Harry.

Harry: *gasps* You know my name?!

Draco: Oh, I know a whole lot more than your name.

Harry: *delighted* We know each other?!

Draco: *holds up hand* We’re married, love. *points out Harry’s matching ring*

Harry: *gasps at own hand* Wh–?! *drugged flailing*



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