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I think i want to start a new thing among people online with low self esteem. Shadow Dancing, 

The name is self explanitory. What you do is you record your shadow, as you are dancing to some music(played in the background). nobody can see your face, or other distinguishing features, so if you dont dance well, who cares, nobody can see your face!

The actions of the heart are the foundation (of belief), and the actions of the limbs follow and complete them.  Intention is like the soul, and actions like the body: if the soul leaves the body, the body dies.  Therefore, knowledge of the affairs of the heart is more important than knowledge of the affairs of the limbs… How else is a hypocrite distinguished from a believer except by deeds of the heart?  The worship and submission of the heart is greater than the worship and submission of the limbs, they are more in number and more continuous since it (worship by the heart) is obligatory at every instances.
—  [Ibn al-Qayyim, Badaa’i’ al-Fawaa’id, vol. 3, pp.224 & 330]

happy arospec awareness week: quoiromantic edition!

  • Being unsure if you experience attraction or not
  • Being unable to understand attraction as a concept or feeling
  • Finding the concept of attraction to be inaccessible, inapplicable, nonsensical
  • Being unable to define romantic attraction so unable to say whether or not you experience it
  • Having a hard time distinguishing romantic attraction from other types of attractions, or being unable to distinguish them at all (For example, you can’t distinguish romantic feelings from platonic, or you have a hard time distinguishing romantic from sensual feelings)
  • Struggling to find a better term because it is too complicated or because they just don’t fit any other term
  • Not experiencing romanticism in a traditional manner

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What's the difference between 이/가 and 은/는? Korean Grammar in Use says that 이/가 = for subjects, 은/는 = for topics, but I struggle distinguishing topic/subject too.

은/는: when you change the subject/start a new topic, when you’re making a comparison (is generally used with a subject that is already established. for example, a story cannot start with ‘강아지는’ if the dog in question has not been introduced yet.)

이/가: used for the subject in general, or when you want to emphasize the subject  (as explained above, is used to establish a new subject.)


우리 집에 강아지 있다. 우리 강아지 아주 귀엽다. At home, we have a puppy. Our puppy is very cute.


나는 방을 치운다. > I am cleaning the room (this is the activity that I am doing. other people are doing other things, but as for me, I am cleaning the room.)

내가 방 치울게. > I will clean the room (don’t you clean the room because I am going to do it/ stop cleaning the room because I will do it)

just keep in mind with these particles: the concept is complicated, even advanced learners mess this up at times, and practice (and exposure over time) makes perfect.

RPDR: Snatch Game and Copyright Issues

So people have been asking why RPDR contestants cannot perform as fictional characters on the Snatch Game. RuPaul has clarified why the queens cannot.

The reason why Max couldn’t do Miranda Sings (like she did it on her audition tape)

is the same reason Acid Betty couldn’t do Pepper from American Horror Story.

Originally posted by ahslove15

Even Raven came dressed as the Evil Queen from Snow White for Season 2′s reunion special, but was told by the production team she had to get new outfit to wear. Why? Because all those characters are copyrighted, and come cases are probably trademarked.

Copyright Protection provides the owner exclusive rights to use, copy and adapt the fictional characters, as well as other related rights, subject only to copyright defenses such as fair use or expiration. Trademark Law may protect the names, physical appearance, catchphrases, and certain other elements of fictional characters, provided that they are used on goods or services, identify and distinguish the source of the goods or services from those of others, and are either inherently distinctive or have acquired secondary meaning (i.e., meaning in the consuming public’s mind as a source identifier for the relevant goods or services).

Even when Raja played Tyra, they had to blur out the official Tyra Show logo shirt she was wearing…because the show would have had to pay for it. Pretty much anytime you see parts of their clothes or hats blurred or covered, it’s because it has a trademarked logo they do not want to pay to air.

For example, if you purchase an authorized Darth Vader costume or toy lightsaber, you know the source, directly or via license, is from either Lucasfilm or Disney. Trademark protection of a fictional character provides the owner with the exclusive right to use the character in connection with goods and services, as well as the right to prevent the unauthorized use of the character in connection with goods and services of infringing third parties.

