this is dumb ignore me

Uhhhh….kinda wanted to post a small dumb thing about PnF (was busy all day and just finally got on tumblr). Clichéd sappiness ahead

Over the years I’ve changed interests about 27 different times. I’ve changed my cover photo, my icon, everything but my name on here. Every time I consider it or think about it, I freeze. Because I might not be the most popular writer, but this is what I’m known for. I started here, started with PnF back when it first aired. It was the first fandom I truly participated in, the first thing I wrote fanfiction for, and it got me through some really shitty times. It still calms me down even now, and I’d probably be in a much worse place if not for this cartoon.

I may have toned down my obsession dramatically over the years, but I will always come back to this show when I’m stuck. The jokes never get old, the music is always just as good the 50th time around, and the characters are golden. I don’t think any show will ever have as much of an impact on my life as this one did. Some might come close (*side eyes current obsessions*) but they’ll never be exactly what this one was to me.

Sappy over, back to memes.

thoughts on 5SOS3 and summer tour!!

okay so here is a really long text post about my opinions on the summer tour thus far and how i think the new album is going to be that literally no one asked for. i just wanted to get it out because i have a lot of thoughts and i wanted to get them out into a place where people actually cared

so, first of all, let me get out of the way that i absolutely loved seeing the boys back on stage. it honestly just feels like they’re home

okay okay okay so idk if this is just me but i got some really serious rock and roll vibes from the concert they just played in south korea. here’s why:

  • their outfits. they were all color coordinating in monochrome, very rockstar! more specifically, luke was in tight black jeans and like a flowy blouse which is just classic rocker. calum was casual but still fashionable. michael was of course in all black, but a more toned down version. he’s like the semi-punk outcast every rock group has
  • their instruments. the stuff they were playing is a lot different from what they usually use!! luke had a gold classic looking guitar, so like a glam rock take. michael had a matte black guitar but he still kept his signature x’s like the punk he is at heart. and calum had a really beautiful classic bass. they just looked more polished and professional like a real rock band, rather than one that plays on mint green guitars
  • the songs they had on the setlist. yeah they had a lot of the hits and fan favorites because they’re here to please. but they also focused on songs like “girls talk boys,” “permanent vacation,” “castaway,” “jet black heart,” etc. these songs are traditionally more rock
  • their attitudes. instead of being PG-13 (like a large fraction of their fan base) they acted more mature and “wild” (which isn’t too new/different) but luke was playing to the crowd and presenting himself as sexual, calum’s “make some fucking noise,” etc

with this being said, i think 5SOS3 is going to take a more rock approach. i initially thought they would try to merge and be more punk but i’ve started thinking that it might be more rock and this concert just kind of confirmed it for me. the way they’ve been acting and everything

anyways, i’m sure i’ll be thrilled with anything they put out, even if it’s just 1.5 hrs of them farting and then giggling

please please please message me with your thoughts. i literally want to talk about this for hours so just hit me up even if you think your thoughts are dumb