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Please continue with the Samurai Jack crossover you just did! It needs to be a blog itself!

ok but in all seriousness a pmmm au would work ok

guess i’ll need to call upon my 7th grade self here soon aUGH MY MIDDLE SCHOOL “”WEEB””’ IS SHOWING

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4, 7, and 14 for Thor fandom

Did 4 here!

7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now? 

The canon.

I mean, it’s the truest answer I’ve got right now.

14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

-Jane is actually way more interesting than everyone else tbqh and the movies should have spent way more time on her and her general quest for space and shit.

-Loki was not abused by his family (although that’s not an opinion it’s pretty much canon lbh), and does not want to fuck his brother (ditto).

-Thor is not actually dumb. Dude is a thousand-and-something years old and received the best education a hyper-advanced alien race could provide, and can do things like work out how to pilot a spaceship, like, ten seconds after he gets in it while in the middle of a very emotionally difficult period. I can barely figure out bus timetables when I’m having a mildly stressful day at work.

-They should have introduced Valkyrie without shunting out Jane, Darcy, Sif and Frigga.

I mean. I have a lot of unpopular opinions about the rest of the MCU but i’m gonna stop there since you did say Thor specifically.

concept: space pirates who sound exactly like regular pirates, except replace all references to “the sea” with “the void”

“aye, the void is a harsh mistress,” the captain said, gazing out the window of her ship into the vast starry expanse. “she’ll take more than she gives, in the end. but those who are called to life in the void don’t know any other way.”

Okay but seriously

It’s been wonderful seeing all the Dad!Gabriel and Dad!Jack ideas going around for when Jesse first joins Blackwatch, but y’all are missing the PRIMEST OF PRIME opportunities here:

Jesse with not one BUT TWO Commander Dads with bad puns, dad jokes, and a whole slew of embarrassing ideas.


Gabriel basically rescues and adopts Jesse from Deadlock

Jack: …well. This is it, Jack.
Jack: you’re a dad now.
Jack: time to be a loving and supporting partner to your husband in this endeavor, and a responsible and warmhearted role model to this poor kid who has had so much go wrong in his young life.
Jack: …
Jack: guess I gotta learn how to golf now.  
Jack: …
Jack: and also buy all my clothes from Costco.                      

Five minutes later

Gabriel: …what the actual fuck are you wearing
*Jack in Hawaiian button up, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jack: …
Jack: we’re dads now, Gabe.
Gabriel: …
Gabriel: shit you’re right

Five minutes later

Jesse comes outside into the break area of the Watchpoint.

Jesse: hey, y'all seen my hat anywhere? I think Fareeha hid it - CHICKEN ON A DONKEY WHAT THE FUCK
*Jack and Gabe practicing really bad golf swings in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and socks and sandals*
Jack: hello, kiddo
Gabe: sup, chico
Jesse: …
Jesse: Hey uh
Jesse: can I choose to go to jail instead      

Twenty minutes later

Ana: I should have expected this from you, Jack
Ana: but you too, Gabriel?? I expected better from you
Torbjörn: …you expected better from Gabriel “I wear my beanie in New Mexico” Reyes?
Gabriel: I detect some sarcasm there
Jack: Ana…Ana, don’t you see?
Ana: ??
Jack: we have a TEENAGER living in the base with us
Ana: …
Torbjörn: …
Reinhardt: …team, we know what we must do

Five minutes later

Jesse: still can’t find my hat - CHEESE WHIZ ON A CRACKER WHAT
*Entire Strike team in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jesse: …
Jack: …we’re all dads now

Twenty years later

In the theater on the Hollywood map

Jesse: …
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
Shiver Reaper: hey, chico
Golden 76: how ya doin’, kid?
Jesse: …
Hanzo: …do you know these people, Jesse?
Jesse: …nah
Lúcio: introduce us to your friends!
Jesse: …extra hell nah
Golden 76: hey Jesse
Golden 76: watch this!
*Golden 76 starts doing push ups*
Hanzo: …
Lúcio: …
Sombra: …
Jesse: how.  why.
Shiver Reaper: …like you’re one to talk
Shiver Reaper: you look ridiculous
Jesse: …
*flashbacks to late adolescent and young adult years of his foster fathers in bad polo shirts and ugly plaid pants and Daredevil 76 and Pumpkin Reaper*
*Jesse McCree has left the game.*
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
*Reaper and Soldier: 76 high-five*
Golden 76: We still got it.

(I cannot believe I have to add this but do not tag this as mc*/reyes//76 or any variation thereof)

Y'all, Hazel and Nico are not actually 70+ years old….

A smol plant

Kuro Introducing Everyone
  • Kuro: This is my brother, Lawless and his boyfrie- I mean eve, Licht.
  • Lawless: Hey.
  • Licht: That's right, you better correct yourself.
  • Kuro: This is my other brother Hugh, his eve Hot Spring's Guy and my other other brother Lily and his eve Bastard-chan
  • Lily and Hugh: Hello.
  • Tetsu and Misono: We have names!
  • Kuro: And this is my housewife, Mahiru.
  • Mahiru: Hi- WAIT WHAT?!