this is dumb and old


Danny: I’m sorry. I’m… shit, I should have seen through it but I was so excited, you know? I was so excited to see the charity take off, to see everything I imagined happen that I just blocked out the obvious. 

Silvia: Did you ever want her?

Danny: I did, when I was a dumb sixteen year old. Not now. Silv, you’re the only one I see now. 

Silvia: I should have told you but I didn’t want to ruin things. I was afraid. I was scared that you would resent me, that you wouldn’t believe me. I’m sorry.

Danny: I would never. Love I think- you know what, I’ll just show you. 

concept: space pirates who sound exactly like regular pirates, except replace all references to “the sea” with “the void”

“aye, the void is a harsh mistress,” the captain said, gazing out the window of her ship into the vast starry expanse. “she’ll take more than she gives, in the end. but those who are called to life in the void don’t know any other way.”

Y'all, Hazel and Nico are not actually 70+ years old….

A smol plant