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I'm very sleepy, so apologies if you're not taking prompts.... But the female Solas post keeps popping up on my dash.... If you're up to it, would you perhaps write a bit with her perhaps meeting/flirting with someone of your choosing? (Bonus points if it's some weird version of the world where they know of the original Solas lol)

Glimpses: Lady Solas


Rating: G

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Female Solas x Lavellan because I guess we’re doing this now

Ellian had never been so obsessed with another woman before. 

Sure, there were dalliances in her clan, pretty girls she enjoyed time with just as much as the handsome boys, but no one that caught her eye like Solas. She was statuesque and stunning, with long legs and toned arms. Her eyes reminded Ellian of a cat’s, gleaming and wise and mischievous, but her demeanor was always calm and controlled. 

She was brilliant, too. Solas had something to say about everything Elvhen, and seemingly endless stores of information about the Fade. It was all absolutely fascinating, and Ellian hung on to her every word. Of course, all of that was made dangerously easier by her deep, painfully sexy voice. Ellian swore she could hear it in her dreams, or whenever she allowed her mind to wander. 

After spending enough time trying not to fawn over Solas in the field, Ellian finally decided to seek her out in Haven. There she was, barefoot but comfortable, hands held behind her back as she observed the Breach high overhead. As Ellian approached her Solas smiled very slightly, almost imperceptibly. “The Chosen of Andraste,” she cooed, with a curious expression that made Ellian’s heart drop. “A blessed hero sent to save us all.”

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[Ep.27] A Boy and the El: The End and the Beginning

Elsword: I don’t need either. I will not choose your method.
Solace: Why?
Elsword: If we sustain this El with Diceon energy and use up all of the Diceons… then what happens to Elysion?
Elsword: See, in the end, you’ll end up losing something precious again.
Elsword: I cannot let the place Yuno and Herbaon tried to protect descend into ruin.

Solace: Then will you go back to the system where the Lady of El is sacrificed, turning your sister into its next victim?
Elsword: … …You said it before, that I’m the one who has connection to the power of El. Then shouldn’t I be able to do something about this?
Solace: How foolish; yes, your power definitely is strong. There’s no way a single human can handle the Giant El.
Elsword: You might think it’s foolish but for me… I cannot surrender my friend’s home or my sister. This is my decision!
Elsword: Now, Solace. You said Diceon energy is concentrated in this center, right?
Solace: ?!
Solace: … Wait, Elsword. What are you doing…!!

Rena: W-What’s going on? Elsword?
Eve: I am sensing a giant energy in Elrios. It’s big enough that I can sense it even here in Elysion, what is this…

Solace: All the El shards scattered across the continents have merged into one.
Solace: And this familiar energy… Elianord…? Is the ancient Elianord restored?
Elesis: Elianord…? But where is Elsword?!
Solace: Elsword used all of his energy to restore the El. … He probably is inside the El right now.
Elesis: Inside the El…?! Dear God…! Then what happens to Elsword?!
Ara: Ah, hold on!! There’s a light coming from the device over there…!
Solace: …!

Aisha: It can’t be… That person is… Lady of El…?!
Solace: Wait, Harnier. You shouldn’t get up so fast. You have to rest…
Harnier: I’m okay, Perihart. Don’t worry so much.
Harnier: Hello. This must be our first time greeting each other face to face.
Elesis: ……
Harnier: … I was watching over you, El Search Party… And Elesis nim…
Elesis: … So it was you. The one who called out to me.
Harnier: That’s right. Excuse my rudeness. I just didn’t want to repeat the situation where we have to sacrifice someone again.
Elesis: (… To protect me, Elsword…)
Ara: Lady of El, where is Elsword nim? Please tell us!
Harnier: I can sense him within the El. The pure power of El, developing on its own. This power must belong to the one inside there.
Harnier: … Thanks to Elsword nim’s power, El is being restored to its complete form, as much as it did before. I was able to awaken by being guided by his power.
Harnier: … But if El continues to absorb him, Elsword nim will disappear.
Aisha: Wait wait, Elsword will disappear? But that can’t be?!
Solace: When Elsword was uniting with the El, I injected some of Diceon Energy. That will prevent him from being absorbed right away, but we can’t help him if we run out of time.
Raven: Elsword… did he make such a decision for our sake. … We made him bear too much burden on his own again.
Elesis: We have to rescue Elsword right away! What… can we do…? Tell us!
Harnier: There will be someone waiting in Elianord, to guide you to Elsword nim. I can sense his power in Elianord.
Harnier: He is a dragon, and have spent the most time with the El as one of the Masters, so he must know a way.
Chung: Then we must head to Elianord right now!
Add: Hey, are you coming too?
Solace: I no longer have the right to be the Master. I can’t leave Harnier in Elysion either.
Harnier: Then I will go to Elianord as well…
Solace: No, I don’t want to sacrifice you to the El anymore. Harnier.
Solace: And there’s something we must do using this Elysion Tower here.
Rena: Something you must do?
Solace: We must find the ones that… manipulated the El to explode. They will come after the El again if it’s restored.
Solace: Since Elianord is restored as well, they will show themselves from somewhere. We cannot repeat the past.
Eve: We don’t have much time. We must depart for Elianord.
Harnier: I can help you. I will send you to the Master closest to the El right now.
Elesis: We’re counting on you!
Harnier: Thank you… and I am sorry. Please rescue Elsword nim.
Elesis: Of course! Neither of us is planning to be sacrificed to the El. There must be a way so don’t worry too much.
Harnier: You’re right. I’ll also do my best to help you. May the Goddess watch over you guys.

