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Spencer x Reader.

“Ouch, ouch OUCH.“

"Stop being a baby!” you said to your best friend and colleague. 

“But it hurts,” Spencer complained. 

“Well of course it hurts you idiot, you’ve broken your leg." 

"Can you just drive more carefully please?" 

You were in your car driving back from the hospital where you’d spent the last four hours. Spencer was laid out across your back seat, his leg in plaster. You’d been with him when he’d fallen out of the tree, an image you still couldn’t get out of your head. 

Spencer Reid. In a tree. You couldn’t wait to tell the others. You’d taken pictures. 

"This wouldn’t have happened if you’d listened to me. I told you those branches couldn’t take your weight.” You couldn’t help but gloat. 

“Yes well, I was trying to be nice. That little girl wouldn’t stop crying.”

The two of you had met up for coffee, having returned from your most recent case the evening before. It was a pleasant day so you’d decided to take a walk through the local park. 

You’d come across a young mother trying to calm her crying child, her kite stuck in a tree. 

Spencer, being the gentleman he was, had offered to climb up and get it. You laughed telling him there’s no way those branches could take his weight but he’d ignored you. 

Less than 30 seconds into his climb, you heard a cracking and a loud girlish squeal as he came crashing to the ground, landing on his leg at an awkward angle. 

You couldn’t not laugh at him even though he was clearly hurt. The little girl’s mom had been mortified, especially when you told her what you both did for a living. “It’s fine,” you’d assured her. “He got shot in the leg last year, he’s used to being injured.”

“Can you stop laughing at me and call an ambulance please?” Spencer had piped up from the ground. 

“Let me just take a picture so I can show the team.” You pulled out your cell. “Smile.”

He’d glared at you. “ Ambulance. Now Y/N.”

“Fine, fine. No need to get so tetchy.”

Four hours and multiple photos later, you were on your way home, you having followed the ambulance in your car. You were taking Spencer back to your apartment as yours had an elevator and his didn’t, stopping by at his on the way picking up the list of items he’d given you. 

You drove over another pothole hearing him whine again. “I beg of you, please just drive carefully." 

You signaled, pulling to the side of the road "Get outta the car Reid.” You spun around in your seat. 

“Wait… No! I’m injured.”

“Criticise my driving again, and you can walk home. And I won’t let you stay at my apartment meaning you’ll have to call Morgan and tell him how you tried and failed to fly today.”

He pouted at you. “I’m sorry, you’re not a bad driver. It’s just the pot holes nudge my leg and it freaking hurts. It’s not so bad until you go over one.”

He’d refused painkillers at the hospital, you understanding why, and suddenly you felt bad for taking the piss out of him. 

“I’ll try and avoid them okay. I’m sorry.”

“Thank you.”

You made it home with a few mores groans from him and you helped him into your building making it to your apartment with only a few stumbles. 

“Stay here, I’ll make up the couch now so we don’t have to do it later.”

“Aww you’re giving up your bed for me Y/N?”

“Fuck no…. I don’t give up my bed for no-one. You’re having the couch.”

“But I’m injured… And your pull out isn’t very comfortable.” He stayed on it before during your many movie marathons when he couldn’t be bothered to drive home. 

“I’m not giving up my bed Spence. You’re my best friend and I love you to bits but just no. Not happening.”

“But I gave you mine when you had strep throat and demanded I take you home and look after you.”

“And that, is because you are a much nicer person than I am.”

He tried to give you his puppy dog face which he knew almost always made you break. You shook your head at him. This was one thing you weren’t budging on. 

You made up the couch for him and put his bags on the chair. Deciding you were both starving you ordered pizza, watching an old episode of the Twilight Zone when it arrived. 

When you finished up, you tidied your mess away feeling Spencer watching you. He went to speak, stopping before any words actually left his mouth. 

“S'up?” You turned to your friend. 

He screwed up his mouth, his hands nervously playing with his tee shirt. 

“I need a shower.”

He did….When he’d fell he’d landed in some mud and although you’d managed to wipe most of it off whilst you were in the hospital waiting room some of it had matted into his hair, making it even messier than usual. 


“I…, I’m not gonna be able to pull my jeans off. And I probably won’t be able stand for long in your shower by myself.”

“Can you wait until tomorrow and I can get Morgan to come and help?”

He shook his head. “You know how funny I am about showering everyday. I won’t be able to relax if I don’t. Please?”

Right… Okay. 

“We’ll have to cut your jeans off.” The doctor had already hacked them off at the knee in order to plaster him up so they were ruined anyway. “And… We’ll work the other stuff out as we go. Your boxers are staying on by the way.”

“Well duh….”

You went into your kitchen pulling out a roll of black bin liners, duct tape and your kitchen scissors, grabbing some towels from the basket of clean laundry you’d yet to put away. 

“Move it hop along.” You motioned towards your bathroom. 

“It kinda looks like you’re getting ready to murder me or something Y/N.” He pointed to the bags and scissors. 

“Oh Spencer… I’d at least wait until you were asleep. Now come on.”

He pulled himself up using his crutch as leverage and hobbling into the bathroom behind you. 

Flipping the lid of your toilet seat down, you instruct him, “Sit.”

You took his crutch off him propping it up against a wall. Twirling the scissors around your fingers you smiled menacingly at him. “Do you trust me?" 

"I don’t really have much choice.” He stuck his leg out. “Just…. Don’t cut through my boxers okay.”

Raising your eyebrows at him you joked, “Spencer, if I wanted to see your dick I would have seen it by now. Trust me on that." 

