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Of course I doubt this ever happening, but I have a very strong Bisexual Jim headcanon, so for me this is possible for these characters. But can you imagine Oswald coming back and completely depressed about Ed and what happened, and Jim is in the same rut of his romantic love life being in shambles. Can you imagine these two men who have had their ups and downs with each other just collapse into each other’s arms, because they both need something and someone right now. It doesn’t matter who, and they have a past. And they decide they’ll have one mistake, one night, one mess-up together. And the whole night they take out a lot of sexual frustration and rage and sadness on each other, and it helps for just one night. They knew they shouldn’t have done it but they just lay there in each others arms quietly until morning. 

Secrets And Lies - Nine

Reid x reader

This is the final chapter :)


For someone who had committed such a sin yet again, Y/N slept surprisingly well. She woke up at 8am to her phone singing, the soft weight of her daughter curled up against her. She grabbed her phone, answering it to silence it, realising too late that it was Georgia calling her.

“Hello… ” she croaked out, her voice heavy with sleep.

“Just so you know, I’m not mad. And as weird as it will be, I enjoy our friendship and would prefer it if we could remain friends. I’m taking Ellie to see my mom this morning whilst he packs some things up, and then she has a birthday party this afternoon. It’s at one of those fun factory places, perhaps all three of us could meet there to discuss how this is going to work, 3pm say?”

So he’d actually done it?

Spencer had actually done it.

Fucking hell.

She was awake now and rolled away from Ella, sitting upright.

“Y/N… Are you there still? I mean it, I’m not mad… ”

She realised that she hadn’t spoken and coughed quickly, “I’m here. Gee…. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. He was meant to be with you, I’ve known that for years. Ellie and I will be fine. We’re going to be one of those weird families, where the ex wife and the new wife are still good friends and they all go on holiday with each other, I’ve decided. No arguing.”

Y/N laughed nervously, still unsure at how to process everything.

“So, 3pm? Yes?”

“Yes, okay. I’ll see if JJ will watch Ella for me.”

“Okay. I’ll see you later. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Spencer doesn’t turn up at your door soon.”

She disconnected the call leaving Y/N feeling dumbstruck. It was then she noticed that she had text messages from Spencer, sent hours ago, asking her to call him when she woke up. She called him, him picking up after only two rings.

“I did it,” were the first words he said to her.

“I know. Georgia called me.”

“She did? Was she… Oh shit Y/N, I’m sorry. Was she horrid to you? She seemed okay when she left.”

“She was strangely calm and fine. Says that she knows we were meant to be together, and she didn’t sound like she was lying. She wants to meet later though. To discuss arrangements.”

Y/N felt Ella stirring beside her and she smiled at her daughters sleepy face.

“Yeah she mentioned that. I think… I think she’s being genuine. Listen, erm…. Obviously Georgia and Ellie are staying in the house and I’m not. I know you didn’t say much last night so I don’t know how you feel about any of this, not really. But I need to find somewhere to stay, either a hotel for a while until I can get a rental or maybe Derek has some… ”

“Spencer, just come here. I couldn’t say it last night and I’m not going to say it over the phone, but all those feelings I had all those years ago are still there. They haven’t gone away. So when you’re ready, come here.”

“I’m pretty much packed, at least what I can right now anyway. So I’ll see you in forty?”

“We’ll be up, I’ll make breakfast for us all.”

When Spencer turned up forty five minutes later and started unloading suitcases from the car, Ella looked extremely confused but happy.

“Does daddy live with us now?” she asked, looking up at both adults.

“Yes, daddy lives with us now. Is that okay?” Y/N told her, instructing Reid to put his stuff in the small box room until she had time to make room in her closets.

“What about Ellie and Georgia?”

“They’re staying in their own home. But you’ll still see them, all the time. I promise.”

Y/N sincerely hope that was going to be the case, it would break both girls hearts to suddenly be ripped away from each other.

“So are you and daddy getting married now? Like daddy and Georgia were?”

“Ella… So many questions, baby. It’s complicated. But what matters is that daddy and I love each other and that we both love you. Daddy still love Ellie and he still loves Georgia, but not in the way he did. And Georgia still loves us all. Okay?”

“Okay. Can we have pancakes now?”

“Yes. Go and get the mix out of the cupboards ready for me and I’ll be through in a minute.”

Y/N had seen Spencer stop at the top of the stairs when Ella had started asking questions, obviously wanting to see how she answered them first. He walked down to join her at the bottom and she smiled at him, feeling butterflies in her tummy.

“It’s a lot for her take in. One minute you and Georgia are a thing and the next, you’re here,” she commented.

“It is, but like you said, what matters is that we both love each other. I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get here, to finally be with you.”

“Things happen for a reason, at least that’s what they say. And you’re here now. I love you Spencer.”

“I love you too. So much.”

They hugged, embracing each other tightly until a loud clatter sounded from the kitchen and they rushed in to help Ella before she made a mess of the entire kitchen.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent together, giving Y/N a taste of what life was hopefully going to be like from now on. And she loved it.

After breakfast Ella had wanted to watch cartoons for a while, Y/N normally allowed her to watch them on a Saturday morning so the two adults followed her into the living room, sitting somewhat awkwardly together on the couch whilst Ella lay out on the floor.

Ten minutes or so passed by and Y/N could feel a pair of eyes on her so she glanced over at Spencer at the other end of the couch. He held out his arm and cocked his head. Y/N inched closer on the couch and curled up next to him, her head resting on his shoulder. Suddenly a huge weight felt like it had been lifted off her shoulders. This was right, this was okay. This was how it should be, how it should have been. She gave a contended sigh as Reid kissed the top of her head. Ella looked up moments later, a huge grin on her face at her mother and father snuggling together. Seeing them together made her happy.

When it came time to meet with Georgia, Y/N and Spencer dropped Ella off with JJ, who seemed surprised to see them both together. She raised an eyebrow at Y/N who smiled at her old friend.

“It’s a long story, that’s actually not that long really. But… Spencer will be living with me now. And Gee and I are still friends, that’s where we’re going to now, to work out details.”

“When did this happen, why don’t I know?”

“Last night and early this morning. Bottle of wine Friday night? Seeing as I now have a built in babysitter?” She grinned at Spencer who just rolled his eyes at the two women.

“Definitely bottle of wine. Or two. Me and you are long overdue a good gossip. Text me when you’re on your way back okay. It’s nice out so we’ll probably take the kids to the park.”

Goodbyes were exchanged and then they made their way to The Fun Factory where Ellie’s friends party was taking place, finding Georgia waiting at a table far away from the play area.

“Never quite thought I’d feel happy seeing my husband and my friend hand in hand with each other, but strangely I do. I must be screwed in the head.”

Spencer and Y/N sat down opposite her and the next hour or so was spent hashing out details. In the end it was decided that for now, Ellie would spend every other weekend at Y/N’s house so she could see her father. If he was away on a case then Ellie would decide herself whether she still wanted to go, so that she could see her sister. The last weekend of every month Ella would go to Georgia’s home to stay there. Both women had become attached to the others daughter and they all agreed that they wanted the girls to spend as much time as possible with each other. It would be also mean the Y/N would have some much needed free time once a month, hopefully to have some actual dates with her new partner. It was all very amicable and Y/N couldn’t quite believe how easy this was turning out to be. If only it had been like this in the beginning.

“I have an appointment next Friday with a divorce lawyer. Hopefully we can get that sorted as quickly as we can so that you pair are free to do what you wish, just make sure I’m invited to the wedding yeah?” Georgia joked and Y/N felt herself blushing.

When it was time to leave, the adults plus Ellie and a large balloon that she’d accumulated from the party, left via the front door rather than directly into the parking lot. Ellie and Georgia had walked here, not living far, so they all walked out together meaning that Spencer could wave goodbye to his daughter.

The three adults were chatting together and making arrangements for Spencer to collect some more of his belongings when Y/N saw Ellie let go off her balloon and immediately chase after it, stepping out onto the main road that ran in front of the restaurant.

“Ellie…. ” Y/N called after her, seeing a car speeding along the road. The girl hadn’t heard her and was still chasing the balloon walking directly into the path of the oncoming car.

Without a thought for herself, Y/N dashed after her quickly shoving Ellie forward and out of the way. She saw the girl skid across the tarmac, skinning her knees just as the car slammed into Y/N’s torso, lifting her off the ground and sending her up and over the hood the car.

It’s true what they say, your life really does flash before your eyes. Every memory of Spencer, every memory of Ella seemed to flood Y/N’s brain as she heard a screeching and felt the weightlessness as she flew threw the air, followed by a loud crunching sound as she hit the ground.

Then… Pain. In her head, her neck and chest, a wetness under her hair. Strangely, she couldn’t feel anything from the waist down. She could see her legs bent awkwardly at an angle not normal at all, but she couldn’t feel them.

And then there was the screaming, the crying. Spencer’s face suddenly coming into view, a look of horror upon it.

“Oh my god… Oh my god… Shit.. Fuck… Georgia, the ambulance? We need it now…. Oh my god… Y/N…. Y/N can you hear me?”

She could hear him and tried to choke out a yes. But it was so hard to talk. Her chest felt tight and full of water, like she was drowning somehow.

“Spen….. Spencer… ” her voice felt far away, like the words weren’t coming from her anymore. Spencer knelt down beside her and grasped her hand gently. She squeezed it as hard as she could.

