this is embarassing :d

BTS reaction: You biting their ear playfully

@ranmin10 requested:  Bts reaction to there GF bite there ear playfully :) 💞


„Yah ! What was that ?“, he’d ask embarassed after he moaned audible. His ears are probably one of his secret sensitive spots.

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Yoongi would be taken aback by your action. He’d turn around, touching his ears since it surprised him. Before you had the chance to bite his ear again, he was already on your neck leaving bruises.

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Hoseok would try to play it cool and pretend as if it didn’t affect him at all, but give in after some time, jumping you and starting your hot makeout session.

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Namjoon knew what you were actually up to, but he likes to tease you.

„Use your voice, kitten. What do you really want, hm ?“

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To your surprise, Jimin let out a stifled moan, which motivated you to continue and him not complaining about it.
This young man has VERY senstive ears, but secretly loves them being touched.

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It would turn into an ear-biting fight, resulting in you being unable to stop moaning. Things continue from there on, him taking the lead.

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He’d give you THAT look, finding it cute how you’re trying to seduce him.

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Law is frightening to children...

so anyway that’s my fan fiction

i did a lil’ doodle of that ~what if you were dating ur candy’s boi :0~ thing that i saw @giccix do! (which in turn was inspired by @suziesamico >u> )

im no match for nathaniel’s cuteness so i’d probably act like the BIGGEST MOST EMBARASSING DORK in front of him (like i do with all the people i like)

um..i did one for eldarya too? because honestly i’d probably try to stab ezarel with a fork. 

Aw guys…I’m seeing people picking up an NSFW message in this fanart.

Yes, art is up to interpretation, and if you want to interprete my piece as NSFW, that’s fine! But that isn’t what I meant to show. He’s supposed to be holding her hand, not her…you know, haha damnit :D

But since many people picked up on that, I think it’s appropriate to apologize on my behalf in case my art offended someone. I’m trying to keep my blog PG13. He - sorry!


Rhack - The Fitting


Okay here ya go! I hope you like this random animation! Basically Jack seeing Rhys in his new get-up for the first time, and Rhys trying it for the first time blah blah (idk XD) It was done quite quickly so excuse the lack of scenery :3 Hope you like it anyway!

Oh Sunshine - Beautiful (cover prototype)
Oh Sunshine - Beautiful (cover prototype)

Hey everyone///// so…I have worked on a piano arrangement of Beautiful by Oh Sunshine lately, and since it’s not anime related, I was wondering if people would maybe be interested for a score….? (like a “guitar chords” version or a full score?). If yes, I would post a full cover with a download link for it ^/////^

This audio is only a quick extract of how it would sound, so you can have an idea sorry for the little mistakes I still have to work on the synchro piano/voice/////

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Boy I really love Bim Trimmer... Man, such a great show host, so talented, such an impressive plant collection, so good to his friends oh boy I hope he can't hear this that'd sure be embarassing MAN isnt Bim Trimmer just my favourite

Somewhere in the background, Bim Trimmer passes out, tears in his eyes and a goofy smile on his face. Dr. Iplier kicks his foot gently. “I’m sorry. He’s dead.”

Bim opens a single eye and pouts up at him. “Quit telling everyone I’m dead.”

Doc walks off, sipping his coffee. “Sometimes I can still hear his voice.”


Don't Pick Me

“Don’t Pick Me”

I remember sitting in the back of class
Whether it was english, history, science, or math
Staring at the clock; waiting to be free
Praying to God the teacher wouldn’t pick me

Funny thing is; it’s not like I wasn’t prepared
I had most of the answers; though the teacher wasn’t aware
But when I would raise my hand to answer a question
The teacher ignored me; never looked in my direction

This bugged me to absolutely no end
How could she pretend that I didn’t understand
I’d keep my hand raised for what felt like days
But she’d call on a friend to much of my dismay

But what bugged me more; what I couldn’t believe
When I didn’t have my hand raised is when she’d call on me
As if to mock, embarass, or make me feel dense
I wanted to pop her tires; this didn’t make sense

