this is din

-…ea, e genul de fată ce stă acasă.
-El, e genul de baiat ce umblă noaptea pe stradă.

-…ea, înjură fără rușine.
-El, are bun simț și își cere scuze.

-…ea, nu fumează.
-El, rulează.

-…ea, bea cu sticla.
-El, bea cu paharul.

-…amândoi sunt în egală măsură…
-Când înger, când demon.

—  eu

hexedgirl1980  asked:

Draw Keith smiling!!! We hardly ever see his adorable smile. Btw you're art is magnificent and i love you!!!!

a tiny smiling keith while i try out some new brushes..wonder who what hes looking at…


Here’s all the artwork for “Din Constanta, cu dragoste” a collaborative project between @mintmintdoodles and @oanamihaelaphotography ❤️🇷🇴

A couple of months ago, Oana reached out and asked if I would be interested in a collaboration. Since Seb hasn’t been back to his hometown for a while, we thought we would ‘bring him back home’ for a visit in doodle form as a birthday present. We agreed on my doodles drawn over her photos because this would give us freedom and flexibility as artists to do our own thing 😊

Happy Birthday, Seb! We hope you enjoy this present ❤️

Photo by Oana @oanamihaelaphotography
Drawn-over art by Mint @mintmintdoodles

Din Constanța, cu dragoste