So, if hypothetically, a queen wanted to perform as Madea on Snatch Game, Tyler Perry could see it, and either hate what the queen has done with his character or just want to deter other people from using the character, Perry could sue RuPaul, World of Wonder, and Viacom (the parent company of Logo TV). 

Also, there is no “be sure you’re in the clear” for using copyrighted characters unless you have gotten express written permission from the copyright holder first. One issue with copyright violation is that if somebody wants to argue it in front of a judge, they can do so. Even if you’ve done the most parodyish thing and stamped “this is a parody” all over it, the copyright holder can still sue. Weird Al Yankovic still asks for permission to use songs he wants to , even though he is the poster child for parody.

Parodies are not free from legal issues or prosecution. The estate of Margaret Mitchell sued author Alice Randall and her publishing company, Houghton Mifflin, on the grounds that Randall’s novel, The Wind Done Gone was too similar to Margaret Mithcell’s Gone with the Wind, thus infringing its copyright. The case attracted numerous comments from leading scholars, authors, and activists, regarding what Mitchell’s attitudes would have been and how much The Wind Done Gone copies from its predecessor. The cover of the book bears a seal identifying it as “The Unauthorized Parody.” It is parody in the broad legal sense: a work that comments on or criticizes a prior work.

And even when the queens do portray actors, they specifically have to say that they are portraying  said actor. So when BenDeLaCreme portrayed “ Dame Maggie Smith” Ben was Dame Maggie, even if she was really impersonating the Dowager Countess character from Downton Abbey.

Drag Race would have to lawyer up, but doing what they want without asking permission first is still leaving them open to having to prove said parody in court. Even if their lawyer says that they’ve got a 100% chance of winning in court, you still have to go through the effort and expense of appearing in court to do so.

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How do I know if im romanticaly attracted to someone?? "You just feel that PULL" all my friends say, but im so so ace, I have no idea! I've went out with guys before but mainly bc they liked ME, and I thought "yeah, sure, ill see how it goes" and didnt feel anything for them escept for friendly feelings :/ I Like, how do I distinguish squishes from romantic crushes?

typically, you can imagine kissing someone and that’s a pretty good indicator of romantic attraction.

HpNG Moodboard [10/16] || { Albus Potter } + Slytherin!Mischievous

And to the youngest of the Potters, Harry chose to give the map of mischief. A gift not only of himself, but of the boy’s grandfather as well. Special, in it’s own right, and put to good use by it’s recipient. 

Harry had often wondered how Albus might feel at school, being both a Potter and the youngest of three siblings. It seemed only fair that the boy should arrive with an edge to him, something to help him feel distinguished from his relatives and peers.

The Maraudaer’s Map, bestowed to Albus in secret as he boarded the train first year, becomes his constant companion at school. Some say Albus acts out, but debate whether the unruly behavior comes from his parents or his house. The trouble is, no matter what side someone is on, they can never catch him in any of his troublesome acts– for good reason. 

Albus loves knowing what everyone is up to. Especially those who like to keep secrets. Albus loves secrets, and more specifically he loves knowing secrets no one else does. It makes him feel powerful. And like any staple slytherin, Albus loves power.

How he uses that power, well, that’s what makes him a Potter at heart.

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how do you go about researching things? you're so eloquent and put together in your arguments and you're so knowledgeable - I'd love to be able to research and defend things i'm interested in like you do

i think it’s a combination of 3 things really -

1) i was lucky enough to study a degree which just happened to touch on a lot of my interests - various modules i studied covered everything from queer history to the inner workings of the film and tv industries to veganism, so i had access to excellent resources and tuition on subjects i’m interested in

2) i’m good at googling. it doesn’t usually take me long to find credible sources for anything really because i know what to search for and i’m pretty good at distinguishing the good sources from the bad. again i think this is probably due to my time at uni, especially when i was working on my final year play and my dissertation which were entirely independent projects so i had to research everything myself… i’m not sure if it’s even something i could explain, it’s just second nature to me now really, so all i can say is practice, it’ll come in time

