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 So in the Palace District, the musicians for the Songs of Serkanos have two different songs that you can loot off them. And Born in the Month of Darkness is about the Outsider getting turned into the Outsider! It’s a really good piece of lore, even if you can’t hear it clearly in game yet.

Lyrics in text under the cut!

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I added in District 13 so that they can each be from a different District. Instead of two people being picked per District, I changed it to one.

District: 2 – Masonry
Weapon/Ability: Strength
Death: 10th to die
Cause of Death: Betrayed by Jeonghan
- Oldest Tribute.
- Was the strongest opponent, so everyone knew to stay away from him.
- Didn’t know which plants were edible, and so survived on meats instead. When he couldn’t find anything to eat, he was spoiled by Sponsors.
- Formed an alliance with Jeonghan to kill Woozi.
- Betrayed by Jeonghan who set up a trap and stabbed him.

District: 1 – Luxury
Weapon/Ability: Spear (Woozi’s), Trickery
Death: 12th to die
Cause of Death: Lost the final battle against Woozi
- Formed an alliance with Dino.
- Wanted him to win the Games. He was planning for the two of them to make it to the final round, and then let Dino win by killing himself.
- When Dino was killed by Woozi, Jeonghan sought revenge on him. He promised himself to win for Dino.
- He took Woozi’s spear, vowing to kill him with his very own weapon.
- Killed or betrayed anyone in his way to avenge Dino.
- Unfortunately lost the final battle.
- His death is considered one of the saddest in Hunger Games history due to not being able to keep his promise to Dino.

District: 9 – Grain
Weapon/Ability: Survival and Treatment Skills
Death: 1st to die
Cause of Death: Cornucopia Bloodbath
- Everyone knew he was done for when his name got picked.
- Too kind to kill anyone, so he was planning on just letting them all battle while he hid.
- Tried to grab a backpack at the Cornucopia, but was stabbed by Woozi.
- Probably would’ve gotten far in the Games if he survived the Bloodbath due to his skills.

District: 4 – Fishing
Weapon/Ability: Spear, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Identifying Edible Plants
Death: 9th to die
Cause of Death: Killed by Jeonghan
- Always had food because he was experienced in fishing thanks to his job at the District.
- Was able to make a full meal with anything he found in the forest.
- Everyone thought he was going to win because of his skills.
- Noticed The8 following him around, and pretended he didn’t know. Silently slipped out of view and attacked him from behind.
- Won in the battle against The8, who was already badly injured after the first blow.
- Killed by Jeonghan when he accidentally tripped and destroyed Dino’s grave. Jeonghan showed no mercy.

District: 6 – Transportation
Weapon/Ability: Knives, Climbing
Death: 5th to die
Cause of Death: Tracker Jackers
- Hid in the trees.
- Waved and made funny faces at the cameras, earning him gifts from Sponsors.
- Once ate a poisonous plant that slowly made his insides burn, but was sent antidote. Clearly a Capitol favorite.
- Died because he jumped onto a branch that had a Tracker Jackers nest he didn’t see.
- His leg got caught between two branches and he was left hanging upside-down while the Tracker Jackers stung him to death.

District: 13 – Nuclear Weaponry
Weapon/Ability: Crossbow, Hiding
Death: 8th to die
Cause of Death: Killed by Jeonghan
- A bag of luck.
- Wanted to form an alliance with Mingyu, who knew how to identify edible plants. When he died at the Cornucopia, he was left to guess on his own.
- Somehow guessed right for all the edible plants.
- Was able to blend in with the environment, and found great hiding places.
- Was injured by a fireball the Gamemakers threw at him. Didn’t have any Sponsors sending him medication, and so didn’t put up a fight when he ran into Jeonghan.

District: 3 – Technology
Weapon/Ability: Spear (formerly), Sword (presently), Strategy
Death: x
Cause of Death: x
- Victor/Winner of the Games.
- Faked looking weak in the Training Centre, and then showed his true potential in the Arena.
- Incredibly intelligent. Can make up a whole plan within ten seconds of observing his surroundings.
- Set up a trap for animals, but Dino got trapped in it instead. Decided to stab him, and in front of Jeonghan.
- Wasn’t caught or killed because Jeonghan didn’t have a weapon at that time.
- Got his spear taken by Jeonghan, and so found his way back to the Cornucopia to get a new weapon. Decided on a sword.
- Discovered that when you throw something at the invisible force field, it makes a boomerang effect.
- During the final battle, he launched his sword at Jeonghan and purposely missed. The sword hit the force field, then came flying back and stabbed Jeonghan’s back.