Georgia suddenly came into view. “Spencer the ambulance is on its way. Timmy’s mom has Ellie, she’s taken her inside… Fuck, Spence..There’s so much blood… ”

That was what the wet feeling underneath her head was. Blood. Y/N was glad she couldn’t see it herself, for someone who used to work for the FBI she was surprisingly squeamish.

“Hold on Y/N. I need you to hold on,” Spencer urged her and she tried to smile at him. She felt so tired suddenly, like she just wanted to close her eyes to nap. He looked so concerned, his beautiful face clouded with worry for her.

She knew why, she could feel what was happening.

And she wasn’t scared. She was sad, that this new life she had planned for her, Ella and Spencer wasn’t going to come to anything. She was sad that she wasn’t going to get to see her daughter grow up, or see Spencer walking both of his little girls down the aisles at their weddings. She was sad she wasn’t going to get to walk down an aisle herself. And she was devastated that Spencer was going to have to break this news to her family, to Ella and Ellie.

But she wasn’t scared. She knew that much.

She summoned every last ounce of energy she had and spoke.

“I need you to… Your phone, the recording app. Turn it on… ”

Oh god how just those few words burned. Reid looked at her gone out, starting to shake his head before Georgia quickly placed her phone in front of Y/N’s lips, the app switched on.

“Ella, baby, Mommy loves you very much. I always, always will. And I’m so sorry sweetie, I really am. I need you to look after your daddy, and your nanna for me. They’re going to need you so much. I love you, and I’ll always be with you…. ”

“Y/N…. No!” Spencer begged, tears dripping down his cheeks.

“I love you Spencer… Please take care of her, bring the girls up together. You mean everything to me. I love you so much.”

“The ambulance is on its way, it’ll be here any second. Please just hold on,” he was frantic and Y/N hated seeing him like this, she wished she could hold on, but she couldn’t. It was too late.

The cell disappeared from in front of her and she cast her eyes to Georgia who was also crying , the words “I’m so sorry” being repeated over and over.

Y/N knew what she was sorry for, all the wasted time caused by the web of lies that was spun years before.

“Gee, it’s okay. Take… take care of them all. Please.”

The woman nodded and Y/N looked back to Spencer who was now weeping. “I love you so much Y/N,” his words cracked and broken. “You can’t leave me, you can’t leave us.”

“I’ll always… I’ll always be here… I…. I love… you.”

Y/N’s eyes started to blur but she caught sight of a familiar figure standing over Spencer’s shoulder, his hand outstretched and a sad smile on his face.

Her father.

Everything was always okay when she was with her father, so everything would be okay now right?

She allowed her eyes to close and her hand to reach out to meet his.

“Daddy? Do I have to?”

The man nodded sadly at her and she accepted her fate.

Her daughter had her father now, and Y/N was back with hers.

It would all be okay, she told herself as she walked hand in hand with her dad.

“Don’t look back baby, not yet. You can look in on them in a while. Okay?”


Sherlock’s ONE therapy session with Ella starts back in His Last Vow: It’s not Extended Mind Palace, it’s an Unreliable Narrator

Something’s up with The Six Thatchers. This was a blog post and case back in 2012 yet no one in the episode remembers that. Also the episode was trippy AF but what does that all mean? We have a lot of guesses, and I’ve just thought of one more, one I’m actually quite convinced of. It combines our “extended mind palace” idea with the Mycroft’s concept of “the unreliable narrator”. So here’s the thing: Sherlock met Ella at the end of The Six Thatchers but he recalls events from his life from before he shot Magnussen in His Last Vow, when John’s life/happiness was threatened and Sherlock had to give up everything to save him. Everything we’ve seen since Mary shot him has been a recount of events from Sherlock’s point of view, even placing himself in scenes he wasn’t actually in. This is why we see characters repeat lines other characters have said, even though they were never there to hear them. Sherlock’s recounting, throwing cases in where they don’t belong to fill in the gaps. Meaning the events immediately after Sherlock got shot by Mary are him recounting the situation to Ella and we wouldn’t know that until right now. 

So here’s the timeline:
–Mary Shoots Sherlock 
–Sherlock goes to the hospital and stays there for a long time to recover 
–Sherlock is not part of Mary’s reveal in the way we saw (Him scaling the hospital wall, moving John’s chair, setting up the I.V., the perfume, and rigging a projector was just him adding a touch of drama to embellish the story as he tells Ella ****this happens a lot, keep in mind*****)
–John doesn’t let Sherlock read the AGRA drive (so he assumes John hasn’t read it either, that would be the only reason to keep it from Sherlock)
–Sherlock calls Magnussen and makes a deal with him (Sherlock does not go to a restaurant in a hospital gown ***again, this is a touch of the dramatic for Ella’s benefit***) 
–John chooses Mary for reasons we do not know (Sherlock assumes it’s because of sentiment, but he wasn’t actually part of that scene so he’s simply guessing how it probably played out – he made sure to never have them use the words “I love you” because that would’ve hurt too much. Weird how Mary was at Sherlock’s mom’s house for Christmas? Yeah. She probably wasn’t there. But John and Mary reconciled that day, so Sherlock inserts that in his sphere. This happens more than once.)
–Sherlock kills Magnussen
–Sherlock gets high because he’s lost John Watson again (just like at the end of TSOT)
–Sherlock gives himself a Casablanca-type send off in order to tell John how he feels. Dramatic Bastard. Keep in mind he’s high as a kite, not on the tarmac, but hoping he could experience that movie moment with his leading man. This is why John doesn’t say much there or on that plane during TAB. The coke dream started after he shot Magnussen and envelopes all of TAB, but he tells Ella as if it’s real. 
–Mycroft doctors the footage, Sherlock never in danger of going to Eastern Europe because the tarmac/TAB wasn’t actually real. He’s still high at the beginning of TST, obviously. This is him coming down from the coke he took shortly after he killed Magnussen. 
–Sherlock is too absorbed in his phone (heart) to pay John and his new family any attention. He ignores John’s texts. He makes John feel like he’s equal to a balloon and a dog. He demands John take the bus.
–John, hurt, finds fleeting pleasure in a strange woman (This is what Sherlock thinks, at least. He’s seen all the signs. John losing weight, changing his hair, dressing nice, spending time away from both him and Mary – what else is Sherlock to think? What else are we to think? Keep reading and I’ll tell you). 
–The Six Thatchers case isn’t happening in real time – it happened years ago but Sherlock kept the best parts in order to better relay what’s happening with the AGRA stick. In the blog post, the murder weapon was a penknife with initials on it, shoved in a Thatcher bust. The mirror here is clear. All that we need to take from this is Mary’s past has come back to haunt her. 
–Mary leaves John to go to Morocco. John follows – Without Sherlock. John catches her and brings her back to London. Didn’t it feel weird when John and Mary were having a really intimate moment and Sherlock was just… sitting there absorbing it all? That’s because he wasn’t there, this is how he assumed things went in Morocco. Which means he wasn’t on that plane sitting awkwardly behind Mary and far from John. We see Sherlock with his eyes closed, sleeping. That’s also when he sees John thinking of the other woman. Sherlock tells Ella he has a reoccurring dream about John –  he’s dreaming about what he fears John is most-likely absorbed in: finding fleeting happiness in yet another woman. 
–Mary’s death scene is being recounted from Sherlock’s POV, meaning real events are very similar, but off. Sherlock believes Mary took a bullet for him, apologized, and John wept for the love of his life. Just because we saw it doesn’t mean it’s real. Just because Sherlock believes she’s dead doesn’t mean she actually is. Trust nothing.

This theory explains why Mary calls Sherlock the Dragon-slayer, something Mycroft said. It explains why The Six Thatchers was a case twice. It explains why Norbury quoted Moriarty from TGG. It explains why Sherlock is so hung up on premonitions: John and Mary in TST followed exactly what Sherlock dreamt about with the Carmichaels in TAB. 

So. That was long! But all of this has one question dangling in the air: What’s actually been going on with John this whole time? If he reconciled with Mary, follows her abroad, is spending time away from his family, and is in cahoots with a woman he met on the bus, it would point to John becoming a plant/agent himself working behind Sherlock’s back to destroy an invisible threat. This is why the end of The Six Thatchers mirrors the end of The Reichenbach Fall – except the characters are switched. John pushed Sherlock away, lied to him, left him a note, and distanced himself. Sherlock goes to the therapist and grows the facial hair.
The woman on the bus sits right next to a poster of Culverton Smith. Many have suggested she’s actually a part of something far larger than we can see yet. 

The last thing I’ll leave you with, and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Setlock show Martin Freeman filming on a camel? Alone? Why would he be the only one on the camel if both he and Sherlock went to Morocco? 

That’s because Sherlock didn’t follow him to Morocco when he tracked down Mary. Sherlock inserted himself somewhere to better tell us the story. 

This is part of their rug pull coming up. The unsettling nature of The Six Thatchers is meant to make us ask questions about what we can and cannot trust with our own eyes. Is it a bluff? Or a double bluff? Is he alive or is he dead? How could he be alive if I saw the blood on the roof? How could he be alive if I saw him fall?

The writers are giving us the same doubt felt by the characters. 

Welcome to Hell. 

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Hitched (5/11)

a Captain Swan AU fan fiction

Summary:  After a series of events leave her life in pieces, Emma Swan finds herself hitchhiking out of Maine, her wallet empty and her heart broken. The best she hopes for is a driver who isn’t a pervert and takes her far away from the painful memories of Storeybrooke. But when she finds a ride with a quiet truck driver named Jones, Emma discovers that maybe a trustworthy friend is all she needs.