Ciel: … This is… Elianord…?
Chung: Look over there! There’s a huge El!
Raven: That’s the fully restored El? Amazing.
Elesis: … Elsword is… inside there…
Denif: Who goes there.
Elesis: !!
Denif: I haven’t seen you before. State your identites.
Add: Tch, we never saw you before either. Why don’t you introduce yourself first?
Elesis: Excuse us. We are the El Search Party, led here by the Lady of El…
Denif: Lady of El…! Are you talking about Harnier?!
Artea: Ah, isn’t it the El Search Party…?! To think we’ll meet you here…!
Ara: Artea nim!
Denif: You guys, do you know each other?
Artea: El Search Party members, this is the Master of Water, Denif nim who was sealed away with Elianord and have awakened with the city.
Ara: Then can he be the one the Lady of El was talking about?
Aisha: Denif nim!! We came here to ask you for a favor!!
Denif: … A favor?
Denif: I see. So that’s why Elianord has awakened…
Artea: We were surprised too. The Els we were protecting united into one and put all of us in one place.
Denif: After the El exploded, us Masters restored the scattered El fragments by pouring our energy into it and thereby giving them elements, and created a seal to protect Elianord, falling asleep with the city in the end.
Denif: And Elianord was restored by the power of that boy named Elsword and I was able to wake up with the city as well.
Rena: Denif nim, then what about other Masters…?
Denif: Well… I’m not sure. When I woke up, there was no one but me and these priestesses.
Denif: Perhaps they woke up outside of the city… if not, then they still might be asleep.
Denif: Now that I think about it, you guys. You were talking about the Lady of El; how did you meet her?
Aisha: Ah, well that’s…
Denif: … Solace… was the cause of this disaster… I should’ve done something about it first back then…
Ara: But that was not a part of Solace nim’s plan? Solace nim feels responsible about the incident as well.
Denif: I know. I can understand, knowing their close relationship.
Denif: But that does not erase their mistake. So much was sacrificed because of their personal emotions.
Ara: … Yes…
Denif: But now’s not the time to place blames. I am not planning on degrading Solace’s effort because of what happened in the past. It could’ve been dangerous if it wasn’t for the device called Diceon.
Denif: And I can’t believe the power the El has right now is all because of one boy named Elsword… I cannot believe it.
Rena: Help us, Denif nim! We must save Elsword. … Even if it means making the El unstable again…
Denif: El… becoming unstable again…
Artea: Denif nim…
Elesis: ……
Denif: Okay. I will help you.
Denif: I understand that the peace gained in this way is not a good thing. A completion attained through sacrifice will only birth another tragedy…
Denif: Except, if you want to look after the unstable El and make sure no other casualties are created, then it will require even more effort. Are you ready for that?
Chung: Of course! We’re ready!
Eve: It’s only natural to accept the consequences of a reasonable result. Master Denif.
Add: We can’t avoid it so there’s no other way. It’s bothersome but we have to do this.
Aisha: Good, then we all agreed to go save Elsword, right?! Let’s go!
Denif: Us dragon race were entrusted with guarding the El of the Ellian Kingdom for generations. So we know more about the El than any other.
Denif: In order to rescue the boy Elsword, then we must first wake him up and draw him out of the El.
Elesis: … What can we do to wake him up?
Denif: Hmm… There must be no other way than to just call him.
Add: Hey, there’s no way we can call out for him outside the giant El no matter how much we yell. Give us a more realistic solution.
Elesis: Add, stop being rude and be polite to him.
Add: Tch, I only pointed out the problem.
Denif: Of course, it’s no use calling out to him out here. But near the El there are small dimensional rifts that resonate with the El.
Denif: Maybe your voices can reach him in there…
Ara: …! Is there a way to go there, Denif nim? We have to rescue Elsword nim…!
Denif: I do know the way. But that place is too dangerous.
Denif: And I cannot guarantee that your voices can reach him there either.
Eve: If the possibility is not zero, then it’s worth to try it.
Chung: If there’s a way to save Elsword, then we want to try it. So please tell us, Denif nim!
Denif: … You guys really want to save him.
Denif: I know the way to the dimensional rift and I can send you there, but the giant energy of that place will try to test you guys, so you must be careful.
Denif: That rift is where the El is most active, and you can end up being consumed by the El.
Aisha: Uh… being consumed by the El… that’s scary. Let’s be careful, everyone.
Lu: Ho~ I am ready.
Ciel: We can have tea time with Elsword when we bring him back.
Rena: By the way, isn’t something strange?
Elesis: What is? I don’t think we need anything else?
Rena: No~ Um… it feels like.. we’re missing someone?
Aisha: That’s because Elsword is not here.
Rena: That’s true but, someone besides Elsword… It’s weird.
Raven: Maybe it feels even more empty because it’s Elsword. Let’s hurry up, everyone.
Denif: … Is everyone ready? Take a deep breath…
Denif: Good luck.

