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It was hard because I’m not a good liar. There’s a thing about acting, which is on a set, and there’s cameras, and there’s, “Three, two, one, action!” There’s something that sort of puts boundaries around it that makes fiction possible. I find fiction very different than lying, because lying is real. When there’s a real person looking at you going, “Mmmmhmmm,” and you’re like, “Eeeek,” you can feel the truth coming through your skin. But I think I managed pretty well. I think I did pretty good. But I had like scripts at home with my name on it, and I’m like, “No one can find these! I’m gonna get sued!” [laughs] It was exciting, though. I couldn’t wait for people to find out.
—  Evelyne Brochu on her big Orphan Black secret for

sext: how we say we’ll take it slowly and can’t. how our knees tremble and lock. how we’re all mouths and fingers and desperation. eating each other like licking syrup from teaspoons. the heaviness of the silence. the weight of your eyes on me, how your hands shake when you push away the hair on my nape and kiss me there. the vulnerability of it. a cupful of skin, a mouthful of it, right there, yes, that’s where I want it.

that malec clip was full of tiny little beautiful presents (like the one alec gave magnus eeeek)

  • alec flirt with my boyfriend lightwood UNASHAMEDLY and openly smirking at magnus 
  • alec not showing an ounce of nervousness and being 100% comfortable around magnus
  • magnus’ surprised/confused little “me?” when alec hands him the gift
  • alec reassuring him (and smirking again the little minx)
  • “alexander”
  • cute boyfriends flirting with eachother
  • “you continue to surprise me” “good ways i hope”
  • alec lightwood’s eyes rolling back into his head when he is once again cockblocked by his brother
  • “casanova?! like really babe come on” (what do you mean that’s not the correct quote)

violet: ok ok.. next. blue truth or dare!!!!!!!

blue: .EEEEk….DARE!!!!!

violet: hmm. i dare u!!! to set off!! fireworks!!!!! on the ROOF!~

blue: :-0 omg ok but i cant on my roof!!!!!!!! too slanted!!!!!!!

matty: we can go to my roof :-)

blue: ♡___♡ ok 

talon: hey guys i made out with cece

It’s after you and Luke have come down from your highs while he’s tracing random shapes across the plane of your back that Luke’s alarm goes off, signaling a twenty minute warning before his psychology 101 class starts. It wouldn’t be the first time you both had found yourselves in dreamy post-sex hazes before attending a lecture, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last, considering you both went at it like rabbits. You watched as Luke sluggishly pulled on his attire of black skinny jeans and a gray hoodie, letting out a pathetic whine as he tucked your red lace thong into the back pocket of his pants with a smirk.

“Oh come on, pumpkin,” he teased as he lifted his scruffy backpack from the floor onto his shoulders, “It’s not like you’ll be needing them anyways.”

You huffed as he made his way over to the small twin size bed you both often occupied together, planting a kiss on your forehead before pressing his lips against yours. “I’ll be back before you know it. Why don’t you work on that paper you have to write for your bio class so when I get back, we can just chill, ‘mkay?”

“Mm,” you mused, already falling into a sleepy haze.

“Bye, baby,” Luke called as he made his way out the door, leaving you to enjoy the comfort of your own bed. However, the longer you laid still, the more you realized you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep without Luke’s body pressed against yours. Reluctantly, you pulled yourself from the confines of your sleepy haven and got to work on your schoolwork, knowing the more you finished now, the more time with Luke you’d have later. 

Hours passed before a knock sounded at your door, a familiar pattern alerting you that your boyfriend was just outside your room. Trudging over to the entrance of your dorm, you opened the door and let Luke in, him greeting you with a kiss on the cheek.

“So, I picked up some Mexican food, and also that one movie you’ve been dying to see from the rental store,” he continued to ramble as you stared at your boyfriend with the fondest, most embarrassing expression ever- wondering how you’d gotten so lucky to have the privilege of having Luke as your boyfriend.

“Come on, hon,” your boyfriend urged as he settled himself into your bed and patted the space beside him, “I know you have a morning class tomorrow so we can’t stay up that late.” You found it absolutely adorable that Luke knew your schedule and cared enough about you to make sure you went to bed at a decent time, him already knowing waking you up in the morning was enough of a challenge without you only getting four hours of sleep. After you clambered onto the bed beside him and sifted through the food he’d picked up, you settled yourself into Luke’s warm body, his body laying parallel next to yours; both of you just barely fitting on the tiny bed. However, you wouldn’t have it any other way, considering the closeness of your bodies prompted Luke to lay a few kisses on your exposed shoulder every now and then, or tangling your legs together so that one couldn’t tell where you started and Luke ended. 


OMG, look at Cecil’s new tattoo! (From his Twitter)

That’s maybe the most beautiful one he has. Beautiful.

Oh! And I asked him about his right hip tattoo! It is indeed a Tarot card, like I thought:

Cecil Baldwin ‏@CecilBaldwinIII 10 mins10 minutes ago@RhododendronWil it’s two Italian tarot cards smushed together