Rating: M or MA; some profanity and sex scenes.

Cover art: created by the absolutely fabulous @thesschesthair!!

Links: // ao3 // ch. 1 //  ch. 2 // ch. 3 // ch. 4 // ch. 6 // ch. 7 // ch. 8 // ch. 9 // ch. 10 // epilogue

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The light faded from the southwestern sky with the setting of the sun, and the cab grew dark once more as they zipped into the western half of Pennsylvania. Emma finished her favorite old book just in time; the moon had begun to rise against a pale blue sunset when she closed the pages, smiling absurdly at the happy ending she had fully known was coming.

Jones, meanwhile, had quietly turned on a public radio station and was listening to the news. Emma reached down to tuck the book back into her bag and shifted to comfortably lean against the window. They had briefly passed through part of the Appalachian mountains, where snow-dotted hills soared above a freeway cradled in the valleys and folds of the range. She had been through the southern Rockies more than once, and had seen pictures of the Alps, but even knowing there were bigger mountains out there she still found herself comforted and slightly awed by the long, uninhabited stretches of trees marching up and down into the horizon.

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Based off of an anon message sent to
@seidurstown I’m on mobile so I can’t link it, but it should be fairly recent-as if rn- on their blog

Sportacus was reasonable sure that his 9 year old daughter’s best friend hates him. Normally it would not bother him that much- Ella Rotten was only 10 years old, and he was an adult. Plus he was well aware that you can’t be liked by everyone- but the problem was who little Ella’s parent was.

Robbie Rotten. The amazingly well dressed man lived alone with his daughter only two houses down from Sportacus and his daughter Stephanie’s new home, and Sportacus was smitten the moment he saw the other man peaking throughout his window as Sportacus unpacked with Stephanie and the moving men.

Sportacus would be fine with Robbie just being a nice addition to the neighborhood, a lovely face to look at now and again and never talk to- and it did seem like it was going to be like that- until Stephanie came home one day and said how she needed to learn sign language, as her new friend was mute.

And. Well.

Now Robbie Rotten has been a solid in his life for the past 4 months, the two girls having a variety of sleepovers, movie nights, lunch, and park days meaning that Sportacus knew Robbie now.

He knew that Robbie was an designer, but ‘dabbled’ with inventions, how he adopted Ella when she was a few months, how he snorted when he laughed, that he would never leave his house without at least eyeliner, that he loved baking but didn’t know how to cook.

Sportacus was falling in love with Robbie and the only problem was his daughter.

Ella would glare at them when ever she saw the two men talking. Tiny hands on hip, a pout on face, glaring.

Sportacus didn’t know what he did that made her hate him so much. He was nice to her, and tried to joke with her when she was over his house, just like he does with Stephanie. And when it’s just the three of them, she even seemed to like Sportacus!

But. She glared every time he was with her father.

Like right now.

Sportacus was in the midst of telling Robbie about his old career of aerobics, after Robbie came over to pick up Ella, who was glaring from the other room, as Stephanie sat smiling. She was, admittedly, a very intimidating 10 year old.

Perhaps Robbie seemed to notice this, because once Sportacus ended his story, he seemed to get nervous.

“Hey, Sportadork-” Sportacus smiled weakly at the ever growing list of nicknames. “Um, I was wondering, if-” Robbie took a deep breath, Sportacus looking on with concern.


“Would you like to go…outonadatewitgme?” Robbie said this quickly, looking like he might throw up from nerves. Sportacus blinked, and in his surprise, he didn’t notice Ella stopping her glare and high fiving Steph.

“A date?” Sportacus repeated, not giving Robbie enough time to respond before grinning happily. “I would love to, Robbie! But,” Sportacus glanced at where Ella and Stephanie was, but now the two girls were finishing their puzzle. “Would your daughter be okay with that? I don’t want to upset her.”

Robbie, who regained his color when Sportacus said yes, looked puzzled. “What? Why would she be upset?”

“She hates me!” Sportacus whispered. “She glares at me whenever we talk!”

Robbie laughed. Usually Sportacus loved the sound, but right now he felt like he was missing something, so he could not properly enjoy it.


“She was glaring at me! She’s been begging me to ask you out for over a month now.”

“Really?” Sportacus smiled lightly. “Wow.” Sportacus’ chest felt warm. How sweet of Ella.

Robbie rolled his eyes, shaking his head lightly. “So, is that a yes?”

“Yes? Oh! Yes, of course.” Sportacus grabbed Robbie’s hand excitedly, grinning. “When did you have in mind?”


“What is it about the moment you fall in love? In you heart, in your bones, no matter how silly you know it is, you feel that everything has been leading to this, all the secret arrows were pointing here, the universe and time itself crafted this long ago, and you are just now realizing: you are now just arriving at the place you were always meant to be.”     David Levithan    

I’ve been sitting at about 700 followers for awhile, teetered back and forth a bit but never made a post. I’m having a hard time right now as I’m sure others are as well, so I’d just like to make a post to those important to me and have helped me through so much shit that I’m still going through.

First off, @faultycannibal - Teresa, you are my best friend, I care about you so much. There’s almost nothing more that I love than just talking to you about shit that’s going on in our lives and listening to you gossip to me about shit that’s happened at uni. I know I’ve been rocky lately, and I know you have, too, but thank you so fucking much for not giving up on me. I greatly look forward to all the fun times we shall have, and all the delicious food we will eventually try (like that delicious cupcake thing I linked you last week). I’m proud of all you manage to do, and that I can call you a friend. I will always be there for you.

@strategichomelanddivision - Agnė you are also one of my closest friends, I know I suck at showing it sometimes but dude, you helped me get through my time in the hospital back in December, you played games with me on PS4 and helped me as I recovered from the surgery I’d had. I’m so glad I managed to get you that scarf, and all the more glad that you love it. Any time you need me, or just need to talk to someone, please know I’m here for you.

@ellninjoh - Ella, I fucking love how much you care about your dog Nyxi, I miss our times playing on PS4 fucking around in that car/tank game every second weekend or so. You are such a great friend, and again, you also helped me recover back in December. I’m at a loss for words right now, but yeah, there’s so much to be said, really. I’m just glad to have you as one of my closest friends.

@sarabeaarr - Sara, you’ve helped me get through so much over the past I think 4 years we’ve been friends? I’ve had so much fun knowing you, you as such a fucking amazing person. I know we haven’t talked much lately, but just know I am so proud of how far you have come, like dude, you have gone through so much, you have grown into such a wonderful person. For an already amazing person, I’m astounded. And you have still got so much more going for you, I cannot wait to see how well you do in the future. (Also, I hope I’ll be invited to ahem, a certain likely event which will hopefully happen in the future).

@rocketgamecorner - Megan, you are such a fucking wonderful person, I love how friendly you are, and how much you genuinely care about people and things. You’ve also helped me get through shit, I can’t wait to have more chances to play Overwatch on PC with you.

To all of you, and a few more I’m likely forgetting, thank you for being such amazing people, and thank you even more for blessing you with your friendship. It means a great deal to me. And thank you to everyone else who has sent me a supportive message or been there to talk with me about something or just been there for me. I am a mess of a person, but you’ve all helped me to be more than that. I will always try to be there for all of you whenever you need.
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What are your OTP's/ ships outside the lunar chronicles. And btw I loved the last chapter of CNLG

Pffft. Hard question. I’m fairly new to “shipping” at least as it exists online. I’m late to the fandom game. Besides Cresswell, I did ship (still do) Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter long before those books were ever movies. I literally can’t even think of ONE movie or book I even like right now (ahhh, the pressure!). ASK ME AGAIN SOON.

Oh: Another OTP is “Cinder” & Ella in the book Cinder & Ella (ahhh they are making a SEQUEL and it comes out THIS WEEK). And a long time ago there was the ill-fated OTP that was Shawn and Angela in Boy Meets World (lmao).

Also in books that I recently read I loved Aladdin & Zahra in The Forbidden Wish and Amani & Jin in Rebel of the Sands.

Basically there is a pattern. I love ships where the guy is a sweetheart and is head over heels for the girl even if not overtly open about it. That’s one of the reasons I love Thorne. (I also love Kai til death do us part and shipped Kaider like whoa but Cinder turned me off in the last book). What turns me off about ships: macho guys who are jealous and possessive. Unfortunately that’s common in YA so I dont ship most of the popular stuff.

Painting Pictures On Faces

Title: Painting Pictures On Faces

Rating: PG

Word Count: ~2k

Summary: A special Make-Up Challenge video featuring their daughter Ella.

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A/N:  This fic was totally inspired by Louise’s new video where Darcy does her make-up

Ever since Ella had appeared in one of their Day In The Life videos people had been requesting for her to be in more of their videos. They didn’t want to share their daughter with the internet too much, but Phil reaching 6 million subscribers seemed like a good enough occasion to bring her back on his channel.