District: 5 – Power
Weapon/Ability: Traps
Death: 2nd to die
Cause of Death: Cornucopia Bloodbath
- A bundle of sunshine.
- Stole the hearts of Sponsors during his interview. Admired for being able to smile despite being in such a terrible situation.
- Specialized in making traps, would’ve been able to find many things to eat in the Arena if he survived the Bloodbath.
- Panicked and reacted late when the gong resounded. While trying to run towards the forest, he was shot with Wonwoo’s crossbow, who accidentally fired it when rushing to grab it.

District: 12 – Mining
Weapon/Ability: Identifying Edible Plants
Death: 3rd to die
Cause of Death: Cornucopia Bloodbath
- Loved by the Capitol for being so charming and handsome.
- Ate anything served at the Capitol while promoting.
- Food and water were his top priorities for the Games. He memorized all the edible plants and berries, and planned to find a stream of water right away.
- Had Sponsors lined up to send him things.
- They unfortunately never got to send him anything because he died at the Bloodbath. Got confused and terrified at the Arena, and died by turning a corner and accidentally running into Jun’s spear.

District: 11 – Agriculture
Weapon/Ability: Staff, Wushu
Death: 6th to die
Cause of Death: Killed by Jun
- Skilled at martial arts, made sure to show this to the other Tributes in the Training Centre.
- Was sent many things by Sponsors because of his cute interview before the Games.
- Always found a clean stream of water, but was too scared to eat any plants in fear of getting poisoned.
- Knew Jun could hunt and identify edible plants, and so followed him around while stealing his food every now and then.
- Got caught by Jun and put up a fair fight, but his injury prevented him from attacking properly.
- Fainted in the middle of the fight due to blood loss, and Jun finished him off.

District: 8 – Textiles
Weapon/Ability: Bow & Arrow, Tactics
Death: 11th to die
Cause of Death: Killed by Jeonghan
- Adored by the Capitol due to his variety skills, and everyone was rooting for him to win.
- Got really far into the Games because of his Sponsors.
- Was able to stay out of everyone’s radar, and stole their food without them knowing.
- Didn’t kill anyone. Used his bow and arrow for hunting instead of killing.
- Whistled with the mockingjays for the watchers’ entertainment.
- Was caught for the first time trying to steal Jeonghan’s food. He tried to attack with his bow and arrow, but missed him and got stabbed in the heart with his spear.

District: 10 – Livestock
Weapon/Ability: Bow & Arrow
Death: 4th to die
Cause of Death: Mistook Nightlock for berries
- Volunteered to save his little sister.
- Pinpoint precision with his bow and arrow. Shot animals right in the eye.
- A quiet Tribute who mostly kept to himself to avoid confrontation.
- Wanted to win the Games for his little sister, but made a foolish mistake by mistaking Nightlock for berries because he was starving.

District: 7 – Lumber
Weapon/Ability: Slingshot, Speed
Death: 7th to die
Cause of Death: Killed by Woozi
- Youngest Tribute.
- Luckily found a slingshot in the backpack he managed to get at the Cornucopia. Had really good aim, and was able to shoot down birds with a rock.
- Formed an alliance with Jeonghan.
- Considered him his older brother, and to a certain extent, his mother.
- Died in Jeonghan’s arms.

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Some photos I took during the Trump protest in San Francisco today. We started at the intersection of Powell and Market Streets and marched down Market Street to the Castro District where we met up with even more protesters. Our two groups together totalled up to about 15,000 last I heard. The entire protest was peaceful and safe, not one time did anyone attempt violence. We need to continue these protests, we need to let them know that we will NOT be quiet. Our voices WILL be heard and we will not give up on the things we believe in. Just because Donald Trump is President doesn’t mean we give up. We need each other more than ever now. We need to stand together.

whoa man.

me: -peacefully checking someone out-
guy: so you guys closed the doors on the other end because of theft?
me: um, well, i don’t really know the reasoning-
guy: no, thats what happens when you don’t enforce immigration laws and let too many mexicans in
me and my latino co-worker: -startled faces-
guy: overcrowded schools too
me, a graduate of a school which is crowded as a result of there only being two high schools in a district with ten elementary: -whoa man-
guy: -leaves-
girl behind him: what even….
me: i… 100% did not ask…

The Hunger Games AU Part Three

part one, part two


You’d thought that after the games, happily ever after could begin.