He flushed slightly as you reached for the bottom of his jeans, starting to cut up the side of his leg pulling the fabric apart as you did so you could easily see when you reached his underwear. 

"Pink boxers Spencer? Really?”

He shrugged at you. You continued cutting reaching the top. “Lift your butt off the seat slightly.”

He did and you quickly yanked the jeans from under him so they settled around his thighs. He rested back down. You removed his other Converse and sock, tossing them into the corner of the bathroom and pulling the jeans down and off his other leg. 

“Act one complete. Now onto Act two.” You started humming the Green Hill Zone music from Sonic the Hedgehog as you pulled a black bag from the roll, opening it up and lifting his leg inside it carefully. 

“I never knew you were a Sonic fan Y/N.”

“Up down left right A B C start, you know it baby.” You winked at him. “Now hold the bag around the top of your cast please.”

He gripped the plastic and you reached for the duct tape, taping the plastic flush to his leg and laughing at the finished look. 

“You’re probably gonna lose a few leg hairs getting that off.”

“Shit. I hadn’t thought about that.”

“Call yourself a genius Dr Reid….. ”

You stood up from your spot on the floor, leaning over and flicking the shower on. 

When you’d turned around, Spencer had pulled his tee shirt off. 


You’d seen him shirtless before when you’d hurriedly changed in front of each other when out on cases. In fact you’d seen all of the team in various states of undress, but you’d not seen him with his top off in about four months. 

He’d changed. Not massively, but his tummy had more definition and tone to it and you could make out the start of a V nearing his hips. His shoulders and arms had more muscle. You’d always thought he’d had nice arms but now they definitely looked like they could do a lot more damage. 

“Trying to impress someone Spencer?” you teased. His cheeks flushed. “OMG, I was joking but you actually are. Who? As your best friend I demand you tell me.”

“It…. It’s n-noone.”  He hardly ever stuttered around you now, he had when you’d first met eighteen months ago but he’d stopped when you’d become closer friends. 

“It’s clearly someone… Tell me!”

“I can’t.”

“Pffft. Lies. All lies. Well you’re looking very sexy Dr Reid, even with the bag wrapped round your leg.”

You actually meant this too. You’d always thought Spencer was attractive with his messy hair and deep brown eyes but you’d become such good friends that you’d pushed those thoughts to the back of your mind. You teased him all the time and faux flirted, loving watching him get flustered trying to come back with a retort. He rarely managed it, him being fairly awkward around girls. 

“Although Spencer?”


“Whoever she is, if she doesn’t like you for you then she’s not worth it. Don’t change yourself just to impress someone else. You’re perfect just as you are.”

He blushed the deepest red you’d seen on him in a long time, muttering out a thanks. 

“Now, let’s get you wet sugar!” you drawled earning a chuckle from him, his awkwardness at your compliment fading. 

He inched into your walk in shower using one hand to steady himself against the tiles, while he tried to get under the spray and not get his leg wet at the same time. Although the cast was covered, you still had to be careful.

It was funny to watch and every few moments he’d wobble, letting out a little screech and you’d reach out your arm to steady him. 

Seeing you laughing he flicked his arm through the spray, water droplets hitting you.


“Stop laughing then and help me wash my hair. I can’t do it and steady myself at the same time.”

“How exactly am I meant to wash your hair for you? You’re a good seven inches taller than me Reid.”

His brow furrowed thinking, and suddenly you had a brainwave. One that would make this all so much easier. 

“Be right back.” You ran into your kitchen spying one of your bar stools and taking it back into the bathroom with. You reckoned it would just about fit. Motioning him to move out the way you placed the chair in the shower with him. 

“Ta daaaa!! Now sit.”

Pulling off your hoody and your own jeans you stepped into the shower behind him leaving your tee shirt and underwear on. You unhooked the shower head from its holster on the wall, handing it to him hold. 

You grabbed your shampoo from the rack, squirting some onto his messy hair. “Head back Spencer.”

He did as instructed, holding the spray of the shower away from you both and as you ran your fingers through his locks, massaging the shampoo into a lather. 

“I swear you have nicer hair than me Spence. It’s really not fair." 

He laughed and you took the shower head off him, rinsing it through and repeating the same steps with the conditioner.  

His eyes were closed and you swore you heard a light moan coming from him as you massaged his scalp lightly. 


Handing him your body wash and a spare sponge you held the shower head above him, the water sluicing down his back as he washed himself. “Y/N…. Close your eyes please.”

“I’m not looking, feel free to give yourself a good ole scrub down there. Just remember; once is fine, twice is okay, but three times…. And I’m leaving the shower.”

He laughed announcing a few moments later that he was done. You shut off the water, helping him up and moving the chair out. 

“Think you can hobble back and get dressed yourself whilst I have a quick wash?”

He nodded wrapping a towel around his middle, grabbing his crutch and heading out of the room. 

You stripped, quickly shaving your legs and washing your own hair. When you’d finished you dried off, dressing in the same pajamas you’d left in there this morning. 

Spencer was laid out on your bed propped up with your pillows against your headboard. He’d managed to dress himself in a pair of loose pajama pants and a tee shirt, you noticing the wet towel and his pink boxers lying on top of your wash basket. The black bag had gone as well. 

“He hey hey, I said you weren’t having my bed.”

He grinned. “I’m not, just let’s watch TV in here for a bit. It’s more comfy.”

You relented, he was right after all. You chucked him the TV clicker, climbing on to the bed next to him. 

“Thank you by the way.”

“Huh? For?" 

"For um… Letting me stay here and helping me in the shower and stuff. I know it was a bit weird.”