3) i listen to people. i’m very stubborn by nature and i used to find it extremely hard to listen to other people’s points of view when they contradicted my own, and honestly i still find it hard sometimes, but looking back on the past few years i’ve learnt so much from people i used to strongly disagree with and i think i’m a better and smarter person for it. i’ve also learnt not to disregard people based on things like age - i might know more about lots of things about life than a 15-year-old, but if they’re a trans 15-year-old or a black 15-year-old or a 15-year-old with a particular disability that i don’t have then they’re always going to know more than me about things, and there’s nothing shameful about being educated by someone who traditionally you’d expect to be the one being educated by you. once you get used to listening to people’s experiences and opinions, learning becomes much easier - and even if you don’t agree with what someone is saying, it’s also valuable to be able to listen to your opposition in order to learn how to respond to them. for example, i learnt to argue with people who hate the idea of a queer sherlock holmes adaptation by paying attention to why they hate it so that i can address those points

also, don’t be afraid to ask people about things. if you know that somebody is knowledgeable about something you want to learn more about, ask them to point you in the direction of reliable sources or to share a few facts with you. of course it’s nobody’s obligation to educate others, but many people will be more than happy to (i know i am!)

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But wouldn't a libertarian society worsen wealth inequality and strengthen corporate power?

It’s a common misconception that large economies of scale are the natural tendency of freed markets. Progressives and Conservatives commit the same fallacy in believing that government regulation diminishes corporate privilege. Progressives of course are happy to hurt targeted firms while Conservatives think regulations keep businesses from being even more profitable. Both are misled. The reality the Left and Right miss is that regulation isn’t the antidote to privilege but rather the means, and less of it helps smaller competitors more than the big guys. And anything which improves competition increases consumer choice and lowers prices.

Libertarians have admittedly failed for some time to adequately distinguish between Big Business and free enterprise. Big Government has always been the facilitator and enabler of Big Business. It’s a symbiosis; one requires the other. It’s a popular myth that the State is a bulwark against corporate abuse, but government facilitates it on a grand scale. A truly liberated marketplace would devour most large-scale firms, resulting in a much smaller upper class and a wealth redistribution according to merit rather than fiat. This is not to say that vast free trade zones, large economies of scale, corporate bureaucracies, and multinational businesses would be impossible without state support, but assuredly rare.

When you review the supportive role governments historically played in the beginning of industrialization (Enclosure Acts, ethnic cleansing of indigenous people, eminent domain, etc.) and how the so-called Robber Barons of the Guilded Age accumulated their fortunes, you find favorable government policy crucial to it all. Furthermore, law enforcement, the FBI, military, CIA, etc. have all acted in concert to protect entrenched corporate interests. The very origins of police were as runaway slave patrols assigned with apprehending (i.e. protecting) the “property” of slave owners. Fast forward in history, you find the police suppressing worker strikes (i.e. “run away workers”) to protect the “property” of corporate owners. Later, you have police enforcing segregation laws and the FBI spying on, terrorizing, and sabotaging civil rights, antiwar and labor activists and other dissidents. The Progressive Era brought the cartelization of dominant industries and the beginning of official imperial operations overseas, which were essentially militarized subsidies, bailouts, protectionism, etc. for Western corporations operating abroad. If needed, poor patriotic “cannon fodder” could be conscripted to go “liberate,” “democratize,” “Christianize,” or “civilize” the brave foreigners who stood in the way of U.S. business interests in their land.

So again, the State has been the great enabler of corporate abuse, both at home and overseas. To reduce undue corporate power, we must remove the legal protections of its power. This returns power back to the people quite potently in the form of decentralized, spontaneous, and participatory activism which can directly create a healthy business climate. A freed and empowered public able to engage in voluntary patronage and boycotts is a more effective check against exploitative companies than outsourcing our responsibilities to a political managerial class likely to be bribed by wealthy donors.

Chapter 5: Breaking Point

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7 Years Ago - Swiss Alps

The guards checked on her periodically, food came at what seemed to be irregular intervals, and fitful sleep came most frequently.

Each time she woke up, Amelie would scratch a line into the wall. She’d succeeded in both making a confusing array of shapes on the wall and grinding each of her formerly perfect nails into jagged edges, but did absolutely nothing for her sense of time like she hoped to. Realistically, she made it worse, as she could no longer imagine that each time she fell asleep was a consistent amount of time. She could be asleep for thirty seconds or thirty hours, and she’d have no inkling as to which when she pressed into the cold concrete.