The Cloister of the El Dungeon

Elsword ended up being absorbed into the El by the El Restoration phenomenon. The El Search Party enters the Cloister of the El to save the boy who became one with the El…

Within the “Cloister of the El”, the El Search Party members come face to face with light clone versions of themselves, who constantly tell them to back off and go back home because the mission is over. Our characters tell themselves that they cannot leave Elsword here, ignores their shadows by defeating them, and head into the heart of the El, where they battle against a white figure, a boss named “The Will of the El”. The Will of the El tries to stop the party from waking Elsword, and you must defeat her to reach Elsword.

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For DWC! Dom!Solas "roleplaying" as Fen'harel with Lavellan in front of a Dread Wolf statue. Give me hair pulling, choking, spanking, diiiiirrrrrtttyyyy talk, ALL OF IT. Fuckin go wild with it. I need it

Glimpses: Or the Wolf’s Gonna Blow it Down


Rating: Explicit

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Solavellan

Warnings: Rough sex, Dom!Solas, choking, spanking, etc. 

Reader discretion advised.

Ellian knew exactly how to test him. She was cunning and quick-witted and always teasing. She’d invite him out on excursions in the field only to spend the entire time flirting and tempting him before pulling back. He wasn’t sure whether she was purposefully taunting him or not, but he was at his limit. What that meant, he wasn’t sure. They’d been physical before, in ways that pushed both of their limits, but somehow he still never had enough.

That morning he’d woken up to her straddling him, one brow raised, and though they’d rolled in the blankets for over an hour the actual sex had to be quick and easy to hide. They weren’t alone, after all.

But they were now. She’d brought him deeper into the forest on a mission to gather rare herbs, but he couldn’t tear his eyes off that perfect round of her ass shifting with every step. When she addressed him, turning slightly over her shoulder, he raised an eyebrow and forced his gaze away from her rear. She’d said something, probably. “Hm?”

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Spirit of the Petal
Press Play
Spirit of the Petal

Prophecy About the Origin of the World (세계의 근원).

Each of the priestesses of El know a part of the prophecy, which activates something when all of them gather and recite their part of the prophecy. That something is the ancient Ellian structure in the Distant Ruins.  

When Sasha is asked what the prophecy of the Origin of the World is, she replies with the prophecy is about the location of the Lady of El. This might not make a lot of sense right now but will be explained at the end.

So for this version 2.0 of interpretation of the prophecy, we will assume that the entire prophecy, all 6 parts of it, is about “the location of the Lady of El”.

EYYY what do you know, Everyone but Artea, who think she’s too good to use it, shows the symbol of each “element” that I thought were unvailed in Halted Sun’s Memory.. goddamnit they were in the game for longer than I thought.