“Don’t be silly. You’re my bestie and you’re hurt. I may take the piss but I genuinely don’t like you being in pain…. Except when it’s caused by me.” You reached out and pinched his arm.  “Oh and Spence, I don’t really find anything weird with you. I feel comfortable when I’m with you. Kinda…. At home?” The last part came out like a question, more because you weren’t sure how else to explain yourself. 

He glanced at you. “Me too Y/N.” He got what you meant. 

He flicked through the channels, settling on some teen movie that had not long started. 

Fifteen minutes in and you were exasperated with the storyline already. 

“For fucks sake, her best friend is clearly the better option and he’s obviously head over heels for her. I can’t stand these types of movies.”

“Why not?” Spencer shot you a sideways look. 

“Just the whole dynamic. If you have feelings for your best friend, then freaking tell them. Or show them somehow.”

“Like how? Maybe he’s shy. What if he’s scared?” Reid’s voice sounded weird. Slightly strangled somehow. 

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “There’s ways of telling someone without actually saying it. Take her hand whilst you’re out walking or something. If she pulls away, she’s not into you like that and you can just pretend it never happened. No harm done, no awkward conversation.”

He went quiet and you resumed watching the movie. 

Twenty minutes later, you felt his arm twitch on the bed. You turned to look at him, his eyes intently focused on the screen. 

Another few minutes later, the same thing. His hand actually leaving its spot on the bed this time before putting it back down again. 

A full ten minutes later you heard him inhale a deep breath before moving his hand and wrapping it around yours. 

You jumped but didn’t pull away, just staring at your hands for a moment, thoughts running through your head, replaying the conversation you’d not long had. 

Oh… OH. 

This was new.

But not horrible. Definitely not horrible. In fact….. 

You liked it. Like really liked it. 

Spencer went to pull his hand away, obviously scared by your lack of response. 

“No….. Leave it Spence." 

You turned your hand face up so you could interlace your fingers with his, enjoying the warmth and strangely fuzzy feeling it gave you inside your tummy. 

He liked you? Like that?

He liked you. 

And given the butterflies you could feel dive bombing in your stomach, you liked him back.

Well, he was hot. And he knew almost everything about you. 

And you did spend almost all your spare time with him. 

And he was funny, and caring and kind. He was your favourite person in the world. 

You liked him. Why had you never realised?


This was completely unexpected. 

You gave his hand a soft squeeze, raising your eyes to his. His beautiful eyes, looking so nervous and unsure. 

You smiled at him, slightly unsure yourself. 

He returned your grin, releasing the breath he’d been holding and squeezing back. 

Okay. You could work with this. 

You wriggled closer to him, lifting his arm up and placing it around your shoulder before resting your head against his shoulder. You heard a sigh that you could only describe as contentment coming from him. 

Yes, you could definitely work with this. 

And that’s how you fell asleep. 

Ok so full disclosure, April Fool’s is one of those holidays that I usually get salty about, because most people’s “pranks” just consist of lying about something kind of plausible and then seeing how long they can string their victim along getting them to believe it, which run from embarrassing to genuinely distressing, and I find those mean-spirited and not funny. Even when they’re not directed at me, the secondhand embarrassment and chagrin is really uncomfortable.

But FR’s April Fool’s jokes have been consistently pure and silly and harmless and fun every single year. The mysterious hats we pulled rabbits out of, the goofy sweaters, the googly eyes on all our dragons, and the beautiful HD revamp whose art is so amazing I don’t even have words to describe it properly. I love this year’s joke. It’s been a lot of fun to go through my lair and see all my aesthetic choices pared down so simply, and to see which dragons I can still easily recognize and which ones are more defined by their apparel or accents. 

And on top of that, we have the ongoing surprise presents from Marva every year, which the staff has gone out of their way to make as accommodating and no-stress as possible. We were able to switch at leisure between the different colors, when you opened a chest you got the item out of it and still kept the depleted chest too in case you’re a collector who liked the original image, and even after April Fool’s you can still collect the whole set because Pinkerton and regular chests have a chance to give them out. 

Basically I am just incredibly grateful to the FR staff for taking a holiday that I generally find kind of stressful and shitty, and making it genuinely fun. 

Dilemma - Jack Gilinsky Imagine (requested)


I was working on some stuff for work as I heard the sound of the door open and, subsequently close. I barely glanced up as Jack planted himself heavily on the bed. “Hey, babe.” I said, quickly turning around to peck Jack on the lips before going back to my work.

“I’m facing a dilemma, y/n.” Jack says, taking off his jacket and throwing it across the chair in our room. “And what might that be?” I reply, barely looking up from my laptop. “Well,” he begins running his index finger along my mostly bare thigh, “I’ve been at the studio all day you see, and so of course I’m extremely tired but as I come home my beautiful girlfriend is only wearing a crop top and shorts, which she looks quite delicious in, might I add.”

“Okay Jack, but what exactly is the dilemma you are facing?” I ask him, as I raise one of my eyebrows slightly. “You see, I have a choice y/n I can either enjoy a well deserved rest or I can just as easily explore the wonderland that is your body.” He says causing me to laugh slightly as I move his hand off of my thigh.

“How about I make the decision for you? I’m a little busy right now so you can just get that rest, ok.”

“But y/n” Jack whines as I simply continue to do my work.

“No, Jack. I’m working, you’re tired just go to sleep ok.”

I receive no reply so I assume Jack has followed my advice. Until, around for minutes later I feel a shift in the mattress and Jack begins to pepper small kisses along my neck and collarbone, causing me to sigh in both aggravation and pleasure.

“Jack, please.” I beg as my eyes begin to flutter closed.