You’d thought about how you could return to District Four with Ashton beside you and the two of you could live in Victors Village. You’d thought about how you’d now be safe from the games and the leering eyes of the capital. You’d thought about how you could live safe in the arms of the Golden Boy and never have to worry about your future again.

You’d thought wrong.

Because you’d forgotten about the tour. You’d forgotten that you were expected to parade around the districts to celebrate your victory; that you had to be shown off like a trophy. In the relief of realising you’d won and were free to be with Ashton you’d forgotten that you were going to be forced to face the families of those you’d killed.

But you’d also forgotten you weren’t doing it alone.

Because Ashton had already been through this, and he had done it by himself. Ashton knew what you were thinking, he knew the guilt you felt when you looked into the eyes of the mother of a tribute whose life you’d taken. Ashton knew what it was like to go from the adoration of the capital to the hatred of the districts. He knew what it was like to be a murderer.

And he held your hand through it all.

You should have known he would. You should have known he’d never let you down, he’d promised you he wouldn’t. You should have known that Ashton would be there at the very worst moments because that was what he’d sworn to you, that he’d never let you feel the pain without trying to make you feel better.

“You won’t hurt forever.” He murmured against your hair, arms wrapped strongly around you as you’d finished facing yet another crowd who hated you. “You’ll never forget, but the hurt starts to dull. You get so used to the pain you don’t think about it. You find something that makes you not think about it.”

“What made you not think about it?” You’d whispered, turning to look up at him. He’d smiled softly, wiping the tears from your eyes and pulling you closer. “What could make you not think about this?”

You could Baby.” He’d smiled. “You.”

So you did what Ashton told you too, just as you always had. You focused on everything else, anything else, to distract you from the pain. And when the time came for the next games, for you to mentor, you carried on focusing on not thinking about it.

And of course, it was him that helped you stop.

He was much better with the new tributes than you. The pain was still a little too raw, the memories a little too sharp. But you tried your best and helped as much as you could, even filling in some gaps you’d thought Ashton missed. You knew the second you’d seen them they’d never win, they were both too young, too naïve. And when they entered the arena Ashton wrapped his arms around you, reassuring you that this time, the deaths weren’t on you. You’d done all could, but the Capital took too much glee in the killing of children.

He was right of course, he always was.

Over the years, you got more than used to the new you, and the expectations of you. You tried hard with the tributes but never took their deaths too seriously. You became accustomed to the sad glances from their parents as you passed them. But you had Ashton at your side through it all, holding your hand, telling you what to do when you lost yourself. The two of you had become the golden couple in the Capital’s eyes, and sometimes you enjoyed the way they glorified your relationship with Ashton.

Ashton, your soulmate. Ashton, your mentor. Ashton, the District Four winner. Ashton, the boy with golden eyes.

Your Ashton. The boy with the golden heart.


You should have known that your wedding would never be simple.

The second President Snow had caught word, it became a bigger production than even Michael had wanted. It was to be televised, broadcast to the whole of Panem because no tribute had ever married their stylist, no tribute had ever married someone from the Capital. It wasn’t just going to be a wedding, it was going to be the wedding of the century.

And of course, your input was minimal.

The only say you really did get was what your dress looked like. True to his word, Michael had designed and created your dress for you, putting his foot down when anyone tried to protest. He repeatedly stressed that he was your stylist so he would sort the dress; no arguments. Eventually, Snow and his servants agreed, being placated with the idea that the rest of the Capital’s civilians would find joy in Michael’s insistence.

However the very worst part of the wedding, was the date they chose.

“They want us to get married the day before the Games?” You choked, Michael’s grip on your hand tightening as Felicity, your original Capital representative, gave you the news. “Why would he do that?”

“They want the new tributes from Seven as the wedding party.” She’d sighed. Felicity, like Michael, was a little saner than the other Capital residents, and she knew the toll the Games took from the winners. “That’s what their outfits are to be. Their wedding outfits.”

“I guess I better get sketching then.” Michael muttered darkly, dropping a kiss to the top of your head. “Sometimes, I wonder what kind of world it is we’re living in.”

You knew the answer to that of course, but you didn’t think he’d want to hear it.