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i’m working on my thesis presentation now so time to rant about lra

  • okay this video???? NINE MILLION TIMES HIGHER QUALITY THAN THE DVD dove where’s my pretty dvd version of this??? am i going to have to wait 6 years then pretend like i don’t have it??? don’t do this to me again
  • charlie i love you and i’m proud of everything that you do but why the fuck did they change your costume so many damn times???  also why did you have to shave right before this person took all these pretty pictures of the show part of my argument is that méléagant is the only beardless man
  • not related to lra itself but WHY DO I ONLY HAVE 15 MINUTES TO PRESENT i could literally talk about this shit all day long
Of Visits ~Susan, Jack, & Ellie~

Well, this trip certainly wasn’t going as planned so far… As Susan wandered around trying to find a man she’d never met, a sense of confusion and worry filled her. It wasn’t like Ella to forget things like this. Especially because they’d both been looking forward to this trip for months! Reaching back to adjust her raven black hair, her blue eyes scanned the area carefully.

“May I help you, ma’am?” A young man asked eagerly. 

The look in his eyes was too familiar, but Su didn’t have time to worry about that right now. “Yes, please. I’m looking for Jack Dawson. Do you happen to know where he may be?” She asked, her accent clear and refined. 

“Sure. Let me go and get him for you.”

“Thank you very much.”

The man took off, grinning. It took a few minutes to locate Jack, but when he did, he ran up. “Hey, Dawson! I think your wife is here! Man, you have got to tell me your secret! Landing a beauty like that! Wow!”


dana watches lucifer (2x11)

yo guys i’m back and i’m vvv happy to be liveblogging again

  • it feels so weird to be watching without my dad guys he’s driving my sister to oklahoma but usually we watch together
  • anyway
  • this clip of chloe saying her speech at the courtroom on the previously on - LIKE I NEED REMINDING 
  • it’s making me emotional and the ep hasn’t even started yet
  • pls tell me they kiss i want them to so badly 
  • my cat is strangling me with her love rn and i’m…. trying to type
  • “i hate ketchup” that’s so romantic
  • “i’m glad she showed up she kept me from making a big mistake” I’M SUING FOX AND THE WRITERS WHAT THE HELL
  • trixie is back i missed her
  • “they’re a wonderfully scrumptious start to your day”
  • ok now i’m imagining maze and trixie grocery shopping
  • trixie Knows and ships deckerstar
  • trixie KNOWS
  • i missed that whole scene by squealing abt maze lol 
  • maze craves validation bc she wanted chloe to be happy
  • aw chloe maze tried so hard don’t tell her that
  • it’s ok chloe i forgive you
  • i’m already mad at her
  • my tv is glitching so y’all better provide some quality gifs
  • “it’s about chloe” and then instantly he turns into Protective Boyfriend™
  • ok charlotte ships deckerstar too and she’s back on the good list
  • she was nvr really off it i have a weakness for lucifer women
  • “you don’t have to prove anything to me” that was something very nice said very harshly
  • “not in a fun way” 
  • “not the slut police and i mean you not her” DAMN I LOVE CHLOE
  • hmmm that was a good plan while it lasted but
  • “jana! always with the tragic timing”
  • oh my god is lucifer a murder suspect again
  • “maybe she’d still be alive” and already he’s feeling guilty jesus i just want him to be h a p p y
  • also where is ella i want her on my screen right now
  • “ditch the loser from lux. that’s terrible, she was seeing someone else from lux?
  • maze is proud of herself dan leave her alone
  • my cat is back and ready to prevent the typing
  • danikeen - is that their brotp name?
  • ppl need to stop yelling at maze right now ok
  • i like his white suit a lot
  • her fun is being with her daughter aww
  • ok lucifer is actively pursuing a relationship and i - i’m emotional
  • “she’s spoken for” “haha no i’m not”
  • this guy is a dog and i hate him
  • ok i need linda and ella and amenadiel to cleanse my soul from that dick
  • “you two are a lot alike” how DARE YOU
  • ANOTHER murder??? things are heating up and i like it
  • “pretty sure you didn’t sleep with this guy” “actually ur wrong” OH MY GOD IT’S CHRISTMAS
  • “you’ll need a much bigger notepad”
  • this parade of lovely women with the song hot pants in the background is my aesthetic
  • “bit of a dry spell these last few months” ik this is a joke …. but that’s probably bc that’s when he met chloe js
  • dan don’t you dare things are complicated enough
  • “the best night of my life” in a bunch of different inflections is possibly the best scene in this show to date
  • also i love how they included a guy
  • and his explanations to dan omg this is hilarious
  • chloe is SO JEALOUS
  • ok now lucifer is sad so um…. cue character growth?
  • oh good more charlotte shipping deckerstar i love it
  • it’s still so weird that chloe thinks charlotte is lucifers ex
  • “last thing i need is a step-dan” “you say some really weird things man” i love their dynamic
  • SORRY 
  • also linda and maze in the same scene????. christmas confirmed.
  • “you want me to stab this friend of yours” ok i love how maze is oblivious but also she’s Ready to Fight for linda and i’m just….. wow that’s beautiful
  • “that’s human” “i’m a demon” “i actually think ur more human than a lot of ppl i know” what kinda romantic bs is this??? i love it
  • “ur saying i’m awesome” “i’m saying that u need to say ur awesome” 
  • “yes ur awesome” “hell yeah i am” I LOVE MAZE SO MUCH I’M DEAD
  • “i can describe her aura” it’s me
  • “i told you someone cared” i’m laughing lucifer is the best 
  • god i missed this show
  • i’m gonna save this in my drafts before my computer freezes and erases the whole post again
  • ok i’m back
  • ok suki is who i would be if i ever met him i would just scream and shut the door oh my god
  • “gay best friend for now” i’m laughing
  • suki is hot it’s true
  • “do not leave town” “and abandon lucifer?” god me
  • oh i forgot he’s being rude to lucifer
  • i forgot charlotte was still bad oh myg od
  • i’m a fake fan i’m sry guys
  • i still love them both though
  • if ever there was a time for ella to show up it would be now just saying
  • ok and she’s not there
  • lucifer is such a doofus i’m laughing so hard chloe is so scared
  • i just fast forwarded and there’s like three clones of a guy petting a robot dog and i just -
  • “i wanna build a cat sanctuary” god is this me
  • “no one wants to hear about your feline meet cute” that’s wrong i would sell my left kidney to hear about his cat
  • “i’m in” i love maze i just do i just i could watch her eat bread for three hours
  • “because self worth comes from within bitches” DO YOU SEE WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT
  • my cat is back and obscuring my vision hang on a sec
  • ik that as you read this ur not waiting but i just want you to know that i had to wait for my cat to stop knocking my laptop over
  • her name is sylvester mcmonkey mcbean anyway
  • can deckerstar kiss already 
  • amenadiel :’)
  • i kinda just want their pure brotherly love i don’t like the conspiring behind lucifer’s back
  • my cat and i compromised
  • ok i dig this jazzy piano music but for a sec i thought it was gonna be heart and soul and i was gonna die that’s my favorite deckerstar scene ever
  • maze looks so hot w o w
  • “if we were strangers you’d be hitting on me” maze is so smart dan you can learn from her
  • i do like him better now 
  • oh my god i’m laughing so hard
  • “self worth comes from within dan” i love maze so much she’s trying so hard to help
  • i’m gonna scream
  • oh my g o d i love her so much i’m laughing
  • “you and me? not happening” he looks so hurt i am so sad chloe let him IN
  • aw poor jim
  • already chloe is shook and scared bc she loves him so much
  • now lucifer is intrigued hm and so am i
  • oh now he’s all “hey man we can work something out” 
  • oh 
  • i should have seen where that was going
  • i guess we’re not there yet
  • that was badass tho
  • i was just thinking that we must have missed something about the package
  • who are these people
  • were we supposed to recognize those things
  • lucifer is having an ocean contemplation shot is this the bachelor orr
  • “really” she says not disappointed at all 
  • one step forward two steps back i guess
  • “you deserve someone worthy of you and that’s not me” I’M CRYING THAT’S NOT TRUE BB
  • “that’s not what i’m saying” “i know that’s what i’m saying” WHY DOES HE LOVE TO SUFFER WHAT THE HELL I’M SAD
  • oh my god he’s just listing why he loves her
  • her middle name is jane?? this is cute
  • “ur special and i’m…. i’m not worth it” OH GOD YES YOU ARE
  • ASJFDLKj[wuhiol;nkl
  • it really is christmas guys :’)
  • i don’t know what to say i love thioajefkls;d’
  • i love you guys i love this show i’m signing off and watching the bachelor which is never going to be this romantic :’)
Preference #6 Your son/daughter comes out

Your and Calum’s daughter Ella had been acting different than usual the last couple of weeks. At first you thought it was because Calum was away on tour but nothing in her behaviour had changed when he had come home three days ago, if anything she had become worse. Right now she had locked herself in her bedroom like she did every afternoon since the last couple of days.

‘’Calum I am worried about Ella. She hasn’t been herself lately. If been asking what was wrong and if she wanted to talk about it. I told her she could talk about it with the guidance counsellor at school or she could go to a therapist but she gives me the same answer every time; that she is fine.’’ You say to Calum as you two are snuggled up on the couch. ‘’Maybe she is fine. I mean she is a teenager didn’t you go through a phase  where you just wanted to be alone? I’m sure she is OK and if not she’ll tell us when she is ready, we’ve raised her to trust us and if I may say so we have never done anything to prove her that we are not trustworthy.’’ Calum says trying to calm your nerves. ‘’Yeah I guess so.’’ You say not really convinced by Calums argument.