“Please, stop or please continue?” Jack asks his voice slightly raspy, turning me on slightly, which I’m sure is no accident.

I finally give in and take my books and laptop off of the bed, making a big show of me bending over the bed, to tease Jack. I pull him into a quick but passionate kiss before breaking away and telling him, “But it’s only a quickie ok.”. To which he rolls his eyes and replies, “I don’t think so, if I’m gonna do you, I’m gonna do you right.”


This was a request and so I hope you like it. I wasn’t sure whether or not I should actually go ahead and write the smut, so sorry if it’s short. But, let me know if you want a part 2 of the smutty stuff after this. ❤️

porygons  asked:

What kind of cage/enclosure is the best to keep a hedgehog in?

I prefer terrariums (aka vivariums/vivs) from coated wood or glass. But there are several things to keep in mind when buying an enclosure:

- Heating
- Size
- Safety
- Ventilation
- Price

Heating: pygmy hedgehogs need to be kept at a pretty constant temperature (around 75F/24C) without a heat gradient (so no colder or warmer sides). An open enclosure, like a wire cage, doesn’t hold heat very well. If you have a heated room this isn’t much of an issue, but if your room temperature is quite low a less open enclosure (like a viv) will hold in heat better.

Size: obviously the enclosure should be large enough. What’s considered large enough isn’t the same everywhere - the minimum size in the US is 4 sq feet, in my personal opinion this is way too small for a hedgehog which is why I prefer the Western European minimum of 6-8 sq feet.
A larger enclosure can require more heating; to distribute the heat evenly, you might have to use two or more heat lamps especially if you have a wire cage.

Safety: the enclosure should be safe for the hedgehog. Wire cages with horizontal bars should be avoided, or something should be added to the sides (like coroplast or plexiglass) to prevent climbing. Climbing can lead to injuries like broken legs.

Ventilation: the enclosure should have enough ventilation, so when using a tub, it should have a well ventilated lid and possibly holes in the sides too.
Most vivs have several ventilation strips which allow for air flow.
For some reason there’s a very persistent myth going around about aquarium glass tanks not being suitable for hedgehogs due to them not having enough ventilation, even if the top is completely open or has a wire lid. A glass tank doesn’t have less ventilation than a plastic tub - the only difference is you can drill holes in the sides of a tub (or at least more easily), but even with just the open top/lid a large glass tank will have enough ventilation.
The downside of a glass tank is they’re heavy and can be difficult to clean because they don’t have doors on the front.

Price: most enclosures simply aren’t cheap, but there are ways to save some money, like buying something second hand or making your own enclosure.
In some countries plastic tubs are a popular choice because they are very cheap and easy to come by (sometimes easier than vivs) but in my opinion they are not big enough unless you connect two of them with a pvc pipe or get a large Christmas tree tub.

On multiple level cages: they need to be safe (so the hedgehog can’t fall off) and one needs to keep in mind that many hedgehogs don’t really like using multiple levels. I feel like there should always be enough floorspace and a second level should add to that floorspace, not make up for the lack of it.
Multiple levels can also be more difficult to heat so most of the time it’s not really worth it.

So there are quite some options - terrariums/vivariums, rabbit cages, plastic tubs (if large enough/connected), C&C cages, DIY cages (made from furniture for example), etc.

Reasons why I like terrariums/vivs so much are:

- Come in all kinds of sizes
- Hold heat well
- Ventilation strips on several sides (sometimes customizable when ordering)
- Safe (hedgehog can’t climb them)
- Easy to clean
- Access from the front which is less threatening to a prey animal
- You can throw in your feeder insects without worrying about them escaping (happy hunting time for hogs!)
- Very durable
- Aesthetically pleasing

They really are worth the extra bucks, imo. My vivs cost me an arm and a leg but I would buy them again in a heartbeat. In some places it’s quite easy to get them second hand, in others they’re hard to get, but they are worth it.

anonymous asked:

could you do the batfam acting like a normal family like things they would do and say to each other pretty please 🙏

*there’s a scream from the kitchen and then all this running into the living room where most of the batfam is*

Tim: I am going to ask this once, and I am going to ask this nicely. Who took my tostinos?

Dick: *has a plate of half eaten tostinos and one on the way to his mouth* I don’t know who took them Timmy.

Tim: You are DEAD to me! *Tim starts towards Dick*


*Tim starts chasing Dick, Dick trying desperately to cling onto the tostinos and not have them fall*

*Duke in the ktichen baking cookies*

Steph: mmmmm something smells good *goes to lick the batter*

Duke: *swatting her hand away* No! Bad Steph!

Steph: *shooting Duke a puppy dog look* Pretty please?

Duke: *taking a lick of the batter for himself* Nope!

Steph: *fake offended* I feel so betrayed how will I ever be able to trust again?

Cass: *shouting* STEPH ARE YOU OKAY?


Cass: WHAT? *Cass walks into the room* What did you do to her?

Duke: Nothing, nothing, I just wouldn’t let her have any of cookie batter

Cass: Oh that’s fine *takes a taste of the cookie batter* it’s really good Duke

Duke: Thank you!

Steph: *offended that she isn’t allowed to taste it* heathens, all of you

*Damian, Tim, and Dick sitting in the living room*

Damian: Dick, can you tell Tim that his choice of show sucks

Tim: Dick, can you tell Damian that if he doesn’t like my choice, he can leave the room

Damian: Yeah, well can you please tell him that he doesn’t on the house and isn’t the only one who lives here?

Tim: Can you tell Damian that not everything is about him?

Damian: Just let Tim know I could easily knock him out


*Damian is clawing his way on top of Dick while Tim is try to get past Dick’s hand that is pushing him back*


*both of them calm down*

Dick: See? Was that hard?