Now read the following prophecy and try to figure out what each of them could possibly mean. You already know a lot of things without even realizing it.

첫 번째 기도는 바람. 신의 품으로 인도하는 소리 없는 날개.

두 번째 기도는 바다. 빛의 원에서 잠드는 상처도 존재도 없는 밤의 요람.

세 번째 기도는 모래. 황금 빛의 시간 속에 헤매는 여행자

네 번째 기도는 노래. 달에게 비는 소원과 밤하늘에 빛나는 고요한 속삭임.

다섯 번째 기도는 황혼. 빛나고 불타는 단 하나의 목숨에 도달하는 곳.

마지막 기도는 약속. 태초와 먼미래의 이름, 내일을 향해 열리는 단 하나의 길. 

First Prayer is Wind. Silent wings that guide to the embrace of God.

Second Prayer is Ocean. A cradle of the night, without any wound or existence, sleeping within the circle of light.

Third Prayer is Sand. Traveler wandering in the time of golden light.

Fourth Prayer is Song. A wish upon the Moon and a silent whisper that shines in the night sky.

Fifth Prayer is Dusk. A place to reach a single, shining and burning life.

Last Prayer is Promise. A name of the Beginning and the distant future, a single path that opens toward tomorrow.

Did you read them? Can you figure it out? Seriously, do me a favor and try to figure out what each of them might mean. Things get more interesting if you try to do it too.

The following are my interpretation of each part of the prophecy and so please, take it with a grain of salt.

First Prayer is Wind.
Silent wings that guide to the embrace of God.”

= Ain, the Representative of Ishmael.

First Prayer is Wind: Wind in the world of Elrios has the strength of energy and activity.

“Ventus, Master of Wind: Governs the power of wind that has the strength of energy and activity”

Silent wings that guide: Ain intervenes to guide the El Search Party to restore the El, but his intervention must go unnoticed. He accomplishes this by manipulating and erasing people’s memories. His ability to erase people’s memories is his silent wings. Also it’s worth noting that this is the first prophecy, and of course it would be about Ain, who’s been with us since the very beginning.

Embrace of God: It could mean many things… death, afterlife, another realm…? But in this context I think it means Will of Ishmael, and her desire to “help” the El Search Party to restore the El.

“Second Prayer is Ocean.
A cradle of the night, without any wound or existence, sleeping within the circle of light.”

= Harnier, the Lady of El.

Second Prayer is Ocean: Ocean is the origin of life. It is vast, it is mysterious, and it sustains countless lives. But it is also where hurricanes are created.

A cradle of the night: A cradle is the tiny bed where a baby sleeps and rests, but it’s also a word to describe a birthplace of something. Night… could mean how the world plunged into “darkness” after the explosion of the giant El, lost without the light of the El. Is it saying that Harnier is the origin of the “night” the Elrios is in, due to lack of the original El? Or it simply could mean the preservation capsule Harnier is sleeping in, pointing the direction toward Elysion, where it is.

Without any wound or existence: Harnier is in stasis and has been forgotten by people for 500 years. I think you can say that she has no wound or any existence. For crying out loud, even the priestesses didn’t know she was a real person:

“We’ve actually never met her but through Elesis, it has been confirmed. The legendary El Lady does exist.
- Darkmoon in Ep. 20: Prophetic Mission

Sleeping within the circle of light: She’s sleeping under the watchful eye of Solace in his fortress. Circle of light could mean Solace and his protection…

“Third Prayer is Sand.
Traveler wandering in the time of the golden light.”

= Solace, Master of the Sun.

Third Prayer is Sand: Sands of time. Sand in the hourglass. Sand could be representing time in this context.

Traveler: Solace traveled around the world, looking for a place to preserve Harnier’s body.
Note: I understand NA translated it as adventurer, but 여행가 is a traveler, not an adventurer. Adventurer would be 모험가.

I always asked myself while looking for a place where I can preserve Harnier’s comatose body, and eventually arrived in Elysion; El… why must we rely on such a thing…?
- Solace in Ep. 26: The Past and the Present

“가사상태에 빠진 하르니에의 육체를 보존할 수 있는 곳을 찾아다니면서”
- 찾아다니면서 literally means going around looking for something.

Wandering in the time: What do we hear, time and time again, from doing the Halted Sun’s Memory part of the Epic Quest?