As you were thinking of ways to get Ella to tell what was going on she came storming down the stairs and into the lounge you were sitting. ‘’Mom, dad, I know you’ve been worried about me lately because I’ve been locking myself in my room and I wasn’t talking to you but you can stop worrying now. I didn’t lock the door because I wanted to be alone, well I did want to be alone but not because of the reason you guys were thinking. I wanted to be alone because I was making you guys something and I didn’t want you guys to see it.’’ She explained giving both of you a wrapped gift. ‘’I want you guys to open it and put it on but not look at it yet.’’ She said. You can Calum both closed your eyes as you tried to put on the shirts that had been previously wrapped. Ella helped you put them on an leaded you to a full length mirror. ‘’Alright you can open your eyes now.’’ She said as she moved away from the mirror. You both were wearing a shirt with the text: My daughter is gay and I am proud of her embroidered on it. You gasped and started crying. Ella’s body filled itself with shock and then anger, how could her on mother not accept her? ‘’Honey I am not crying because I am sad I am crying because I am so proud of you!’’ You said as you and Calum pulled her into a hug. ‘’Your mother and I will always be proud of you!’’ Calum added

You, your husband and you daughter Anna were having a game day. You’ve guys played Jenga and Twister and now it was Anna’s turn to choose a game. ‘’I choose charades! I’ll go first.’’ She said jumping up. ‘’Anna calm down how about we have lunch first I’m getting a bit hungry aren’t you?’’ Ashton said as he got up. Little did you know Anna had something major to tell you. She had been planning this for months. Anna nodded even though she was too nervous to eat. As Ashton prepared lunch you and Anna started setting the table. As Anna grabbed the cutlery her hands were shaking like crazy resulting in the knives and forks falling on the floor. ‘’Anna are you OK? You look a bit pale.’’ You ask helping your daughter getting the cutlery of the floor. ‘’I’m fine.’’ She whispered back. ‘’Maybe you’re just hungry lunch is almost done, just sit down.’’ Ashton said. Anna did what her father told her to but because hunger was not what was bothering her it didn’t help much.

When everyone was done Anna shot up and ran back to the living room to finally tell her parents the truth. ‘’Anna come back here and clear your plate.’’ You called after her. Anna ran back and cleared the table within no-time. ‘’Can we now play charades?’’ She asked. ‘’Didn’t know you were such a fan!’’ Ashton joked as he walked into the living room.

Anna took a deep breath and started giving the sign for phrase. ‘’PHRASE!’’ Ashton yelled! Anna signed that he was correct. After that everything went wrong. Anna tried her best to act out what she wanted to say but nothing worked. At the end she just sighed and yelled: ‘’I’M GAY!’’ a short silence followed wherein you and Ashton processed what just had happened. ‘’Honey I am proud of you for telling us. You should know that your mother and I are a hundred percent supportive of you! But we hope you do realize that you now cannot have one-on-one sleepovers with a girl anymore!’’ Ashton responded. ‘’Dad! That’s unfair!’’ Anna protested. ‘’No it’s not. You were not allowed to have a sleepover with a boy because something sexual could have happened so now that we know you are gay the same rule applies to girls.’’ ‘’I wish I had never told you!’’ Anna whispered just loud enough for you to hear her.

Your and Luke’s son had always been more of the ‘girly’ type growing up. He wanted dolls and make-up for his birthday and not a year went by that he did not want to wear a dress on his birthday. You and Luke figured it would not take long until your son told you he felt more connected to the female gender but boy were you wrong.

James was now seventeen and he was the complete opposite of what he used to be. He was the manliest man there was and you were worried it was all an act. You had tried to encourage him to talk to you about what he felt but he always said it was unnecessary and that he was perfectly fine. Unfortunately you knew that wasn’t true. As James got older the more he got bullied at school for liking ‘girly’ things. You and Luke did everything to stop the bullying and to help James realise that there was nothing wrong with him but nothing helped. One day he came home crying it was then that he cut of his long wavy hair and started acting more like a boy. He started playing rugby and he started dating every girl that showed him attention. The manlier James became the worse it made you feel. You felt like you had failed to let your son believe he could be anything he wanted to be even a girl.

A few weeks ago you had convinced him to go see someone to talk about what he was feeling. To see if he just liked girly things or if he was a girl. You wanted him to have answers about who he is.

One day when James came home from a session he asked you and Luke to sit down. ‘’Mom, dad, I’ve been having very interesting conversations with the therapist and I think I know what I am. I think I am someone born into the wrong body. You may have noticed but I always felt like I was a woman even though my outsides said something different. If you guys are okay with it I would like to go see someone to talk about the possibilities of becoming what I know I already am inside; a woman.’’ He said. You and Luke both stood up to hug your son. ‘’Jamie we are so proud of you. I am so happy you have finally figured out what you want, and I want you to know your mother and I will love you whether you’re a boy or a girl. We will support you in everything you do and we will do everything we can to make this transformation happen.’’ Luke said.

You and Michael were having a lazy day. Your son was at school and it was the first time in months you and Michael were alone. ‘’So what shall we do today?’’ Michael asked you as he sat down next to you on the couch. ‘’I don’t now… Harry Potter marathon and cuddles?’’ you suggest. ‘’Ah my favourite.’’ Michael responds as he grabs the remote.

You’ve watched at least three movies when your son Benjamin comes home. ‘’Hi mom, Hi dad.’’ He says whilst he runs straight upstairs. You guys look at each other and shrug. It is not a weird thing for a teenage boy to run straight up to his room after school. You look at the clock it is almost 6:30 pm. ‘’Oh I have to start dinner.’’ You say as you shot up from the couch. ‘’NO! Stay with me!’’ Michael protest. ‘’Babe do you want food or not?’’ you ask him. Michael nods and turns back to the TV.

Just when you put the lasagne you had been preparing in the oven your son comes running downstairs. ‘’Mom, dad, I have to tell you something. It is something quite big. I’ve been nervous to tell you this because I wasn’t sure how you were going to react but I think I’m ready now.’’ Benjamin says. Michael gets up and walks towards you. ‘’What is it honey?’’ You ask concern filling your voice. Benjamin takes a deep breath and walks towards the closet. He opens it steps in and a couple seconds later walks out saying ‘surprise’. You gasp and start smiling. ‘’Benjamin I am so proud of you!’’ You say as you run towards him to give him a big hug. ‘’WAIT! What’s going on? I don’t get it why are we proud of him?’’ Michael says as he walks towards you.

‘’I came out of the closet dad.’’ Benjamin tries to explain. ‘’I know I saw that but what does that mean? Are we proud because you can open and close doors? Are we proud because you OMG I get it!’’ Michael exclaims as he joins you guys in the hugging ritual.

[A/N] Hi guys, hope you liked it. If you are struggling with your sexuality or you just need someone to talk to know that I am always there for you! You should not be ashamed of who you are or who you choose to love! Like always requests are open and feel free to come talk to me about anything :)

Los signos como canciones de Shawn Mendes.

Aries:  Aftertaste

How you let me go? No more lies I’ll be fine, I know where, I’m headed. Probably should’ve known” 

¿Cómo que me dejas ir? No más mentiras, estaré bien, sé hacia donde voy. Probablemente debería haber sabido

Tauro:  Air

Used to think that we would last forever. How could I have been so wrong?

Solía pensar que íbamos a durar para siempre. ¿Cómo pude estado tan mal?

Géminis: Don’t want your love

We run about a million miles an hour and I do my best to try to do it in style

Corremos alrededor de un millón de millas por hora y hago todo lo posible para tratar de hacerlo con estilo

Cáncer: Crazy

You’re all I think about when I’m awake, part of every night and every day and everything’s a mess when you’re away

“  Eres todo lo que pienso cuando estoy despierto, una parte de cada noche y cada día y todo es un desastre cuando estás lejos

Leo: Bring it back

“  And I mean if you believe, that there is something still between you and me; and baby honestly, yeah. You’re not the one for me

“ Y me refiero a que si crees, que aún hay algo entre tú y yo; y, nena, honestamente, sí. No eres la única para mí” 

Virgo: A little too much

She would not show that she was afraid, but being and feeling alone was too much to face, though everyone said that she was so strong. What they didn’t know is that she could barely carry on

Ella no demostraría que tenía miedo, pero el estar y el sentirse sola era demasiado para afrontar, aunque todo el mundo decía que ella era tan fuerte. Lo que ellos no sabían es que apenas podía continuar

Libra: One of Those Nights

Let’s drive we got nowhere to go. Fear not, yeah, welcome to the jungle. Think fast, move quick, don’t stumble. We can’t do this alone

Conduzcamos, no tenemos ningun lugar al que ir. No temas, sí, bienvenida a la jungla. Piensa rápido, muevete rápido, no te tropiezes. No podemos hacer esto solos

Escorpio: The weight

I wanna go back, forget that it’s over. Paint it in black when you left me alone. I never knew, she was sleeping next door with the kid I grew up with

 “ Quiero volver, olvidarme que todo ha terminado. Pintar en negro cuando me dejaste solo. Nunca lo supe ella estaba durmiendo al lado con el chico con el que crecí” 

Sagitario: Lost

Hold on, time out, help me. Cause right now I wanna get lost in this moment, keep both my eyes open. Nothing to prove, let’s keep this to ourselves

Espera, tiempo fuera, ayúdame. Porque justo ahora quiero perderme en este momento, mantener ambos ojos abiertos. No hay nada que probar, vamos a mantener esto entre nosotros mismos

 Capricornio: Show You

“  Watch me swim across this lake. Fly through the sky in my Superman cape. Watch me walk across this wire. Tip-toe through the coals of a blazing fire

“  Mírame nadar a través de este lago. Volar por el cielo en mi capa de Superman. Mirame caminar a través este cable. De puntillas a través de las brasas de un fuego ardiente

Acuario: Kid in love

“  If this is what it’s like falling in love, then I don’t ever wanna grow up. Maybe I’m just a kid in love

Si esto es estar enamorándose, entonces nunca quiero crecer. Tal vez sea solo un niño enamorado

Piscis: Believe

“  Did you know that it’s true? Everything is possible, it’s nothing we can’t do it’s a wild and beautiful fire and I believe in you

“  ¿Sabes que es la verdad? Que todo es posible, no hay nada que no podamos hacer, es un fuego salvaje y hermoso y yo creo en ti.

whatshouldbedone  asked:

❝ If you could wish on a star right now, what would you wish for? ❞

    “ Everything I could ever wish 
       for is already here. Besides, 
       Ella, you CAN have whatever
       you wish for on Neverland.