Damian: *muttering* You just don’t want me to hurt Tim



Title: Caught

Code: LB0005

Requested by: anon

Words: 1,268

Note: Okay, I’m trying my hand at smut…kind of. I don’t know where it’s going to go, but I’m trying, ok? Slight smut ahead, but there’s a kind of story line…?

It was stupid, really. You had only come over to go over the most recent components of the case, but you spilled the wine all over your white blouse. After Chinese takeout and way too many theories, the Marine offered you a glass of wine, and you accepted. Of course, it was red and you were wearing a white shirt.

“Shit!” You cursed, immediately grabbing a napkin off of the coffee table and trying to dry the quickly-spreading wine stain.

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Well anon, you’ve got me going. 

James Neal is definitely at the top of the list when he doesn’t look like a total grease ball. I mean, sometimes he looks like this:

but then he also does this on occasion: 

My personal choice for hottest Pred is Roman Josi. At first I didn’t get all the hype, but then I met him in person and he was easily the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I mean, just look at him. 

Just casually being a model on foreign rooftops. 

And he looks like this in a scarf and beanie in the snow carrying a Chipotle bag. What’s not to love?!

Bonus content: Roman and his fellow model friends (aka fellow Preds).

Point proven.

A close second for me though is Seth Jones. He’s young, he’s good looking, he’s a total sweetheart. Total package. 

With a puppy (!!!!)

And he looks like this in a white shirt.

But if none of those guys do it for you, there’s a man for everyone on the Preds. If you like the hot-dad type, there’s Pekka Rinne. 

He looks HOT in a suit, too. 

There’s Shea Weber, the strong-silent/lumberjack type. Even though most of the time he looks like he could (and would) kill you at any moment:

He’s just a big teddy bear, as proven here with his dog, Dug (a big dog for a big man).

He might be a man of few words, but he’s still a total stud.

Colin Wilson has the best flow. 

Even though he has cut the majestic flow now, he still looks like this:

Rest in peace, Willy’s flow. 

Next, we have Craig Smith. He has a fantastic smile. Look at those pearly whites. 

Even when his hair is terrible, the smile never falters. 

He’s also just a total goob.

If you like younger men, there’s Calle Jarnkrok and Filip Forsberg. They make up 2/3 of the Predators’ Swedish Mafia. 

They’re best friends with a total bromance. 

They also look great on their own, too. I personally prefer Calle with short hair.

Filip is our precious golden child. If you touch him, the entirety of the Preds fan base will come after you.

Here’s to Prince Filip getting out of this scoring slump and doing this again:

And lastly, we have who I believe is the hottest newbie: Colton Sissons.

He’s still pretty new (and lacking in pictures) but he’s the captain of the Predators’ farm team, the Milwaukee Admirals, and he’s showing a lot of promise at the NHL level.

He’s also a precious soul who reads to little children. Nothing is hotter than a hockey player interacting with children. 

And this has been an introduction to the hottest team in the NHL: the Nashville Predators. 

Crystals for Dreaming

I’ve recently got into lucid dreaming and dream work in general. I find it a very powerful form of divination and a great way to explore myself. I dont have access to many herbs so my main form of witchcraft is crystals and so I thought I should make a detailed post on what crystals are good for dreamwork for my own reference and for others. 

Quick Reference

Nightmares - Amethyst, agate, malachite, lepidolite, celestite, tigers eye  

Your higher wisdom - Amethyst, ametrine, howlite, danburite, tigers eye, scolecite

Guidance - Azurite, howlite, danburite, lepidolite, celestite, tigers eye, scolecite

Insomnia - Amethyst, howlite, lepidolite, scolecite 

Vivid dreaming - Malachite, clear quartz

Dream recall - Amethyst, clear quartz, lepidolite, moldavite, scolecite

Lucid dreaming - Danburite, moldavite, scolecite 

Past lives - Howlite


Amethyst is a well known dreaming crystal. It opens up your crown chakra which brings inner wisdom into your dreams. It is also known to alleviate nightmares and help with insomnia as well as helping with remembering your dreams. Amethyst is readily available and I highly recommend for people starting with dream work and lucid dreaming.


Agate is not normally associated with dreaming but in my opinion its excellent for dispelling nightmares. In Babylonian times banded agate was put at the head of the sleeper to bring interesting dreams. 


Ametrine is another crystal for inner wisdom and messages. It is amethyst with citrine inclusions which is also associated with the crown chakra. It is really powerful when trying to access your higher wisdom.


Azurite opens up your third eye chakra and attunes to spiritual guidance and intuition. It is one of the top choices for dream work and unlocks the psychic potential of your dreams.

Bonus - Azurite in malachite protects against nightmares and makes your dreams more vivid as well as the normal azurite use.

Clear Quartz 

Clear quartz is an all round crystal. It opens all 7 main chakras and is easily programmable to be used as a stone for dreams. Apart from that it is good for amplifying the vividity of your dreams and also assists with dream recall.


Celestite/celestine helps connect you to the angelic realm while also opening your third eye chakra and promoting psychic abilities. In my opinion it is good for nightmares as it has a soft loving energy and is cleansing.


Danburite is a very spiritual stone. It connects you with the angelic realm while also bringing wisdom. It stimulates the crown, the heart and the third eye chakras. It is known to promote the lucid dreaming as well.


Howlite is my personal favourite stone for insomnia and dreamwork. It was one of the first stones I was introduced to! Howlite calms an overactive mind and connects you with your past lives as well as your own higher wisdom. 