So you let the Capital dictate your life, just as they always had. You listen to their demands and you follow their orders. And when the time comes, you travel back to Seven and stand beside Felicity as she draws the names of the newest tributes, the names of your wedding party. You smile encouragingly and you answer their questions, and they know what they have to do before they enter the arena. But you can’t help the pain that comes with it because the poor girl is only twelve. You knew the boy, who was only a year younger than you at seventeen, stood a better chance.

And when the day comes, they look beautiful.

Michael would never let them look anything less than perfect, you should have known that. They’re dressed in the palest shade of green that didn’t look too white, Michael insisting that your wedding bore some relevance to District Seven. The little girl floated down the aisle ahead of you whilst the boy stood at Michael’s side with a small smile.

But when you think about that day, you’d only ever remember Michael.

The dress was beautiful, his best ever some said. The venue and the food and the music was all extravagant and luxurious thanks to Snow. But it was nothing compared to the love of your life. His hair was almost as white as your dress, but still darker than his pale skin. The designs on his arms were hidden by his jacket, but you could still see the smaller ones on his hands. And when he smiled at you, it felt like the weight of the world was lifted off of your shoulders and you remembered how to breathe again.

“I’m sorry it had to happen this way.” He murmured into your ear as you waltzed around the reception room, full of faces you didn’t recognise. “I’m sorry it’s not what you wanted.”

“I don’t mind.” You’d smiled back, fingers tracing his lips. “We’re married now, that’s all that matters.”

“It can only get better from here, eh Princess?”

He couldn’t promise you that and you both knew it, but it didn’t matter.

Because he always made everything better, no matter what.


“I…I can’t.”

You know what the outcomes are, that one of you has to die in order for you to leave the arena. The two of you can’t live in this bubble forever, and at some point somebody’s life has to come to an end so a victor can be crowned. And you wanted to go home, you really did.

But you didn’t want to kill to do that.

“You can’t?” Luke asks, hand still wrapped around yours where he’d placed his knife. “Of course you can, just push the knife into my-“

“I haven’t killed anyone.” You cut him off, Luke’s eyes widening. “And I don’t plan to. If I leave here, it’s without blood on my hands. So stab yourself or stab me, because I’m not doing it.”

“Well…seems we’re at a stalemate.” He grins, letting go of your hand and leaning back into the grass again. “You can’t stab me, I don’t want to stab you. What happens now?”

“You’re being ridiculous.”

“So are you.”

“Luke, just stab me and go home.”

“Y/N, just stab me and go home.”


“Well then. How did you make that doll?”

You gape at him in shock, a smirk on his lips as he diverts his attention to the small grass figure now lying on your knee. He moves over to pick it up, studying it with interest as the arena moves around you, your eyes still trained on his face.

“You know, I remember seeing you when they screened Eleven’s reaping.” He breaks the silence, his eyes still on your creation in his hands. “I remember thinking, ‘She’s too good for this crap’. I mean, I was trained for this. I’m a pet. Since I was old enough to hold a knife I was trained how to kill with it. But you? You were just a pretty girl who clearly cared about those around her. You know you didn’t even look sad? You just looked relieved it was you and not someone else. I decided then I wasn’t going to kill you. I’d forgotten that until you spoke to me the other day.”

“I wish you hadn’t.” Your words are barely a whisper but Luke still hears them; they’re still enough to drag his gaze back up to your face. “Then at least this would all be over.”

“There are worse things I can think of than sitting in limbo looking at you.”

“Now is not the time to charm my affections Luke.”

“Depends, is it working?”

You roll your eyes but a smile tugs at your lips, and Luke can’t help but grin at you. You place the knife down in between you, and he does the same with the grass doll. Both of you look at the items for a second before he pushes himself up from the ground, holding his hand out to you.

“Trust me?”

It goes against everything they warned you about to take his hand, but you do. Mainly because you want the games to end, and you know that this way, no matter what the outcome, they certainly would end.

But also because a part of you really did trust Luke.

So you placed your hand in his and he pulled you to your feet, before dragging you to the very front of the Cornucopia. Luke flashed you a grin before holding your entwined hands in the air triumphantly.

“Crown us both, or we’ll die together!” He shouts, using his free hand to pull out some berries from his pocket. “You know what these are. And we’ll eat them at the same time unless we both win. Your choice.”

There’s a beat of silence where you think it hasn’t worked, and Luke’s grip on your hand tightens. But then a voice rings out, congratulating you both on your victory. And it hits you that you get to start your life again, get to start living freely.

And potentially, judging by the grip he had on your hand and the smile he flashes you, a life with Luke.


