this is dynamite

January 16, 1917 - British Cryptographers Intercept Zimmerman Telegram

Pictured - Spoils of war promised to Mexico if it declared war on the United States.

The bulk of cables linking both sides of the Atlantic by telegram belonged to Britain, and British military intelligence flagrantly made use of this privilege by reading all the messages sent across by Germany and the United States. However, none was more important than one Britain’s cryptographers intercepted on January 16. Sent via Sweden on to Washington D.C. on American-owned cables, it was a message from German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmerman to his ambassador in Mexico City.

Britain’s crack decoding team, Room 40, quickly decrypted the message. They found in it a proposal by Zimmerman to invite Mexico into the war against the United States, should American join the Allies. Zimmerman offered in return the Mexican territory annexed by the US following the Mexican-American war. In British hands, this message was diplomatic dynamite. For now, British Intelligence held on to it, debating over how best to use it (and how to do so without revealing that Britain regularly spied on American correspondence).

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It's been kind of interesting going over the reaction to Yang putting on the arm as there was very little commentary upon the obvious implication of guilt driving the action. Or the future problems of the comparison to a bandit chief. I'm all for interesting but it's something to watch the dynamite being loaded to the sound of cheering.

yeah, it’s people not really paying attention, as in-universe. like people see her putting on the arm as Yang ‘stopping moping and taking Tai’s advice’, with the guilt as motivation - but Yang always puts others first, so her going back into that old tendency and pushing herself forward for the sake of other people’s happiness and not her own is not a good thing. she’s not ready, she’s not doing this because she’s ready to move on, even if it appears to have somewhat helped (and you can’t fully trust what’s going on on the surface with Yang), she’s doing it because she believes Tai doesn’t want to stay and that she’s just a burden to him

it can’t help that the arm is also always associated with fighting; not allowing her to live easier, but as something to get her back into the fight. she never once expresses her own desire to do so during that entire time - what Yang wants is never discussed, no one even asks