Lepidolite is a good stone for anxiety and helps combat anxiety dreams. It opens the throat, third eye, crown, and heart chakra bring wisdom and guidance into your dreams. It is excellent for insomnia as well as dream recall. 


Activates all of the 7 main chakras. It is good for honing in any area of transformation and growth in your life. It amplifies other crystals so is good for use in conjunction with any of the other crystals listed. It propels your lucid dreaming and dream recall abilities. 


Scolecite helps promote inner peace and relaxation which makes it perfect for insomnia. It helps you recieve subtle messages from your higher wisdom as well as guidance from the higher realms. It’s known to enhance the ability to lucid dream as well as dream recall.

Tiger’s Eye

Tigers eye is good for insight and guidance. It helps keep any  nightmares away and is good if you are focusing on a particular question in your dream.

How to Use Crystals

There are a few options you can choose! You can simply put them under your pillow, meditate with them before sleep, and ask either the crystal, your deity, or your spirit guide/angels for clarity on a particular question you may have. You can also use any of these crystals in conjunction with herbs for dreaming.

A lot of thee crystals have also been known to help with astral travel/projection! :D

For more information on lucid dreaming (x)

dog days are over (AKA Alex and Maggie adopt a dog)

The dog comes about a week and a half after they first move in together–Maggie’s lease runs out six weeks after Alex’s kidnapping, and they have the discussion, and what once was just Alex’s apartment becomes Alex and Maggie’s apartment. A temporary fix, given that Alex’s lease is up at the end of the summer and Maggie still isn’t fond of the open floor plan, but a big step nonetheless.

They’re out walking through the city, hands intertwined, Alex’s shoulder bumping companionably into Maggie’s when they pass the adoption drive.

Alex slides one look, eyes twinkling and mouth pulled up at the corner like she’s trying to hold back a full blown grin. Maggie sighs and caves.

“Let’s go, Danvers.”

By mutual agreement, they skip the puppies, leaving the wriggling piles of fur to the children. Alex wends her way through the crowds efficiently, clearing a path with Maggie trailing along. She drags them to a stop in front of a smaller pen near the back, occupied by older, calmer dogs.

Maggie, hands tucked into the back pockets of her jeans, rocks back on her heels. “You know there’s no way in hell we’re naming them Gertrude.”

“Aw, babe, you don’t like the name Gertrude?” Alex smirks, crouched closer to the pen, one hand cautiously extended for the dogs to approach in their own time. “I think it’s classy.”

“In eighteenth century England, maybe.” Maggie rolls her eyes, dropping to her knees to coax one of the more timid dogs forward. “Please.”

“I’ll bet when we pick one, I can come up with a better name first,” Alex challenges, attention split between the lab mix snuffling her hand and the pit bull mix tentatively licking Maggie’s.

“Psh, as if.” She grins, shifting her hand gently to scratch behind the pit’s blocky ears. “There, you like that, don’t you?”

“I’ll have you know I named all five of the goldfish we kept when Kara and I were kids.”

“I know, Kara told me. Goldie One through Five doesn’t seem like the height of pet nomenclature, Danvers.” Maggie practically melts as Alex migrates over to meet the dog in front of her, all warm smiles and gentle words and hands. “Why were you gonna pick such a gender specific name? Who says we’d be getting a girl dog?”

“Are you mocking my naming choices? Really, Mags? After Mr. Flufflesnout?”

“He was Tia’s!”

“You told me she let you name him.” Alex smirks again, head tilted in memory. “She told me she let you name him.”

Maggie sniffs haughtily, folding her arms across her chest as she shuffles around to get a better look at some of the dogs the next pen over. “He was a very good dog.”

“Even more so for suffering that name,” Alex agrees easily, the top half of her body bent into the pen and both arms secure around the dog. “Oh who’s a good dog, you are, aren’t you?”

“Babe you’re hardly even looking at the other dogs,” Maggie protests, forehead nuzzled against a Belgian sitting in the next pen. “Look at this one!”

“But I found the one I like.” Alex asserts, giggling as the pit licks at her face fondly. “Just look at this face and tell me you can say ‘no’,” She props her chin above the dog’s head, pulling an impressive pout.

She has to give it to her, Maggie almost caves.

“Who said you get to pick the dog?” Maggie rolls her eyes and then her gaze sharpens, a dangerous grin curling her lips. “There’s only one way to solve this, Danvers.”

“Game of pool? Pfft, we both know I’d win,” Alex smirks, still resolutely cuddled around her new canine friend.

“Nope. We’re gonna need to find a bigger place, Danvers.” Maggie snags the information sheet from both pens, offering a hand to Alex. “Dogs like these need a home with some space, and room to exercise.”

Alex stumbles over her feet for a brief instant, tripping after Maggie. “Wait, both? You wanna get both?”

“Well yeah, I refuse to be the owner of a dog named Gertrude, and the poor thing’s gonna need a buddy to stick up for it at the dog park when all the other dogs find out how lame its name is,” Maggie says calmly, flashing a cheerful smile to the adoption drive’s attendant as she hands both sheets over. “Even Bear knows there’s no way I can convince you that he’s clearly the superior dog.” She shrugs, handing over her driver’s license and reaching back to swipe Alex’s wallet from her coat pocket for the second round of information. “So we’re getting two dogs.”

“Bear. Really. That’s the best you can think of,” Alex deadpans, accepting pen and clipboard from the volunteer. When Maggie attempts to get a look at the name she’s filling in, Alex quickly blocks her view with her body. “Because that’s a better name than Gertrude.”

“If it’s good enough for lesbian goddess Sarah Shahi, it’s good enough for me,” Maggie huffs, craning up on her tiptoes to try and look over Alex’s shoulder.