You were there when the train arrived back in District Six.

You’d been pushed to the front of the crowd, even Calum’s own family holding you in front of them. As much as they loved him, they knew that when he stepped off of the train, it would be you whose arms he wanted to run into.

In reality, you ran into his.

The door opened to reveal him standing there, a trained smile on his lips they’d taught him to have when he first left for the games. And as he stepped off of the train onto the platform, it was only seconds before you’d flung yourself at him, arms around his neck and face pressed to his shoulder. You’d forgotten about the cameras and any duties Calum was supposed to have.

Because he was home.

“Hey there Angel.” He breathed, arms wrapping around your waist as he pressed his face into your neck. “Miss me?”

“I love you.” You murmured, turning your face to look at him. His smile had changed to the one you remembered, the one you loved, and you couldn’t help the grin that took over your own features. “And I’m so proud of you.”

“What? For winning?” He asks, shrugging as much as he could in the position you were in. “Piece of cake. Had to keep my promise to the girl I love.”

“I didn’t mean winning.” You tease, Calum cocking an eyebrow. “I meant for riding the trains.”


It was all he managed to say before he was being ushered in another direction, being pulled by officials to finish his duty. But Calum was strong and he kept his hand tightly around yours, toeing you beside him through the filming and the photographs. The look he shot anyone who protested made his statement pretty clear; he wasn’t letting you go. Not that you minded of course.

After all, you’d already lost him once.

So you dutifully stood by his side throughout everything he had to do. They even permitted you to attend his tour with him, hidden out of sight of the general public. You’re pretty sure they’d have let you stand by his side if Calum had asked them too, the way they fawned over him.

And life wasn’t perfect when he returned.

Whilst you knew you were now both safe from the games, with Calum’s win and you turning nineteen, he still had to face his demons. Just because the two of you could live in a fancy house in Victors Village when he was finally allow to stay for good didn’t mean all of the problems disappeared. Calum was still plagued by nightmares, and there were the nights where he just didn’t sleep in fear of seeing the images from the games again. And it pained you knowing that you couldn’t stop them, that for the rest of his life Calum would have things he couldn’t un-see, ghosts that haunted his dreams.

But Calum would always have you.

“In a twisted way, I think I owe the Games.” He smiles one night, causing you to look up at him in surprise. “Well, without them I’d have never told you I loved you. And you’d have probably married Dale Waters whilst I watched miserably.”

“First of all, I’d have never married Dale Waters, he loves himself far too much.” You rolled your eyes, causing Calum to snort at your description of his old school bully. “And second, I was getting bored of waiting for you anyway. I would have made a move soon enough.”

“Sure you would Angel.”

Calum wasn’t naïve enough to think he was going to get a perfect life, and neither were you. You were both aware of what he was going to be forced to face and deal with whilst he lived. You both knew that one day, your children could be at risk. But you had each other, and you didn’t have to face anything alone, not anymore.

Not even trains.

for Ashley, @starwarsmashton, because she got mad when I left part two how I did and would have never forgiven me if I didn’t do a part three

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Someone called my district manager because I rejected two coupons (one expired two years ago, the other expired a year ago) and she claimed they would still work. District manager got upset with me. The fuck am I supposed to do

these are little boys and little girls
who have only known alliances in the pretence of friendships,
playing kings and queens,
each has taken their turn under the guillotine.

it’s a game of musical chairs that
has lasted over ten years,
and they are all telling themselves
that they are sitting on thrones,
they wear these blindfolds like crowns.
they clutch their knives like sceptres.

they are all capital darlings to be,
they are all born killers,
no angel ever landed in district two.

—  ( remember how she screamed his name,
clove was never supposed to die this way. )

Remember when you made fun of that kid in grade school for wetting the bed? You probably shouldn’t have done that. I would apologize, change your name or leave the country. The reason is, psychologists suggest something called the Macdonald triangle, that there are three main characteristics of people who grow up to become killers: arson, cruelty to animals and bed-wetting. If you’ve got two or more, (in Jeff Foxworthy’s voice) chances are you might be a serial killer.

THIS WEEK: For another round of creepy solved and unsolved murders, we’ve invited back to the podcast America’s foremost experts on the subject, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark from ‘My Favorite Murder’. They join Jack O'Brien and Daniel O'Brien to talk about Daniel’s two hometown serial killers with a strange connection, two district attorneys who suffered mysterious ends, the unsolved murder of three girl scouts, and the murderer who buried his “kill kits” in the woods.