With no logic about the passage of time, it was difficult to distinguish between reality, fever dreams, memories, and nightmares. Rationale had long since abandoned her, leaving a comfortable numbness in its absence.

She ran a palm over the curved indentations and sighed, no longer bothering to count how many she’d made.

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Draveth Profile

the basics –

  • NAME: Draveth Flameforge
  • AGE: 200′s ( Would look late-30′s to a human)
  • BIRTHDAY: May 1st (Taurus)
  • RACE: Sin’dorei
  • GENDER: Male
  • SEXUALITY: Bisexual, strong lean towards women
  • MARITAL STATUS: Dating Zay

physical appearance –

  • HAIR: Light brown
  • EYES: Light green
  • HEIGHT: 6′5″
  • BUILD: Broad, muscular

personal –

  • PROFESSION: Blacksmith
  • HOBBIES: Fishing, hunting, woodworking
  • LANGUAGES: Thalassian, Orcish, Common
  • RESIDENCE: Eversong Woods
  • BIRTHPLACE: Quel’danas
  • RELIGION: None, officially.
  • FEARS: Losing loved ones.

relationships –

  • SPOUSE: Deceased. Currently dating Zay. @the-silversorrows
  • CHILDREN: None.
  • PARENTS: Deceased.
  • SIBLINGS: None.
  • OTHER RELATIVES: None known.
  • ACQUAINTANCES/FRIENDS: Zay and her sisters, workmates, ect.
  • PETS: None.
Stop saying Shadowhunters is Racist, homophobic and whatever dumb social justice Vocab word you got in your bank.

There’s a difference between what the show is doing and what racism, homophobia, and all that stuff is.

Same thing with Cassandra Clare and the “Alec is biphobic” and “She made Simon a cheating bastard…” all that shit …like damn.

If y'all critical of all this petty shit, you sure as hell wouldn’t like my book. You’d call me homophobic and racist even if you did know I was Latina and Part of the LBGTQ+ community. My intent (as well as those writing books and tv shows) is not to please YOUR “FETISHES”, otps or anything along romance. My intent is TO WRITE A STORY THAT IS ENTERTAINING.

Everybody here is acting like a white sheltered middle class CIS gendered bitch who can’t take a bit of drama. Who can’t distinguish between racism (which is what I just said sorry not sorry maybe kinda sorry) and simple storylines or simple human actions.

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dignitywhatdignity replied to your post “Fellow Chicagoan who would love a head and feet massage from a…”

Can you publicize how you found the place? I’m in New York, so there must be options for sinus massage, but Google only turns up suuuuuuper fancy spas or probably-brothels (and not the kind I’d like to see legalized, let’s just say).

It was local, so that’s not much help, I just kind of saw it and looked it up on Yelp. :D 

A few suggestions – search for reflexology or trigger-point massage rather than general massage, or search for massage therapy (therapy is a key word that helps to distinguish trained massage therapists). Check out what people say about them on Yelp. Look on Groupon – the more legit places often offer Groupons (mine does). 

And be aware that places that look a bit fly-by-night may be more legit than they appear. The place I go is not fancy; you don’t like, do a consultation with your massage therapist first or even talk much with them, you just follow them and do what they say. 

Another option is to find out where the massage schools in your area are, and see which ones do cut-rate student massages. I go to Cortiva once a month and get a $30 one-hour massage from a massage therapy student, and they will do specific focus if you ask them, like, students at Cortiva DO consult with you and if you say “my sinuses are insane, can you focus on face, head, and neck” they’ll usually agree. 

bethanythemartian replied to your link “Do Lays A Flavor”

I went with the Controversial PIzza, ham and pineapple pizza.

Oooooh good call! 

bootsandbosons replied to your photo “You guys I just had a moment where I think I might have temporarily…”

I was sort of hoping for your friend just slipping a copy sock into your home over and over again. Would be a great prank.

Oh man that WOULD be a great prank, just hiding the same sock everywhere.

spiderine replied to your post “Today in Sam Plays the Ukulele”

Anyway, here’s “Wonderwall.”

