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hi i’m new here ♡

hi everyone ♡ my name is yuki, and I’m part of the ft/yoi community! this is my new tumblr, and i’m still adjusting tbh, so it’d be amazing if we could be friends! i swear i’m a chill person and hilarious— i’m not shy either, so feel free to say whatever! so far i don’t know many people here, and i have no idea what to do… so it’d be incredible if you guys could introduce yourselves! tysm for reading, and i really hope we can be friends!

part of the reason i hate mbti is that it’s used by business dweebs as a pseudoscientific way of dealing with their employees and as A Mentally Disabled i don’t trust that shit for a second

but most of it is that it’s easier to remember “the sheep one” than a sequence of four letters each of which has only two possible values and some of which have very unintuitive distinctions, which makes it hard for me to find those posts either Relatable or hilariously off base

We Got Married (M)

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8.8k words. Arranged Marriage AU. Min Yoongi.

Warning: Fingering. Phone sex. ft Kim Namjoon.

It’s hilarious, laughable, pathetic even, how love could either build you or ruin you and yet knowing this, people still chase after it like the rise of golden light beyond the horizon, or the last drop of dew in twilight, or the flutter of that one coral blue butterflies in buttercup paved meadow.

It’s frightening, daunting, startling even, how love makes your hands clammy like you’re being interviewed by the very man who founded the big shot company you’ve applied to.

And it’s utterly, impossibly, unbelievable how love comes in many ways like a bump and a spill of coffee on crisp white shirt, or a brush of hands upon a dusty leather brown book spine or an envelope obtained from a mailbox on one’s way back from grocery shopping.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening to Min Yoongi, second son to one of the well-known elite families in Seoul. Most of the time, he couldn’t care less about family matters; business deals, dinner with alien faces and empty conversations─ those things he’s entitled to attend with mildly bored eyes and champagne he’ll never finish in one hand. But this particular matter, he can’t just not care. One, because it directly concerns him (as if the cursive letter of his name engraved in bold black against crisp white isn’t enough indication). Two, because it’s from a certain someone in his family who he’s fond of.

Dear Yoongi,

Is written on the top of the not so neat written paper.


I know you might hate me for this.

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They’ve leaked the not-full-length version of Sherlock in Russian as a joke because Russia interfered in the American elections. This is all one big satire.“Oh, no! Those Russians are out of control! Nobody watch Sherlock early!”

Please. This is either comedy on a global scale or the biggest, most hilarious disaster in the history of television.

Fuck this I survived eight years of Cheney using Bush as a presidential hand puppet I can survive an incompetent Fascist Cheeto™. 

Imo the best part in any of the Harry Potter books was the quidditch commentary

Like you either have Lee Jordan being hilarious and fabulous or you’ve got Luna telling you to look at the clouds. Win-win situation

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hello! um...i dont know how to put this but um...i wanted to ask for both of your permission to make a silly amv involving your chara from this AU. i want to keep it a surprise, but i just prefer to ask first. Thank you!

Sure, go ahead! But… you’re on anon… so I can’t reply privately… guess the cat’s outta the bag now! 

The presidential elections are happening today for my friends in the u.s. You guys are always welcome to live under my bed or in my closet if you feel uncomfortable about whoever gets the presidency throne loll CANADA IS YOUR BFF , WE LOVE YOU GUYS 💗💗💗💗

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Why does everyone wanna hate Beauty and the Beast so much? I watched it and thought it was amazing and all the kids in the theater were so happy! They were clapping and laughing and it was pure (and Lefou was everyone’s fav)! Idk, y'all should really give it a chance and not just shoot it down.

Inktoberwatch day 25, favorite legendary skin