Telltale Signs You Might Be A Murderer​

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Emily Ellsworth, whose jobs have included answering phones in the district offices of two Republican representatives from Utah — Jason Chaffetz, from 2009 to 2012; and Chris Stewart from 2013 to 2014 — said the way your points reach a lawmaker depends on how many calls the office is getting at the time and how you present your story.

In some cases, it’s a simple process. When a caller offered an opinion, staff members would write the comments down in a spreadsheet, compile them each month and present reports to top officials, she said. If the lawmaker had already put out a statement on the issue, the staff member would read it to the caller, she said.

But a large volume of calls on an issue could bring an office to a halt, sometimes spurring the legislator to put out a statement on his or her position, Ms. Ellsworth said. She recommended the tactic in a series of tweets shared thousands of times.

“It brings a legislative issue right to the top of the mind of a member,” she said. “It makes it impossible to ignore for the whole staff. You don’t get a whole lot else done.”

—  Here’s Why You Should Call, Not Email, Your Legislators by Daniel Victor
Comstock a no-show at weekend town halls

Rep. Barbara Comstock stood up constituents over the weekend who attended two townhalls with questions about an Obamacare repeal and the Trump Administration’s travel ban.

The centrist Virginia Republican invited people in her districts to “mobile office hours” on Saturday at two grocery stores in Lorton and Oakton, Va. The invitation specifically said she’d be there to answer questions about “issues important to you.”

But Comstock never showed up, angering dozens of constituents who wanted clarity on the GOP’s plan to replace Obamacare. Others wanted to question her about Trump’s immigration executive order. Dulles International Airport, after all, sits on the edge of Comstock’s district. And on Saturday, thousands from her Northern Virginia district swarmed the airport to protest the travel ban as green-card holders were detained for hours at a time.

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This is an apartment I’m working on in the fashion district of San Myshuno.   It’s for two girls who love lots of colour and bold patterns.  I still need to work on the bedrooms and I’m debating changing the wall colours, but so far I like how it’s turning out.


For: @eanthanaturana

Imagine: Cato coming home from the Games and you tell him that you’re pregnant.

*For the sake of this imagine I’m gonna say Cato was 18 when he entered the games rather than 16*

“Cato! Cato! Cato!” The crowd chants his name in front of District Two’s Justice Building as he comes of the train. Your boyfriend was back, he had won the games, and by the time the next games came around neither of you would be eligible for them; you could finally be together without having to worry about anything separating you. You felt tears prick your eyes as you finally saw his face in person after having to watch him fight against death through a TV screen for weeks. 

Cato’s POV

I’ve brought my district another years worth of pride, I did it,’ I thought to myself as I heard the crowd chant my name. The sound of one cry stands out amongst the chants, I look around and my eyes finally lock with hers, Y/N, she looks as if she’s struggling to hold her composure, I feel my body swell with joy. I throw aside the speech that my mentor carefully wrote for me and run off the stage. The crowd parts as I make my way towards her. 


You run towards him as soon as you see him, throwing yourself into his strong arms, you mutter his name, your tears stain his nice new Capitol shirt, but at the moment, neither of you care. He whispers something unintelligible into your hair before placing a kiss on the top of your head. 

Upon completing a few formalities, the two of you make your way to Victor’s Village, and settle down in Cato’s new home. You spend the next few hours talking about the events of the past weeks. 

Cato is leaning against the couch and you’re resting your head comfortably on his shoulder, you finally decide to break the news to him, “Cato?”

He hums in response, “I-I have a surprise for you.”

He straightens up a bit, “What kind of surprise.”

“Well, while you were gone, I discovered something,” You say, nervously fiddling with the hem of your shirt. 

“Which was?”

“I-I’m pregnant,” You place your hand on the small bump that your stomach has started showing already and glance up at him. 

“You what? P-pregnant? Us-baby?” He sputters with wide-eyes, unable to form a proper sentence, “How?!”

He punch his arm gently, “You know how you idiot!”

“Yeah but-but really?” You nod and a huge grin spread across his face as he jumps of the couch. He lift you up bridal style and sings, “I’m gonna be a dad! I’m gonna be a dad!”

You giggle and beg him to put you down, he obliges, “So I assume that you’re happy?”

“No, I’m really angry about this Y/N,” He fakes a glare, returning to his sarcastic-self, “Of course I’m happy you idiot! This has got to be the best way to return home Y/N! I love you.”

