The fact that there is a whole pedophile community on here disgusts me immensely. “MAP” is a term that needs to die in a fire. Stop being ‘politically correct’ towards PEDOPHILES and call them what they are. I don’t care if calling them a pedophile is offensive to them, it’s what they fucking are. A pedophile is a pedophile. No matter how much you polish them up, at the end of the day they are still sick bastards who prey on children. Sorry if I’m not “pedophile inclusive” enough for you. Whether they’re offending or not wouldn’t play a role in if you found out one of these sickos lived next door to you. You more than likely wouldn’t let your children out of the house and you’d probably end up moving if you found out there was a pedophile on your street..So why is it suddenly okay online? Not only is this disgusting beyond belief but the fact that people support them dumbfounds me??? The fact that some people include them in the LGBT community is shameful in my opinion and the amount of pandering towards them for being non-offending is flabbergasting.


Breaking News: Local Girl dies under disgusting hoard. 

Mental health = cleanliness of environment and in case you haven’t been able to tell, I have not been in the best headspace lately. 

It only took like 20 minutes to get all the rubbish out and the clothes put away! Another 10 and I got everything hung up, the bed made, the swiss ball put in the cupboard and all the shoes tidied up. I’m feeling like I need some kind of storage system for my shoes that isn’t  

When I get home from my 3pm lecture I’m going to go through the drawers and fold everything up so they’re tidy too!! 

good vibes

Matt Hastings said “maybe one of my favorite romantic scenes i’ve ever had the privilege of shooting”. This is so disgusting. I can’t believe the show i used to like so much is turning into shit. Im so disappointed, sad and angry. How can this be romantic? There’s no love here, Isabelle made Raphael addicted to her. She forced him to bite her even if he said “i cant do it” SHE !!!! ABUSED AND MANIPULATED !!!! HIM !!!!! to be honest, it’s like to see Simon & Camille again. And i can’t believe there are people out there who thinks that they’re cute together??? I’m just glad that Magnus called out their toxic relationship


So, apparently the Walking Dead, added a Homosexual Male Couple, and they got some bad responses from a few, such a shame, some people are like this.
( i don’t watch the show but coming from the responses, like these, i can tell, they did so )