Super shippy sentence starters // @whatshouldbedone // selectively accepting

“I should probably put some pants on,” Aria said moments after plopping herself onto the couch. She and Ezra had only just gotten up after taking some time to celebrate privately last night. Her hair was in a messy ponytail, and she wore nothing but his t-shirt and a pair of underwear. Even so, she didn’t want to wait another minute to tell the most important person in her life perhaps the biggest news of her life.

“Isn’t this called Facetime for a reason?” Ezra wondered. “They’re only going to see our faces.” 

Aria raised an eyebrow. “I won’t be able to look at Byron Montgomery with a straight face if I know I’m not wearing pants.”

“Hmm,” Ezra said. “Now that I think about it, I won’t be able to look at Byron Montgomery with a straight face if I know you’re not wearing pants.”

Aria smiled, then kissed him quickly before standing up from the couch and making her way into their bedroom. After quickly throwing on a pair of black yoga pants under Ezra’s oversized t-shirt, she made her way back to her spot on the couch.

“Why am I nervous?” he asked once she returned.

Aria picked up her iPhone from the coffee table and started scrolling through her contacts. “Are you having flashbacks to when we told them we were dating?” Aria teased, squeezing his thigh. “Don’t worry, babe. You can’t get punched through the phone.”

Ezra nervously ran a hand through his hair. Even though years had gone by, even though she was an adult, even though Aria’s family had since welcomed him into their family, he still wasn’t able to shake the feeling that the Montgomery family wanted him far, far, far away from their daughter. 

Aria dialed Ella’s number and held the phone in front of her face, waiting for her mother to answer. 

“Get closer, Ezra,” she demanded, wanting him to be on the screen when Ella answered. Ezra did as he was told, and approximately ten seconds later, Ella’s face appeared on the screen. She was sitting at the kitchen table, looking terribly confused. Usually when Aria Facetimed her mother, it was a mistake. “Well hello there,” she said skeptically, wondering why her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend were Facetiming her. “What’s going on?”

She wanted to really surprise her, or have her mother guess, but she couldn’t disguise the wide, blissful grin on her face. “I just wanted to say hello,” she said, purposely waving to the camera with her left hand, making sure the ring was plenty visible.

Ella’s eyes widened. “Is that what I think it is?”

Aria looked at Ezra and smiled, then looked back at the phone. “He asked me last night…with the entire apartment full of candles.”

Ella smiled warmly. “Congratulations. I’m really happy for you two,” she told them. “I really am.” If someone had told her six years ago that her daughter would one day be engaged to marry Ezra Fitz, she would’ve ripped her future son-in-law’s head off. What a difference a few years can make, indeed. Now, she was happy that her daughter was so happy with a man she knew she could trust. It was visible from a mile away.

“Thank you,” Ezra said, trying to hide his sigh of relief. 

“Thanks, Mom,” Aria added. “Is Dad around?”

“He’s about three feet to the right of me, trying to stop himself from having a heart attack, it looks like,” she laughed, looking to her right. “I guess my pancakes will be a little burnt.”

“How else do you expect me to act when I just found out that my only daughter is getting married?” a voice called from the side. His face finally appeared behind Ella’s. “Congratulations.” 

Once again, Ezra felt a heavy weight lift from him. Byron Montgomery didn’t look constipated when he thought of his daughter spending her time with him, and now, the rest of her life with him. “Thank you, Mr. Montgomery.”

“Just remember, Ezra,” Ella began, pointing to the camera, “Until the day I die, I will be watching you to make sure you treat her right. And when I die, I will be haunting you.” 

Ezra laughed. “I believe it.”

“Oh, it’s not a joke,” she added seriously before cracking a small smile. 

Aria looked at Ezra and smiled. “Please make sure my mother isn’t haunting us in fifty years.”

“I will do everything I can,” he said.

Ayooo guys! :D Hope you all are having an amazing day! <3
I love you all and I hope you enjoy <3

Part 1

“I thought it was hopeless love” Taehyung story - Part 2

Since yesterday,Taehyung was worried about you,and your guys situation.He didn’t know if you are mad at him or not..Are you sad or happy to see him yesterday…

“Don’t forget me Tae” you said looking at him
“I won’t forget you Y/N..I promise” Taehyung smiled and hugged you tightly..

Taehyung was remembering the last time you guys saw each other in person.
“God promised” he said to himself,putting his hands on his face
“How can I…Ahh stupid!” Taehyung was mad at himself

He didn’t forgot completely about you.It was just that he moved away,didn’t see you often.Even that you guys tried to stay in contact over Skype,and text each other to talk.But slowly as he was getting more and more famous and had to work hard for his fans,everything slowly started to fade away.

One night Taehyung camed back to the dorm and layed on his bed feeling really tired.
He knows he needs to get on the laptopo so he can talk to you,but he just wasn’t in a mood for that.
You were sending him texts like “Where are you?” ,but he didn’t want to reply.

After that night Taehyung didn’t text you back or tried to contact you.He was all in the music and practice.

“I messed up” he said to himself
“I didn’t call or text” he added taking a breath

Taehyung stood up and pulled a box out,that was under his bed.
When he opens it there were a lot of photos of you guys.
He laughed taking a picture,he looked behind it
“To the fool I hate the most” - Y/N
He smiled and looked at other photos.Then camed across to an bracelet you gave him.
“I love you and happy birthday!” - Y/N
He was looking at photo where you two were hugging each other and smiling to the camera.
“I love you too” Taehyung said quietly

To be honest,yes,Taehyung started to like you when you were a senior year.He never thought something like that would happen to him.
Because he only saw you as a best friend.
The way you always smile,giggle when he gets close to you.
Your eyes that were so happy when they saw him.
Taehyung sighs and puts the box on his bed.

Jungkook walked in and saw that Taehyung on his bed looking trough some pictures.
“Is she the girl that was your best friend?” he asked
“Yeah…Her name is Y/N”
“She’s pretty…How long you guys have been best friends?”
“For about 4 and half years” Taehyung looked at him
“And never been together?! That is weird” Jungkook laughed
“What can’t boy and a girl be just friends?” Taehyung looked at him
“I mean they can,but obviously someone will fall in love and then yeah..”
“Did you like her?” Jungkook added
“I did” Taehyung said looking at the picture
“Do you have her number?”
“I think…I do..I’ll check” Taehyung took his phone in his hands and went trough the contacts
He found your number
“Cute girl” was your name in his contacts
He smiled and bit his lip
“I have it” he looked up at him being little excited
“Call her right now,and you guys need to talk!”
“I feel nervous” Taehyung was looking at the phone
“Don’t Taehyung,just press call” Jungkook sighs

Taehyung did as Jungkook told him,the phone started to ring.
On the other side,you were in your bed just thinking about Taehyung.A lot.
Just a scene with him was repeating in your head..And everything that other boys were saying to you.
You noticed while you guys were waiting in the line that Taehyung was looking at you,you tried not to look at him,but you had to.He was just more handsome than ever..
“Hi” you smiled at J-Hope
“Hello” he smiled and took the album so he can sign it
“What is your name?” he asked looking at you
“Y/N” you looked at him
J-Hope looked at you with a suprise look
“You’re Taehyung’s best friend right?” he asked with an eyebrow raised
“Well,we used to be” you raised your shoulders
“Did you guys had a fight?”
“Oh no,it’s just that we stopped talking to each other,and one year passed and we still didn’t talk,so I deal with the point that we aren’t best friends anymore” you explain
J-Hope nodded his head
“I hope you guys get back to being best friends..Because he will be glad to see you” J-Hope smiled
“And also you like our music?” he added
“Yeah,I support you guys all the way” you smiled and moved to Suga..J-Hope and you gave each other high five and you look at Suga
“I am happy to meet you” you smiled
“I am happy to meet you too,your name is?” he smiled at you
“Y/N” you said and ight away Suga looks at you closely
“I was best friend with Tae,yes” you laughed
“Ohh…Wait..You were?” he asked while signing the album
“Long story,short we stopped to talk to each other” you explain
“You’re from here right?” Suga asked
“I personally think V is gonna do everything he can to get back a friend he lost” Suga smiled nodding his head
You smiled and looked at your sister,she was smiling and laughing with Jungkook.
Then you looked at Jimin,then at Taehyung.
He was smiling and talking to a fan.She handed him a fluffy teddy bear
“Thank you” Taehyung smiled hugging the bear

You smiled and thought how cute he is.In one way you were little bit mad at him because he broke the promise,but on other side you know you can’t stay mad at that cute face and smile of his.