Why would a teacher do that to a student?
Why waste our time?; class should be fluent
Pick on someone who knows; don’t embarass the rest
Maybe she was having a bad day was my only guess

But it got even worse; what she had in store
Sometimes she’d make me write answers on the board
So the whole class could witness the fail that I am
My face would turn red before it began

So while I was doing homework one night
I decided I was going to get every question right
I did extensive research; found every answer but one
That was good enough for me; at least I found some

But the next day in class was the worst of them all
I felt like a mighty king about to take a fall
She called on me for that one question; like a scared bunny I stood
And gave the stupidiest answer that I swear anyone could

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Mipha muttering unflattering things under her breath while Rhoam bitches at his daughter, and Link TRYING NOT TO DIE LAUGHING IN THE ROYAL PRESENCE

“This asshole. Don’t listen to him, Zelda. You’re great and this guy has no idea how magic works.”

Sometimes I think about how Mipha might have felt seeing Zelda get bitched at for not having magic. They probably talked about it a lot along with Urbosa. But I think Mipha would feel kind of bad cause I remember reading somewhere that she’d been embarassed of her magic? So she probably sees Zelda getting yelled at and feels bad actually.

(I can’t remember where I read it though! I think it was on tumblr before the game came out so I’m not sure how accurate that is!)

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Can I request a scenario with Kid and Bartolomeo where they find their artist s/o's sketchbook and it's filled with detailed pictures for them from fighting to domestic stuff? I've seen this request before but not with my babies lol

You’ll get it with your babies haha, but it’s headcanons coz I dont do scenarios anymore ;)


  • oh idk man, I think this might get him all flustered tbh
  • with a furrowed eyebrow he’d look through all of the sketchbook and make a shocked face at some pics, an endeared one at others and a pretty confused one at others again
  • Occasionally he’d go
  • “Lmao that one time was funny haha”
  • and
  • “Jesus fuck” *with red cheeks*
  • and


  • has somewhat a similar reaction
  • only cutting the anger, since he worships the ground his s/o walks on so he probably won’t ever get mad at them
  • not even looking at the embarassing pics
  • He’d blush and make stupid heart eyes mostly I think
  • but like in a very eccentric way
  • If he sees his s/o the same day he’d be all over them smooching them and lifting them up spinning them around out of pure adoration
UNKNOWN NUMBER | from [ x ]

[ text ] OHNOo
[ text ] I’m not upset or anything like it! 
[ text ] And I don’t know who Team Plasma is, but they don’t sound good at all!
[ text ] >:c 
[ text ] If they are as bad as they sound, then what you did was very brave!
[ text ] Like… A hero! 
[ text ] I’m sure your sister will be very happy and proud of you.
[ text ] c: 
[ text ] If you’d like, I can try to give some advice about liepard? 
[ text ] ( please, do not feel embarassed or frustrated )



for @katiehavok

Part 1 is [here], prompted by @aquajules

Pairing:  Newt/Tina
Length:  242 words
Prompt:  Suspenders
Tags:  Kissing, First Kiss, 
Warnings:  None (Sorry this didn’t get smutty)

Tina cursed the fate that brought her here.  Staring at Newt’s shoulders as he bent forward over the table in front of him.  

His suspenders were in complete disarray, shrugged off his shoulders and hanging down from the waist of his trousers.  

She could see the outline of his shoulder blades through the thin cotton of his shirt.  

And she was practically certain that this was no dream she could wake up from.  This was real.  

“You’re staring again…” he muttered.  

“I’m sorry, what?” she asked.  

“You’re staring at me again.”  

“Again?” Tina was aware she sounded more flustered than she ought to sound.  But being caught in a social faux pas was kind of embarassing.  

“Tina, if there’s something you’d like to say to me, please just get it over and done with…” Newt implored, turning around to face her with a somewhat smug look on his face.  

It took her all of three steps to cross the floor and close the distance between them.  

Her lips touched his and his arms wound around her waist, holding her fast to the front of him.  

When she broke off the kiss, he laughed nervously, hands unmoving from their position.  “When I said that…before?  I wasn’t expecting…well…this.”  