Alex hunches forward, thwarting Maggie’s attempts again. “Nerd.”


“You love it, though.”

“Yeah, I do.” Maggie softens, a gentle smile pulling the Dimples™ out in force. “Why are you so determined to hide Gertrude’s name from me?”

“Because I’m not naming him Gertrude,” Alex sniffs, poking Maggie in the stomach with the clipboard before she hands it back to the volunteer with a smile. “It’s obviously not a boy dog name, duh.”

“You didn’t let me–Ugh, fine, what name is this poor dog being saddled with now?”

Alex grins slyly as the volunteer brings both dogs forward with new leashes. “Mags, I’d like you to meet Bill Nye.” She scratches behind his ears gently, letting the dog settle leaned against her knee. Bill pants cheerfully, tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.

“Oh my god you humongous nerd.”

The sly grin on Alex’s face changes to a full blown smirk. “What? I need a new lab partner.”

“You’re the worst.” Maggie groans, shaking her head as she glances down at Bear. “Your poor brother, buddy.”

Alex snorts. “As if Bear is any better off.” She tilts her head, chewing the side of her lip in thought. “…You do realize Kara is gonna visit all the time now, right?”

“Aw, hell.”

(And that is how Alex and Maggie end up with two dogs and a new house before summer’s end.)

10 Wardrobe Essentials for Larme Kei

There’s been a surge of interest in larme kei of late, and as others have noted, this has also resulted in major misconceptions about what larme kei is. Since this has been covered at length on other tumblrs, I’m going to focus instead on answering the big question that inevitably pops up after, namely, what should a larme kei wardrobe have?

In this post, I’m going to recommend 10 wardrobe essentials for the larme look. There are a few things readers should note:

A: I will be omitting some items that others may deem essential because this list focuses on versatility. For instance, I have completely omitted one-pieces from this list because they tend to fit into niche larme looks, which not everyone may be aiming or suited for.

B: Almost everything on this list is in my own wardrobe. I selected them based on the following criteria: Can you find them outside of Japan in regular shops like H&M? Can they be combined with other items for a wide variety of looks? Are they wearable all year round?

C: Most things on the list are in black or white because these two colours offer the most utility. That said, do feel free to get them in other colours to suit your own style.

(Brands: Bubbles; Axes Femme)


Lace blouses are perfect for creating a more mature vibe to your outfit and easily paired with bustiers or camisoles. There’s a huge range to choose from, especially in terms of sleeve lengths and collar styles. If you’re worried about seeming too risque or just catching a cold, you can always pair the lace blouse with a cardigan.

Extra larme points for: puffed sleeves

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Wishful Thinking 1.5

Title: Wishful Thinking 1.5
Fandom: Samurai Love Ballad: Party/Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran: Love Ballad
Pairing: Tokugawa Ieyasu x MC
Rating: PG-13 MA
Word Count (MS Word): 5,870

麻姑掻痒 (まこそうよう) [makosouyou]
(n) things happening exactly as one pleases [wishes]; someone being very attentive to one’s wishes

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One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Chapter 7

Paul opens the door and Caroline didn’t need her heightened hearing to notice his heart beating faster or the audible gasp he tries to hide the second he lays eyes on her. She decides to stand there at first just enjoying the affect she was having on him before interrupting his daze “you know it’s a good thing I’ve already been invited in” she says with a little tile of her head as she maneuvers around him through the door.

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Prompt: Hello ladies!! I’ve just been reading your moments of weakness stories and I am so touched! As someone who is overweight herself I can’t tell you how my confidence has been lifted reading them. I was wondering if you could do a Seb/overweight reader imagine where they meet at a photo op at a comic con and she’s really shy and awkward and insecure and he thinks she’s absolutely beautiful?? Thanks!Xx

Warnings: lots of anxiety (may be triggering…may being the key word here)

Author’s Note: Shmeh, this one may seem a little personal because I’m writing from personal experience in some parts.

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My new baby!!!!! Rescued Jubilee today and just about cry every time I look at her. She’s a light in my life. Her current loves are napping and trying to make animal friends (one day, girl). Other top name choices for her included Olivier, (The Final) Pam, Marigold and Orisa. All of them are really good but I’m glad we settled upon the easily nickname-able Jubilee.


“You remember those two guys that brought us drinks and we snuck out the back of the club before they could get our numbers?”

I had been sitting in my living room surrounded by my closest friends as we sat around in our pajamas reminiscing on our most memorable moments together and sharing laughs. Every month we made the time to get together for a sleepover and tonight was my turn to host.

I had made sure the stock of snacks and drinks were plentiful and it seemed I did well as an array of chips and sodas all sat around us.

“Ugh, memories,” Alexa sighed as she threw her head back, her mouth half full with a partially dissolved large marshmallow. “Ever since this one over here got in a relationship, we’ve had to stop our little weekend rendezvous,” she stated as she pointed over to me.

Every weekend it seemed we all found our way to the liveliest crowd for a night out. It was always madness as we got to the tops of bars and managed to squeeze every free drink out of the men surrounding us. That changed though once I became serious with Leon. Now, the most I did with my friends was go out to calmer venues like dinners and shopping. Sometimes we’d go out to a party but for the most part, it was nothing like the old days.

“I can’t help it!” I exclaimed, grabbing for my soda beside me. “That’s not my scene anymore.” And it wasn’t. If I was given the choice, I would have easily chosen to spend the night in with my boyfriend rather than going out to some crowded bar.