“Yoo” Jungkook waved his hand in front of your face with a smile
“What’s up” you laughed and waved to him too
“Okay,what is your name and how aree you?” he smiled looking at you
“I am Y/N,and I am super good” you smiled
“Wait….” he said looking at you
“You’re Y/N who-”
“Is,I mean was Taehyung’s best friend…Yes that is meee” you laughed

Jungkook smiled and put a glowing righ on his finger
“I am sure Taehyung and you will be together again..”
“We weren’t like together,together” you laugh looking at him while he played with a ring
Jungkook looks at you
“I don’t know that,but when you guys talk to each other it seems like both of you are in love with each other” he smiled
“O-kaay..” you laugh and give him a high five
“Love you!” he said
“I love you too” you laughed and moved to Jimin

Now you were getting really,really nervous…You were so close to Taehyung now.
“How old are you?” Taehyung asked your sister
“12″ she smiled
“Aww that is nice,you like our music?” he looked at her
“Yes,I love it..” Ella smiled

Taehyung while he was talking to your sister,he would look at you time to time..Because you caught his eye and he can’t stop looking at you..Also you were very familiar to him,he had a feeling he knows you so well..

Your dark eyes were so beautiful,but really familiar to him too..When he saw you smiling with Jimin..That smile he recognized right away..It was you..Y/N.
He knew you were someone he knows,but he couldn’t remember you,because you look more beautiful than ever.You changed your dark brown hair to lighter brown,it was wavy hairstyle…Makeup,everything was perfect on you.

Taehyung smiled because he was getting nervous.
When you camed to him..He wanted to pretend like he doesn’t know you as a joke.
“What is your name?” he smiled looking at you
“Y/N” you bit your lip nervously
“Y/N?” Taehyung looked at you
“Yup” you said
“My best friend” he smiled at you
“You forgot about me Tae” you sigh and look at him
“I didn’t” he said and right away felt down when he saw your face expression on your face..He thought you’ll be happy even that he remember’s you still.
“You did…But It doesn’t matter…Keep on fighting” you smiled and walked away with your sister,you felt like you can just burst in tears because you were hurt remembering how you lost him.That ball of happiness and energy that never ends..Taehyung.

You took your sisters hand and rushed outside.Taehyung knew that was a fake smile,because he knows you very well.
He watched you leave,realising that the situation really did hurt you.
He took a breath so he doesn’t tear up,and that fans don’t notice.
“Hii” he smiled at a fan


Your phone started to ring
“Fool that I love” that was Taehyung’s name on your phone

You right away sit up and took your phone in your hands thinking should you pick up or not.
“Taehyung” you answer taking a breath
“Y/N..” Taehyung spoke
“Long time since we spoke over the phone” you laughed a little looking at the floor
“I am sorry Y/N..” he said
“I know you are” you said
“…Y/N” he said
“Can you please meet me at our place?” he asked
“You remember our place?”
“Of course I do..Can you please come?”
You sigh
“Yes..I’ll be there in 15 minutes” you said and hang up

You got up and changed your clothes and walked to the living room.
“I am going out” you said
“Where to?” your mom was curious
“A place I haven’t been to for a long time” you smiled
“And then mom I talked to Jungkook.He was so cute” your sister started to talk

You walked out and walked to the Taehyung’s and your place.
When you got there,Taehyung was already waiting for you.

You two looked at each other and you walk towards him.
“Hi” he said
“Hi” you looked at him

Both of you sat down..Silence hits.
“Y/N..It’s all my fault” he started
“It’s not..You needed to work hard,I understand that” you looked at him
“Right now I am feeling like I lost the most person in my life..I feel empty” Taehyung looked at you
“You did lose me” you said
“But I don’t want to lose everything with you..Y/N,I know I didn’t call or text-”
“It was because you needed to work,I get it Tae..But the thing that hurt me the most is..You broke a promise” you laughed a little,but that laugh was a sad one and trying to keep you from crying
“I know..” he looked down
“That made me feel..Empty like now how you feel..Losing best friend is more hurtful than when you break up with a relationship with boyfriend” you looked at him letting everything out
“Y/N I am so sorry..Please forgive me” Taehyung took your hands in his
“Nothing will be the same” you said looking down

Taehyung lifted your chin up
“I will not let you go Y/N..We can make it the same as it was”
“I don’t think-”
“Y/N…Please,I need you” he cuts you off,looked at you

You didn’t say anything…He gets away from you and looks at you with a small smile on his face.
“I know you can’t stay mad at me” he said

You tried your hardest not to smile,but you smiled
“See?” he smiled and camed closer to your face
“I hate you” you said looking at him with a smile on your face
“You love me” Taehyung smiled
“I..Do” you smiled looking away
“I love you too” Taehyung said and pulled you in hug

At this moment you know,you are not mad at him anymore..You just needed that one hug from him that will bring all the memories back and good times.
You wrapped your arms around him too and hugged him back.
“I missed you” Taehyung said to your neck
“I missed you too” you said

Taehyung stood up and took your hand and helped you stand up.
“I feel happy again” he said
“I feel happy too” you smiled

He smiled and kept looking at you
"Honestly when I saw you in the line…I couldn’t recognize you..You are more beautiful than ever Y/N” Taehyung and you walked down the street
“Aww thanks you” you blushed
“I like your hair tho” he said touching it
“Thanks” you looked at him
“You’re more handsome..” you said
“I know” he looked at you
You look at him with a serious face
“What?” he laughed
“Ugh..I hateeee you” you shouted pushing him
“I am just kidding” he laughed putting his hand around your shoulders
“Thank you..There are you happy?” he added
“Yes” you looked at him

“I am happy that you made it Tae..” you said
“It took me a lot of hard work,if it wasn’t for the boys..I wouldn’t be in BTS for sure..They helped me a lot” he explains
“Yeah..But the most important thing is,you did it” you smiled
“Yes” Taehyung smiled

While you guys walk the awkward silence walways hits,then someone breaks it.
But you know that some things won’t be the same anymore,even that he says they will.The won’t,you know it.

You’re just worried how you forgived him so quickly and that is a thing you didn’t want to do right away…But on the other side you know you can’t stay mad at him even after what he has done to you.

“Sooo did you find a boyfriend?” Taehyung broke the silence and bit his lip nervously
“I actually..Did” you looked at him with a smile

Taehyung’s jaw drops..He couldn’t believe you have a boyfriend.
“Woow..I am happy for you” he smiled,but inside he was sad because now he doesn’t have a chance with you at all
“Aww “ you smiled tapping his shoulder

When Taehyung camed back home..Still he was just thinking how you have a boyfriend.
“She..She has a boyfriend” he thought to himself
“Okay,you gotta support her not be jealous” he added
“Yoo V,how did it go?” Jungkook looked at him

Taehyung was in his own world now..
“V!” Jungkook shouts
“YEAH? I mean..Umm..It went well” he smiled
“So you guys are friends again?”
“Yes” Taehyung smiled

Taehyung nodded his head and went to his dorm and layed on the bed.
He remembered how you told him you’re already 2 months with a guy.
“Oh my God” he said and closed his eyes
“But I want you..Y/N” he thought

The Crash


Stiles x Reader

Point of View: Your POV

Rated: PG-13

Word Count: 2520

Family night is always interesting. Usually once a week your parents decide to have you go out to dinner with them. You guys aren’t really on the best terms. You don’t agree on much. You still live at home just to help with your little sister Ella.

Ella is two years old. You basically raise Ella because your parents couldn’t care less. She is the light in your life, other than Stiles of course.

Stiles is the main thing you and your parents fight about. They don’t like the amount of time you spend with him. They don’t know about the supernatural though.

Your parents had bugged you about you wanting to go to stiles house after donned throughout the duration of the night. You had fed, changed, and contained Ella while you were out and your parents continued to lecture you.

On the drive home you parents stayed silent. The only noise from the car was you playing with Ella. You like to make her laugh as much as possible. Not only does it distract her from the strife caused by your parents but also it distracts you. you could listen to two people talk for hours; Ella and Stiles. Although Ella can’t talk well it is soothing just to hear her little voice form words.

Your parents pull into your driveway. They completely ignored your wishes to go to stiles after dinner.

“I thought we agreed I could go to Stiles’s after dinner?” You say annoyed.

“(Y/N) do you really need to see him? You just saw him yesterday.” Your mom says turning her back to you in the front seat.

“Fine I will just drive myself.” You say while placing your hand on the door handle.

“No. If you drive yourself you will spend the night.” Your dad says pulling back out of the driveway.

“Wouldn’t be such a bad thing.” You whisper to yourself as you cross your arms across your chest.

“What did you just say young lady?” Your mom snaps as she abruptly turns back to face you.

“Nothing.” You say with attitude.

“Why do you constantly want to be with stiles anyway?” Your mom says as your dad continues to drive to stiles house.

“Because I love him.” You say back.

“How do you know you love him? You’re eighteen!” She says

“I have been dating stiles for over two years now. Besides I am eighteen and I can make my own decisions and choose who I want to love and I don’t want to love.” You say, proud of your answer.

Your dad then pulls up to stiles’s driveway. Stiles is currently working on his Jeep and you have to admit, he looks pretty fucking hot. Stiles is wearing a gray t-shirt and a pair of jeans. His hands are dirty from working on the car. When he sees you he smiles. He reaches for the towel next to him to wipe off his hands. You never thought someone so simple could be so attractive to you.