Hilariously, as soon as you said this I went and looked up Wonderwall because I was like yeah, I should get in on this joke. And the first tabs I found for Wonderwall on the uke were actually pretty difficult, because they depended heavily on the B and E chords, both of which are a tremendous pain in the ass on the ukulele. 

I found one that’s easier, chordwise, but it’s still such a varied chord pattern that I’m not confident I’ll be able to play it without the tabs in front of me :D 

danceswchopstck replied to your post “Sam Explains It All”

I am curious about the first two–are you willing to say more?

They’re not as interesting as they sound :D “Travel: Don’t Fuck It Up” is just a guide for how to use our corporate account while traveling, because we’re transitioning me away from handling most of the travel except for our one big group trip, and people who don’t know about stuff like hotel credit card clearance forms (if you check in using someone else’s card, the hotel needs prior documentation that you didn’t steal it) need to be made aware, so that at least if they still screw it up, I can say “Look, I told you this, you needed to pay attention, so that next time I don’t have to fix it for you”. There’s a sliiiiight tendency among certain members of our team to decide something isn’t relevant if it’s not interesting, and I’d like to correct that.

“Safer News Reading” is really about being more efficient with the daily news reading we do – it’s a primer in how to set up feeds of news websites so that you don’t have to go to the site and comb it for new reading every day. It’s kind of a tie-in with a revision of the way we do news reading, which one of my colleagues is trying to push through and getting some pushback on (it’s related to the above “if it’s not interesting I don’t really have to do it, right?” stuff.)

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why do you think Ponyboy would be asexual? oops that sounded kinda harsh sorry i just wanna know your reasons for thinking it-

You’re fine, my dude!

And I just do, I guess. It’s a perfectly good explanation for why he isn’t interested in relationships, even though Sodapop says he’ll get interested sooner or later. That’s said to aces a lot. It could also be a perfectly good explanation for why he gets embarrassed when people mention or talk about sex. It’s a plausible reason that can be taken into consideration for people who can see it happening.

Also, on the fact that he said Cherry Valance was good looking, just because someone is asexual doesn’t mean that they can’t distinguish whether someone is hot or not.

This is just MY OPINION. MY HEADCANON. If you want to see a character as gay? Go ahead. Wanna see them as bi? Go for it. Straight? Cool. Demi, pan, poly, sapio? DO IT. There isn’t anyone stopping you. It’s your choice how you view characters, and this happens to be mine.

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I was wondering what your opinion on modeling is? It's just that it's my job, I enjoy it mostly but I always get so much shit for it and accused of being anti-feminist. It's hard enough being a woc and gay trying to make it in this industry and there is no room for showing anything less than 100% poise y confidence all the time, but it's even harder when everyone in my life has something to say about it. I just don't know who/what is right, u know? (Also thanks for all the sanvers goodness!!)

Oh god, no! I’m so sorry that people are accusing you of being anti-feminist! Ugh. In my opinion, people need to be able to distinguish between the standards and norms of the industry you work in, versus the beliefs you have and the ideals and actions you make. Few if any of us are able to participate in/work for industries/organizations that don’t participate in/perpetuate systemically oppressive problems. You are allowed to do what you want with your body, and there is such a thing as modeling and having a healthy, positive relationship with your body and others’ bodies; ultimately, it’s your body, and that’s… pretty much one of the things that feminism is supposed to be about. Plus, I mean, you are doing important work – being a gay WOC in a white-ass industry (pun intended)? Like damn, that’s important!!! You’re fighting an important fight, and you deserve support and love. I’m sending you exactly that, my dear!!! <3 <3 <3


IC Blog: @pirategreyashe

Full Name: Valedrokos Greyashe

Nickname(s): Vale

Age: 28 human equivalent

Birthday: August 24

Race: Sin’dorei

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Romantic Orientation: Heteroromantic