“When Elsword woke up after the fierce battle against Solace, he found himself in an empty white space where nothing could be seen. He got out of the space by following a faint light in the distance but what unfolded in front of him was a memory of someone living inside a time frozen for eternity.”
- Halted Sun’s Memory Dungeon Prologue

My time has stopped on the day we decided to leave the family together, the day when you were chosen as the Lady of El.“
- Solace in Ep. 26: The Past and the Present

You can even say that the entire Halted Sun’s Memory dungeon is Solace’s consciousness wandering in that time. Solace relives the nightmare, from the moment Harnier was taken away from him, his struggle to get her back, to the time when he ultimately fails and put her and the entire world in danger.

The time of golden light: It could just be a poetic way to add bulk to the otherwise short prophecy, I would go on to further interpret “time of golden light” as “Golden Hour”, a term with many meanings, but in a broad sense, it means “the most important or critical time”.

At the end of Halted Sun’s Memory, Solace awaits for Elsword’s decision for the fate of the world. Golden Hour indeed.

“Fourth Prayer is Song.
A wish upon the Moon and a silent whisper that shines in the night sky.”

= Harnier becoming the Lady of El

Fourth Prayer is Song: Songs contain words and melodies that carry emotions, so they are often used to express pathos and joys of life itself.

A wish upon the Moon: This can… have many different interpretations… but in this context Im going to take it as Harnier’s desire to be free of everything and leave the family with Perihart, which ends up not coming true because of…

A silent whisper that shines in the night sky: Ishmael choosing Harnier to be the next Lady of El on the Night of Ishmael. “A silent whisper” = the Goddess’s calling that only Harnier can hear, “shines in the night sky” = the beam of light that struk Harnier’s house, announcing the birth of the next Lady of El. That moment, that exact moment is when everything changed. For Harnier, for Solace, for the world. If Ishmael has chosen a different girl… Would the same exact events happen?

“Fifth Prayer is Dusk.
A place that reaches a single, shining and burning life.”

= End of Halted Sun’s Memory

Fifth Prayer is Dusk: Dusk is the darkest stage of twilight, just before it turns into night. Only when the twilight turns into night can the Sun rise again.

A single, shining and burning life: The El.
I’ll leave you to your thoughts about that one. I don’t think I need to explain.

A place that reaches: The place at the end of Halted Sun’s Memory. If “A single, shining and burning life” is El, then the place to reach it is at the end of Halted Sun’s memory, where Elsword has to decide if he restores the El or not.

“Last Prayer is Promise.
A name of the Beginning and the distant future, a single path that opens toward tomorrow.”

= Elia, the Ancient God of Light.

Last prayer is Promise: Oath, vow, pledge… 

A name of the Beginning and the distant future: The Beginning and the distant future sounds like another way of just saying “the Alpha and the Omega”, the beginning and the end, which symbolizes God, the creator of the universe. In the world of Elrios, this can be describing Elia, the creator of the physical world.

A single path that opens toward tomorrow: … There is one and only one way for Elrios to have a future? A path that Elsword has to choose… for the future of Elrios?

“… Now, it is time. O, the one who has the power and the right to choose the future of the world created by El… which path will truly protect Elrios…?”
“The path that protects Elrios…”
“I hope you choose… the future you want, Elsword.”
- Solace and Elsword in Ep. The past and the present

… Huh.

Those are my interpretations of each of the different parts of the prophecy. Now let’s look at it in a big picture.

First prayer is Wind. Silent wings that guide to the embrace of God.

Ain silently leads Elsword and the El Search Party toward the Lady of El, to fulfill the mission given to him by the Goddess.

Second prayer is Ocean. A cradle of the night, without any wound or existence, sleeping within the circle of light.

They arrive in Elysion, where the Lady of El is sleeping in stasis under Solace’s watchful eye.

Third prayer is Sand. Traveler wandering in the time of golden light.

They meet and defeat Solace, and Elsword walks into Solace’s memory of him stuck in his own past.

Fourth prayer is Song. A wish upon the Moon and a silent whisper that shines in the night sky.

We learn what happened to Solace and Harnier, and the truth about the El in Solace’s memory.

Fifth prayer is Dusk. A place to reach a single, shining and burning life.

The stage is set. It’s up to Elsword to decide the future of Elrios on that floating platform to restore the El or not.

Last prayer is Promise. A name of the Beginning and the distant future, a single path that opens toward tomorrow.

Elia. Elsword decides the future.

…Yeah. It’s what you are thinking of.

Elia = Elsword?