Once your dad stops the car you begin to unbuckle Ella. You usually bring her with you when you go to Stiles’s because not only do Stiles and Ella absolutely love each other, you don’t enjoy leaving her alone with just your parents. It is a horrible thought but it is true.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Your mom says turning back to you once more.

“I’m taking Ella.” You says as nonchalant as possible.

“No you’re not.” You mom says while reaching out and grabbing your arm, stopping you from unbuckling Ella.

“Why not? I always bring Ella.” You say.

“Ella is not your child, nor your responsibility.” Your Mom says. With that note you back away from Ella and kiss her on the top of the head. She giggles and you smile. You step out of the car and wave to Stiles. You continue to walk to him as you dad starts to pull away. He rolls down the window and looks at you two. Once you are near stiles you run up to him and kiss him feverishly as a small act of rebellion.

Your dad cannot take his eyes off of the two of you. He continues to stare as he picks up the pace of the car rather fast and yells back at you,“real classy (Y/N). That’s how I raised my daughter!”

He still wasn’t watching the road. It was then you noticed the large black SUV that was driving right toward him. You scream his name trying to get him to return his attention to the road, but it is too late. The two cars have collided at a very fast speed.

It all happened in slow motion. The two cars collided. The other car twice as large as yours. It only took minor damage and then kept driving. Your parents car tumbled. It flipped three times before landing right side up.

You immediately burst into tears. “ELLA!” you scream running faster then you ever thought you could towards them. Stiles follows close behind.

Once you reach the car you hear a loud buzzing noise. Your parents are badly wounded and unconscious. Ella however is screaming and crying.

“(Y/N) we need to get Ella out! The car is going to catch fire soon!” Stiles screams.

You try to open the door but you can’t open it. “Stiles I can’t get the door open!” You scream.  

“Just grab her though the window.” Stiles says back fairly calm.

You reach through the window and cut the back of your shoulder on a piece of glass. You hiss but continue to unbuckle the carseat. Your hands are shaking and you can’t unbuckle Ella. “I can’t!” you scream frustrated.

Stiles the pushes in front of you and removes Ella from the smashed car with ease.

“Stiles my parents!

“We don’t have time”


“(Y/N) we don’t have time!”

He cradles Ella in his arms as  you two then run to a safe spot on the grass where you wouldn’t get hurt. The car then erupts in flames.

You take a deep breath as tears run down your face. You lean your head on Stiles’s shoulder. You just have to wait for the police to come to know if they are really dead.

You wait only a few short minutes before the fire department comes and puts out he fire in the car. You have to turn away when they pull out the bodies, pressing your head into Stiles’s chest. He leans his head down and kisses the top of your head.

“I love you (Y/N). No matter what.” He whispers.

You feel a hand on your shoulder and you turn around. Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles’s dad pulls you into a hug. You notice the remorseful look on his face when he says, “They are gone.”

Your world immediately crashes down. You knew that they would be dead, but hearing it from someone else and knowing that there is absolutely no hope that you will ever be with them again crushes you. Even though you weren’t always on great terms, they were still your parents. They will always be your parents.

“I’m sorry, but the EMTs want to check Ella out while I situate everything.” The Sheriff says as he turns around to go back to work. You use the back of your hand to wipe a few tears as you turn around to look at Stiles. You take a few deep breaths as you look at Stiles’s house behind him. As odd as it is his house is comforting. More comforting than your own home. 

You look down at Ella in your arms. She is quiet. Just observing everything around her. She is especially mesmerized by the lights of the police cars. She is actually amused by them. She laughs and smiles as they switch colors. She is oblivious to what is actually happening. 

You turn around and walk back to the ambulance. You sit down as the EMTSs asses Ella’s injuries. Luckily her car seat prevented her from any serious injuries, but she still has a concussion. 

“We need to take a look at you too.” One of the EMTs says.

“Oh no, I’m fine.” You say.

“No, she’s not.” Stiles says to the EMT as he looks at you.

“Yes I am.” You say to Stiles giving him a dirty look.

“No you’re not.” Stiles says as he turns you around. He shows the EMT the large gash that you have on the back of your shoulder. 

“We will probably need to stitch you up.” The EMT says.

“I can’t even feel it.” You say, “the adrenaline must be overriding the pain.” Now that you realize the severity of your wound you feel the pain. 

“Once we get to the hospital we can give you something for the pain and check out Ella.” You nod as they place some gauze over your cut. “Sit down with Ella in your lap and we will buckle you in.” You step up and sit down. You shoot Stiles pleading eyes.

“I’ll come with you” Stiles says jumping into the back of the ambulance. He takes your hand as you begin to move and you slowly drift to sleep. 

You wake up  to a hospital room. This isn’t your first time waking up like this and unfortunatly you have a feeling that it won’t be your last. 

“Where’s Ella?” You begin to panic. Stiles, who was sleeping next to you, wakes up abruptly. After rubbing his eyes he comes to his senses.

“Ella is with a doctor right now, they are checking her out.” Stiles says.

“I need to be with her, she needs me.” You say trying to get up. 

Stiles then places a hand on your shoulder saying, “You don’t want to rip your stitches.”

You nod and get up slowly. the cold tile of the hospital feels cool on your feet. as you walk to the doorway Sheriff Stilinski stands in your path. 

“(Y/N) we need to talk.” He says.

“I know, I know I just have to check on Ella.” You say a little preoccupied.

“Ella is sleeping and she is fine. We need to talk about what happened.” Sheriff says guiding you back to the bed. He sits on the side of the bed as you reach to grab a ponytail for your hair. “I just want to know what happened.”

You nod, a tear rolls down you cheer as you begin to replay your memory from last night. “We were on the way home from dinner when my parents told me I wasn’t allowed to go to your house after they had told me beforehand I could go. They ended up driving me to your house and I tried to take Ella with me, but they told me she wasn’t my responsibility. Then I left and I tried to get back at my parents by kissing Stiles in front of them.”

“That was more like making out.” Stiles says.

“Yeah thanks Stiles.” You say sarcastically.

“And my dad must have gotten distracted and a car hit them. And-” You pause to take a breath. More tears fall quickly down your cheeks. Stiles takes your hand for support, his thumb softly rubbing the top of your hand. “And then the car flipped a few times and… it’s all a blur from there.”

Sheriff gives a look as if he is comprehending the information. He turns away and looks at the ground. You know that he feels remorseful. As if there is much mire ti talk about. So much more that he needs to talk about, but he can’t. The idea of your parents being dead hasn’t even really sunk into you yet. 

Just as you are deep into your own thoughts you see the door open. In walks another face that you would trust with your life, with your sister’s life. Melissa McCall. She is holding a giggling Ella in her arms. You breathe out a breath of relief as Melissa hands you Ella. Ella then rubs her head into your chest, she becomes comfortable as she closes her eyes. 

“She is okay. A minor concussion and a few scrapes and bruises, but she is fine.” Melissa smiles at you, “It’s a miracle that she is not hurt,”

“I know.” You say as you look down at Ella, “Thank you.” You say looking back up at Melissa, “Both of you.” You place you hand on the Sheriff’s shoulder and he turns his head to look at you. He has tears in his eyes and you pull him into a hug.

“I dont know how you do it!” He says laughing. 

“Neither do I.” You reply sighing. 

The Sheriff and Melissa leave the room. You Stiles and Ella are the only ones left. You look down at Ella peaceful falling asleep in your lap. She doesn’t understand. She doesn’t have parents. Ella is an orphan. 

You begin to break down as you think of the years later. Ella will never grow to know her parents. She will only see pictures. You begin to shake and Stiles pulls his arms around you. 

“They are going to take her away from me.” You cry. 

You continue to repeat this sentence until Stiles says, “No they won’t, nobody will take Ella away from you.” 

“But she is an orphan.” You say practically choking on the last word.

“You are 18, you can take care of her. You will have to go through some legal stuff, but you can do it.” Stiles says running his hands though your hair. 

“But I’m not ready to raise a child. I’m still in high school. But I don’t want anyone else to have her.” You say as you begin to panic. “I can’t do it alone!”

“You’re not alone! We will do it together. I promise you everything will be okay. It might be hard for a while, but we will get it. You have so many people who are here to help you. You have me.”

“Thank you, but I don’t have a job or any money.” You say, your mind racing.

“Your parents have lots off money. We can sell your house and get a smaller one for you and Ella. Everything will be fine.” Stiles says as he wipes your tears with his thumb. 

“I dont want to go home.” You say, “Not yet.”

“Thats okay.” Stiles says smiling, “You can stay at my house and when your ready we can go to your house together.”

“Thank you.” You say while kissing his cheek. 

“You will never be alone.” Stiles says as he pulls you into his chest. He then kisses you on the top of your head before saying, “I promise.”

  • Taylor: Kar, they're starting shipping you with Ella this is bad Kar, I can't ugh
  • Karlie: would you rather them shipping me with Toni?
  • Taylor: you're not helping
  • Karlie: well.... I can come straight from NY to the party
  • Taylor: that'll be too obvious
  • Karlie: Taylor Alison we've BEEN too obvious this whole time
  • Taylor: bu--
  • Karlie: ok then... karlorde ARRIIIS--
  • Taylor: shut up and get your ass here right now and just stuck yourself behind any camera you see, with the eyes they have, they'll catch your presence
  • Karlie: (you're so whipped and you don't even know it) ok babe