Tina grinned, tilting her head slightly in an attempt to appear coy.  (It looked like it was working, because his eyes were following her lips when she spoke.)  “What were you expecting?”  

“Doesn’t matter…this is better.”   

Hormones | Dolan twins imagine

“G'night (y/n).” Ethan and Grayson said with sleepy smiles on their faces and head towards Grayson’s room.

You’ve been living with them for about a month now and you’re using Ethan’s room because a school offered you a good scholarship in this school here at LA. At first you have no where to stay. But Mrs. Dolan, a good friend of your mom, said you could stay with the twins temporarly and your mom agreed.

You let out a breath that you’ve been holding because of the pain you’re feeling in your lower stomach.

It was your 3rd day in your period and it was worse than ever. You walk slowly to your room while holding your stomach and avoiding yourself to groan in every step.

You changed into a thick sweatshirt, shorts and remove your bra because it irritated the hell out of you.

You lay on your stomach while facing the nightstand. The bed smelt like Ethan and you strangely find it smells good.

But you can’t sleep. You tried to move but it just hurts everytime you try. So you just took your phone and opened youtube.

You found a Dolan Twins video with the title “Time for a change (our story)” you got curious and watched it.

After watching it, you were crying your eyes out. You think that it was just so sad and you just couldn’t help yourself. Who would have thought these goofy boys was bullied and hurt by people.

You curl yourself into a ball and continued to cry, hormones taking over your emotions and you hate it. Specially because you’re crying in the middle of the night because of a video. “Ugh.” You groaned and wipe a tear off your face and chuckled.

Maybe you’ll even laugh at yourself if you weren’t so sad.

Then you heard a knock. “What?” You asked, your voice was shaky from crying and Grayson opened the door with Ethan behind him.

“We were just wondering if we could sleep here tonight.” He said. “Our aircon is broken..” His voiced dropped.

“(y/n) are you okay?” You heard Ethan asked you and you sat up wiping yur tears.

‘Jesus’, you thought, ‘I’m not even wearing a bra right now.’

“Yeah I’m fine. Just..” You said and sobbed. They closed the door behind them and sat beside you.

“What’s the problem?” Grayson asked worried.

“It’s nothing. You know.. Girls. Every month..” You said. You can’t say that you’re crying because of their video. That would be embarassing.

“Oh.” Ethan said probably realizing you’re on your period. “D-do you need anything?” He asked concerned.

And you’re feeling yourself starting to cry again and ‘ohmygod’ you thought, you felt a tear run down your cheeks.

‘Dammit I’m crying I hate this.’

“Why are you crying?” Ethan asked again.

'Because of you idiot. How could someone so sweet like you get bullied and hated.’ You wanted to say but you just shook your head.

You chuckled. “It’s nothing.”

'Wtf stop crying (y/n), stop embarassing yourself’

“You can tell us anything..” Grayson said.

“You two are such a beautiful person you know that?” You asked without thinking about it, tears continuesly running down your cheeks.

Grayson and Ethan looked at each other with confused looks. They don’t know if this is funny or what and this is their first time dealing with someone that’s getting take over by hormones.

“Uh.. Thanks.” Ethan just said, smile creeping down his lips and Grayson coughing to stop his chuckles.

“You guys are the sweetest persons I know and don’t let your classmates bring you down.” You said and sniffed. “You make people smile everyday and you should be proud of yourselves.”

“Did you watch our video about why we moved here?” Ethan asked laughing lightly.

“Don’t laugh at me.” You protested.

Then they burst out laughing.

You nodded. “It was so sad. How could people possibly hate a person like you two.” you said and sobbed.

“Awwe.” Grayson came closer to you and hugged you. “But we’re okay now.” He said.

Ethan sit closer and hugged you too. “It’s all in the past. We’re happy. Especially because of the persons who supports us no matter what.”

You hugged them back and joined the emotional group hug.

They pulled away after a minute, wiping your tears and cuddled beside you.

This is probably me in my period HAHA. hope you like it! 🙈