With the sound of the door being opened, I looked over my shoulder to see Leon walking into the room, a confused look on his face as he dropped his training bag down by his side where he stood. “Uh…hey babe?” His tone resembled more of a questioning than a statement.

“Speaking of the devil…” Alexa jeered as she looked over at him. “Hi to you too, Alexa,” he purposely grinned. He walked over closer to me and bent down to kiss my lips, causing a groan to erupt in the room amongst all of my friends, turning their heads in disgust which only made Leo laugh.

“Your friends are always so jealous,” he joked. “What is this anyway? I thought I was coming home to peace and quiet.”

I lightly slapped my forehead, realizing I had forgotten to warn him of this. “I’m sorry. It’s ladies night at our place tonight. It’s our monthly sleepover and I’m the host. Oh, and I left your dinner out for you.”

His eyebrow raised. “So you’re going to make me eat dinner alone?” It was unusual for us to not eat dinner together. There were even nights I ignored the rumbles of my upset stomach craving satisfaction when Leon was late coming home for dinner.

“You can eat out here with us,” I volunteered but he immediately shook his head. “No thanks. I’d rather not hear about Joy’s issues with that on and off situation she calls a relationship and Alexa’s one night stands that won’t call her back.”

Alexa’s eyes immediately narrowed as the rest of us laughed. I was used to the two of them teasing each other. They were best friends, best friends who often embarrassed each other to no end. Alexa was the reason I was even introduced to Leon. As the two of us grew close, she decided to play matchmaker and “accidentally” leave us in her car while she ran into a store for 30 minutes.

It worked out the way she wanted as we spent that entire time laughing over our love of old cartoon shows. We had been inseparable since.

“You are a sick individual, Goretzka,” Alexa commented to which he simply took a dramatic bow and mouthed a ‘thank you’ before he turned his focus back to me.

“So where are you sleeping?”

“Out here. We bought an air mattress.”

“And it’s huuuuge,” my other friend Athena chimed in. “It’s going to take up this whole floor space.”

“You’re not sleeping with me?” A look of disappointment was apparent as I looked up at him which only made me frown back in response. “No. I’m the host. I can’t leave them down here.”

“See, this is why we should have just put it back at my place. Men. Always ruining ladies night,” Alexa scoffed. He immediately had a sharp response. “The only reason there’s no men at your place to interrupt is because they all leave before the morning.” And to that comment, Alexa sent a pillow sharply at his head.

He luckily ducked in time to avoid its impact but that didn’t stop everyone else from laughing.

“But really? I don’t get you for dinner or for sleep?”

I shook my head no as a smirk broke my face. I thought it was cute he was adamant about me being present but just for tonight, he’d have to do without me.

“Fine. Enjoy your stupid party,” he joked, putting on a dramatic pout as he began to walk away, leaving us to the rest of our girl talk.

I lay entangled in the blankets peacefully until I felt an arm nudging me in my side. At first, I figured it to be one of the girls sleeping wildly next to me but when the touching continued and I opened my eyes, I saw Le leaning over me.

“Get up,” he whispered.

“For what?” I questioned back, my tone groggy as I tried to wake myself up enough to not fall right back to my pillow.

“I need you in bed.”

My face immediately screwed in confusion, wondering what exactly he needed me for. “Why?”

“I can’t sleep without you.” A sincerely pitiful look plumped his lips and I looked to the other girls sleeping around me on the air mattress, still knocked out. If I planned on making an escape, it had to be now.

“Fine,” I whispered. I crawled off of the bed without making much noise or movement, at least as much as I could avoid. Once off, he took my hand and guided me back towards our bedroom. He took no time once we were in the room to pull me onto the mattress, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist as he snuggled me against him.

“I can’t believe you woke me up for this,” I giggled.

“I need you by my side at all times.” He lowered his lips to my neck and placed a kiss there before pulling the blanket over us. “Goodnight.”



Autumn Dupont

It’ll get better.

This is a new beginning for you.

Though it may hurt now, ultimately, you will realize that it’s for the better.

Now is the time for your personal growth.

Some people believe that holding on and working on it is what makes you strong; sometimes it’s letting go that is the strongest act that one can do.

I’ve heard it all.

I have pages and pages of a marble notebook filled with the many different quotes and words of advice that I’ve been given in reference to divorce from Dr. Jill, my parents, Issac, and friends. Though I didn’t do it out right, I eventually laughed at every single one of them for loosely offering advice for a circumstance that none of them have gone through. Human beings tend to believe they’re expects on every situation when it has nothing to do with their life and livelihood. There’s an arrogance within that. It often comes into play when life is good on their end. For that reason, they can happily assess your incompetence or shambles of a life, to figure out where not to go wrong in their own, and finally to offer you a charade of advice. It’s always from their perspective; what they would and wouldn’t do if they were in your shoes. It’s rare to have someone step outside of themselves and actually view what’s happening to you from your eyes; to feel the pain and severity of the situation and finally, to understand the hardship. I’ve flipped through those pages endlessly, reading every single piece of advice I decided that a mental note was enough for, and none of it soothes me or has prepared me for what I am facing today. It hasn’t aided in the much needed closure I don’t believe I’m ever going to get. Instead, I’ve been left internally conflicted and confused because I’m not sure if what I’m feeling is the correct way to go about this. I’d love to have the divorce party, where my friends and I cheerfully toss back endless amounts of alcohol, dance to our favorite tunes, and verbally trash every single trait about my husband. If not that, I’d love to sign those papers and walk out of there in my high heels feeling liberated and confident in the decision that I personally made for the betterment of myself. I’ve imagined it all by letting it play out like some heavily directed alternate universe scene out of a dramatic sitcom but my reality is anything but that.

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