Relationship Status: Currently complicated

Religion: N/A

Occupation: Treasure hunter, collector, trader

Language(s) Spoken: Thalassian, Common, Orcish, Goblin, Zandali,  Taur-ahe


Face Claim: Ben Dahlhaus

Hair Color: Ash blonde

Eye Color: Shamrock green

Height: 6′4″

Build: Toned

Distinguishing Characteristics: One full sleeve tattoo, mermaid calf tattoo. Wears decorative plugs for his ears, various leather bracelets and monk prayer beads


Positive Traits: Jolly, enthusiastic, persevering, open-minded, loyal, forthcoming, assertive, integrate, spontaneous, audacious, strong-willed, generally calm

Negative Traits: Jealous on occasions, flirtatious, lustful, can be rash, restless, sometimes cryptic, reckless, bold, brutal or cruel if needed, workaholic

Goals/Desires:  Happiness, adventures, another ship

Fears:  Rejection, failure, disappointment, unhappiness

Hobbies:  Gambling, exploring, playing cards, dealing

Quirks: Often rubs the back of his neck or strokes his beard

Likes: Meditating, traveling, cooking, cuddling, drinking

Dislikes: Arguments, negativity, being avoided


Father: Whereabouts unknown

Mother: Deceased

Sibling(s): Older brother @tyloraniel

Child(ren): None

Other Family: N/A

Pet(s): None

Financial Status: Wealthy


Criminal Record: Extortion, theft, piracy, public drunkenness, assault, destruction of property, robbery, murder, bribery, torture

Drink: Yes, excessively

Smoke: Moderately

Drugs: No

Class: Monk


Winter Gothic
  • After it snows, there is a cake of snow on every flat surface. It will last for three weeks until one day it mysteriously disappears.
  • The sun rises after you go to work and sets before you leave for home. You can’t remember the last time you saw natural sunlight.
  • Your lips are so chapped from the cold that they have begun peeling off in sharp craggy chunks. You wonder if it is possible to use the pointy skin as a weapon.
  • The weather forecast says that it’s supposed to be above freezing today. The weather forecast says this every day. It did not account for wind chill. It is not above freezing.
  • Your skin is so dry that you slather on lotion three times a day. Now your skin is both parched and scented.
  • The roads look almost as bad as your skin. A thin white salt crust covers everything. The concrete is cracked. The lane divider lines are no longer distinguishable. You cling to their memory as you try not to crash into other cars.
  • You wonder when the roads will be fixed. In the spring, they say. They always say in the spring. The roads are never fixed.
  • The route you take every day is under construction. It has always been under construction. You find an alternate route, only to discover that it too is under construction.
  • “Oh, I love it when it snows! Everything is covered in white and it’s so romantic!” exclaim people who do not live in areas where it snows regularly. Snow is not romantic. It falls down in six inch thick sheets and suffocates everything underneath.
  • “It’s so pretty, when everything sparkles and gleams!” they continue. Snow stays pretty for a maximum of two hours. Then the cars come and turn it into muddy slush.
  • Nighttime feels like you’ve been sucked into another dimension where only the inkiest darkness prevails. You long wistfully for summer nights, which made you feel alive instead of feeling like you are staring death in the face.
  • You’ve heard that Vitamin D and sun lamps are useful for seasonal affective disorder. You take your vitamins religiously and sun yourself every day. You still cannot remember what it feels like to be fully awake.
  • “Ugh, I just hate summer. It’s too hot!” they complain. You look at them blankly. You have long since forgotten what any physical sensation other than cold feels like.
  • It’s finally above freezing. Some of the snow melts, and you can see it run off the streets. You begin to hope. Your hopes are dashed when temperatures fall below freezing that night and the runoff freezes over.
  • Black ice looms in the shade. You forgot to stare at the ground while you were walked and slipped on a patch. Your eyes will never leave the ground from now on.
  • “Wow, you’re going outside without a jacket on?” they ask incredulously. You do not need a jacket. You are impervious to the cold. It’s inside you now. You have learned its secrets and absorbed its essence.
  • “Winter is so much better than summer!” they enthuse. You stare at them blankly. You live in a world of bleak white and gray. Your limbs have been numb for three months. There are days when the snow physically prevents you from leaving your home. You cannot remember what colors look like. Have long since forgotten what it feels like to be warm or happy. You are shutting down. Your eyes twitch. “So much better,” you agree weakly. You long for death.