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Rubenian is an Elian (those born near El with the ability to use El energy) with particularly strong El energy. They are few in numbers. 

There might’ve been war specifically targeted to Rubenians (genocide?) because others feared their power:

  • Perihart was called a monster by his half-brother because of his lineage.
  • Perihart not only lost his mother but the entire townspeople in a war. 
  • Harnier was also found in a middle of a battlefield. 

Both Perihart and Harnier are the only known Rubenians in the game so far.

According to Perihart’s mother, Rubenians had to live separated from other fellow Rubenians. This could also imply that their true home/country/kingdom was lost for them to unite under.

Another interesting thing about Rubenians is the “Rubenian Resonance Stone”. This special stone has no other known purpose other than that they all react to Rubenian’s energy and resonate at the same frequency, no matter where they are. Each and every single Rubenian Resonance stones in the world all resonate… at the same time… consistently when held by Rubenians. The game simply calls them “mysterious magical stone that resonates with Rubenians.”  I even looked up the Resonance magical stone that you can socket with in game, but they didn’t provide any answer either.

What I want to know is… What is a Rubenian Resonance Stone? Why are they called Rubenian? The game obviously wanted to make a strong connection to the town of Ruben, hometown of our hero and the stage of the beginning of his journey. After all, the only two people who are known “resonate” with anything are Elsword and Elesis, and they are from Ruben. Is this the area Rubenians once lived in? Is this where the Resonance stones can be found…?

Tree of El:  A giant tree where El shards are embedded in. Ruben Villagers call it Tree of El.

Forest Ruins: This sacred forest was once inhabited by Elves before the El Explosion, but it’s fallen into ruin since they left.

Well, the only two interesting places in Ruben show two completely irrelevant things about Rubenians: Tree of El had El shards after the El Explosion and the Forest Ruins are Elven.

Those giant shards were all once a part of the Giant El…

This brings up another quesiton: Why is the Tree of El in Ruben and not some place else? Is Ruben where the Tower of El stood? We know that the tower was on the Lurensia continent… 

But we also know that the Tower of El was in Elianode, the capital of Elrios, and that blew up with the tower when the El exploded.

Now, that’s not much of a problem except there is one thing: Forest Ruins. It’s an Elven structure. Did Elves live in such close proximity to Ellians in the past? Only thing we know about that ruins is that the Elves left after the El Explosion… If Ruben was Elianode… there wouldn’t even be a ruin; it would’ve been wiped away from the explosion. If it somehow survived the explosion… then it’s all the more strange that only it survived while other remnants of Elianode were destroyed.

But the Tree of El? How come it has so many large and small El fragments embedded in it…?

I guess the only logical answer is that the town of Ruben and the old capital of Elianode were close to each other, but they are not the same thing…


We uh.. seemed to have created more questions than answering them. For now, there is nothing we can be certain about….

Hopefully in the future I can come back to this and add more information but until then…………………………………………… >_>

Emma has never been a fan of awards shows. Acting is her job and she loves it, but everything else – the interviews and red carpets and the paparazzi following her around – she could do without. She’s never been good at that kind of things, the promoting and the parading, and sometimes she wishes she could just shoot her movies and be done with it.

Tonight is one of those times.

She blinks against the dazzling flashes of the camera, hand on her hips and back stretched to a painful angle. The look-above-your-shoulder thing always looks good on pictures, but it has its price, and Emma swallows down a groan as she forces a cheerful grin on her lips. The red carpet at the Oscars is so long it makes her a little dizzy, but not as much as the flashes, the lights, the heat of Los Angeles. Her feet are starting to hurt a little, but she keeps going – knowing fully well Ingrid is watching her like a hawk, her manager not about to let her get away with a single mishap tonight.

She’s reaching the end of the carpet, David just about to give her his arm for her to lean against, when Emma hears the screams of fans and journalists alike – the familiar sound of “Killian! Killian, here! Killian!” She looks behind her shoulder, grin loosing its professional edge to settle into something a little (a lot) more genuine when she spots her best friend on the red carpet.

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I know most of you probably don’t care, but I lost my cat Naja, about 1 month and half ago.

And today some people from a Lost & Found cat association… found her!
So she’s back home, I’m super happy and I needed to say it.

She’s totally fine, super thin but she looks great. She’s eating properly, she’s curious and energetic, and… yeah overall she really looks good!
(I just hope she’s not pregnant)

That’s about it. Thanks to all the amazing people in the world who love cats. <3