“I love you too Cato.”

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//  Oh my lord I’ll try to touch on them all.  My brain is on overload…  Oh, and SPOILERS FOR THE STORYSo, read the story first!!

List of Details:

Piltover has two main districts to it, Northern and Southern, and the Northern District is where all the Clans make their homes, while the more generalized citizenry live in the Southern side.  There is a massive chasm separating the two halves, apparently caused by “The Incident” in which a terrible upheaval pulled the two continents apart.  Much of Zaun was drowned in the flooding that took place in the incident, and it has developed in the chasms and canyons beneath Piltover itself.

Piltover has a very small crime rate (probably thanks to Caitlyn being amazing).  This also suggests that violence is a trait more often found in Zaun, or in high places where the law cannot truly reach.  And, any crime that takes place is very likely low-key and carried out in secret without much fuss.  Assassinations are likely the tools of the trade in Piltover, unless one counts the number of muggings from “sumpsnipes”, which seem to overtake people who are careless.

While it is almost certainly a thing that higher-class Piltovian homes have some kind of indoor plumbing due to their technological prowess and ability to pump water, lower classes still make use of chamber pots and other such items.  And all of that waste is dumped through disposal chutes that lead below to Zaun.  Talk about a shitty place to call home…

Zaun has some type of transportation called the “Rising Howl” that apparently allows Zaunites to more easily reach the upper levels of Piltover.  Details beyond this are fairly slim at this time, but it’s important to know nonetheless.

Piltover’s buildings are shimmering testaments to their “clean and pristine” image and lifestyle.  The people of Piltover dress brightly, and almost in a flamboyant manner.  Apparently fake hextech augments are also a thing, where the more wealthy will wear them to look more sophisticated.

Tapping one’s head followed by one’s heart in Piltover is a sign that they were born from mixed parents of Piltover and Zaun.  The two entities are far more intertwined than they ever were before. 

Piltovian language is affectatious and sounds more high-class, while Zaunite language is more familiar and casual.  Think Caitlyn’s dialect versus Vi’s dialect.  Their way of speaking is perfect to show this distinction.

“Dearheart” is apparently a casual term of endearment, similar to “dear” or “hun” in Piltover.

Piltovians enjoy their tea.

Sayings of placing where the “ZaunGray” is in relation to a person’s door can be either a way to give a blessing, or a curse.  To give a blessing, one might wish “The Gray never reaches your door.” while a curse would be “May the Gray always be at your door.”

Zaunites are not banned from entering Piltover, and vice-versa.  Zaun, however, was apparently the original “City of Progress” before the wealth and power of the Sun Gates, which control the flow of water between almost all shipping lanes in Valoran, came to be.  Piltover was built out of that new money, while Zaun was largely crushed underfoot and shoved into Piltover’s gleaming shadow.  Given that placement, it’s no surprise why so many Zaunites bear a dislike toward the snobby Pilties.

Progress Day in Piltover celebrates the opening of the Sun Gates.  In Zaun, it remembers those that were lost on the day the earth split in two and drowned much of the district.

Same sex relationships or casual flings seem to be accepted in Piltover, and possibly Noxus, at least within certain classes), according to the language of the story.  Tamara has turned down a woman several times for advances, but considers possibly accepting if she gets to stay in the city.  That’s a nice tidbit I’m sure many people will enjoy!

Statues of “Honesty” and “wealth” flank one of the crossings of “Techmaturgy Bridge” a bridge that connects the northern and southern halves of Piltover.

Never doubt the level of badass or cunning of a Noxian woman.

Caitlyn is confirmed for being an absolutely incredible detective, and also a complete and total hardass on those that would cause trouble for her city.

Piltover’s port hosts some very specific ship designs that give us insight into the level of technological progression when it comes to the world of sail and trade.  Barques, galleys, wooden ships of antiquity are the norm.

However, PILTOVER HAS ITS OWN WARSHIPS.  And, not just that, but SQUADRONS of them.  This is an enormous development.  We’ve never been given evidence to suggest Piltover has an army of any kind, however, these vessels are ebon-hulled, carry metal rams on the front, have twin banks of oars, and are rumored to have hidden hextech components as well.  Piltover is ready to protect their power over the trade of Valoran in spades, it seems.

That’s good, though, because Noxus is apparently planning a possible invasion of Piltover.  Noxus has specific agents that belong to the “Order of Warmasons.”  They’re spies that infiltrate deep into territory to learn the lay of the land, gather information, and send it to those in Noxus that plan the invasions of territories.  And, they always work in pairs.  Tamara’s associate, Collette, managed to make it into Clan Medarda in the story, and so, it’s possible she’ll be sending hextech schematics and samples of technology to Noxus in the future.


Camille is NOT a part of Clan Medarda.  An earlier release had her listed as part of Clan Medarda, but this was an error.  She is really part of Clan Ferros as described in her longer and more detailed lore.


Leica Store Kyoto (Explored) by Rekishi no Tabi
Via Flickr:
Famed German camera maker, Leica, opened its seventh store in Japan on March 15, 2014 in the Gion geisha district of Kyoto. This new shop, along with the one in Tokyo’s Ginza district, will serve as Leica’s two flagship Japanese shops. For its new Kyoto store, Leica renovated a two-story 100-year-old traditional machiya townhouse, keeping the building’s original structure and storefront exterior. retaining the exterior and the original structure. I believe this was once an ochaya teahouse where geisha entertained guests.

German soldiers  at the burning machine-gun tank BT-2 of the 34th tank division 8th mechanized corps of the red Army in the district of Dubno. South-Western front, June 1941. In the background two burning cars

Don’t think about JiCheol in Hunger Games
  • don’t imagine jihoon is a career from district two, the favourite for these games, while seungcheol is the dumb tribute from district seven that everyone forgets
  • whatever you do, don’t think about jihoon being genuinely surprised by how nice seungcheol is
  • seungcheol probably doesn’t engage in trash talk, like he physically can’t
  • probably always asks jihoon if he’s having a nice day every time they engage in conversation, like jihoon isn’t willing to kill him, like seungcheol won’t die
  • don’t think about jihoon being unable to tear his eyes away from seungcheol as they do the interviews before the games, because wow, seungcheol looks pretty damn good when he’s cleaned up
  • don’t think about jihoon off-handedly giving pointers to seungcheol during training and blushing so hard after because “i’m a career, i shouldn’t care about others”
  • don’t think about jihoon looking for seungcheol the moment the horn sounds, only to be swept away by the fighting
  • don’t think about jihoon’s heart almost stopping every time he hears a canon, and the sigh of relief he doesn’t let out when it isn’t seungcheol’s face in the sky
  • don’t think about how happy jihoon was when he stumbled into seungcheol halfway through the games, or how he scolded seungcheol because he nearly chopped his head off
  • don’t think about jihoon trying to keep watch, but falling asleep anyways – against seungcheol. don’t think about seungcheol waking up when he feels this weight against him, only to smile when he realises it’s jihoon, slumbering against him
  • (seungcheol forgets that the cameras see everything and somewhere back home, someone weeps)
  • Just don’t think about jihoon staring at seungcheol with apprehension as the canons sound less frequently, until he’s pretty sure they’re the only ones left
  • And don’t think about how seungcheol can’t help but stare when he and jihoon get the chance to wash up because there are so many scars, but it’s still so beautiful – that jihoon’s still so beautiful
  • Oh, and don’t think about jihoon’s district partner ambushing them just when they think they’re saved. Don’t think about the girl holding a huge ass knife to seungcheol’s throat and jihoon not even hesitating with the arrow
  • (jihoon knows he should feel guilty, but the girl had been threatening seungcheol and there was a quiet kind of satisfaction in seeing the arrow go through her eye socket)
  • Don’t think about seungcheol and jihoon, breathing heavily and staring at each other in wonder because they’re the only two left
  • And seriously, do not think about jihoon staring at the knife in his dead district partner’s hand and wondering if he has the balls to use it on seungcheol (he doesn’t)
  • And pls, I beg you, don’t imagine seungcheol taking jihoon’s favourite knife (his favourite only because seungcheol gave it to him) and holding it to his own chest
  • And pls pls pls don’t think about jihoon’s eyes widening as seungcheol thanks him for everything and softly saying “if we were in another life…”
  • don’t think about jihoon cradling seungcheol close as seungcheol drowns in his own blood
  • don’t think about the smile on seungcheol’s bloodstained lips, hands smearing blood across jihoon’s face as he touches it oh so gently
  • and don’t think about the tears falling onto seungcheol’s face, seungcheol not even making a joke about it because he’s already gone
  • Oh, and especially don’t think about jihoon’s dead eyes, even as the person congratulates him for winning

please don’t think about it